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Choosing a dog is easy if you’re single and don’t have any kids in your home.

You can choose a breed that you think is cute or fits the size requirement you’re looking for.

But when you add kids and a family into the mix, it makes things a little trickier.

So, what is the best dog for kids that's safe and most fun for your children to play with?

It is absolutely crucial to choose your future pet based on its temperament and personality when you know it will be around children often.

Best Dog for Kids

Safety needs to be the top priority when children are involved with dogs, and although you should never leave a child alone with a new pooch, there are lots of breeds that make amazing family pets and the best dogs for kids, including these 5 listed below.

Best Dog for Kids: Safe and Fun Breeds

best dog for kids - bulldog

1. Bulldogs

Surprised? Although bulldogs won’t be winning any awards for their energy levels, they are very sturdy dogs that can hold up well around rougher children. They are extremely docile and friendly animals that will get along well with other pets.

Also, because of their size and low energy level, bulldogs can be one of the best dogs for kids because they don’t require a lot of space, so they would be happy living in a large house or a smaller apartment.

Don’t let their mellow temperament fool you; they are also excellent guard dogs and will be quick to warn your family or children of unwanted visitors or danger.

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best dog for kids - boxer

2. Boxers

Boxers are specifically known for their love of children and affection toward their families, so that's definitely one of the best dogs for kids. They are powerful, athletic canine breeds that were born to guard the people they love.

Boxers crave human affection and require lots of attention, which is why they can be the best dogs for kids.

They can be very high-strung, and without the adequate attention that they deserve, they could develop behavioral issues.

One thing to note about boxers is that they are prone to many serious health issues, so you should research your breeder thoroughly.

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best dog for kids - newfoundland

3. Newfoundland

These gentle giants have been dubbed “nature’s nannies” because of their fondness for children. While they are a little higher maintenance because of the dog shedding issue and drooling, they will more than makeup for it with love and affection.

Newfies, as they are known, will grow to well over 100 pounds, so they are best suited for families with a lot of open space to exercise and play and are definitely one of the best dog options for kids.

Newfoundlands are very social animals that do well with new people as well as other pets.

As well as being caring and affectionate, Newfoundland is also one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there, making them very easy to train.

So, the pet shedding thing aside, and if you can handle the size, this breed would make an excellent addition to any family.

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best dog for kids - beagle

4. Beagles

Floppy ears and big brown eyes are two staples of an adorable best dog for kids. Match that with a desire for excitement and a loving personality, and you’ve got a Beagle – one of the best family dogs that ever walked the Earth.

Beagles are gentle and sweet with children but are inborn hunters, so they may not do as well with smaller pets.

You would really need to crate-train them well.

They have a love of food and a keen nose to sniff it out, so without proper training, these dogs can become little troublemakers.

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best dog for kids - mutts

5. Mutts

If you’re looking for a dog that will make an excellent addition to your family but you don’t want to break the bank paying for a purebred, a mutt may be the perfect choice as the best dog for kids. You can save a dog from a bad situation and save money at the same time, which is the best way to go at any time!

What better example to set for your children than the caring and compassion they will see when you adopt a preloved shelter dog?

Make sure you inform the workers at the shelter about your family and your lifestyle.

They work with these dogs every day and will be happy to help you choose a dog that will fit in nicely with your needs.

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Best Dog for Kids