Top 7 Best Puppy Pee Pad Holders, Trays and Litter Boxes

Puppies can make a big mess at home. They will chew, shred up toys, and go to the bathroom in your house. Potty training is the first thing that new dog owners must work on with their pups, but it can be frustrating. Potty training a puppy takes a lot of time and patience, and you need tools like pee pads and puppy pee pad holders.

One of the keys to effectively toilet training a dog is starting immediately and staying consistent. Dog trainers recommend that you have a potty training plan in place before you bring home your newly adopted dog. Part of this plan should include setting up potty pads in your house to avoid unsanitary messes. What will make this even less messy is using a puppy pee pad holder to contain any spillage.

For today's article, we've tested and reviewed some of the best puppy pee pad holder choices out there. These products offer a base that securely holds pee pads to prevent them from sliding around underneath your dog. And if the pee pads you use happen to leak, a good pee pad holder will stop the mess from leaking through onto your flooring.

Using Puppy Pee Pads to Toilet Train Your Dog

The invention of pee pads solved a huge problem for pet owners. These thin pads are made with materials similar to a child's diaper. They absorb liquid and hold it in the pad, which prevents the dog's urine or feces from staining your flooring or absorbing it into the padding underneath the flooring. You can also easily train your dog to pee on the pads, so you don't have to go searching for piles of poo or sniffing around for urine stains.

Best Puppy Pee Pad HolderIt's important to start toilet training a puppy the minute that you bring them home. It's much easier to train your dog properly from the beginning than to try to break bad habits that will form quickly without training. And while pee pads are great tools for that, using a pee pad holder will make the process even easier.

Use the tips below to quickly and effectively potty train a dog at home. Remember that the steps are the same for puppies and adult dogs, but it may take older dogs longer to learn. This is because they have already picked up the bad habit of going to the bathroom in the house, so you'll need to be patient as they unlearn this wrong behavior.

Follow these steps to potty train a dog using pee pads:

  1. Find a small area for your puppy in the house
  2. Place a potty pad there
  3. Soak a paper towel in your dog’s urine and place it under the pad
  4. Every time you see Fido looking to go, bring him onto the pad
  5. Once he does his business, reward him with a treat
  6. After putting him on it multiple times, try letting your dog go on the pad by himself
  7. If that step is completed, start taking him outside in the same gradual way
  8. Always go to the same area when you take him outside for a bathroom break
  9. When it seems like he's 100% comfortable going outside, eliminate the potty pads

Below is a list of the best puppy pee pad holders we've liked the most when training our own dogs. These products provide a stationary base for the pad to keep it from sliding around the floor while your dog is going. These pee pad holders also offer a shallow basin with a waterproof bottom to ensure that any leaks don't reach your flooring.

Top 7 Best Puppy Pee Pad Holder Choices

1PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Indoor System by PuppyGoHere

PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Box, Blue Color, Large Size, Durable & Pet Safe Puppy Litter Box, Indoor Open Top Entry Dog Litter Pan, Comfortable for Dogs, Great for Dogs up to 20 lbs PuppyGoHere’s Dog Litter Pan House Training System is perfect for training your dog to do his or her thing indoors or wherever you plan the permanent litter area to be. It’s made of plastic and measures 24” x 20” x 5” with an opening along the 24-inch side. The 5-inch sides keep the litter in and prevent spills. If you live in an apartment or don’t have the time and space to let your dog out to go potty, then training it with a PuppyGoHere dog litter pan would be a great idea.

It’s easy to use and works well with pine pellets, wood shavings, or puppy pads. This litter pan is designed for dogs weighing up to 20 pounds, but it’s more important to take measurements of the PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Indoor Training System and to consider your pet’s length, height, habits, and comfort. If this size fits just fine, but you know that your pet has the habit of circling the area first before doing its thing, then you might want to find one that’s larger.

PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Box, Blue Color, Large...
2,517 Reviews
PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Box, Blue Color, Large...
  • OPEN TOP LITTER PAN: Open top...
  • EASY TO USE: This pet safe...

This is a good size, though. The entry is lower than the three other 5-inch high sides, and that makes it easier for pets with shorter legs or senior dogs to get in. Your puppy would thank you for saving it from having to walk outside in a below-zero morning, and you need not wake up in the middle of the night when the little puppy wants to pee. You may also check out the smaller size of this design for your smaller pets.


  • Made of durable plastic
  • Available in two sizes – 20″L x 15″W x 5″H and 24″L x 20″W x 5″H
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Works with pellets, shavings, or pee pads

  • Only designed for dogs weighing up to 20 pounds
  • Some other pet owners we talked to say their dogs would not use this, as they didn't like to step over the side and climb into the box to go to the bathroom.


2IRIS Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad Holder
by IRIS USA, Inc.

This best puppy pee pad holder from IRIS USA, Inc. is a plastic pet pad holder consisting of a tray and sturdy removable rim with a double-latch closure that works to secure the pet pad in place. Rubber feet keep the whole tray from skidding and the floor from scrapes. This pet pad holder measures 25.55” x 18.90” x 1.75” and comes in two other sizes.

