The 50 Best Dog Pee Pads

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If you've recently adopted a young dog, hopefully, you've adopted some patience, too – it's time to teach your pup how not to soil your home. Housebreaking and potty training a dog can seem like a daunting task at times, and dog pee pads will become your favorite tool very soon.

Because puppy pee pads became the number one product pet owners who are housebreaking their puppies buy online, hundreds of different brands started showing up on the market. But how do you know which ones are going to hold up to use?

For this large dog pee pad reviews list, we've tested and ranked a number of brands. We will also discuss the most effective technique of potty training a puppy using training pads and see what pet owners and vets say about puppy training pads.

Testing the Best Dog Pee Pads

Using the Best Dog Pee Pads for Housebreaking

When it comes time to potty train a puppy or even housebreak an adult or older dog, the case is similar to having kids, and specifically toddlers, that like to “mark” the territory all over the home. The process of puppy potty training can get messy, smelly, and sometimes frustrating if you don't know how to approach it and do it the right way.

The key to effective puppy toilet training is starting quickly and taking the right approach. All dog experts and veterinarians recommend that you have a poppy training plan already in place before you bring home your new pup, with the right set of best dog pee pads to avoid any mess from the get-go.

The invention of some of these listed best dog pee pads for toilet training dogs solved a major problem for all pet owners.

Why Vets Recommend Puppy Training Pads 

Today, most veterinarians, dog trainers, and pet owners themselves recommend the convenience of puppy potty pads for toilet training your dog as the quickest solution to avoid messes at home. Your first goal should be to have a plan and start right away, veterinarians say:

“It's important to start young with potty training, because what we don't want to do is establish bad habits in our pets. Once they learn one way to do something it's hard for them to unlearn it, and any change can confuse them.”
Dr. Mark Stickney, DVM (source)

Remember that if you don't train your dog correctly, then your young puppy might start fearing you, certain places in the house, those same puppy pads, and so forth.

Finding the best dog pee pads for toilet trainingTo avoid future unpleasant surprises all over your house, make sure to gradually transition your young dog from using these best dog pee pads to going outside for his/her toilet needs, and there's a simple strategy to do that.

Training Tips Using Puppy Pads

Watch our video on how to toilet train a puppy here, or use the below tips on how to do this quickly. Here's the best plan of action to try:

  1. Find a small area for your puppy in the house
  2. Place one of the best puppy potty pads in there
  3. Soak a paper towel in your puppy's urine and place it underneath the potty pad
  4. Every time you see a puppy looking to go, bring him onto the potty pad
  5. Once he does the business, reward your puppy with a dog treat
  6. After multiple tries, let your puppy get to the potty pad by himself
  7. If that step is completed, start taking your puppy outside in the same manner
  8. Bring over the best puppy potty pads outside and pick an area there
  9. Command your dog to go to the bathroom, and observe them going outside
  10. After a while, eliminate the potty pads and see them simply going outside

Below is the list of best dog pee pads for toilet training your dog that you can use as your first action. Remember that puppies aren't kittens; they won't use puppy pee pads the same way cats use litter boxes. Therefore, make sure to learn about the process of teaching your dog how to use puppy training pads.

There's no doubt that when it comes to puppy potty training, a good plan of action using puppy pee pads is the most effective way to condition your young pooch not to go inside the house as well as train them not to poop in the crate.

What are the best dog pee pads of 2018

Factors in Choosing the Best Dog Pee Pads

To find the best dog pee pads, we've tested a huge number of brands in terms of their absorbency, how much liquid they hold, how good they smell, and how much they cost. Many other factors have been taken into consideration, such as the price per pad, the company's reputation, and customer reviews. We've even bought a doggy litter box with grass to compare these best dog pee pads to it in terms of effectiveness.

Overall, some products stood out more and were somewhat better than others, so we managed to pick out the five best dog pee pads and then list 45 other alternatives based on other pet owners' input as well.

Here are the criteria we used:

  1. Odor reduction and containment of smell;
  2. Quality of pads in holding in the urine;
  3. Amount of urine it can hold in (cups);
  4. Price and cost-effectiveness.

We've tried pouring liquid to see how these puppy potty pads hold it and whether the claims made by manufacturers were true.

Testing the best dog pee pads with fluids
Testing dog pee pads with fluids.

In most cases, it was true (and some of the below listed best dog pee pads actually held slightly more fluid than claimed); some brands did not live up to their claims. So, with all of this considered, here are the five best dog pee pads that are worth their price tag and 45 other alternatives to consider.

The Overall Best Dog Pee Pads

All-absorb Extra Large Training Pads

With more positive reviews than most of the other products on our reviews of dog pee pads list, if you’re looking for disposable pads at a great price, this is one of the top deals and most popular training pads we have found without losing the quality of the pad. Plus, at 28” x 34”, these pads are a generous size too.

