Not every pup needs a dog winter coat, but if yours does, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth the investment. With so many cheap imports flooding the market, we decided to put together a list of our favorite best dog winter coat options to help you to choose one that not only will keep your pup warm and dry in winter but also the one that will last through seasons.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best dog winter coat choices available to pet owners this year. Before you choose one, I recommend you read through tips on how to pick the right piece of clothing for your pet to ensure it's safe and comfortable. Below we've picked out five of our top rated best dog winter coat options and you can scroll down below to see the full list.

Our Favorite Winter Dog Coats Price Insulation Rating
RUFFWEAR Quinzee Insulated Water Resistant Jacket $$$$ A 5 stars
Zack & Zoey Nor'easter Coat for Dogs $$ B 5 stars
Hurtta Extreme Warmer Winter Jacket $$$ A+ 5 stars
Gooby Fashion Bomber Outwear/Fleece $$ C 4 half stars
Puppia Authentic Mountaineer II Winter Vest $$$ A 4 half stars

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Which Breeds Need a Winter Coat?

All dogs can get cold, but it depends on the breed how much cold the canine can handle. Obviously, some winter-friendly breeds like Saint Bernard and Siberian Husky fair well in the cold, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every long-haired variety of canine will. Small dogs will usually benefit from a winter dog coat the most. Smaller breeds such as the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier usually need some extra help staying warm in temperatures below 50 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’d think that these dogs would be just fine in the cold seeing as how they’re built to have thick, fluffy coats. However, the difference is that these dogs aren’t double coated, and they don’t have the same kind of muscle and fat distribution that cold weather breeds like Huskies have. As a general rule of thumb, 45 degrees Fahrenheit is when most non-winter breed dogs start to feel uncomfortable in the cold.

Picking the Right Fit for Your Dog

The most essential aspect of the best dog winter coat is good fit – this ensures not only comfort and effectiveness of the coat keeping your pup warm, but also the safety. Any loose parts can easily catch on the object and injure or strangle your dog. Similarly, a fit that's too tight will also limit your dog's movement and make it dangerous to use. Before you pick any jacket, measure your pup for clothing first.

How to measure your dog for a winter coat
Measuring a dog for a winter coat.

Smaller dogs need heavier winter coats with plenty of insulation, or a thick sweater. Generally, the design for most of these breeds place more emphasis on the neck, chest, and upper body. In comparison, lanky dogs such as the Greyhound wear more of a drape than a coat that is secured around the top of the neck.

The dog coat hangs over the sides and the flank of the Greyhound’s body, while allowing the legs to move freely. Since these dogs have very little body fat and essentially no undercoat, they need the length of their body to be protected unlike the Yorkie. Whippets on the other hand are the tiny cousins of the Greyhound, and they have the same general requirements in their winter gear needs.

Before you start picking out the best winter dog coat and deciding what kind of outfit you want your dog to wear this winter, make sure you know what your particular breed needs in terms of fit. Prioritize the fit and effectiveness of the coat over style, features and colors.

Fleece-Lined Dog Jackets

Dogs with low body fat, very little undercoat, advanced age, and medical issues can highly benefit from the extra warmth that fleece dog coats provide. Fleece is different from nylon in that it is a much lighter material, but if you live in an area like Washington state where it’s always rainy you may want go with a faux version so that its a little more water resistant. Otherwise it’s an excellent option for extra insulation.

What does a fleece textured material looks like
Fleece textured material.

Stretch Fabric for Active Dogs

One problem many owners face when trying to find the best dog winter coat is whether or not it’s going to be comfortable enough for long-term wear. If you live up north, odds are your pet will be wearing their coat quite often. This can eventually lead to your dog ending up with a pretty nasty rash from chafing around their armpits and neck depending on the design of the dog winter jacket.

In this case, search for winter dog coats that are made with stretch fabric; the flex material moves with your pup, rather than rubbing against the skin. They are rare among winter coats but you'll see some options mentioned below. Ruffwear coat is a good example of a quality winter dog coat for the sleet, snow, and excessive wind that also utilizes stretch fabric. Their Powder Hound Hybrid Insulation Jacket works well for active dogs who love to hike and play in the snow during winter time.