This pad holder is easy to maintain and quick to wipe because it’s sleek all around. Dogs that used to miss the center of their pee pads seem to have more success with this pad holder. It could be that stepping up on the pee pad makes them more aware of the edges of the IRIS Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad Holder than they would have with the pee pad alone. That makes it easier for them to position correctly.

IRIS USA Medium Pet Training Pad Holder, Blue
20,335 Reviews
IRIS USA Medium Pet Training Pad Holder, Blue
  • CONVENIENT: This pee pads...
  • LATCES: This pee pads holder...
  • PORTABLE: The compact and...
  • NON-SKID: Equipped with rubber...
  • GREAT SIZE: 25.55"L x 18.90"W...

Basically, you should measure your dog and see which size of Iris Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad Holder will be best for it. Then it might help if you also check if the pee pads you use or those that you find economical would be more or less this size, so you need not fold or cut.


  • Made of durable plastic
  • Consists of a tray and sturdy removable rim with a double-latch closure
  • Equipped with rubber feet to prevent it from slipping
  • Available in 3 sizes

  • The center bows in the middle, making it pop in and out of the rim when the dog walks on it
  • The clips that hold the pee pads down do not stay latched all the time


3Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray for Puppies
by Richell

Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray, Pink 25.2 x 18.9 x 1.6" This high-quality dog pee pad holder from Richell combines the remarkable features of PuppyGoHere and several other products. Its high-wall design contains pee inside and prevents urine from spewing outward. The removable grid floor holds the pad in place. It also keeps the paws clean and dry. This pad holder measures 15.5” x 16” x 6.5” with a 10.5-inch opening along the longer side. The inner dimension for the pad is 13” x 13” x 5.5”. This works best for pets weighing less than 8 pounds.

Be mindful of the dimensions of this pad holder and potty trainer before placing an order because it’s on the small side. Toy dogs and small puppies will have no problem with this pee pad holder for dogs. The 5.5-inch wall would even have them covered should they raise their hind leg to pee.

Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray, Brown 25.2 x...
2,202 Reviews
Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray, Brown 25.2 x...
  • The snap-in frame holds the...
  • The tray provides superior...
  • Comes in three colors to fit...

You’ll love the grid on this pad holder, especially if you have a puppy that loves tearing the pad apart and creating a mess with it. If you don’t need the grid as a pad guard, you may also remove the outer rim of the grid, place the puppy pad on top of the grid, and replace the rim to lock the pad in place. We find that more convenient to collect poop using a disposable pad than having to wash the grid. This portable potty puppy pad holder sure is a flexible little thing.


  • The high-wall design prevents pee from splashing out
  • The removable grid floor holds the pad in place
  • Measures 15.5” x 16” x 6.5” with a 10.5-inch opening
  • The inner dimensions of the pad are 13” x 13” x 5.5”

  • Works best only for dogs weighing less than 8 pounds
  • It's smaller than we expected


4Dogit Training Dog Pee Pad Holder
by Dogit

Dogit Dog and Puppy Pee Pad Holder, Puppy Training Pad Holder for Pee Pads, 70576 Dogit Training Pad Holder looks a lot like the Iris pad holder, except that it is square in shape and measures 23.5” x 23.5”. The sides of the pad holder are slightly elevated to prevent spills, and it has a removable rim that locks back to secure the puppy pad in place. This is a no-frills pad holder that is easy to use and easy to maintain. Unlike the grate type, there are no grids to brush or scrub should the dog poop.

You and your dog will find this very useful for situations when you have to leave your dog in the house alone, and there’s no one to bring him or her outside to go potty. The Dogit Training Pad Holder is big, and it fits most regular square puppy pads. Not having to cut or fold the pads makes things so much simpler and faster, and that’s one of the reasons we picked this pad holder for our list.

Dogit Dog and Puppy Pee Pad Holder, Puppy Training...
1,699 Reviews
Dogit Dog and Puppy Pee Pad Holder, Puppy Training...
  • For use with the Dogit...
  • Solid plastic frame with...
  • Helps protect your carpet and...
  • Smooth plastic surface is easy...
  • Pads can be easily placed and...

The Iris pad holder has double-latch closure, well, this has four. That may not be an important thing for you, but if you have a puppy that takes the fancy of the pad, then all four clasps will hold the pad from all directions.


  • Measures 23.5” x 23.5”
  • Equipped with a removable rim that locks back to secure the puppy pad in place
  • An elevated rim prevents urine from splashing onto your floor
  • No grate to clean

  • The plastic is brittle and may break easily
  • It was too easy for our dog to pull up the pad and shred it



Indoor Potty Tray for Small to Medium Dogs by Pet Awesome

Pet Awesome Dog Potty Tray/Puppy Pee Pad Holder 25”x20” Indoor Wee Training for Small and Medium Dogs The Indoor Dog Potty Tray from Pet Awesome keeps the dog’s paws clean and dry, including the floor and carpets. This litter pan design incorporates a sturdy grate on top that lets the urine flow below it through the holes. This not only keeps your pet’s feet dry, but it also prevents your dog from tearing at the puppy pads, soak pads, or newspaper underneath.