HONEY CARE All-Absorb, X-Large 28" x 34", 40 Count, Dog and Puppy Training Pads, Ultra Absorbent and Odor Eliminating, Leak-Proof 5-Layer Potty Training Pads with Quick-Dry Surface, Blue

As you can see in our review, these first-rated puppy pee pads consist of 5 layers of materials per pad. The first layer is made of non-woven cloth, which allows dog urine to flow through to the absorbent core quickly. The second layer is made of paper tissue, added with dog attractant and baking soda.

The third layer is a mix of super-absorbent polymer and fluff pulp, which forms the absorbent core that can absorb and turn dog urine to gel instantly. The absorbent core can hold 3 cups of liquid. The fourth layer is also made of paper tissue. The back layer is made of water-proof PE film, which prevents wetting your floor.


2 AmazonBasics Puppy Pads

Amazon has been launching its own branded products recently, and one of the newer additions to its line is the AmazonBasics pads. These are the most affordable dog pee pads available at this time. Pet parents' response to these pads has been exceptional.

Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches, Pack of 100, Blue & White

Each pad is a little smaller than average, measuring 22” x 22”, but for a budget brand, we think the absorbency of these pads is simply incredible. No more coming home to your pet's accident spilling over your paper-thin puppy pee pad, and no need to spend tons of money on a training pad. Go with Amazon's ultra-absorbent best dog pee pads for the best value per price choice.

Amazon puppy training pads are backed by a 1-Year Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee. Amazon is confident in the quality of their potty training pads, so if you are not fully satisfied with these best puppy potty pads for any reason, just contact them for a return with no hassle.


Four Paws Wee-Wee Housebreaking Pads

Wee-Wee's best dog pee pads are another one of the most popular options online, with thousands of reviews. They are quilted for super absorbency.

Four Paws Wee-Wee Superior Performance Pee Pads for Dogs - Dog & Puppy Pads for Potty Training - Dog Housebreaking & Puppy Supplies - 22" x 23" (150 Count),White

Made with a 5-ply leak-proof Floor Armor System, Wee-Wee pads provide the leak-proof, absorbing performance you’ve come to expect from a top-quality brand.

According to the manufacturer, these are scientifically treated to attract puppies when nature calls. Wee-Wee Pads offer dogs and their pet parents more freedom and peace of mind. Wee-Wee Pads measure 22″ x 23″ and are available in a variety of package sizes.


MoMoCo Puppy Training Pads

Easily the cutest option on this list of best dog pee pads, the Puppy Trail's new line of designer yellow puppy pads is one of the highest quality options out there, but it may not justify the price tag for some pet owners.

MoMoCo Puppy Pads 24"x24"-100 Count Regular Dog Pee Training Pads Disposable Training Pads for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Pups Puppy Pads Super Absorbent & Leak-Proof Pet Potty Pads (Motifs)

These pads were designed with absorbency, dependability, and fashion in mind. Not only are these pads extremely absorbent, but you will want to show these pads off to all your guests or at least not be embarrassed to lay them down.

According to many other pet owners, there's no more hiding your puppy pads when guests come over. Unlike most generic-looking best dog pee pads listed here, this brand will look good and smell great, and your puppy can use his toilet whenever he needs to go. Using this may be one of the easiest ways to house-train your dog.


AKC Training Pads

Measuring 30” x 28”, the extra-large AKC dog pee pads are both antibacterial and anti-odor pads. What we love most about these pads, aside from the fact that they dry so quickly, is that they are available in a range of scents, including lemon, lavender, and fresh scent.

Ultra Absorbent Odor Control Training Pads For Dogs Leak-proof Quick Dry Gel – Extra Large 30 x 28 Pee Pads - Fresh Scented - 50 Count, Pack of 1

These pads can be slippery on hard floors, which we hate, but if you’re looking for scent variety, this is one of the better choices out there. These dog training pads are made out of the unique, 5-layer superior material technology. Built with strong woven fabric polymers with a quilted surface to ensure super-fast absorption. This reduces messy paw tracks. Holds up to 3 cups of liquid (750ml) for a 100% leak-proof guarantee.

These puppy training pads have quick odor reduction: superior layered technology turns the urine into a gel in a matter of minutes, reducing bad odors. These are also the most popular puppy training pads you can purchase on Amazon or other online retailers, and the owners seem to absolutely love them, both due to low prices and great quality.