Safely Securing the Dog Winter Coat

It’s something we think about until after we’ve made the purchase, but the manner in which your dog’s coat will be fastened can make a huge difference in whether or not they’ll even tolerate wearing the coat. Zippers are often a cause for concern when buying any type of clothing for your dog. Short-haired breeds may not have issue, but it’s not uncommon for fur to get caught in the zipper with long-haired dogs.

Dog Winter Coat - Zipper vs Velcro

Velcro is a bit more forgiving, and it releases when pressure is applied as a “breakaway” safety feature. So if your dog’s winter jacket gets hung on a fence, they won’t end up stuck along with it. Additionally, if hair does happen to get caught in the sticky side of Velcro, it’s much easier and faster to remove. You certainly won’t have to cut any hair out the way you would with a zipper.

Coats That Come with a Hood

While it isn’t always necessary, and some dogs may prefer not to use a head cover, it doesn’t hurt to have a dog winter coat with hood. It's especially good if it's detachable and many of them are – they’re incredibly useful for dogs with shorter, or cropped ears.

Larger breeds can benefit from a hooded dog coat as well, especially dogs who accompany their owners on hiking and hunting trips. While a Labrador Retriever might have naturally big furry ears that are protected from the cold, a hood gives them an extra layer in extremely low temperatures.

Does Your Dog Have any Allergies to Fabrics and Dyes?

Speaking from experience, it's a terrible feeling having measured your dog, picked out the best winter dog coat for the pup, bringing it home thinking it would help the pet to stay warm and then to find out that they’re allergic to it. It’s easy to want to pick the brightest and most colorful pet coats on the market for your dog, but these can actually be harmful. All types of dyes are harmful to pets, and heavy dyes on clothing can also rub off into your dog’s skin and coat, make them itch and cause discomfort.

Instead, stick to a solid color and consider washing the coat before actually using it outdoors. It’s fine to do a trial run just to make sure it works, but afterward run it through a light load and dry it on low heat to prevent shrinkage. This process probably sounds familiar, as most people wash new clothes for the same reason.

When you do the test run of your dog winter coat, use it like you would on a regular basis: strap your dog up and take them for a walk or let them trot around the yard with it on to get a feel for it. Don't go for a long walk yet. If your pet seems to be curious about the coat, but not bothered by it, they’ll probably get used to it in no time. On the other hand, if you spend 30 minutes convincing them not to tear it off their back, you might consider looking around some more for something that suits the dog a little better.

Now with all these instructions out of the way, here are a few best winter dog coat options to consider.

Top 45 Best Dog Winter Coats for 2019

Ruffwear Quinzee Warm, Lightweight Insulated Jacket for Dogs

Price: $79.95
Get It Here

Ruffwear is another company who knows their stuff when it comes to outdoor wear for dogs and so seeing several of their options on our list of best dog winter coat products isn't surprising. Their Quinzee dog jacket is a lightweight jacket that won’t weigh your dog down but that has plenty of synthetic insulation to lock in body heat for ongoing warmth. If you’re like us, though, and you struggle with getting your dog into those step through jackets, you’ll appreciate the side buckles on this coat.

Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor'easter Dog Blanket Coat

Price: $29.61
Get It Here

If you have horses, then this Nor-easter dog blanket coat will look familiar. This is one of our favorite winter coat picks for more active dogs because it isn’t constraining but it still keeps your pup nice and cozy. The exterior of the coat is water-resistant and will keep your dog dry in rain or sleet while the interior fleece keeps them insulated. The only thing we’re hesitant about when it comes to this coat is the Velcro closure (which you’ll find on plenty of dog coats) because it’s doesn’t last as long as other closures.

Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket

Price: $88.00
Get It Here

If your winters are extreme and you need something with extra warmth, this winter dog jacket is the way to go. The interior lining of the jacket is made from heat-reflective foil (the same kind they use on heat reflective blankets) and the high collar and warm hood are designed to keep as little heat from escaping your dog’s head as possible – it even keeps their ears warm! This is a costly investment, but if you like to take things to the extreme, it’s an investment worth making. We just wish that this one came in larger sizes.

