When you're buying any kind of waterproof products, naturally you'd expect that it will work seamlessly and you won’t be scrambling to buy a new item the second there’s a rainstorm. Waterproof dog products are no exception. I've taken a look at some of the most common dog supplies to find the waterproof dog products that are proven to work.

There's a large variety of dog products available in waterproof models, especially those geared towards outdoor dogs and active owners who like to take their pets outside and into rough-and-tumble areas where any number of weather-related incidents could happen. The most common dog products made to be waterproof are:

  • Collars
  • GPS trackers
  • Dog beds
  • Medication

Obviously there are a lot more items for dogs that will be either water-resistant or waterproof, but these are the ones that would be the most disastrous if they failed. After some research it seems to hold true that the majority of these waterproof dog products do work well. Like any other product on the market, there's always exceptions and it is typically the cheaper options that aren't 100% waterproof.

Dogs are expensive to maintain and all the different pet products that they require can really add up in costs for the owners. You need to make sure that you're making responsible purchases or you'll probably be unsatisfied with the product and have to spend additional money to replace it.

Waterproof Dog Products That Are Proven to Work
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If you're on the lookout for any kind of dog supplies, waterproof or not, to improve the quality of life for your pooch, make sure that you do your research beforehand.

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Proofing Your Pet: Waterproof Dog Products That Are Proven to Work

Overall, most waterproof dog products are well made and live up to the claims on their packaging. However, you need to understand the meaning of this term as well as the difference between waterproof and water-resistant or water-repellent dog supplies before you can make an educated purchase.

In short:

Waterproof means that something is completely impervious to water.

Water-resistant means that the item will resist the penetration of water to some degree, but not entirely. For example, a quick dunk underwater or a few splashes when your dog takes a drink would be fine, but to be fully submerged for a few minutes while your dog is swimming would likely ruin the product.

Water-repellent means that it is not easily penetrated by water, and is usually the result of being treated for such a purpose with a surface coating. You will find many water-repellent dog beds and water-repellent dog clothing that are sprayed with special treatment.

The expectation when waterproofing a dog product is that it will withstand any amount of water that the dog will encounter throughout the day, including swimming, rainwater, or splashing through puddles. If you purchase a product that claims to be waterproof and it becomes ruined by water at any time – notify the manufacturer. You should be entitled to a refund or exchange.

Waterproof Dog Collars

Whether it’s swimming, drinking, or a rainstorm, you don’t want your dog's collar to fail. Waterproof dog collars are not reserved for just electric collars either. They’re also inclusive of just your average, everyday standard collars for dogs. If a dog collar isn’t waterproof, it can get gross and even infested with bacteria, which can lead to health problems and a disgusting smell around the collar and/or your Fido's neck.

Waterproof Dog Products That Are Proven to Work
Photo: Auburn Leathercrafters

By preventing the absorption of water into the material around the dog's neck, you can ensure that there isn’t any molding or rotting going on. Also, a waterproof name pet ID tag is essential for preserving your canine's identification if they happen to wander off. If a name and number are smudged or smeared, that can prevent the dog from being easily located by a simple phone call.

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Having to wash and rewash pet collars can dull the color and ruin the lights, so waterproof collars are usually the best as long as they are able to quickly deflect any bacteria or dirt from the collar itself. Otherwise, it’ll only be a matter of time before you end up having to replace it again and again.

When purchasing a waterproof dog collar, you also need to keep in mind your pet's comfort. Be sure that the material the collar is made of will not scratch or chafe your dog's neck. Some waterproof dog collars even come equipped with LED lights that serve as beacons for dogs that are out at night.

Top 5 best-rated waterproof dog collars on Amazon:

  1. Mendota Products Dog Safety Collar
  2. Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar
  3. Ruffwear Headwater Dog Collar
  4. Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar
  5. NIMBLE Dog Collar Waterproof Pet Collars

* The above top 5 picks for best-rated waterproof dog collars are based on Amazon’s customer reviews and ratings [June 2021].

Waterproof GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are another type of waterproof dog product that is proven to work well. GPS trackers for dogs can be absolutely vital to dog owners. These trackers are hung around the dog’s neck (not implanted under the skin like a microchip) and work by triangulating the radio signals around your dog so that you can find his location if he runs away or becomes lost. The GPS tracks in real-time, so you’re not behind your dog’s progress.

Waterproof Dog Products That Are Proven to Work
Photo: ATian

Millions of pets are lost every year and the amount returned is dismal. Having a GPS tracker for your canine is essential to good preventative pet care (preventative in the sense of preventing a tragedy if the dog runs away). Obviously, dog GPS trackers need to be waterproof so that they are infallible to outdoor conditions.

