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Review: Up Country Tweed Dog Coat

Is your dog's fur coat enough protection from the cold winter winds? Perhaps, but small breeds and dogs with a thin coat may need an extra layer when it's cold or rainy outside. Canine jackets aren't just an accessory to make Fido look cute. Higher quality dog jackets, like the Up Country Tweed Dog Coat, will keep your pet warm and dry when the weather isn't ideal.

Up Country Tweed Dog CoatNot all dogs should be made to wear a jacket. Breeds with a thick coat don't need the extra layer. While their coat is a factor, a dog's age, breed and size also play a part in their ability to keep themselves warm. Small dogs, senior pets and pups with thin or no fur may get too cold after spending just a few minutes outside in the winter.

Pet owners who have tried the Up Country Tweed Dog Coat say that it is easy to put on and comfortable for their pets to wear. I wanted to check this doggy jacket out for myself to see if it was worth the cost. Keep reading to find out if our Beagle, Molly, enjoyed wearing this coat.

Up Country Tweed Dog Coat Review

Up Country Tweed Dog CoatHow adorable is Molly in her Up Country Tweed Dog Coat? We've had many compliments on the beautiful aesthetic appearance of this jacket. However, looks aren't everything, but I do love the way this coat looks. The pink color stands out nicely from her brown and black coat.

Molly is a Beagle/Cocker Spaniel mix. Her chest is quite deep for her size, so most of the coats that we try on her are too tight in the underarm area. As you will see in my video review above, the Up Country Tweed Dog Coat has a Velcro strap that affixes around the chest and another that affixes under the belly.

There are no holes that you have to put your dog's legs through, which is ideal for dogs with a deep chest or thick legs. It's also a bonus if your dog struggles to get away when you try pushing his feet through the leg holes of clothing.

Up Country Tweed Dog CoatThe outside material of this jacket is a warm, soft tweed. The inside liner is made of a silky, satin. There is also a wide corduroy collar. All the materials are 100% polyester.

The Up Country Tweed Dog Coat is comfortable and soft for your dog, but it's not weatherproof. Wet weather can cause your dog to get cold just as easily as low temperatures and windy days.

We live in Maine, and our tough winters come with lots of snow. For this reason, I prefer a dog coat that is weatherproof.

I do like the pocket on the back of this dog coat. It has brass snaps, which match the coat very well and help to dress it up a little. It's just large enough to carry Molly's leash and a few treats.

Up Country Tweed Dog CoatI am also happy that the Up Country Tweed Dog Coat is machine washable. Obviously your dog is going to be wearing this coat outdoors, which means he is likely to encounter mud and other dirt. Being able to throw his coat in the washing machine is much more convenient than having to hand wash it.

Overall, I think this is a great dog jacket. It's well made with durable materials. It looks great, and is easy to clean. It's also available in 8 sizes for dogs measuring 8″-24″ in length.

You can purchase the Up Country Tweed Dog Coat from the company's website for $44-$49 depending on the size that your dog needs. It's a bit expensive for a dog jacket that isn't weather resistant, but it does have a beautiful design.

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up-country-tweed-dog-coat-reviewIf you live in a climate that gets cold during the winter months, you may be looking for a warm jacket for your canine companion. The Up Country Tweed Dog Coat is made with a warm tweed outer shell and a soft satin lining. It looks adorable and comes in many different colors to match any pup's style.