Gooby Fashion Quilted Bomber Dog Vest with Stretchable Chest

Price: $29.37
Get It Here

We could continue harping on about how much we love Gooby dog coats (despite their neglect of large dog winterwear), but we’ll just get right to the good stuff. The quilted outside keeps your dog dry, the fleecy inside keeps them warm, and the stretchy knitted hem keeps warmth locked in. We like this jacket best for more active small-medium sized dogs because the vest doesn’t have restrictive sleeves.

Puppia Authentic Mountaineer II Winter Vest for Dogs

Price: $62.90
Get It Here

A pricey dog jacket, Puppia’s Mountaineer II Winter Vest is one of the top-of-the-line winter jacket for dogs selections that is ideal if you and your pup take part in a lot of winter activities together. If you don’t find yourself outdoors all that much in the colder temperatures, we’d advise going with something a little less expensive,  but if you’re an outdoorsy family, for warmth and for the zipper closure alone, we love this pet jacket!

Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka for Dogs

Price: $64.51
Get It Here

Hurtta dog jackets are made for the more extreme climate and are priced accordingly. That said, the Hurtta Parka is styled for less severe winter climates and is a good investment if you are a regular hiker or if you live in rainy or windy climates. The 3M reflectors are a great addition for night visibility, but what we like most about this jacket is that it uses a single buckle closure making it easy and fast to put on and take off your dog.

Friends Forever Sherpa and Quilted Winter Vest for Dogs

Price: $13.99
Get It Here

If you are looking for a puffer style winter dog jacket, this Sherpa-lined quilted hoodie is a good investment at less than $14. It’s a nice length that extends all the way along your dog’s back and the fur trimmed hood with Sherpa lining fits nicely around your dog’s head without constantly falling down. We love that the jacket has channels embroidered into it to keep the filling from shifting and that it has two points of closure for a secure fit (even if those are Velcro straps!)

Weatherbeeta Reflective Parka for Dogs

Price: $39.95
Get It Here

A full-coverage, waterproof, and reflective jacket, we recommend this option for three of the four seasons and particularly for dogs with a long torso. The full wrap chest construction and the high neck design are perfect for keeping in warmth and the water-resistant outer shell can stand up to rain, sleet, and snow. This is a slightly more pricey choice among the rest of best dog winter coat items, but it’s a reputable brand name and of quality construction.

Kurgo Loft Jacket, Reversible Dog Winter Coat

Price: $31.49
Get It Here

This has to be one of our top favorite jackets on the best dog winter coat list when it comes to durability, quality of materials, price, and the customer service offered by the company that makes it. Kurgo’s loft jacket is a water-resistant coat made from ripstop fabric which is ideal for your pups who love to explore on their walks. We can’t get enough of the embroidered channels that keep the insulating fill in place and we love the fact that this jacket is reversible so you’re getting two coats in one.

Dora Bridal Turtleneck Dog Winter Coat

Price: $20.99
Get It Here

We’re not sure about the name of this coat, but it’s our favorite pick of best dog winter coat for pups who would benefit from complete coverage. The neck of this jacket is high enough to keep your dog’s neck warm, but the thick plush lining of this coat is by far our favorite thing about it! We also love that this coat is available in a HUGE range of sizes to fit dogs with a chest circumference of anywhere from 11” to 57”.

Derby Originals 600D Waterproof Insulated Dog Winter Coat

Price: $23.67
Get It Here

This is another pet coat that’s similar to a horse blanket but unlike other similar style coats on our list, this one has a more breathable lining. The exterior of the coat is completely waterproof, but what we like about this coat is that it’s perfect for insulating those dogs who tend to overheat with a fleece-style lining. We also like that this coat is versatile enough to be used on just about any animal so you can even wrap it around your goat if you need to when your pup isn’t using it.

BSEEN Weather Fleece Blanket Dog Winter Coat

Price: $9.99
Get It Here

The BSEEN blanket winter dog coat is our favorite coat of choice for lighter-colored pups in the winter! It sounds ridiculous, but when there’s plenty of snow on the ground, finding your white dog in the dog park can be a little tricky. This blanket coat isn’t just warm and durable, it’s also very bright so you will know where your dog is even when they’re making snow-dogs! Plus, for $10, you’re not facing a huge investment.

