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Top 6 Best Winter Hats for Dogs

When you head out into the cold winter air, what do you put on? I bet you make sure to grab a warm hat before walking out the door. Have you ever thought that Fido might like the best winter hats for dogs to keep his ears warm when the temperatures drop?

The Best Winter Hats for DogsHats can keep your dog warm, and they also look extremely adorable. I mean, who can resist an adorable pup frolicking in the snow with a winter hat on? You just need to be sure that the hat you choose will fit your dog properly and secure to his head comfortably. And remember that similar to other dog winter clothes, they have a primary purpose of warming up the dog.

Pay attention to the sizing guidelines on the packaging or the online description of the product. Also, take a good look at how the hat secures on your dog's head. Is there an elastic band that will go underneath his chin? That's probably not going to be very comfortable if he's wearing the hat for more than an 30 minutes or so.

You also need to consider whether or not your pet really needs to wear the best winter hats for dogs. If you have a big, fluffy Husky, he's surely going to be warm enough outside without wearing any extra clothing. However, for a dog with a thin coat or little to no fur, a hat may be a very welcomed addition to a winter ensemble.

The Best Winter Hats for Dogs

1Woolrich Trapper Hat

Woolrich Trapper HatThe Woolrich Trapper Hat is shaped like a hood completely covering your pet’s head down to the ears. These best winter hats for dogs have Sherpa lining, which makes them velvety soft and warm inside especially during cold nights or wintertime. It also has a neck strap to keep it from falling and allow the pet to play and have uninterrupted fun. It has a laidback charm made more pronounced by its old-style checkered pattern in red, black, and white.

The medium/large size measures 9”x8”x3” and is very lightweight at just 2.1 oz. The Woolrich Trapper Hat is machine-washable and does not need any special care. We find the product’s cozy Sherpa interior truly effective in keeping dogs’ head and ears warm. It’s also helpful at warding off light rain and snow. The added front flap on these best winter hats for dogs efficiently help to protect the eyes from winter glares.

The sizing, however, can be a little confusing. The X-Small/Small, for instance, must be labeled “Small” only because it’s too big for X-Small dogs. Even so, this head gear is high quality wear for both protective and styling purposes.


  • Sherpa lining makes it warm and soft
  • Neck strap keeps it from falling off
  • Very lightweight
  • Machine washable

  • Pay attention to the sizing, as reviewers say it runs a bit big
  • Some buyers found the ear flaps deceiving, as they do not fold down over the ears

Most helpful Amazon customer review (full Amazon review): “My dog looks adorable and her ears are warm...


2Small Gray & Blue Pom-Pom Dog Hat & Scarf by Midlee

Small Gray & Blue Pom-Pom Dog Hat & Scarf by MidleeKeep your dog’s head covered from the cold and his or her neck warm with this hand-knit pom-pom hat-and-scarf combo from Midlee. The hat has holes for your pet’s ears while the braided ties allow you to choose whether to give that hat a more secure fit or simply let them hang loose for a more casual and cool look. The scarf comes with a loop to hold it in place and fits up to a 14-inch neckline.

The tightly knit material will definitely make your pet feel more comfortable in icy weather. These best winter hats for dogs are an absolute winner, and we find the Small Gray & Blue Pom-Pom Dog Hat & Scarf by Midlee a very durable, economical, and useful addition to your pet’s wardrobe. Though quite stretchy, it was obviously made for small and medium pets. Unfortunately, there’s only one size, so you can’t buy this for extra small or large pets.

best winter hats for dogsUnlike the Woolrich Trapper Hat, this does not warm the ears, but that’s its design. This hat-and-scarf tandem is very useful yet not expensive at all. Your pet would look charming and elegant in this gray and blue ensemble, too, and that is an irresistible bonus, of course.


  • Hat and scarf set
  • Equipped with ear holes
  • Braided straps allow you to tie the hat on as loose or tight as you wish

  • Only available in one size, and the scarf only fits a dog with neck girth of 14″ or less
  • Does not keep ears covered and warm

Most helpful Amazon customer review (full Amazon review): “To be a small, it's huge. The scarf is way too wide for a chihuahua neck. It's more like a blanket than a scarf for her. This needs added to the description to prevent those with tiny dogs from


3Fully Knit Winter Hat Scarf Set

Fully Knit Winter Hat Scarf SetThe Fully Knit Winter Hat Scarf is specially designed for small-size dogs, puppies, and cats and can be worn daily during the winter months to keep them warm and comfy. The set contains a knitted beanie and scarf in medium size that’s a perfect fit for pets weighing 6-16.5 pounds Both items are in dazzling red color and are made of premium wool. Apart from keeping your pet warm, these apparels are also great for shows, parties, photo shoots, and as gifts to friends. Lastly, they’re a breeze to put on and take off, and cleaning is no hassle because they’re machine washable.

Like the Midlee hat and scarf, these best winter hats for dogs are a pair of knitted hats and scarf. The Fully Knit Winter Hat Scarf Set is very durable and really stunning in red. You can imagine how spectacular that deep red color goes against the all-white winter background. It has no ear-warming feature, but this should be perfect for fluffy-eared dogs. In fact, we figured it’s designed for those types of dogs, such as the one in the product photo.

best winter hats for dogsHaving said that, please go over the product’s size options so that you get the right fit for your dogs and cats. There are only two sizes available, though, and medium is the biggest.


