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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure – For Dogs

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure – For Dogs

Veterinary care is one of the largest expenses that dog owners need to budget for. Many of us don't put a lot of thought...
Reasons FOR Adopting Older Preloved Dogs

3 Reasons FOR Adopting Older Preloved Dogs

Many potential dog owners shy away from adopting a senior dog for a variety of reasons. But don't be fooled by the common thought!...
Importance of No-Pull Dog Harnesses and No-Pull Dog Collars

How No-Pull Dog Harnesses and Collars Help with Dog Leash Pulling

It's very common for dogs to pull on their leashes when owners walking them. Dog leash pulling is one of the main issues first-time...
Dog Tear Stains

The Truth About Tear Stains on Dogs

Tear stains are an eye-sore (no pun intended). There's no doubt that they aren't pleasant to look at, but did you know there are also...
Benefits of a Dog Backpack Carrier & Why I Love Mine

Benefits of a Dog Backpack Carrier & Why I Love Mine

A dog backpack carrier is a type of rag suck that you sit your little pooch in and carry her in, whether at the front...
Dog Muzzles Aren't Just for Aggression

Let’s Talk: Dog Muzzles Aren’t Just for Aggression

Dog muzzles are a controversial piece of training equipment, but they can be used for more than just aggression - just make sure you...
homemade dog food

Benefits of Feeding Dogs Homemade Dog Food

The recent recalls and safety concerns in the pet food industry have led many dog owners to consider changing their pet's diet. There have been...
Dog Training Tips From Dr. Robert Mugford

Interview: Dog Training Tips From Dr. Roger Mugford

What a treat! This week I got to chat with world-renowned animal welfare advocate, educator and author Dr. Roger Mugford. He has long been referred to as...
nose work for dogs

The Importance of Nose Work for Dogs and How to Train Them

Everyone knows that dogs have much sharper sense of smell than us humans, but did you know that it's good for them to exercise...
Is Anesthesia Safe for My Dog

The Truth: Is Anesthesia Safe for Dogs?

Anesthesia - a common fear of pet owners, but do you need to worry? A lot of dog owners are more concerned about the...
How many calories a dog needs per day

Let’s Talk: How Many Calories A Dog Needs Per Day?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to correctly calculate exactly how many calories a dog needs per day. There are so many variables! Think about what...
How to Choose the Best Dog GPS Tracker

Interview: How to Choose the Best Dog GPS Tracker?

Most dog owners are on a budget. We understand the financial requirements of owning a pet, and of course we splurge a little too,...