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Top 10 Best Invisible Dog Fences for Dogs’ Containment


Dogs are curious and adventurous animals that happen to be perfect escape artists. If you're looking for the best invisible dog fence to contain your dog, then you already know why you may need one. What you also need to know is the difference between wireless dog fence, hybrid electric dog fence and totally invisible fence for dogs.

The 10 Best Invisible Dog Fences for Dogs’ ContainmentFor this article, we've gone through every possible brand out there, ordered and tested some of the best wireless dog fences made by well-known companies and researched others, with a total number of products looked at going upwards of 50 wireless dog fences. What you see in this round-up is the result of that work.

Further in this article, we'll discuss all the differences between the two main types of dog fences, 100% wireless dog fence and hybrid electric dog fence systems that uses some wire. We've also compared, reviewed and ranked ten of the best invisible fence for dogs options, assessed their features and cost-to-value ratio, all of which are presented in thorough detail down below, including these top five best invisible dog fence brands:

Best Invisible Dog Fence Brands Price Coverage
G2 Pet Containment Fence Kit Digital RadioG2 Pet Containment Fence Kit Digital Radio
by eXtreme Dog Fence
5 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$$$ 10 acres
YardMax Rechargeable Fence Tone CorrectionYardMax Rechargeable Fence Tone Correction
by PetSafe
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$$ 1/3 acre
SDF-100A In-Ground Pet Fence SystemSDF-100A In-Ground Pet Fence System
by SportDOG
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$$ 1 acre
Easy to Install Underground Containment KitEasy to Install Underground Containment Kit
by SportDog Brand
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$$ 1 1/3 acre
Free To Roam Wireless FenceFree To Roam Wireless Fence
by PetSafe
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ 1/2 acre

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Wireless dog fence vs In-ground dog fence vs Traditional dog fence

A traditional dog fence is exactly what you imagine – a regular type of fence that you put up to contain your dog. The problem with traditional dog fences is they are very expensive (average of $3,000 to $6000 per home), take a look time to install, and after all of this, many dogs escape artists still find a way to get out.

The real question is what's the difference between the best wireless dog fence and the best in-ground dog fence (both of which are considered invisible fence for dogs, but with different setups), how much each one costs and what are their pros and cons. Here's a brief on both of them.

Wireless Dog Fence:

Wireless dog fence coverage
Wireless dog fence coverage
  • It's easy to install, remove and adjust
  • Average setup time: 2-5 hours (depending on the system)
  • Covers only circular areas up to 3/4 of acre

Pros: Ease of use and setup
Cons: It's less reliable, covers only circular and small areas

In-ground Dog Fence:

  • It can be custom tailored for each yard and pet(s)
  • It takes longer to install and remove
  • Average setup time: 1 day (a DIY project)
  • Covers preferred areas and up to 11 acres in size

Pros: Much more reliable, coverage setup that can be customized, largest coverage area
Cons: Takes longer to install and remove

Both of the best invisible dog fence brands – wireless or in-ground – have their own pros and cons, and it depends what you're looking to get out of it. However, if a small DIY project that will take about a day to do does not scare you, then an in-ground dog fence is a better choice due to larger coverage and reliability.

To read more about what is an invisible fence for dogs, and why does one need it, scroll down below. Otherwise, here are the ten best invisible dog fences that are most cost-effective and have good value. It just so happens that ease of installation factor doesn't outweigh the cons of wireless dog fences, thus the ranking for the best invisible dog fence brand is primarily dominate by in-ground fences for dogs.

What's the Best Invisible Dog Fence for Containment?
2018 top 10 picks of best invisible fence for dogs

1 Second Generation In-Ground Electric Dog Fence
 by Extreme Dog Fence Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 10 acresSecond Generation In-Ground Electric Dog Fence Extreme Dog Fence System
Wire: 500′ to 5000′ 14 Gauge
Dog size: 8 lbs and up
Type: In-ground dog fence

Our test/video: eXtreme Dog Fence Review

Our first pick as the best invisible dog fence comes from Extreme Dog Fence System brand, currently the most popular company and product in the whole invisible dog fences market, and a long-time Amazon best seller. Extreme Dog Fence has manufactured the highest quality best invisible dog fence with a ton of perks, features and additions that are hard to beat.