The Pet Awesome Indoor Dog Potty has dimensions of 25″ L x 20″ W x 1.2″ H. The grate snaps to the tray securely, so you need not worry about it sliding or naughty paws getting hold of the pads. With fewer or no torn puppy pads, your daily expense on puppy pads would be greatly reduced.

Pet Awesome Dog Potty Tray/Puppy Pee Pad Holder...
2,275 Reviews
Pet Awesome Dog Potty Tray/Puppy Pee Pad Holder...
  • EASY CLEAN-UP – A removable...
  • CONVENIENCE - Ideal for people...
  • MODERN SLEEK LOOK - Versatile...
  • INDOOR / OUTDOOR USE – This...
  • TRAINING TIPS - We recommend...

At a height of 1.2”, it’s fairly easy for weak or small dogs to get in. You’d find this to be solidly made and very easy to clean. The rubber feet don’t attach to the bottom so well, but that’s a minor one. The tray still has full use, with or without them. The grate is the best thing about this pee pad holder – nothing beats not having to wipe after wet paw marks on the floor.


  • The design incorporates a sturdy grate on top that lets the urine flow below it through the holes
  • Keeps paws dry and prevents your dog from shredding pee pads
  • Measures 25″L x 20″W x 1.2″H

  • Rubber feet on the bottom do not attach well, but this dog pee pad holder works without them
  • The plastic tray is slightly flimsier than we expected
  • The grate is difficult to clean


6Vet's Best Floor Protection Dog Pad Holder by Vet's Best

Vet's Best Dog Pad Holder | Portable Tray for Pet Training and Puppy Pads | Protection Against Pad Leakage, Bunching, and Shredding | Fits Pads 21 x 21 Inches or Larger Vet's Best Training Pad Holder is a foldable pad holder that measures 21” x 21”. Raised edges prevent urine from spilling onto the floor. There are four clamps on all corners. To secure the pad, simply unlock a clamp, tuck a corner of the pad, and then lock the clamp. Do this on all four corners to keep the pad fixed in position.

This pad holder does not have a removable rim like the other puppy pad holders we’ve featured so far. What it has is a slightly raised lip or edge to prevent runoffs. The color is muted. It has an overall look of an inconspicuous ground-level tray. We find this very simple and exactly what a dog needs.

Vet's Best Dog Pad Holder | Portable Tray for Pet...
2,854 Reviews
Vet's Best Dog Pad Holder | Portable Tray for Pet...
  • SIMPLY EFFECTIVE - Vet's Best...
  • FOR THE PERFECT FIT - Holds...
  • EASY TO USE - This portable...

When a pad is attached to this holder, it tells a potty-trained dog that this is where he or she goes to go potty. There’s nothing else to distract the dog – no grate to poke, no rim to lift. Since this is wide, being able to fold it in half when carrying it to throw the waste and clean it up is a practical feature. This is a good size for medium-sized dogs but will do very well for small dogs.


  • Measures 21″ x 21″
  • Folds in half for easy storage or to take while traveling
  • Raised edges prevent urine from splashing onto your floor
  • Clamps on all four corners to prevent dogs from pulling the pee pad out

  • The edge isn't tall enough, allowing urine to leak onto the floor sometimes
  • This one only locks down the corners, not the sides of the pee pad


7Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet
by Alpha Dog Series

ALPHA DOG SERIES Indoor Dog Pet Puppy Potty Training Toilet Tray Pad Holder for Small and Medium Dogs (Pink) Alpha Dog Series' Portable Plastic Toilet for dogs is similar in concept to the other puppy toilets mentioned above on this list but slightly different in measurement. Its outer dimensions are 15.7” x 15.7” x 6.6” and are in a brown and white color combination. It features the same high-fence or high-wall design and a removable grid tray that also acts as a puppy pad holder.

This puppy pee toilet slash holder is easy and light to bring along when traveling with a dog because of its small size and compact design. This becomes necessary when staying in hotels or when you’re in an unfamiliar place that would be unsafe for your dog to go potty outdoors.

Alpha Dog Series ANYPET Indoor Training Toilet,...
1,184 Reviews
Alpha Dog Series ANYPET Indoor Training Toilet,...
  • Simple Clean Up - Removable...
  • Practical - Great for indoor...
  • Versatile - This durable and...
  • Design - Modern sleek design...
  • Assembly & Training - No...

You may find this too small for the regular pet pads you can buy. The dimensions given are the end-to-end outer measurements, so the inner area will be much smaller. At any rate, pads can be folded or cut to fit. You may also use sheets or newspapers.


  • Made of durable plastic
  • Outer dimensions are 15.7” x 15.7” x 6.6”
  • High-wall design with a removable grid tray that acts as a pee pad holder

  • Smaller than many other puppy pee pad holders
  • The plastic was cracked when we received it

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