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Review: DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat

Yes, it's true that dogs have their own coat of fur, but some breeds still need to wear an extra layer when it's cold or rainy. Doggy jackets aren't just to make your pup look cute. High-quality jackets, like the DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat, keep your dog warm and dry when the weather gets rough.

DJANGO Puffer Dog Jacket and Reversible Cold Weather Dog Coat—Water-Repellent and Adjustable Dog Jacket with Windproof Protection, Easy-Access Leash Portal, and Velcro Closure (Large, Lava Red) While some dogs have thick coats that can keep them warm in even the coldest temperatures, not all pups have this luxury. A dog's age, breed, size, and coat type all play a role in their ability to keep themselves warm. Small breeds and dogs with short or no fur can get cold after spending just a few minutes outdoors when the temperature is cool.

Precipitation can cause your dog's fur to get wet, which will make him get cold even faster. Providing him with an insulted, weatherproof jacket is an easy way to keep him warm when needed.

Pet owners say the DJANGO Reversible Puffer Coat is comfortable and easy to put on/take off. I wanted to see for myself if this dog jacket was worth the cost. Did our Beagle, Molly, find it comfortable?

DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat Review

DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog CoatHow adorable does Molly look in this DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat? Of course, looks aren't everything, but I love the design and the way the bright red color looks against her black and brown coat. We've gotten LOTS of compliments on this coat this winter!

Molly has a really deep chest, so most coats are really tight in her armpits. I've only found a couple of coats that fit her properly because most of them cause chafing and irritation under her arms.

DJANGO Puffer Dog Jacket and Reversible Cold Weather Dog Coat—Water-Repellent and Adjustable Dog Jacket with Windproof Protection, Easy-Access Leash Portal, and Velcro Closure (Large, Lava Red)

I'm happy to say that the DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat has over-sized arm holes that aren't too tight under her arms.

The over-sized arm holes don't restrict the range of motion. As you'll see in my video review above, Molly is very comfortable when wearing this jacket. I also like that it secures with a strip of Velcro that runs from your dog's neck down to his belly. This coat from DJANGO is super easy to put on and take off your pet.

The outer layer is water-resistant and wind-proof. There is a layer of synthetic insulation in the middle, and the interior layer is made of 100% cotton lining. As you can probably tell by the name, this jacket is reversible, so it's actually 2 jackets in 1.

When shopping for a doggy coat, make sure it's machine washable for easy cleaning, like the DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat. This is a MUST for me. Between work and taking care of my family, I don't have time to hand wash anything. I always check the washing instructions before buying clothing for my human and canine family members.

This coat is available in 3 colors:

  • red/ buffalo plaid (this is the color of the jacket featured in my photos)
  • sage green/ buffalo plaid
  • navy/hunter green & navy plaid

It's also available in 4 sizes. I misspoke in my video review above and stated that Molly wears a medium size. She actually wears a large. The measurements for the sizes are:

  • DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coatx-small – chest girth up to 13″ and back length is 10″
  • small – chest girth of 13″-16″ and back length of 11″
  • medium – chest girth of 16.5″-21.5″ and back length is 14″
  • large – chest girth of 22″-25″ and back length is 17″ (Molly's size)

Unfortunately, these coats are only available for small and medium breeds. While dogs of this size more commonly require jackets, some larger dogs need jackets, too. It's difficult to find high-quality coats for larger dogs, so I really wish the DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat was available in larger sizes.

Another drawback is the cost of this jacket. It is made with higher quality materials than the cheap dog coats you can get at big box retailers, but it's also much more expensive than other options as well. Prices range up to $44.10 on Amazon, depending on the size and color that you choose.

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django-reversible-puffer-dog-coat-reviewThe DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat has a water-resistant, wind-proof outer layer and a 100% cotton lining. It will keep your pup warm and dry, but how much does it cost? Is it worth the price you'll pay?