Their price is higher than the average invisible fence for dogs out there, but they have a far better cost-to-value ratio, since they offer the largest coverage area, best rated and largest wiring options with a ton of additional options. It extends from 500 to 5000 feet of the highest rate 14 gauge wiring, depending on how much you need to cover the areas on your property you want to have fenced in. The receiver collar of this wireless dog fence contains five correction levels, so you can keep it at a low power if necessary.

Alongside a big box of stuff that you receive with this package, some of the more notable ones is a surge protector that's included in the kit, which comes in handy in the event of lightning strikes or power surges. The kit also contains an underground dog fence wire (waterproof professional-grade twisted), waterproof splices, and other necessary installation material for your very first electric fence for dogs.

eXtreme Dog Fence PRO Grade Electric Dog FenceWe've ranked the Second Generation in-ground electric dog fence from Extreme Dog Fence System as our first pick of best invisible dog fence brands due to its ease of installation and additional features when comparing to most other brands. A huge amount of positive reviews from other dog owners have proved our own assessment to be true, and we love fact that its wiring is so extensive. The correction levels for this electric dog fence are more varied, which makes it convenient option for most dog owners.

PROS: After making up our own minds on this best invisible dog fence, we went out to see what other pet owners thought about this product, and whether those who've tried it would rank it as the best invisible dog fence on the market. Unsurprisingly, customers were impressed by the quality of this electric fence for dogs and many have noted the importance of the fact that it's made in the USA and is of really high-quality. The waterproof durability of the wiring is especially useful (no one wants to deal with haywire every time there’s a rainstorm) and, as one customer said, it was “heavier duty than most of the retail systems you can buy on the market.”

eXtreme Dog Fence PRO Grade Electric Dog FenceThe battery life of this wireless fence for dogs is long-lasting. The system isn’t rechargeable because charges tend to lose their power after a long period of time. Extreme Dog Fence System's heaviness and its ease of installment are two big pluses for pet owners looking to secure their pets using a high quality, best invisible dog fence in their yard.

CONS: It can be rather unwieldy. This electric dog fence is heavy, especially its wiring, so you’re going to do some lugging when you’re setting it up. Customers also shared their recommendations for laying down the wire: one suggested digging a trench whereas others thought of threading it through a PVC pipe.

Second Generation In-Ground Electric Dog FenceEither way, it was widely recommended that installers walk the perimeter of the wire and ensure that there are no gaps in connectivity not only before laying it down, but even before purchasing any of these best invisible dog fences. Overall, this is undeniably the best inground dog fence on the market, but it comes at a price and would only be recommended for pet owners who are serious about their dogs' containment.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I purchased this fence system over several cheaper models because I wanted something that would last longer with less maintenance. Having…”


2 Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System
by PetSafe Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 1/3 acre
Wire: 500′ 20 Gauge
Dog size: 5 lbs and up
Type: In-ground dog fence

PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing SystemThe second best invisible dog fence brand on this list is from a well-known and much more established company, PetSafe, who essentially dominates the market with different types of pet fencing systems. This in-ground dog fence is rechargeable and not battery powered like the invisible dog fence I mentioned above. It also has been tested and found to conform to pet safety and health measures (some have labeled it as humane, but this is entirely subjective).

This in-ground fence for dogs uses a transmitter and buried wire to encircle the property. Your pet’s collar is also rechargeable and the warning tone and static are quickly emitted if he or she crosses the boundary.

Our decision to put PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System as the second best invisible dog fence was due to fact that the wiring isn’t as long as that one on the first dog fence, and the correction levels aren’t as flexible, yet it is still a high quality, very effective underground dog fence for the price. Customers who tried it have certainly expressed that in many positive reviews and star ratings that they have provided for this fence for dogs.

PROS: Owners voiced concerns that, if their dog was shocked again upon reentry, they wouldn’t want to come back and would be gone for good. With this Yardmax technology, if your dog receives static when he or she leaves the boundary, they will not be shocked again if they return after fifteen seconds (which is very likely, considering they’re probably chasing after something).

Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing SystemThis way, your dog won’t be afraid to return back into your yard even past the wireless dog fence. These best invisible dog fences from PetSafe are also made of very hardy material so they won’t be damaged easily, especially considering the wiring is in-ground.