45 Other Puppy Training Pads as Alternatives

6. BESTLE Pet Training and Puppy Pads Pee Pads for Dogs

Price: $0.25 per pad / $24.99 per bag
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BESTLE Pet Training and Puppy Pads Pee Pads for Dogs 22"x22" Super Absorbent & Leak-ProofThese BESTLE Pet Training and Puppy Pads Pee Pads for Dogs are quite large, measuring 22” x 22”, and we love that they have an antibacterial coating to them, which is somewhat unique when it comes to this list of best dog pee pads. They are quite absorbent, but the thing we like most about these pads is that once wet, the core turns to gel so that any urine is completely contained and the odor is kept to a minimum.

7. COCOYO Earth-Friendly Bamboo Training Pads

Price: $0.19 per pad / 100 pads
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COCOYO Earth Friendly Bamboo Training Pads | Eco Friendly Puppy Pads for All Dogs | 100 Super Absorbent Puppy Training Pads, Deodorizing Dog Training Pads for Pets The COCOYO Earth-Friendly training pads are made with bamboo inside the pad that releases no harmful chemicals even after use. The 22” x 22” pads are quick to dry, and while they only hold around 3 ½ cups of liquid, we like these pads because they are incredibly durable. However, unlike some other best dog pee pads brands mentioned, these are much less popular and not as glowingly reviewed.

8. MidWest Dry Paws Training Pads

Price: $0.50 per pad / 50 pads
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MidWest Homes for Pets Dry Paws Training and Floor Protection Pads, 50-Count These pads measure 23 5/8” x 17 ¾”  but are also available in 29 ½” x 23 5/9” if you need bigger pads. Although they are disposable pads, we love that these pads feature a quilted top for comfort as well as a moisture-locking core to keep moisture trapped inside the pad’s center. The odor neutralizers are a nice feature to have, but what makes these pads so appealing, aside from working very well, is that they’re so fairly priced despite having some premium features!

9. PupPee Pads Washable & Reusable Pee Pads

Price: $12.99 per pad / 2 pads
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The Proper Pet Washable Pee Pads for Dogs, Reusable Puppy Pads 2 Pack - Easy to Clean, Waterproof Dog Mat, Puppy Mat - Reusable Dog Pee Pads - Washable Potty Pads for Dogs - Reusable Pee Pads for Dogs PupPee Pads come in a pack of two medium pads each of which measures 28” x 32”. We’re not thrilled about the color of these, but we do love that they can hold almost an entire liter of liquid per pad. According to the manufacturer's claims, they can be washed up to 200 times each.

10. EZwhelp Machine Washable Reusable Pee Pad

Price: $24.99 per pad / 1 pad
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EZwhelp Washable Pee Pads for Dogs - Waterproof and Reusable Training Floor Pads, Whelping Dog Pee Pads, Absorbent Dog Training Bed, Puppy Training Pads Supplies, Absorbent Pet Pen Floor Pad, 48-in This large washable pee pad is one of the larger options you will find, and though it’s designed for whelping, it’s also a great tool for housetraining. We love how big this mat is at 49” round, and the waterproof bottom makes sure that no stains leak through, while the stain-resistant top keeps the pad from getting too dingy.

11. Pogi's Pee Pads

Price: $0.80 per pad / 20 pads
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Pogi's Dog Training Pads with Adhesive Sticky Tabs (20-Count) (24x24in) - Large Puppy Pads, Earth-Friendly Dog Pads, Plant-Based Puppy Pee Pads for Dogs - Puppy Supplies for Small to Large Sized Dogs Pogi’s is one of our personal favorite brands, and we rely on their waste bags often. We’re happy to see that the Pogi’s quality carried over to these pads as well. Each pad measures 24” x 24”, and the five-layer design locks in moisture well. We also love that these pads come with the optional adhesive for keeping them in place.

12. Petphabet Puppy Training Pads

Price: $55.99 / 150 pads
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Pee Pads For Dogs - 150 Count - 23" x 22" Dog Pee Pads for Pet Training Pads by Petphabet We’re a little torn over these Petphabet puppy pee pads. The price is right, and plenty of pet parents love them, but we’re not too sure. These 23” x 24” pads lock in moisture, which is perfect, but the backing is slippery, and in our experience, they slip (a lot). If you’re looking for a cheap pee pad solution, these will work for younger dogs, but they’re just too slippery for older pups.

13. Kooltail Washable Pee Pads

Price: $15 per pad / 2 pads
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KOOLTAIL Washable Pee Pads for Dogs - Waterproof Dog Mat Non-Slip Puppy Potty Training Pads, Reusable Whelping Pads for Dog Crate PlayPen Kooltail washable puppy pee pads measure 36” x 41” and are another of the largest pads you can pick up. These are really absorbent pads, but what we love most is that they dry quickly! Some of the other reusable pads take a long time to dry after washing, but these pads are dry in no time.

