This Poor Dog Becomes Homeless After Owners Had a Baby
Photo: Nicki Fricker
People have many reasons for abandoning or giving up a dog but this one might just rile up your feelings for some pet owners.

Nicki Fricker was waiting by the parking lot of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Jefferson County, New York one early morning. She found a sick stray dog the previous night and was there to drop it off.

The woman spotted a dachshund and a man nearby. They were also waiting for the shelter to open. She thought he was there for the same reason as her — to drop off the stray dog he found.

This poor dog was abandoned when owners had a child
Photo: Nicki Fricker

Why He's Giving Up the Dachshund

Nicki struck a conversation with the man but she was baffled to learn his real reason for being there. The dachshund he had with him is their family pet but he's surrendering her to the shelter because his wife is pregnant and he's going to be a new dad.

The man asked Nicki if she wanted to keep his pet instead. Seeing that the owner looked a little sad to let the dog go, Nicki did not hesitate and said yes.

She already had two dogs at home and wasn't planning on adding another pet. But when she saw how nervous the dachshund looked, Nicki figured that the shelter wouldn’t be the right place for her. In the woman's mind, she could foster the dog until they can find a new family for her.

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Dotty, the Practice Dog

When the dachshund's owner left, Nicki recounted how their conversation went. She shared the story on the Facebook group of the Dogspotting Society.

The man said that the dachshund's name is Dotty. They were giving her up because once his wife gives birth to their baby, they will not need to “practice” on a dog anymore.

Nicki further recounted that she had to carry Dotty to her car because she was a little frisky and nervous about being with a new person. The dog trembled on her lap during the whole drive back to her home.

Why the owner gave up the Dachshund
Photo: Nicki Fricker

She's Molly Now

Nicki called up her husband to tell him about Dotty, whom she renamed as Molly. He was not so pleased with the news because his wife just adopted a rescue dog a month ago.

Maddie, a German shepherd, and sibling Moo, a Labrador, were the Frickers’ dog kids. Thankfully, they didn't have a hard time welcoming Molly to the family. In fact, Nicki said that their first encounter with the new dog went smoothly.

The abandoned dog is Molly now
Photo: Nicki Fricker

Now, all she had to do was make her husband warm up to Molly. But as it turns out, she did not have to worry about this. Though her husband was mad on the phone, he fell in love with Molly at first sight.

When Nicki told him what really happened, her husband said that Molly would be their baby forever. No more foster care, as the dog is permanently going to live with them. Unlike Dotty/Molly's former family, the Frickers aren't planning to have any children because the dogs are their kids.

The new love of an abandoned dog
Photo: Nicki Fricker

The Family is Complete

To formally complete Molly's adoption as a Fricker baby, the family prepared a photo shoot. They wanted to introduce the new dog to the rest of the family and their friends.

It's just been a few weeks but Molly is adjusting to her new life with the Frickers. She loves going to the dog park with her parents and siblings and Nicki said Molly is extra-protective of her.

The Family is Complete After the Poor Dog was Finally Adopted
Photo: Nicki Fricker

Nicki told The Dodo that she considers Molly her daughter and while she wasn't expecting to have the third pup, she could not imagine a life without the dachshund with her other dogs.

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