CONS: Some current owners of PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System pointed out that you may want to purchase a heavier gauge wire for your future in-ground electric dog fence, just in case conditions require you to have an extra-strength wiring. It’s very easy to install, but make sure you have a shovel—the wire doesn’t have to be deeply under the ground, but it still does need to be buried. Overall, it's a solid choice for the second best invisible dog fence brand and for a much cheaper price than the Extreme Dog Fence System.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “First of all, this will be lengthy, but hopefully thorough enough to help you come to a conclusion on a purchase or not. Also, sorry that Amazon will not allow for proper formatting, so this…”


3 In-Ground Pet Fence System, SDF-100A
by SportDOG Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 1 acreSportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System, SDF-100A
Wire: 1000′ 14/16/18 Gauge
Dog size: 10 lbs and up
Type: In-ground dog fence

Third best invisible dog fence on the list comes from a dog supplies brand that is especially well-known to dog trainers and hunters with gun dogs. SportDog is established as one of the best manufacturers of dog shock collars and dog GPS collars, among many other pet tech products. Now, they've entered the in-ground dog fence market, and with great success.

As one of the best invisible dog fences comes from SportDog, a company that has made many different pieces of outdoor equipment for dogs, and theirs includes a 1,000 feet of wire. It can enclose two-thirds to one acre. SportDog's invisible dog fence also has a lightning surge protector and is recommended for dogs over ten pounds.

The wire is an extremely heavy duty 18-gauge and the company recommends that you mark the areas to be bordered with flags first so that you know where you’re laying down the wire for the wireless dog fence (the strength of the wiring will make it hard to redo).

SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System was placed as the third best electric fence for dogs due to wiring being very long; however, that same wiring is slightly difficult to get into the transmitter. Though setup is easy, the struggle with the wiring relegated this electric dog fence to a third position in my personal view, as the effort can be pretty annoying to many pet owners.

PROS: The obvious pro of this underground dog fence is the durability of the wiring and how hefty it is. 18 gauge is very strong, ensuring that you won’t run into any issues involving damage being done to the wire or other possible inconveniences like that. Other customers remarked on the convenience of being able to do it yourself at home without professional installation.

In-Ground Pet Fence System, SDF-100AThe adjustable zone and power levels reach a wide range on this equipment, so you’ll be able to program the transmitters for these best invisible dog fences to whatever level you think is appropriate and necessary. Always make sure you don’t mix the two up, as that can lead to your dog possibly getting a nasty shock, as one customer unfortunately experienced.

CONS: One of the biggest disadvantages of this wireless pet fence for dogs from SportDog is that although the wiring itself is strong, the insulation may not be able to prevent a creature with large teeth who chews on it continuously from ruining it. We’re talking more like a bear (which is what happened to one customer), but I'm sure a really large and enthusiastic dog can also chew through some of this pet fence. Though this seems like an infrequent thing—how many wire-chewing bears do most people live by?—it is worth mentioning. This is a solid third best invisible dog fence that's a great alternative to the PetSafe brand, and is also much cheaper than the Extreme brand.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I've had the fence installed now for about 2 months and I can honestly say that it has exceeded my expectations by a LOT! Installation: I explored a lot of options for installing the fence on my…”


4 Easy to Install Underground Wire Dog Containment Kit
 by SportDog Brand Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 1 1/3 acre
Wire: 1000′ 20 Gauge
Dog size: 10 lbs and up
Type: In-ground dog fence

After looking at this in-ground dog fence, we've tried to reach out to the two companies to confirm whether they're associated with the original SportDog brand, albeit unsuccessfully. Nevertheless, it didn't stop us from ranking this as the fourth best invisible dog fence brand, mainly because it's almost an identical system to the above, however, for a slightly cheaper price.

Assuming the brands are related, then we'll consider this as another great product from SportDog, and these best invisible dog fences are only slightly different products from the SportDog dog fence I've talked about above. Why? Because this in-ground dog fence kit contains a few additional flags and the cost is a little lower as well. The wire also stretches 1,000 feet and there are 100 flags included in the system kit.

There also is the option to expand the transmitter’s reach to your other dogs simply by buying another SDF-R receiver, which is convenient for dog owners with multiple dogs (a good number of us). The battery life is high on these best invisible dog fences and there are four levels of corrective action available on the collar.

This second option of SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System has received an abundance of positive reviews from dog owners who tried it (much more than the previous product), and at the same time, it's slightly cheaper. The downside of it though is that the corrective levels on this wireless dog fence don’t stretch as high as the ones before it, but the large amount of flags and wiring make it a great bargain.