14. WizSmart Premium Puppy Pee Pads

Price: $0.67 per pad / 30 pads
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WizSmart Heavyweight Ultra 30 Count Earth-Friendly & Premium Dog and Puppy Potty Training Pads, Quick Drying, Absorbent, Upcycled, Odor-Free, and Secure with Stay Put Tabs 8 Cup Ultra 30 Count WizSmart is another brand of puppy pee pads that pet parents seem to love but this time we’re on board! We love that each pad can hold around 8 cups of liquid because they’re so thick; even more than that, we love that they’re adhesive so that they stay in place, and then there’s the fact that they’re eco-friendly.

15. Simple Solution 6-Layer Dog Training Pads

Price: $0.56 per pad / 50 pads
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Simple Solution Extra Large Training Puppy Pads - 3 in 1 Attractant - Absorbs Up to & Cups of Liquid - 28x30in - 50 CountSimple Solution is a big-name brand with plenty of dog products on the market, and while it’s a name that pet parents love, we’re not quite convinced about these pads. We like that these 28” x 30” pads are ridiculously absorbent and that they have a scent that attracts your dog, which helps with potty training. What we don’t love is that, again, these pads can be slippery, but their odor-control technology still makes them a great choice for younger pups.

16. SKA Products Washable Puppy Pads

Price: $14.50 per pad / 2 pads
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Cute Washable Puppy Pee Pads (2 Pack Fire Hydrant Tree Designs) Reusable Eco-Friendly Large Super Absorbent Dog Housebreaking Pet Crate Training Multi-Purpose Incontinence Whelping Potty Mats Unlike some of the other reusable puppy pee pads on our list of best dog pee pads, these pads feature a cute fire hydrant design. Each 27” x 30” mat has three thick layers for increased absorbance, and we like that if you catch these pads at the right time, there is usually a coupon available to save an extra 10% on your purchase.

17. Hartz Home Protection Lavender Dog Pads

Price: $17.09/30 pads
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Hartz Home Protection Lavender Scented Dog Pads, XL 30 count, Super Absorbent & Won't Leak, Odor Eliminating Hartz is a grocery store dog product brand (you’ll find their items in most grocery stores) and is often portrayed for their poor-quality products. As it happens, these 30” x 30” XXL puppy pee pads are pretty great. Flash-Dry technology makes sure that even after use, the pads keep urine locked in. We love the odor-locking technology on these pads too, but most of all, we love that they feature a pleasant lavender scent, which is nice for us to smell but also great at helping your pup identify where their pad is located.

18. So Phresh Leak Guard Quilted Potty Pads

Price: $16.49/10 pads
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So Phresh X-Large Leak Guard Quilted Potty Pads, Count of 10 These 28” x 30” pads are another pet parent favorite, and they resemble the absorbent pads used for humans with incontinence concerns. Each pad has a non-skid backing, which is a must if you have older pups, and while these pads don’t hold as much liquid as the WizSmart pads, they still hold around 5 cups of liquid, which is quite impressive. We love that these pads, like some of the others on our best dog pee pads list, use gel technology that prevents leaking after use.

19. Bulldogology Premium Puppy Pee Pads

Price: $34.99/40 pads
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Bulldoglogy Carbon Black XL Puppy Pee Pads with Adhesive Sticky Tape - Extra Large Charcoal Housebreaking Dog Training Wee Pads (24x35) (40-Count, Black)These adhesive puppy pee pads measure 24” x 36”, and what sets them apart from other brands is that they are dark in color and feature “Bullsorbent” patented polymer technology to soak up wet leaks. The pads are adhesive, which prevents slipping, and we love that they feature an attractive scent to make puppy housetraining easier.

20. Dogcator Charcoal Puppy Pads

Price: $28.30/ 40 pads
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Dogcator Charcoal Puppy Pads Extra Large, Activated Charcoal Dog Pee Pads, X-Large Odorless Potty Pads for Dogs 28"x34", 40 Count XL Disposable Puppy Pads Pet Training Pads for Housebreaking Although these pads are advertised as being “extra-large,” we found that their 28” x 34” dimensions are actually pretty average among competitor pads. Each pad can hold up to 6 cups of liquid, but our favorite feature on these pads is the odor control technology. Even after use, these pads lock in odor and don’t leave your house smelling like used puppy pee pads!

21. ValuePad Plus Puppy Pads

Price: $0.81 per pad / 100 pads
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ValuePad USA Puppy Pads, Extra Large 30x36 Inch, 100 Count Measuring 28” x 36”, these pads are slightly larger than other disposable pads on our list of best dog pee pads. There are a few features that we love in these pads, primarily that they feature a tear-resistant coating that prevents the absorbent pad from being torn. It’s also nice to know that the materials used in these pads are medical-grade and can stand up to use by multiple dogs.