Pupteck Reversible Waterproof Cold Weather Dog Winter Coat

Price: $14.99
Get It Here

We love this cold weather dog coat for all weather conditions from fall to spring. The fiber filling will keep your dog warm on chilly days, the wind resistant exterior will keep out the breeze, and the water-resistant material makes sure that your pup stays dry come rain, sleet, or snow. This is a high-quality and durable coat and it’s reversible too so you can get two coats for the price of one!

PAWZ Road Dog Coat with Detachable Fleece Lining

Price: $12.99
Get It Here

This is a durable winter dog jacket that can be multi-purposed because it comes with a detachable fleece lining. With the lining, your dog will stay cozy in winter temperatures and without, the lightweight shell is perfect for cooler fall and spring days. What we like most about this jacket in addition to the two-layer design is that it’s reflective and nicely fitted so it holds in body heat well. The one thing we’re not thrilled about with this coat is that the sizing is a little off, their 2XL is designed to fit a dog with a chest circumference of between 22 and 24.4” around.

Foreyy Dog Jacket with Waterproof Outer Layer and Warm Fleece

Price: $12.99
Get It Here

We have a fondness for these wrap-style winter dog coats because they hold in warmth well and as an added benefit – they’re also great for anxious dogs because the feeling of being wrapped up can be calming. The price-point on this jacket is also fabulous and the fact that it comes with a money back guarantee is a bonus. Windproof, waterproof, and snow proof, this reflective coat is a good investment if you’re looking for a lightly insulated coat that won’t weigh down your pup too much during playtime!

Ireenuo Waterproof Dog Winter Jacket

Price: $20.99
Get It Here

This pet jacket is similar to one we had for one of our dogs and we loved it! We found this thick coat to be perfect for our larger breed pup after he’d been shaved for his bi-annual cardiac sonogram because it was nicely padded so it kept in plenty of warmth. We also love that this coat comes in a nice variety of sizes and colors. The one drawback we found with this style of coat, however, was that in order to get it on your dog, you have to lift up their legs and place them through the leg holes which can be difficult if you have a senior dog or a dog who is unsteady on their feet.

Plaid Dog Winter Jacket

Price: $17.99
Get It Here

If you’re looking for a dog jacket that is warm but also stylish, then you’re likely not looking for a puffer jacket or a horse-blanket style coat. This plaid dog jacket is a good choice that is both cozy and it looks fabulous, plus, it’s reversible, so you have two styles to choose from in one coat. We particularly love the quilted embroidered outer shell that helps to keep the polyester fiber filling from shifting too much as your dog walks, so they always stay warm! Did we also mention that it’s less than $20?

ThinkPet Winter Dog Outdoor Jacket

Price: $21.94
Get It Here

We like this winter dog coat as another “formal” coat option and it’s another one that’s reversible, so you get two colors of coat in one. The cotton padded lining of the jacket is designed to keep your dog nice and warm and is ideal for fall and spring temperatures or temperate winters. Another feature we love on this jacket is that it has an elastic strap on the chest to make it more accommodating for dogs with a larger, barrel-shaped chest. Although this is a reflective jacket, we should let you know that this isn’t a waterproof jacket so if you’re prone to wet weather, it’s not the best choice for you!

Hotel Doggy Buffalo Check Melton Coat with Sherpa Lining

Price: $29.99
Get It Here

Another dog jacket with a Sherpa lining, this buffalo check coat has a polyester exterior that features pockets so that your pup can carry their own baggies! This is a rather simple-looking coat, but it’s a classy design and nice and warm. The only thing we don’t love about this design is that it’s a smaller dog coat so you won’t find it for your bigger pups.

Kurgo North Country Dog Winter Coat

Price: $44.99
Get It Here

Kurgo is one of our favorite brands in winter wear for dogs and this winter coat is no exception. We like the durable waterproof exterior of this jacket not just because it repels water, but also because it is reflective and has an LED light strip to make nighttime walking much safer. Like other Kurgo products, this best dog winter coat comes with a lifetime warranty so you can have confidence in your purchase, but if it’s like every other Kurgo product we’ve owned, you won’t need that warranty!