PROS: As one customer said, “I actually like my dog now.” This electric dog fence is an effective containment system that works consistently and as it should. Customers who have had this underground fence for dogs for over a year say that the pet fence is working fine with no problems; the battery life is holding up and everything seems to stay in place well.

Easy to Install Underground Wire Dog Containment KitOne customer advised using a staple gun to ensure that the wires stay in place. Another piece of advice give by experienced dog owners is to make sure that you check the screws on the battery pack often on your dog to make sure that it hasn’t fallen off.

CONS: Something that should be said for all best invisible dog fences is that they’re not right for some dogs. If your canine has a nervous temperament, he or she could become more fearful and stressed because of this electric dog fence, as one unsatisfied customer pointed out. Other than that, they've mentioned they'd pick this as the best invisible dog fence due to significantly lower price than other brands.

Before purchasing SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System or any other electric equipment, such as shock collars or in-ground dog fences, make sure your pet has the personality and the health to handle it—i.e. that they’ll learn fast and won’t be scared by the shock. It's vital to review all the article we have provided on using electric fences with your dogs. A good alternative to the SportDog brand mentioned above and a solid fourth best invisible dog fence brand out there.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Let me start out by saying this is my first product review on Amazon. I usually stick to just reading reviews. However my experience with this product warranted a review. After reading…”


5Free To Roam Wireless Fence
by PetSafe Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 1/2 acre
Dog size: 5 lbs and up
Type: Wireless dog fence

First wireless dog fence on our list of best invisible dog fence brands comes from PetSafe. The company has the technology for both wireless and in-ground fences down very well; however, by its own design, a wireless dog fence simply cannot beat an in-ground fence, thus we're only getting to them with the top options out of the way. This PetSafe kit of the fifth best invisible dog fence because it comes with two extra battery packs that are free of charge and a great connection and range, compared to some other wireless dog fence brands discuss below. It covers a circular area of ½ an acre and is adjustable to the distance you need it for, which is always great.

You can put it in the tone-only mode or in the correctional level, but those are adjustable too. This is a wireless dog fence and it's also easily portable, if you need to move it.

PetSafe's new Free To Roam Wireless Fence model got the middle spot at number five because the battery packs were spotty for some customers and the acreage it covers wasn’t as high as that of other best invisible fences for dogs on this list. But, if you have a smaller yard and purchase extra packs – and the costs obviously add up – it will most likely work well for you, as the majority of customers of this wireless dog fence seem to be very satisfied.

PROS: The convenience of this fifth best invisible dog fence is what many customers remarked on when it came to what they were most satisfied with. It’s very portable and easy to install, but it is also very durable and water-resistant. One customer with an 85 pound, 10 month old bulldog said that her dog used to roam to all the neighbors’ houses, terrifying them.

Free To Roam Wireless FenceBut once they got him trained to behave around this underground dog fence, it worked well and kept him from wandering and getting out causing ruckus. This is one of the most durable models on this list of best invisible dog fences, which makes it a great bargain for its current price. Also, whether it's a pro or a con, the fence is not in-ground, so setup is less labor-intensive.

CONS: Some customers who tried PetSafe's Free To Roam Wireless Dog Fence model reported a battery issue with their collar, saying that the replacement batteries are having a shorter life—the replacements being different from the actual battery. While not everyone said that this was an issue, it is something to think about as a few people are experiencing this issue with their purchases. If you're looking for the best invisible dog fence that's wireless, this is by far your best bet provided the price tag doesn't put you off.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Had to try 3 locations for the main unit because our house is a long ranch style with a basement, and the yard is lower on one end and downhill in the back. So there was a spot where there was a narrow path out…”


6Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence
by PetSafe Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 1/3 acre
Wire: 14/16/18/20 Gauge
Dog size: 5 lbs and up
Type: In-ground dog fence

Yet another good invisible dog fence from PetSafe, designed for smaller dogs between five and fifty pounds (hence the name). It’s compatible with several different types of correctional collars for dogs and it can also work for multiple canines.

The collars it’s compatible with include: Deluxe Ultralight Collar, cat collars, SportDOG in-ground fence collars, and most rechargeable dog collars. It also works with the PetSafe indoor barrier.

PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence is the sixth best invisible dog fence and at the bottom half of the list not because it isn’t a good pet fence, but because the size limit makes it restrictive to only smaller dogs, not owners with medium or large size dogs. In fact, many owners who purchased it praised the quality of this electric dog fence, but for the price, some may think it's not worth it, especially for smaller dogs.

