Christmas DIY Gifts for Dog LoversChristmas is only two days away. It seems to sneak up faster and faster every year. If the holiday has caught you off guard this year and you're looking for a last minute gift for a dog lover on your list, these do it yourself presents are perfect! Last week I shared some ideas for homemade gifts for dogs, so be sure to check that out if you're looking for a last minute idea for Fido as well.

Most dog lovers already have all the traditional items that they need to properly take care of their pet. They have a leash, collar, dog bowls and all the other necessary pet products. Why not make them a gift that is unique and versatile. There's no better present than one you made yourself, and any pet lover on your list will be happy to receive DIY gifts for dog lovers.

Let's Talk about Last Minute Christmas DIY Gifts for Dog Lovers

Last Minute Christmas DIY Gifts for Dog Lovers

Who doesn't like a homemade present? There is a lot more thought put into homemade gifts than anything you can buy in a store. Creating a DIY gift will save you the hassle of having to fight the crowds in the stores on Christmas Eve, and it will probably save you some money too. Chances are you have the materials to make these gifts right at home or you can purchase them at a local convenience store.

Most people don't realize that you can make quality gifts for dog lovers right at home. All it takes is a few materials, a little patience and some creativity.From personalized pet bowls to dog-themed art to hang on the wall, you can make some beautiful and unique last minute DIY gifts for dog lovers.

Homemade Car Seat Protector

Most pet owners have to take their dog for a ride in the car at some point. A lot of folks enjoy taking their pooch for a ride on a regular basis, but some only travel with their pet when necessary. Either way, all dog lovers will appreciate a car seat cover that will keep the dog hair, dirt and debris from clinging to the upholstery in their vehicle.

All you need to do is take a few measurements and you can create a custom car seat cover for the dog lover on your list. You'll need to measure from the head rest of the backseat down to the base of the seat, the width of the back seat to the back of the front seat, and then up to the headrest of the front seat. You'll also need to measure the length of the back seat from one door to the other.

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Using a piece of material, simply cut it to fit the dimensions of the car and sew small fabric hooks on each of the four corners. The hooks can be used to attach the car seat protector to the headrests. You could use Velcro if you'd like the fabric hooks to be able to easily open and close.

To save yourself some money, you could re-purpose an old blanket instead of purchasing new fabric. You may also want to sew a hem along each edge depending on the fabric that you use.

Homemade Dog Treats

DIY Homemade Dog Treats for Christmas

Any dog lover would certainly like to receive a basket or tin of homemade, healthy dog treats. Who knows, you may even inspire them to start baking their own dog treats all the time. You can find healthy dog treat recipes in cookbooks and online. Some great sources include:

Dog treats are an excellent idea for last minute DIY gifts for dog lovers. You know they will use them, they are going to be healthy for the dog and it will save the dog owner some money as they won't have to buy treats for their pet for a little while. Just remember to ask about any allergies the dog may have before making the treats.

If you make a variety of treats you can dress up the gift by putting them in a festive tin, box or basket. You could even print out the recipes that you use and include a small dog treat recipe book with your gift. Homemade dog treats are a great gift for the owner, and their dog will appreciate it too.

Personalized Pet Bowls

This idea is super easy and fun to make. All you'll need is a couple of unpainted ceramic bowls and a few colors of ceramic paint. You can pick both of these items up at your local craft store. Select bowls that are appropriate for the size of the dog, and you can paint them and personalize them any way you please.

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You may choose to use the pet parents' favorite colors, paint the dog's name on the bowls or decorate them with a design that you know will fit the dog owners' style. This would also be a great gift to let children decorate. You could even just buy the supplies and give them to as a gift to a dog loving family. They could design the bowls themselves and enjoy a fun family project.

Dog-Themed Art

DIY Christmas Dog Art for Dog LoversWhat dog lover wouldn't want a piece of art hanging on their wall to commemorate their favorite furry friend? If the dog lover on your list has a favorite breed, you could make a silhouette of the breed on a canvas or press their pet's paw print on a piece of canvas and frame the artwork.

You can buy canvas and paint at your local craft store too! If you'd like to make a silhouette all you'll need to do is get an 8X10 picture of the dog's face, cut out the shape of the face, trace it on the canvas and paint the inside of the silhouette black. You can paint the rest of the canvas any color you like.

For a dog paw print, you can dip the pet's paw in a bit of paint and press it on a canvas. I would suggest painting the entire canvas first and then pressing the paw print on after it's dried – that way you won't have to try and paint around the paw print to color the background.

Just be sure to clean the dog's paw thoroughly after you're finished so he doesn't have a chance to lick any of the paint.

Framed photographs of their dog would also be a gift that any dog lover would be proud to hang on their wall. You can take a few shots throughout the year and combine them in a collage frame to make the perfect gift.

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Last minute gifts for dog lovers are fun to make and you'll be proud of the end result. Not to mention, your friends and family will be thrilled with the gift. You may even decide that homemade gifts are better than store presents. Another great bonus is that you can design your homemade gifts to meet the dog lovers individual style.

Now it’s your turn

If you’ve made a gift for a dog lover on your list, we’d love to see it! Please share pictures on our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page or share your ideas in the comments below. Maybe your creativity will inspire others to create heartfelt, unique gifts for the dog lovers that they know.

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