Lightweight Adjustable ‘Sporty Avalanche' Winter Pet Coat

Price: $22.67
Get It Here

If you need a lightweight winter dog coat that still locks in enough heat to keep your Fido warm on winter days, consider the Sporty Avalanche coat. The 3M Thinsulate Thermal Heat Retention Technology is by far the best feature of this coat, but we know that you’ll like the variation in color too. There are seven colors available and five different sizes, all of which have a concealed hood that slips easily out of the collar of the coat. Of all of the jackets on our list of best dog winter coat choices, this one reminds us most of a dog-sized human coat and we can’t help but love it!

Wishland Dog Jacket Luxury Leopard Faux Fur Jacket

Price: $16.99
Get It Here

If you have a smaller pup and want a thick winter dog coat that is more for warmth than for anything else (i.e.: because you carry your pup around in a purse) you might like this faux fur jacket. The front snaps keep the pet coat closed more efficiently than Velcro and although the fabric isn’t practical for walking in wet weather, it’s nice and warm for your little dogs who need that added insulation to stay warm.

Didog Warm Dog Winter Coat

Price: $15.99
Get It Here

If you’ve been looking for a warm winter dog coat with few frills and a price tag you can afford, this is it. We love the thick Sherpa lining for keeping shorthaired pups warm and the toggle drawstring at the back of the coat is perfect for a custom fit. We also happen to love that this coat, as affordable as it is, still comes with a satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not happy you can either get a replacement or a refund. This is a fairly simple jacket though, so if you’re looking for this year’s “trendy” style, this isn’t for you.

bingpet reversable winter coat

Reversible Dog Winter Clothes – Polar Fleece Dog Jacket

Price: $12.99
Get It Here

This winter dog jacket reminds us of a farmer’s jacket with a red quilted look at the fleece-covered reversible jacket. What we love most about this jacket aside from the memories of a childhood spent on a farm, is that it closes with snap buttons. Too few best winter dog coat options on this list use snap button closure, yet they are the most efficient closure for the long-term life of the jacket because they don’t get jammed up with dog hair. The one thing you do need to know about this jacket, though, is that it does run small, the extra-large is only suited for a dog of around 30 to 35lbs.

Soly Tech Winter Soft Padded Winter Coat for Dogs

Price: $11.81
Get It Here

If you prefer an understated jacket for your dog, this is not it, but if, on the other hand, you’re looking for a fashion statement that will keep your smaller breed dog warm when the snow comes, then you’ve found it. Made specifically with smaller breeds in mind, you won’t manage to fit this one on your medium to large-sized dogs since it is only sized to fit a dog with a maximum chest circumference of 18.5”. If you’re shopping for a smaller dog, though, there are seven bright, faux-fur trimmed jackets to choose from.

Winter Waterproof Warm Apparel Jacket for Dogs

Price: $23.07
Get It Here

This might look like a simple winter dog jacket, but it has plenty to appreciate. We particularly like the waterproof nylon fabric exterior that keeps out the rain while the soft fleece lining wraps around your pup’s body to lock in the warmth. Unlike some of the other jackets we have featured on our best dog winter coat list, this one is sized specifically for larger dogs and can fit dogs with a chest circumference of up to 39.4″! Plus, the elasticated chest makes sure that there’s plenty of give.

ThinkPet Dog Outdoor Jacket for Winter

Price: $34.94
Get It Here

One of our favorite (and reasonably priced) jacket options for dogs of all sizes who live in climates where winter can be a real bear is the ThinkPet jacket. Made to be breathable while still being waterproof, windproof, and snowproof, this brightly colored pet jacket is a simple but secure and generously sized coat for your pup when that colder weather sneaks in. We love everything about this jacket (bar the Velcro straps) even the selection of bright colors which include red, orange, grey, and blue!