PROS: Customers were impressed at the versatility of this fence and the way it works with multiple dog collars for multiple purposes, both indoor and outdoor. PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence is also very easy to install and set up—a relief for dog owners who are tired of dealing with pet equipment that seems needlessly complicated.

You do need something to cut through the ground with to bury the wire, but that’s to be expected (some customers suggested edgers or hand shovels to accomplish this task). PetSafe's product is listed as number six on our list of best invisible dog fences because it's the most perfect containment system for extremely energetic puppies and smaller dogs who have trouble obeying instructions and constantly try running into the street. Customers also were very impressed at the customer service quality of PetSafe company.

CONS: The biggest problem with this wireless dog fence is that there is a size limit, and customers who tried to get this pet fence to work with their bigger dogs experienced user error and found that the bigger canines blasted straight through the fencing.

Take heed of the instructions. Also, some purchasers noted that a double wire is possibly necessary to install if you live in an area where the wiring could be damaged, such as near woods where creatures might chew on it or in an area with a lot of lightning strikes (tornado alley). Generally, this is a great choice among all other best invisible dog fence brands, especially give it's lower price tag.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I was somewhat skeptical whether the inground fence would work for my dog. She is a 5-year old Shichon that loves to chase squirrels, rabbits and cats. We decided to give it a try and installed…”


7  PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence
 by PetSafe Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 3/4 acrePetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence
Dog size: 5 lbs and up
Type: Wireless dog fence

As we continue with more PetSafe dog fence, they have another newer model out, called “Stay and Play.” With this new PetSafe's PIF00-12917 model as our seventh best invisible dog fence option, you'd think there's not much left to offer, and you're almost right. There are no wires to bury and the transmitter is portable, as with all other wireless dog fences. There are five levels of static corrective power and you can also set it to “tone only,” which has no static in it.

These best invisible dog fences from PetSafe are also compatible with the PetSafe PIF-300, which is the original PetSafe dog fence and electric collars. The perimeter of this fence is ¾ of an acre, which is definitely a decent area. It can be set up wherever you need it to be, and not just at home.

Though the wireless system on PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence is convenient, certainly, the transmitter doesn’t always cover all of the areas it needs to, though it is compatible with another PetSafe fence. Again, it depends on the size of your yard. Smaller yards probably work better, which is why many customers still find this to be one of the best invisible dog fences you can purchase. But we'll leave it at number seven, and present you with more reasons as to why below.

PROS: The portability of this electric fence for dogs is what draws many customers to it. If you travel frequently or need your wireless dog fence for other outside purposes, it is possible to set it up anywhere.

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence also works with smaller dogs that are around five pounds. Customers with, as one put it, “oddly shaped yards,” were delighted that these best invisible dog fences worked with their ground plan and weren't that inconvenient for them. The pet fence is also simple to set up and use and works with multiple dogs.

CONS: Several customers who purchased this dog electric fence pointed out that if your lawn is on a hill or steep slope, the signal won’t curve with the slope and will not reach the ground level. Be aware of that before purchasing this model, if you have a yard that is on an incline or decline, you may want to look into an in-ground dog fence instead, like the ones we’ve listed above.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “So far I'm giving this two stars because I haven't been driven to outright “hate” it… yet, but I definitely am very frustrated with it and “don't like it”. We already have a PetSafe unit model…”


8  Wireless Pet Containment System
 by PetSafe Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 1/2 acrePetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System
Wire: 500′ 20 Gauge
Dog size: 8 lbs and up
Type: Wireless dog fence

A third product from PetSafe is their Wireless Pet Containment System, a product that has been tested and found to meet the safety and health levels required by canines. It covers a range of ½ an acre in diameter (AKA 180 feet) and is definitely worth being on this list of best invisible dog fences.

It works for pets that are eight pounds or more and there are no wires to bury, making the system easy to set up. The static correction is also set at a low level that the company describes as “startling but not harmful.” The company also notes that the pet area is only workable in a circular area and cannot be transferred into a square/rectangular shape.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is the eighth best invisible dog fence that covers a smaller area and the connection problems when around metal objects were definitely something to take heed of (see the cons section below). However, it remains a potentially great option from this list of best invisible dog fences as many customers were still very satisfied with their purchase.