22. Royal Pet Spotty Puppy Pads

Price: $17.88 per pad / 25 pads
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Spotty Super Absorbent Heavy Duty 5 Layer Housebreaking Training Leak Proof Pet Puppy Dog Pee Pads, 25 Count Royal Pet puppy pee pads measure 22” x 22” and have a five-layer construction that locks in liquid and odor. What we like most about these pads, though, is that they come with adhesive sticky tabs that keep the pads from slipping, so they’re great for housetraining pups as well as for coping with incontinence in older dogs.

23. FluffyDream Super Absorbent Waterproof Training Pad

Price: $13.99/ 40 pads
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Super Absorbent Waterproof Dog and Puppy Pet Training Pad, Housebreaking Pet Pad, 40-Count Medium-Size, 23.6’’X23.6’’,Blue The FluffyDream puppy pee pads are similar to other options on our list of best dog pee pads (in fact, we’re not convinced that they’re not just rebranded), but they are smaller in size, making them a good option for small pups or infrequent use. Measuring 23.6” x 23.6”, each pad only holds up to 3 cups of liquid, which is a little disappointing, but their pricing is incredible. If you want the cheapest pads for intermittent or light use, these are a good option.

24. Four Paws Pet Select Pee Pee Pads

Price: $0.32 per pad / 100 pads
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Four Paws Pet Select Pee Pee Pads for Dogs and Puppies 100 Count Standard: 22" x 22" Pet Select Puppy Pads are another smaller pee pad option measuring 22” x 22”, but they’re still large enough to contain the average size accident. We really like these pads for their 100% leak-proof guarantee due to their heavy-duty lining and the fact that they also use an attractant to encourage use in housetraining pups.

25. Alpha Paw Odor Eliminating Pee Pads

Price: $26.99/ 40 pads
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Alpha Paw - Odor Eliminating Pee Pads for Dogs, Extra Thick Disposable Leak-Proof Dog Pads, Quick-Dry, Non-Slip Backing, With Pheromones To Attract Your DogThese 30” x 26″ pads are a good size for all dogs, and as with many of our favorite pee pad options, they use liquid-to-gel technology to stop leaking and contain odor. Each pad can hold up to 5 cups of liquid, and while that isn’t as much as some other pads on our best dog pee pads list, this pad does tend to stay drier after use than others.

26. Best Pet Supplies Puppy Training Pads

Price: $0.40 per pad / 100 pads
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Best Pet Supplies, XL (36" x 27.5") Disposable Puppy Pads for Whelping Puppies and Training Dogs, 100 Pack - Ultra Absorbent, Leak Resistant, and Track Free for Indoor Pets - Baby Blue Measuring 36” x 28”, these puppy pee pads are a large, affordable disposable pad option. Our favorite feature has to be the quilted top of the pad, which is designed to prevent splashing, and the interior core turns to gel once wet. As an added bonus, these pads are environmentally friendly, and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is always a plus.

27. Arm & Hammer Green Tea Pet Training Pads

Price: $34.19/ 100 pads
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Arm & Hammer Green Tea Pet Training Pads | 100-Ct Dog Training Pads with Super Absorbing Green Tea Baking Soda for 2X The Odor Control | Leakproof & Recycled Training Pads for DogsArm & Hammer is known for their baking soda but they also have this line of pet products that are perfect odor-buster. These training pads are unique and have been well received by pet parents. The smallest size measures 22.5” x 22.5” and contains baking soda and green tea, which neutralizes any urine odor. We love most things about these pads, except that they only hold around 4 cups of liquid, which can be problematic if you have multiple dogs or need pads that are approved for multiple uses. That said, if you need a smaller pad that has exceptional odor-controlling properties, this is the pad for you.

28. PetBuddy Disposable Puppy Pads

Price: $0.17 per pad / 200 pads
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Pet Buddy 200 Counts Disposable Puppy Pet Housebreaking Training Under Pads Chux Potty Wee Wee Pads Dogs or Cats If you’re looking to buy puppy pee pads in bulk and get a great price, the PetBuddy pee pads are a good option. With 200 pads per box and each pad measuring 30” x 30”, these pee pads are a great way to stock up. Aside from the price point and quantity, we love that these pee pads are able to contain the liquid in one place without spreading over the whole pad.

29. California Pet Supply Dog Training Pads

Price: $0.31 per pad / 50 pads
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HERAID California Pet Supply Dog Training Pads-Maximum-Absorption Puppy Pads w/Insta-Dry Technology. Save Money & Frustration with Leak-Resistant Pads from 23.6" x 23.6" (100-Pack) These California Pet Supply puppy pee pads measure 23.6” x 23.6” each, and while they are smaller than other pad options, they are very fast-acting and turn liquid to gel in less than a minute. We love that these pads are so fast to absorb spills, but they do only hold around 3 cups of liquid each, so if you have larger pups, multiple pups, or need multiple-use pads, you’re going to need to use multiple pads for one area.

