What Dog Products to Buy (and Skip) on Black Friday 2018

The Black Friday deals are already here and that means that all of us dog owners out here are getting some discounts on dog supplies to choose from. However, not all of those Black Friday deals (and Cyber Monday deals) are equally good and you might want to skip some of the dog products this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are a few tips to help you decide what dog products to buy and which ones to skip when shopping for your pooch on Black Friday.

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What to Skip:

Dog Toys

Even though your pooch can never have enough toys, you might want to consider leaving them out of your Black Friday shopping list. While there may be a few good deals on dog toys, in general it's better to wait for Christmas discounts to purchase toys of any kind, including pet toys. Of course there's a risk that you will miss out on some toy that will sell out on Black Friday, those that are left will certainly be on much bigger discounts, possibly even up to 50-70% off in days before Christmas, as history shows.

(Some) Winter Clothing

There's a number of different winter dog clothing to look into on Black Friday. But dog sweaters and similar clothing items for dogs don’t generally come with the best value on Black Friday. It is generally wiser to buy these items in September or October when there are more affordable deals or wait till spring when they drop in prices. Of course, if you missed it back then you will have a chance to get some deals on Black Friday anyway.


Dog bedding and linens (not dog beds) are generally best valued in January during the so-called “white sales”. This is true for bedding items for humans as well as pets, so try to hold off until then if you can since you can find some truly amazing discounts, up to 70% off on pet bedding even. Towels for dogs also get better discounts in January.

Outdoor Essentials

Most outdoor products, even those related to pets like dog houses, are already sold out before Black Friday deals drop, right after the end of summer, so there aren’t many great deals available. If you missed these products back then, you should wait for Labor Day sales next year or try your luck with Spring Black Friday Sale at places like Lowe’s.

(Too Many) Dog Foods and Treats

While you should not skip getting some dog foods and treats on Black Friday – and there will be some good deals – it is important to keep in mind that these products come with expiration dates. Don’t go overboard and buy more than your pooch can eat, no matter how good these deals might seem to you or you may end up throwing away many of these products.

Pay Attention: Mail-In Rebates

Deals on dog products that require mail-in rebates on Black Friday are best avoided. You must have patience to fill out the form and then wait to receive the rebate, otherwise you might end up paying much more than you intended. Read the fine print at all times because some very popular dog supplies items, especially electronics, come with a mail-in rebate in order to get the advertised price.

What to Buy:

Electronic Dog Products

Electronics deals in general are the cornerstone of all Black Friday sales. Of course, that goes for all electronic devices for dogs as well, like dog cameras or invisible dog fences. Black Friday deals on electronics can come with especially great discounts and you can find devices that are up to 50-70% off.

Dog Beds and Dog Furniture

Historically, Black Friday dog beds deals were some of the best during the year with largest discounts. If you are looking to get some new dog furniture for your pooch, many nationwide pet stores offer half-off discounts on their pet products on Black Friday. Of course, you may be so lucky to find even better deals if you shop around and look at all pet retailers if you have the time.

(Certain) Dog Accessories

There are many dog accessories that are offered with great discounts on Black Friday, including more expensive collars and high quality dog harnesses, pet food and water bowls, pee pads and dog potties, grooming products, and more. All these items are available at prices that are more than half-off if you take some time to look for these amazing deals but don't assume that the whole category will be full of good discounts.

Dog Health Products

While dog products related to health are available year round and probably more necessary during spring and summer (products for tick and flea prevention, for example), shopping for these items on Black Friday to prepare for the spring is a sound decision. There isn’t any specific time where you can find better deals on dog health supplies, so use this Black Friday to check on some good deals.

Online Doorbusters

If you want to shop for dog supplies from the convenience of your own home and still save some money, look for online doorbusters this Black Friday. A lot of big retailers will offer their doorbuters online, so take advantage of this opportunity. However, be careful when you shop online, especially if you are shopping from your phone or some other mobile device. Don’t shop while you are on a public Wi-Fi or you risk losing your private and sensitive information.

While you can find almost any dog product on discount on Black Friday today and tomorrow, some of them still come at a better price just before Christmas or after the New Year’s Eve. Take all of the things we listed in this article into consideration before you make your Black Friday shopping list and think about what's more urgent and what can wait a month or even a few months.

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