PROS: This is arguably one of the best wireless dog fences out there, but due to some flaws it ranked slightly lower. However, despite the fact that the shape is circular only, customers still found that it provided enough space and “wiggle room” for their dogs.

Customers reported on the effectiveness of this best wireless dog fence, saying that their pets were trained with little to no extra effort necessary (dogs are good at figuring these things out most of the time). Dog owners with labs especially said that this eighth best invisible dog fence had been successful for them.

CONS: Be aware that your dog shouldn’t wear this while in the house because of false corrections spurred by metal objects, which is a huge con for this product and a big potential problem for the owner if you ever forget. This was the main reason we've ranked this as the eight best invisible dog fence overall.

One pet owner reported that the metal items in the kitchen ended up setting off the collar; however, this is still anecdotal evidence and more proof would be needed to make sure that this is certainly the case. These things do happen, of course, so be careful to take the collar off the dog if you have a lot of metal materials, or simply opt in for any other option from this list of best invisible dog fences.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This is a great product. We've used it for a few years. Our 62# dog quickly learned the boundary line. The only problem we've had is false “corrections” inside the house. Any large metal…”


9Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence
by PetSafe Prime FREE Shipping

Coverage area: 1/3 acrePetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence
Wire: 500′ 20 Gauge
Dog size: 30 lbs and up
Type: In-ground dog fence

The ninth best invisible dog fence option and a  fourth product from PetSafe simply because the company is truly focused on these items. Their Stubborn Dog in-ground dog fence works with dogs that are stubborn and large and probably haven’t responded well to training or prior fence implementation. This fence has four different static correctional levels, with the highest one being 50% stronger than most collars.

Again, this ninth best invisible dog fence works best for larger dogs that have shown a lack of interest in being trained and told to stay within their boundaries. You can purchase extra shock collars, which are sold separately, for unlimited amounts of other dogs. There also is a tone-only setting for the collar that doesn’t emit any static.

The wire is 14 gauge and very durable (it may require some extra muscle to weave it into the transmitter). Included in the kit is 500 feet of wire, a transmitter, training guide, 50 boundary flags, and a few other essentials.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence is the ninth of our best invisible dog fences because although it’s very good at correcting stubborn dogs, it did pose a problem for some owners when it came to the wire getting chewed through. The wire strength didn’t withstand a good chewing from some larger dogs, and nobody wants to run into that. I suggest you to do your due diligence if for some reason you'd like to choose this in-ground dog fence over anything else on this list.

PROS: Customers with large, energetic dogs commented that PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence is very impactful in getting them to recognize boundaries effectively. The wire is durable and can withstand just about anything (within reason).

The size of the dog and the coat thickness are the most determinable factors in getting your dog to listen effectively to the static of your invisible dog fences. Other customers remarked that it was “perfect for awkward yards,” meaning that people with yards that aren’t in a perfect circle or square (i.e. most of us) will find this inground dog fence to be well-worth the money and installation time.

CONS: If you have a smart dog, as one irritated purchaser did, he or she may be able to discover what is actually the source of the shock—the wire. This individual’s dog, who the owner termed a “very talented escape artist,” figured out that the wire was what was shocking him and chewed through it with some effort.

After doing that, he was able to run out and this best invisible dog fence was truly invisible to him. I doubt that this ingeniousness is typical of many dogs, but it is something to be aware of (do consistent boundary checks if you think your dog is the type to do this). If you're looking for the best invisible dog fence from PetSafe specifically, this is a good alternative to the above mentioned choices.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “We have a 6 foot stockade fence on a .5 acre space that we thought would be sufficient with a 3yr old Husky and a 1 year old Golden Retriever. We had constant issues with them digging…”


10 Radial-Shape Select Fence
 by Havart Wireless

Coverage area: 11 acres
Dog size: 8 lbs and up
Type: In-ground dog fence

Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select FenceOur last pick for the best invisible dog fences list is the product from Havahard, a trusted company. This Radial-Shape wireless dog fence has a large coverage of about eleven acres, more than most other best invisible fences for dogs on this list. To use this, dogs must be over eight pounds and have neck circumferences of 14-16 inches. It is also waterproof and can work for two dogs.

The correction levels are adjustable and the fence is radial, operating from no wires. FYI: according to the company, “Properties that are at least 30 feet from the road, and have minimal landscaping and minimal sloping, work best.” If your property does not conform to this, you may want to look into any other wireless fences for dogs listed above.