30. CROCI Charcoal Puppy Pads

Price: $37.04 / 40 pads
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CROCI Charcoal Puppy Pads 28"x34" Extra Large Dog Pads, Activated Carbon Odor-Control Dog Pee Pads Absorbs Up to 8 Cups of Urine, Leak-Proof & Quick-Dry Dog Training Pads, Disposable (40 Counts)The CROCI Charcoal puppy pee pad is another option for housetraining puppies and coping with incontinence in older dogs. Each of these pads measures 28” x 34”, making them quite generous in size. These are quite light capacity pads, holding 8 to 10 cups of liquid per pad, but our favorite feature of these pads is that they can be used with the training pad floor tray for better containment and traction.

31. Pop-Up Pee Pad

Price: $25.64 / 25 pads
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Rocky and Maggie's - Pop-Up Pee Pad - Puppy Pee Pad - Male Puppies and Dogs Will Love The Hydrant Target Pee Pee Pad for Potty Training - No Need for Pee Pad Holders, Trays or Diapers - Pack of 25These 22” x 23” puppy pee pads are more of a novelty than a general-use pee pad, but we had to include them on our best dog pee pads list because they are pretty unique. Each pad unfolds and features a pop-up 3D fire hydrant, which is something you won’t see on other pads. Although these pads are new and we haven’t had a chance to try them ourselves, feedback from pet parents does seem to indicate that the presence of the fire hydrant encourages “difficult dogs” to use the pads indoors. If you have a “difficult” pup, you may find these pads to be useful, but if you have had luck with other pee pads, these are just too expensive for regular use.

32. So Phresh Leak Guard Quilted Potty Pads

Price: $25.02 / 100 pads
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So Phresh Large Leak Guard Quilted Potty Pads, Count of 100 SoPhresh Leak Guard Quilted Potty Pads aren’t ideal for all-day use, but if you have a problem getting home on time a few minutes late and need a stop-gap, these pads are an affordable option. Each of the 24” x 24” pads holds up to three cups of liquid, has a non-slip backing, and dries rather quickly.

33. Paw Trax Super Absorbent Training Pads

Price: $39.99 / 50 pads
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Paw Trax Super Absorbent Training Pads, 50 PackIt is one of the smallest options on our list of best dog pee pads. The Paw Trax pads measure 17.7” x 23.6” each. We love the fast-absorbing core of these pads that keeps floors dry and prevents urine tracking after use. We don’t recommend these for larger dogs or senior dog use. For smaller pups and smaller bladders, these pads are a solid middle-of-the-road option.

34. ASPCA Ultra Absorbent Training Pads

Price: $24.99 per pad / 100 pads
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ASPCA AS 62931 Citrus Scented Training Pads, 100 Pack, Gray, 22" x 22" - Pack of 100 The ASPCA Ultra Absorbent Training Pads are from a name that pet parents trust and come at a price that suits any budget. It is one of the best dog pee pads, according to a number of pet owners. Each of the extra-large pads measures 30” x 28”. You can pick up a pack of 50 or 100 pads, depending on your need. Our favorite feature of these pads is that they’re antibacterial, a feature we haven’t seen in many other pee pad options.

35. Kluein Pet Washable Pee Pads

Price: $17.50 per pad / 2 pads
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Kluein Pet Washable Pee Pads for Dogs| Washable Puppy Pads, Waterproof Potty Pads, Whelping Pads, Puppy Playpen, Travel, Dog Training Pads |2-Pack 36x41in Aqua These reusable puppy pee pads measure 34” x 36” each and have four thick absorbent layers (including a quilted top) to contain leaks. These have to be our favorite reusable pee pads because not only can they hold up to 8 cups of liquid each. They’re the perfect size to cover car seats and cargo areas. These best puppy pads aim to donate about 5% of every sale to animal charities to help needy animals.

36. Paw Legend Reusable Dog Pee Pads

Price: $10.00 per pad / 2 pads
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Paw Legend Washable Reusable Dog Pee Pads Super Absorbent (2 Pack) - Washable Reusable Puppy Training Pads | Quality Travel Pee Pads for Dogs | Absorbent and Odor Controlling Paw Legend reusable puppy pee pads measure 30” x 32”. Each pack has a brown and tan pad. This color variety isn’t something we see much in the reusable pads. Our favorite feature of these pads is that they have a 2-year warranty on them. A 100% refund guarantee, so if they don’t work for you, you can just send them back. The pads are quite soft to the touch, which is perfect for senior dogs with mobility and incontinence concerns.