ThinkPet Cotton-Padded Reversible Warm Coat for Dogs

Price: $22.94
Get It Here

The ThinkPet cotton-padded reversible warm winter dog coat is another option from a reliable winter coat brand. We love the selection of sizes that this jacket comes in, accommodating dogs with a chest circumference from 17.7” to 38.2” and while colors are limited to a primary palette, that’s good enough for us. This jacket has enough cover for wind, sleet, and snow, but it’s not a bulky coat that your picky pups are going to stand stock still and not move in when you put it on them. (Remind us someday to tell you about our family terrier who refuses to move a muscle when you put his life jacket on him!)

Gooby Vest with Handles for Dogs

Price: $33.50
Get It Here

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we love the Gooby brand, even if their selection is limited to mostly small dog products. The Gooby dog vest with handles is no exception and the largest size in this line will fit dogs with a maximum chest circumference of 23” around. That said, this is a hardwearing vest jacket and we love the lift handles which are a great bonus if you have an older pup or a dog who is unsteady on their feet. The zipper closure on this vest is at the back which can mean difficulty getting your unstable pups into it, but we’ll take that drawback for the convenience of the handles.

Scheppend Dog Coats Winter Puppy Warm Fleece Jacket

Price: $13.99
Get It Here

With a waterproof exterior and a soft warm lining, we like this dog jacket as an affordable option for dogs with a chest circumference of up to 26”. It may not be ideal for your bigger dogs, but it’s a nice moderately warm jacket for lighter winter precipitation as well as breezy spring and fall days. What we really love about this jacket, in addition to the reflective piping, is the slit in the bottom chest section of the jacket that allows for some “give”.

Reversible Dog Winter Coat

Price: $22.99
Get It Here

It can be difficult to find quality pet winter jackets for large dogs, but this coat is not only made to fit dogs with a chest circumference of up to 41”, but it’s also reversible. The durable exterior shell of the jacket is windproof and will keep your dog dryer during sleet and snowstorms. What we love most about this style of jacket, however, is that it allows for full movement of the arms and shoulders without any impediment and it doesn’t sacrifice any warmth. Plus, this is a machine washable and tumble-dry friendly coat which, of course, we love!

Calgary Dog Winter Coat

Price: $29.99
Get It Here

One of the most reflective jackets on our list of best dog winter coat options without being an obnoxious fluorescent color, the Calgary dog coat includes a two-way zipper along the back to allow for harness leash attachment. What we really like about this coat, though, is that it has full chest coverage and it’s one of the easiest winter jackets to put onto a dog that we’ve ever seen. Oh, and if you’re worried that the fabric looks flimsy, don’t be, it’s a heavyweight windproof and waterproof fabric that will last.

Rdc Pet Dog Hoodie/Dog Winter Coat

Price: $14.99
Get It Here

If you have been looking for an exceptionally thick winter dog jacket for your smaller pup, this jacket might just fit the bill. With plenty of padding, this jacket is going to keep your pup cozy even on the chilliest days, but keep in mind that the cotton/polyester exterior fabric isn’t that great at keeping out moisture so we don’t advise this as a “snow day” jacket. You should also know that the thickness of this jacket makes it necessary to size up, so make sure that you go one size bigger than your dog usually wears.

Scooter's Friends Puffy Dog Winter Coat

Price: $69.53
Get It Here

If you don’t mind paying the price for a winter coat for dogs that is made with all the right coverage in all the right places, Scooter’s Friends jackets are worth investigating. Their puffy dog coat has a tall collar to protect your dog’s neck against the chill and the body of the jacket has channels sewn in to keep the filling from shifting too much. What we love most about the Scooter’s Friends jackets is that they are contoured rather than boxy so they fit your more “shapely” breeds of dog a little better.

Kimfoxes Winter Dog Jacket

Price: $18.39
Get It Here

We love this dog jacket for plenty of reasons including the price, the huge variation in sizes that they have available, and the fact that you can choose between a plain black coat or a red plaid coat because of the reversible design. Like most jackets on our list of best dog winter coat choices, this one is made with waterproof material so you don’t have to worry about sleet or snow leaking through like you do with fleece-type jackets.

IREENUO Dog Winter Jacket

Price: $16.99
Get It Here

The Ireenuo dog winter jacket is similar in appearance to the Gooby “big dog jacket” but it comes at half the price. With that said, however, their sizing isn’t quite as generous and their XXL is recommended for dogs who weight a maximum of 70lbs. If your dog falls in that size range, however, this jacket is a steal and we guarantee that you’ll love just how thick and warm it is!

