Best Dog Books for Dog Owners with Kids

When you decide to adopt a dog, and you have kids in the family, there are many things to consider, not least of which is the safety of both your children and your animals. There are plenty of resources that are recommended for future parents of kids and pets, including some of the best books for dog owners with kids.

Knowing how to teach your kids to behave around dogs, as well as train your dogs to behave around children, will save you a lot of trouble and problems. Dogs, after all, are unpredictable animals, and so are small children, so it's important that the two always maintain a healthy, safe relationship, and pick the right breed of dog for children.

Before we dig into the best books for dog owners with kids, here are a few great articles and video guides that you may find extremely useful if you're thinking about adopting a puppy or adult dog, and you have children in your family:

You should not be discouraged from adopting a dog if you have children in the family. There are a great deal of benefits for kids that come from having a dog around. Studies have shown that dogs improve the health of children and also prevent them from having allergies and asthma problems once they grow older.

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10 Best Books for Dog Owners with Kids

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1National Geographic Kids Everything Dogs
by Becky Baines

National Geographic Kids Everything Dogs: All the Canine Facts, Photos, and Fun You Can Get Your Paws On! This amazing book dives into the world of canines and explores what makes them so lovable. From fun facts to an Expert's Corner, this book has it all. Your child will surely be sharing the new information they have learned with you and everybody they know. There are also lots of fun activities to keep your kids interested and busy.

This is most definitely one of the best books for dog owners with kids. Children will not be able to get enough of the cute puppy photos, and you may even learn something about canines while sharing this book with your kids.

National Geographic Kids Everything Dogs: All the Canine Facts, Photos, and Fun You Can Get Your Paws On! by Becky Baines is filled with information about the characteristics that define dogs, the different breeds, and their daily lives.

The Expert's Corners provide exciting, real-life experiences with dogs from an actual National Geographic explorer. Baines also answers some of the kids' most common questions about canines, like “Why do dogs roll in smelly stuff?”

This book also includes a chart for decoding canine moods and takes an in-depth look at the dog family, including wolves, coyotes, and jackals. To top it all off, there is even information at the end of the book about rescuing dogs and how to get involved. This title is best suited for kids in grades 3-6.


2101 Dog Tricks
by Kyra Sundance & Chalcy

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog (Volume 1) (Dog Tricks and Training, 1) Aside from being one of the largest trick books for dogs out there, this step-by-step dog trick book is also one of the best.

101 Dog Tricks: Step-by-Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog by Kyra Sundance and Chalcy is an international bestseller that has been printed in 18 different languages. The step-by-step instructions are paired perfectly with easy-to-follow color photos of every step.

This one is more for you or your older child to enjoy. With what seems like a never-ending list of tricks and activities, this title is great for new dog owners or owners looking to train their dogs to follow commands.

Sundance and Chalcy even give readers an idea of how long it will take the average dog to learn each trick. Every trick is rated on a difficulty scale and also has a list of prerequisites to get you started quickly.

One of the nicest things about 101 Dog Tricks is that there are tips and trouble-shooting advice along with each trick, which covers common problems dog owners may face while their pets are trying to learn it.

The tricks range from simple, common things like sitting, fetching, and shaking hands to more unique tricks like picking up toys and putting them in a toy box and fetching drinks from the fridge. This book will certainly inspire your child to do more with your family pet.

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3Living with Kids and Dogs…
by Colleen Pelar

Living with Kids and Dogs . . . Without Losing Your Mind: A Parent's Guide to Controlling the Chaos Finally, the book you have been waiting for. It is the manual to help with the mayhem of kids and dogs. You will learn how to help your child and your dog develop a loving and strong relationship. Pelar also talks about how to recognize stress signals in your dog and notice when they are getting nervous around kids.

Living with Kids and Dogs… Without Losing Your Mind: A Parent's Guide to Controlling the Chaos by Colleen Pelar will also teach you ways to help your dog through each stage of your child's life, from introducing a baby to your dog all the way through their teen years.

This dog book will help set your family up for successful dog ownership with minimum effort. This title is one of the best books for dog owners with kids and is definitely a must-have on your bookshelf.

Whether you already have a dog and you're bringing home a new baby, or you already have a child and would like to get a puppy, this book will help you understand how to foster a healthy relationship between the child and the dog.

The last thing you want is for your child to be part of the ever-growing statistic of children who have been bitten by dogs. Pelar understands that the blame cannot fall on the child or the dog, but rather, both sides must be taught to respect and love each other.


by Matthew Van Fleet

Dog by Matthew Van Fleet (2007-10-01) This book is great for little hands. It helps your young one learn about all the different breeds of dogs while having fun at the same time. Dog by Matthew Van Fleet is designed with entertaining pull-tabs and flaps. This is an excellent start to your children’s book collection.

In Van Fleet’s captivating book, twenty different breeds demonstrate opposites, action words, synonyms, and more. There are also ten different touchable textures that provide loads of interactive entertainment for your child. Your son or daughter will thoroughly enjoy playing along with these adorable dogs.

Pull one tab, and a wet pup shakes his fur dry, and another tab shows a cute pug wagging his tail. This book will not only expose your child to many different dog breeds but also teach them about new concepts and introduce them to a lot of new vocabulary. This book is great for children under 4, but older children may get bored with it easily.