  • Hat and scarf set
  • Specifically designed for small breeds
  • Made of premium wool
  • Tying straps allow you to secure the hat as loose or tight as you wish
  • Machine washable

  • Only two sizes available; made for small breeds weighing 6-16.5 pounds
  • Some reviewers note that the sizing runs small, so be precise when measuring for these best winter hats for dogs

Most helpful Amazon customer review (full Amazon review): “I have a small Maltese puppy that weighs 6 lbs. I purchased a size small, her normal size, and was very disappointed when it finally arrived. It was so tiny that it could only


4Lanyar’s Classic Warm Knit Hats Accessory

Lanyar’s Classic Warm Knit Hats AccessoryHere’s another winter hat to help your little pet feel warm in winter and look dapper at the same time. This is Lanyar’s Classic Warm Knit Hat and it’s made of soft acrylic material. This has a good stretch to it, which improves the fit. It has an open-ear design and soft adjustable braided ends. These braided ends can be left loose or tied to keep the bonnet in position. The fringes of the hat look tube-like which seems to give it a better fit. The fuzzy pom-pom on the center top completes the winter elfin look.

We find the material of these best winter hats for dogs a bit too thin to provide adequate warmth in frigid weather. When the hat is stretched, such as what happens when you put it on a big dog’s head, the knit stitches open wider allowing air to get through. The Lanyar Classic Warm Knit Hats Accessory is made for small dogs, so while it can stretch to allow bigger dogs to wear it, we don’t recommend that.

best winter hats for dogsOverall, you’d find this item working great for the size specified and in places where winter is milder. It’s also very nice-looking and attractive. There should be no problem cleaning it because it is machine washable. On the other hand, this is so easy to hand wash, which we recommend, to make it last longer.


  • Made of soft acrylic material
  • Designed for dogs with head circumference of less than 8.2″
  • Braided straps allow you to tie the hat on as loose or tight as you wish

  • Open-ear design doesn't keep ears warm
  • Thin material doesn't provide adequate warmth when it's very cold
  • Only suitable for small dogs
  • Hand wash only

Most helpful Amazon customer review (full Amazon review): “My aunt's dog, a beagle, looked adorable in this hat!! It fit her head and ears perfectly. She wore it during Christmas Eve and the next day whenever she went outside


5Dogo “Aviator” Hat for Dogs

Dogo “Aviator” Hat for DogsDogo Design's “Aviator” Hat takes on an old-fashioned aviator look. It has some semblance in cut and design to the Woolrich Trapper Hat, minus the ear flaps. It comes with a nice pair of goggles to complete that retro-aviator look. The product uses 100% polyester with faux Shearling trimming around the edges. The chin straps are wide enough to ward off freezing winds and trap heat. Velcro straps are used to secure the hat on the head.

You’d find these best winter hats for dogs to be a big hit in parties, Christmas gatherings, pet shows or photo-ops. Aside from its cool look, this hat is very useful for keeping your dog warm, since the material is quite thick. Unlike the knitted hats, there won’t be any between-stitch gaps, so heat retention with the Dogo “Aviator” Hat for Dogs is much better.

These best winter hats for dogs need to be hand washed and flat dried so as not to damage the delicate trimming and goggles. For this style, bigger dogs have a better chance since it’s offered in five sizes including an XL.


  • Made of 100% polyester with faux Shearling trimming
  • Wide chin straps provide extra warmth and Velcro to secure the hat to the head
  • Available in 5 sizes including an XL

  • Hand wash and flat dry only

Most helpful Amazon customer review (full Amazon review + PHOTO): “So cute on my 6lbs chihuahua. Fit just right


6Gimilife Air Man Design Dog Winter Coat with Hat

Gimilife Air Man Design Dog Winter Coat with HatThis isn’t just one of the best winter hats for dogs, but a whole suit! Gimilife’s airman-inspired winter coat has fur-brim hood with waterproof outer material and cotton-padded interior. This same construction was repeated throughout the garment, which covers the dog from the head to the legs. The padding is made of soft cotton fabric, which has superior heat-retaining quality. On the back of the suit are four conveniently placed real pockets for storing dog stuffs and other effects. Snap-on buttons make donning and taking off of the suit fast and easy.

You get a coat and hood at the price of one with these best winter hats for dogs. It can’t get any better than that! The materials and workmanship used for the Gimilife Air Man Design Dog Winter Coat with Hat are pretty good, and we can’t deny that the suit is a real beauty aside from the fact that it provides total protection from the winter cold.

best winter hats for dogsThe snap-on buttons are a godsend especially for hairy pets – fur won’t be caught anymore by the zipper or Velcro strip. This should make a very good choice; unfortunately, it’s only available in small sizes. Even a Mini-Pinscher would require an XL size for this product. Nonetheless, this Gimilife suit and hood will definitely be awesome for the appropriate dog size.


  • Full winter coat with attached hood
  • Waterproof outer material
  • Cotton padded interior
  • Equipped with 4 pockets
  • Snap-on buttons make taking these best winter hats for dogs on and off very simple

  • Only available in sizes for small breeds
  • Some buyers were not satisfied with the quality of this product, noting that the seams ripped easily

Most helpful Amazon customer review (full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “This little coat is awesome! First anyone buying this should understand that it is made for small dogs. I purchased an XL for my small mini-pin who only weighs about 12 lbs after reading other

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