RYPET Small Dog Jacket for Winter

Price: $13.99
Get It Here

If you’re looking for something that has a little sparkle to it, the Rypet small dog jacket might be just the ticket. Made for dogs with a maximum chest circumference of 20.5”, this jacket does the impossible and brings together the cute princess factor and the practical waterproof warmth factor. For just under $14 it’s definitely worth the investment.

Outward Hound Telluride All Weather Thinsulate Coat for Dogs

Price: $43.55
Get It Here

Outward Hound knows a thing or two about outdoor wear for dogs and their Telluride All Weather Thinsulate Warm Two Layered Coat is proof of that. They have combined everything you could need in an outdoor jacket and even made that jacket into two separate layers that can be combined for added winter warmth when needed. Plus, the price on this jacket isn’t anywhere near as ridiculous as you would think it would be when you look at the full range of features it offers.

Coleman Dog Reversible Fleece Jacket for Winter

Price: $28.99
Get It Here

If you’re an avid camper then you recognize the Coleman brand and that’s one of the things we love most about this dog winter jacket – brand quality. The sizing on this jacket is tricky, though, because sizes are listed by the midpoint of the neck circumference, so the medium jacket fits a dog with a neck circumference of 14” to 18” and is listed as being a 16” size. We know, it’s complicated, but the warmth, durability, and weather resistance of this best dog winter coat is worth the confusion.

True Love Mt. Tallac Winter Dog Coat

Price: $49.95
Get It Here

We love this pet jacket because it combines everything that we love about the horse blanket style jacket with the chest wrap of the more traditional jacket to provide extra warmth. This is a pricey winter coat, but it offers more coverage than other jackets and a little more security than the average blanket-style jacket. We also really love the soft faux fur collar lining that helps to keep heat from escaping through the collar.

D-DUK Dog Winter Warm Jacket

Price: $18.95
Get It Here

This affordable dog jacket has a plush lining to keep out the chill, a waterproof exterior, and it’s got a nice contour of reflective piping to keep your pup visible during night walks. There’s one thing we’re not certain about with this jacket, however, and that’s the sizing so we recommend reading through reviews by other pet parents to get the perfect size for your dog rather than going by the sizing chart listed. Despite confusing sizing, this coat has rave reviews for durability, sizing, and warmth!

Pet Craft Supply Stylish Peacoat for All Dogs

Price: $12.99
Get It Here

If you’re looking for something that combines style and warmth for a classy best dog winter coat, this peacoat could be the solution. Not surprisingly, the sizing of this coat is skewed with the largest coat being suitable for a beagle but despite that, this tailored jacket is perfect for lighter winter weather. We really love that this jacket doesn’t constrict movement, but it’s definitely not ideal if you have a harsh winter climate.

PetBoBo Cat/Dog Down Jacket for Winter

Price: $24.99
Get It Here

We love this dog jacket because it’s both fashionable and cozy. The interior and exterior fabric are both nice and soft to the touch and the faux fur trimmed hood is perfect for preventing body heat from escaping through the collar. What we don’t love about this jacket? You guessed it – the sizing is off, so get your measuring tape out before you buy!

JoyDaog 2 Layers Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket for Winter

Price: $19.99
Get It Here

If you’re looking for a durable, warm, and affordable dog winter vest for your small to smaller large breed dog, this is a great option. The jacket itself is a no-frills coat but rather than Velcro closures it uses snaps for a more secure fit which we love! But what we really love is how soft the lining of this coat is!

Proplums Pet Raincoat

Price: $17.99
Get It Here

Although advertised as a raincoat, we like this dog jacket for areas with more temperate winter climates and thought it's a worthy addition to our list of best dog winter coat products. The full wrap-around design of the jacket offers complete windproof and waterproof protection and the toggle around the collar helps to keep body heat trapped inside. We love the low price point on this jacket as well as the fact that it’s just so durable and ideal for almost year-round use in areas like Washington state!

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The 45 Best Dog Winter Coats to Keep Your Dogs Warm

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