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5Your First Dog!
by Brian G. Johnson

Your First Dog! A Children's Book About Owning & Caring For Dogs This is another great book for first-time dog owners. Written specifically for children, this book not only points out all the fun things that they will get to do with their canine companions but also helps them understand that having a dog isn't all about fun.

Johnson teaches kids the responsibility that comes with having a dog in the house.

Easily outlined and informative, Your First Dog! A Children's Book About Owning & Caring For Dogs by Brian G. Johnson is great for kids of all ages. It is a sensational gift for parents to give to their kids if they do not want to be the ones to have the workload fall completely on them.

Your children will be drawn in by the exciting and amusing illustrations, and the text will inform them about the needs and requirements of a four-legged friend.

If you don't have a dog just yet, this book would be an excellent selection to purchase before you adopt a puppy. Selecting a dog is a major decision, and Johnson provides expert advice on many suitable breeds, along with pictures of each one.

The author mainly focuses on discussing the size, temperament, and trainability of each breed. It will help walk your family through choosing a breed that will meet their needs and fit their lifestyle.


6My Dog!
by Michael J. Rosen

My Dog!: A Kids' Guide to Keeping a Happy and Healthy Pet This is definitely an enjoyable book to get for your child. Kids can use this book for either their new puppy or an old family dog. Including fun things like a customizable cover, care chart, and tabbed chapters, even you will want to use this book. Inside the book, your kids will find facts, a history of dogs, fun training commands, and so much more.

My Dog!: A Kids' Guide to Keeping a Happy and Healthy Pet by Michael J. Rosen not only goes through the basics of feeding, dog grooming basics, and handling, but it includes lots of information on dog training, too.

Rosen teaches children how to train a dog with detailed illustrations. It includes tips on teaching simple action commands like “stay”, “sit”, and “come” as well as behavioral commands including “speak” and “thank-you.”

One of the most interesting bits of information in this book is the section on simple health checks that children can perform on their dogs to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Rosen also added a How to Speak Dog section that ensures your child and your dog form a lasting bond. This book also comes with a field guide to 75 of the most common dog breeds.


7Just Me and My Puppy
by Mercer Mayer

Just Me and My Puppy This is an adorable story for younger children about the responsibilities that come with owning a puppy. Mercer Mayer brings her popular Little Critter characters along to teach children about the hard work associated with owning a puppy and many of the common naughty behaviors puppies typically do.

The little boy in this book brings home a puppy he found and has to deal with the work of caring for a dog, teaching that puppies are not just playmates but a lot of work as well.

Though they are always worth it in the end, kids do not always understand the work involved in raising a puppy and caring for your pet for their entire life.

Just Me and My Puppy introduces your child to the idea of having a dog join the family, and the illustrations are whimsical and entertaining. This book is best suited for children under 8 years old.


8Everything Dog
by Marty Crisp

Everything Dog: What Kids Really Want to Know about Dogs (Kids Faqs) Written in a question-and-answer format, this book gives short and to-the-point answers to some very common questions about dogs. It is written simply with small vocabulary words, making it very easy for kids to understand. Everything Dog: What Kids Really Want to Know about Dogs by Marty Crisp is filled with brightly colored puppy photos and interesting facts.

This book asks the simple questions that many kids often ask, like “Do dogs cry?” and also delves into some of the more unique questions, including “Do dogs come from dinosaurs?”

The book is rated for children ages 8 to 11, but older children would certainly benefit from a lot of the information, and younger children would be entertained with the colorful pictures.

It doesn't detract from the book's usefulness, but there is no formal arrangement to this book, which may be slightly confusing to some children. In total, over 30 dog-related questions are answered and explained in this book. There are also fact circles on some pages to explain and expand on more elaborate points.

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by Sandra Boynton

Doggies Another of the best books for dog owners with young kids is a fun, silly book that smaller children will enjoy reading to them. This story has a way of entertaining and educating kids all at the same time. This is a silly story featuring Boynton's traditional animal characters.

Sandra Boynton is a very popular American children's author, songwriter, and cartoonist. Since 1974, she has written and illustrated over fifty children's books, including five New York Times Bestsellers.

More than 60 million of her books have been sold. To say she knows what she is doing when it comes to children's literature is an understatement.

Doggies is printed on thick board pages, so it is suitable for even the youngest child. Although most children older than 6 might get bored quickly with this book, it may entertain even them. It features non-traditional texts and humorous illustrations, so you will probably enjoy reading it as much as your child loves hearing it read aloud.

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10Walter the Farting Dog
by William Kotzwinkle & Glenn Murray

Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble At the Yard Sale As the title suggests, this is a hilarious book about a farting dog that will give children and adults a stinking enjoyable read.

Walter, a dog that has been adopted from the pound, cannot stop passing gas. You know how gross it can get when your dog has uncontrollable flatulence, but in this story, farting can actually have positive benefits.

The children in the story love Walter, but their father has a different opinion of the smelly little dog. He insists Walter must go back to the pound, but that night a burglar breaks into the family's home. Walter uses the chance to be a hero and show the family just how great a dog he really is.

This is a heartwarming story with an excellent moral. Walter the Farting Dog explains how tough it can be to care for a dog, but that no matter what, you will have to find a way to deal with their flaws because they become part of your family. This book is a great fit for any child of any age.

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