37. BV Pet Potty Training Pads

Price: $23.99/ 100 pads
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BV Puppy Pads Leak-Proof 100 Count 22"x 22" | Pee Pads for Dogs Quick Absorb 6-Layer- Dog Pee Pads- Dog Pads 100 Pack- Potty Pads for Dogs- Puppy Pee Pads, Pee Pad Training Pads for Dogs, Pet Pee Pads Measuring 22” x 22” these potty training pads are a solid choice for small to medium-sized dogs when you’re working on a budget. This pad absorbs moisture and keeps the top of the pad dry, but we have not been able to determine just how much moisture these pads can hold. Overall, these best dog pee pads have no “wow factor”  but they do the job and they’re affordable so if you’re looking for a no-frills option, BV Pet Potty Training Pads are for you.

38. GridLock HouseBreaking Wee wee Pads

Price: $0.55 per pad / 100 pads
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GoGo Pet Products 100-Pad Gridlock House Breaking Training Wee Wee Pads for Puppy/Dog, 24-Inch by 24-Inch Gridlock puppy pee pads are only the second pad on our list of best dog pee pads to incorporate antibacterial properties into the core of their pads. We LOVE it! Each pad measures 24” x 24” and is scented to attract your dog to encourage use. Another feature we like about these pads is that they’re designed so that multiple uses are possible. So if you have multiple dogs or will be out of the house for a longer period, these pads are a good option.

39. PETSWORLD Mega-Sized Dog Pee Pads

Price: $79.99/ 20 pads
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PETSWORLD Mega-Sized Dog Pee Pads (40" x 99") – 4XL Gigantic Pet Piddle Pads for Puppy Training, Incontinence – with Adhesive Sticky Tape – Leak Proof, 5-Layer Protection (20 Count) This is by far the most expensive pee pads on our list, but the largest in size as well at 40″ x 99″. Their “improved” puppy pee pads are designed so that they can accomodate multiple pets. The antibacterial core of the pad eliminates odor. We love these pads as a budget-friendly pee pad that incorporates antibacterial properties.

40. DOG for DOG Pet Training Puppy Pads

Price: $0.52 per pad/ 30 pads
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Training Pads for Dogs and Puppies - Durable, Ultra Absorbent - 5 Layers with Leak Protection (30-Count) If you’re not familiar with DOG for DOG brand, you should be. Their business model is built around the concept of supporting dogs in need with every purchase made. Hence, the name “DOG for DOG”. Each of these pads measures 22” x 22” and can hold up to 3 cups of fluid. They’re not ideal for larger dogs, but for puppies and occasional leaks. This is a company of the best puppy pads worth supporting with your business.

41. Top Paw Dog Extra Large Pads

Price: $84.99/ 150 pads
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Top Paw Dog Extra Large Pads for Puppy Training, Indoor Dogs or Apartment Living, or Dogs with Incontinence, 150 Count Top Paw is a private label for PetSmart. They have a large selection of products available including their top-rated best dog pee pads option. Each of the 28” x 34” absorbent pads can hold up to 8 cups of fluid. The center contains an odor control and neutralizing agent which we have found to be a major factor in picking our favorite pads.

42. SincoPet Washable Dog Pee Pad

Price: $27.86/ 2 pads
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Washable Dog Pee Pads with Puppy Grooming Gloves,Puppy Pads,Reusable Pet Training Pads,Large Dog Pee Pad,Waterproof Pet Pads for Dog Bed Mat,Super Absorbing Whelping Pads The SincoPet washable pee pads measure 36” x 41” and come with a green and a brown pad in each pack. Each pad is 100% waterproof and leak-proof. It's ideal for dogs of any size, particularly with the non-slip backing on the back of each pad. Unusually for reusable puppy pee pads, these pads also feature an odor-reducing property. Perhaps our favorite feature of these pee pads for dogs is that they can be machine washed AND tumble dried!

43. ChewieMac Washable Dog Pee Pads

Price: $23.75
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ChewieMac Washable Dog Training Pee Pads 2-Pack Large, Reusable Cloth for House Playpen Floor Waterproof, Leakproof for Whelping, Potty, and Crate Liner If you want something different from the generic plain color reusable best dog pee pads above, the ChewieMac pads are a brightly patterned option. Each pad measures 28” x 31” and has a fully waterproof backing. Our favorite feature of these pads aside from offering a splash of color is that they come with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. They’re one of the more affordable reusable options.


44. Inspire Ultra Extra Large Super Absorbent Pee Pads 

Price: $47.46 per pad / 50 pads
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Inspire Ultra 125 Gram Extra Large Super Absorbent Bed Pads for Incontinence Disposable 36 x 36 in. | MAX Absorbent with Polymer Incontinence Bed Pads Liner Chucks Pads Disposable Puppy Pad LargeInspire Ultra pee pads measure up to the larger sizes of most other pads at 36” x 36”. Each of the pads has four protective layers and can hold up to 8 cups of fluid making them a great choice for homes with multiple dogs or larger dog breeds with incontinence concerns. We found that these pads are exceptionally good at keeping fluid contained.