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You'll quickly find that most well-designed waterproof GPS trackers are very reliable. They offer a waterproof casing around the tracker that fits securely onto your dog’s collar. By ensuring that the GPS is sturdy against the elements, you can prevent your dog’s disappearance from lasting more than a few hours. If your dog runs off and ends up getting into some water, most GPS trackers are effective even at large depths, which won’t be necessary if your dog is just swimming or drinking.

Top 5 best-rated waterproof dog GPS trackers on Amazon:

1. Tagg Pet GPS Plus

2. Garmin Astro 320 T5 Dog GPS Bundle

3. Fitbark GPS Dog Trackers

4. Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

5. Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

* The above top 5 picks for best-rated waterproof dog GPS trackers are based on Amazon’s customer reviews and ratings [June 2021].

A quick tip: Attaching a waterproof GPS to a waterproof collar is an excellent idea; you should match the collar to the GPS so that one doesn’t wear out before the other.

Waterproof Dog Beds

Waterproof dog beds are essential for pet parents that enjoy taking their dogs with them on outdoor adventures. These beds can be great for camping or any kind of travel. You never know when you'll get caught in a rainstorm, and if you do you will be glad your dog has a warm, dry place to sleep.

Likewise, the ground outside is often moist, and placing a dry dog bed on the damp ground won't be very comfortable for your pet. Eventually, the water will leach through the bed and the top of the bed will be just as damp and cold as the ground underneath it. This is bad for your dog's joints and the dampness can also lower his body temperature causing him to feel cold and eventually it may even make him ill.

Waterproof Dog Products That Are Proven to Work
Photo: Kurgo

Waterproof beds are great for senior dogs and puppies that are more prone to accidents. Many dog beds come with waterproof covers that do not absorb the urine and are easily cleaned. Purchasing a waterproof bed for a dog is often a better solution than puppy pee pads or doggy diapers if your pet only has trouble when he is resting or sleeping.

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You can purchase waterproof dog beds in almost any style. There are traditional dog beds, elevated dog beds, and even orthopedic dog beds that come in waterproof models. Also, since many people use waterproof beds while camping, dog supply manufacturers have plenty of waterproof travel dog beds available online for you to choose from.

Top 5 best-rated waterproof dog beds on Amazon:

  1. Go Pet Club Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Pet Bed
  2. Snoozer Waterproof Round Pet Bed
  3. Durable Waterproof Pet Dog Bed
  4. Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed
  5. Armarkat Brown Pet Bed

* The above top 5 picks for best-rated waterproof dog beds are based on Amazon’s customer reviews and ratings [June 2021].

Waterproof Pet Medications

The most common waterproof dog product (and the most in need of infallibility) is medication for fleas, ticks, and other topical treatments. Any dog that ventures outside is going to eventually wander back in and bring some type of pest inside with him unknowingly. It is our responsibility as pet parents to protect them from these nasty little creatures.

Fleas (ticks, eggs, and larvae included) and other pesky, insidious pests are best handled by topical treatments that guard your dog’s fur and skin against becoming the gateway for infection. Ticks on dogs especially can cause a familial sickness, as they can transmit Lyme disease, and inflict many other horrendous health issues. Unpleasant as that sounds, it would be even worse if it spread to other pets or even the human members of your family.

Waterproof Dog Products That Are Proven to Work
Photo: Frontline Plus

In order to avoid the health hazards that accompany these pests, the topical ointment and medication that you provide for your dog need to be waterproof.

If your dog's medication isn't waterproof, it probably won’t last more than ten minutes outside with your Fido, especially if you have water near your property or live in a rainy area. Just a little rain could wash off this type of medication if it isn't waterproof.

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When you go to purchase these medications, check the reviews and ratings by other customers. If the waterproof capabilities of the medicine have failed, it is likely to have been rated as unsuccessful. If not, then it is clearly capable of protecting your dog from both the elements and whatever is dwelling within them. Your veterinarian can be a great resource for information on the best waterproof medications and treatments for your dog.

In addition to what has already been said, you can also find waterproof seat covers, blankets, vests, and jackets for dogs along with a huge variety of other dog supplies. The only way to find out for sure if any of these are waterproof dog products that are proven to work is to do your research. Be diligent in reading reviews and finding out what other consumers have to say.

Remember that not everything you read online is true, so be sure to go to trusted websites, look for videos, and even go to the manufacturer's website for more information. Just because one irate customer posted something on Amazon does not necessarily mean that the product isn't waterproof and vice versa. Don't take TopDogTips' word for it; confirm with other websites and sources as well.

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