45. Petphabet Pet Training Puppy Pads

Price: $37.99/ 100 pads
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Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads Absorbent Pet Pee Pee Pads for Puppy Housebreaking (100 Pack, 22"*23") The alternative version of Petphabet's best dog pee pads (measuring at 22″ x 23″) is another perfect option among averagely priced brands. Similar to other pads, these have four protective layers and can hold up to 8 cups of fluid. These puppy training pads are another great choice for owners who have multiple dogs at home.

46. Dog Pee Pads by Gardner Pet

Price: $0.30 per pad / 50 or 100 pads
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Dog Pee Pads and Puppy Training Potty Pads by Gardner Pet - 50 Count 100 Count Box - 24" x 24" L - Quick Drying Surface - Super-Absorbent Core (100-Count) A much less talked about but relatively well-reviewed option of best dog pee pads from Gardner Pet. These are one of the cheapest you can find. The manufacturer offers packages of 50 and 100 count training pads, all measuring 24″ x 24″ L. It has a quick-drying surface which is not just a marketing claim. They hold up to 3 cups of liquid and the mesh fabric is actually of quality materials.

47. Absorbz Optimum Training Pads for Dogs

Price: $0.32 per pad / 100 pads
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Absorbz Optimum Training Pads for Dogs, 100 ct. Large 24"x24" Pads Another great option for pet parents on a budget is the Absorbz training pads that measure 24” x 24”. These pads are a no-frills option with a 4-cup capacity. They do feature a no-drip technology which makes throwing away used pads a much cleaner process! For the price, these are one of the cheapest best dog pee pads out there, though AmazonBasics still beats them to it.

48. Lola Bean International Pet Training Pads

Price: $12 per pad / 2 pads
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Lola Bean International 24-Inch by 24-Inch Washable Pet Training Pads, 2-Pack Lola Bean washable pee pads measure 24” x 24” and are fully washable and dryable which is always a plus! We really like how soft the top quilted layer of the pad is. The vinyl bottom coating is great for containing leaks. Our favorite thing about these last best dog pee pads is that they stand up to 300 washes!

49. ValuPlanet Puppy Pads Pet Training Pads

Price: $0.52 per pad / 50 pads
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GOGO ValuPlanet 50-Pack Dog Training Pads These 22” x 23” pads come in 50, 100, and 150 packs and are designed with multi-layer construction to lock in moisture. What we love the most about these pads is that they can absorb FIFTY times their weight in liquid. And it can do it without feeling damp to the touch. Listed closer to the end of our best dog pee pads list, they are worth a try though better options are still available.

50. Rocket & Rex Washable Pee Pads

Price: $12.98 per pad/ 2 pads
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rocket & rex Washable Pee Pads for Dogs | Potty Pads for Dog Training Pads | Super Absorbent Dog Crate Pad | Reusable & Waterproof Dog Pee Pads | Single Purchase, Reduces Waste | 2-Pack, 30 x 36 Rocket and Rex pads are reusable pads and they come with two pads per pack. Each pad is quite generous in size at 30” x 36” and as with some of the other reusable pads. These stand up to around 300 washes each which is great! What we love most about Rocket and Rex, though, is how much the company cares about your experience with their product. They even remind you not to use fabric softeners when you wash the pads because it reduces absorbency!

How Long Should You Use Puppy Pads For?

Puppy training pads are a great option for potty training or adjusting to a new home. However, you would eventually opt for an outdoor potty or litter box as they grow old.

Even the best puppy pads can't hold their pee for long. They usually get brittle unless you put them on top of a litter box or pee pad holders.

There are pet owners who always use this due to the small living space or no backyard. If you have no choice but to use pee pads for dogs, make sure to change them as often as you can. 

Do Doggie Pee Pads Work?

Pee pads for dogs are a convenient solution and tool when adjusting your pooch to a new home. However, it beats the purpose of training your pup to go potty outside. 

The best puppy pads may not be suitable for long-term use. Also, there can be issues with hygiene if they are left unattended for a long time.

Best Dog Pee Pads – Conclusion

Are you having a new pup in the family? Or are you trying to potty train your pooch?

Having the best puppy pads allows you to train your pooch without ever worrying about them making a mess. The puppy training pads on this list are high-quality and tested by other dog owners.

Pee pads for dogs are an effective way to train your pooch. They are also absorbent materials if you lack space and need an alternative for a dog potty.

With the best dog pee pads, you can raise and train your pooch without much mess. Their durability and absorbent features are a few of the many features to look forward to in these puppy pads.

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