Even though it's at number ten, Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence is still one of the best invisible dog fences you can find to purchase on Amazon or most other online retailers. Its coverage on this is very large, but one problem are the boundaries that are limited to forty feet, which might not work for customers who live closer to the road than that.

PROS: The radial shape of this tenth best wireless dog fence provides adequate coverage for pet owners who live on large spaces of land. Customers with several acres said that they were excited to finally have a pet fence for dogs that would cover the necessary areas.

The “trigger zone” is three to six feet, a shorter zone than most, so be aware when deciding the boundaries you want this fence to be—keep it away from the road. Customers who disliked having to dig underground fences were relieved that this was wireless and simple to install. The multiple correctional levels of Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence also provide leeway when teaching your dog not to cross the boundary.

CONS: Dog owners who attempted to set the boundary at less than forty feet found that that was inadequate. One person remarked that this wireless dog fence wasn’t working until he moved it to a different location in his house with the appropriate boundary.

At that point it was consistent and he had no problems, but it's still far from an ideal position. Be aware that that might be something you’ll need to do if the Havahart is acting up. And with this brand, it rounds up our list of best invisible dog fence choices, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I'm not a technical person so I can't go into technical terms with this Wireless dog fence. Can only write about my experiences with it, in my own terms. My property, in WI, isn't…”

Best Invisible Dog Fences

What is a wireless invisible dog fence and why do you need it?

Similarly to dog shock training collars, electric fences have been receiving some heat from dog owners as of late. However, many dog trainers and experts have advocated the use of these shock collars on dogs as long as you purchase a high quality collar and learn how to use it properly. This is key in ensuring that your pet will never be harmed, and this seems to be true.

We as pet owners all know the danger of allowing our dogs to roam wherever they want, whenever they want. Much as we would love to be able to let our dogs run around free and uninhibited for the rest of their lives, there are a lot of dangerous situations that can happen if we do so: wild animals, cars, poisonous plants, hunting accidents, dog thieves… the terrifying list goes on and on. Having one of these best invisible dog fences installed in your backyard will allow you to curtail those dangers and prevent your dog from falling prey to them on accident.

What's an underground electric fence for dogs? The concept of this now popular technology among many pet owners is pretty simple, as long as you stick with the quality products. Best invisible dog fences are containment systems for dogs that use fencing to dog owners to encircle their property, creating a barrier that, in case their Fido tries to cross it, will electrically interact with a transmitter on the dog's collar (that comes with the invisible dog fence) to spook them away from the fencing.

Best Invisible Dog FencesIf you’re a pet owner with a big yard who doesn’t want to keep their dog inside, but also doesn’t want to risk having him or her run off, you should look into trying out either one of these best wireless invisible dog fences which are called that way because the fencing itself is an electrical—non-visible—barrier for dogs.

Above with listed some tested products, those that have earned favorable reviews from other pet owners as well as my personal recommendations for best wireless invisible dog fences that are sure to humanely and effectively keep your pet safe and secure near your home. I'm going to provide you with a quick overview of these best electric dog fence characteristics, tell you the pros and cons of each product and then, at the end, I will try to give you some tips on how to pick the best invisible fence for dogs that suits your circumstances.

I have previously used a wireless underground dog fence with my single dog. We live on several acres of property and the dogs next door are troublemakers. Walter, a well-meaning and hyperactive dog, would run over next door and get into fights with the other dogs.

Finally, after realizing that his behavior couldn’t go on and was simply too dangerous for Walter himself, we got one of the best wireless dog fences. My canine learned quickly (and humanely) where the boundaries on the property began and ended with the help of an electric dog fence. He was able to play peacefully outside without getting into any mischief, and that was a total relief for all of us.

How to choose the best invisible dog fence?

Now that we’ve gone through our top ten, how do you pick a product and choose the right option from all these best invisible dog fences?

Well, take into account three things to start: your dog’s weight, coat thickness, and stubbornness. The weight and coat thickness determine how effective the shock will be (the higher the two, the less effective a low dose of static will be). Also, for dogs that are stubborn and energetic, you may need to go with a stronger static of electric fence for dogs to teach them not to cross the boundary. Make sure that the invisible dog fence you choose is appropriately tailored to your dog’s needs.

Also, decide whether you want an in-ground or wireless fencing for your Fido(s). In-ground dog fences take some extra time to set up, and you should have a decent-sized yard for it. Consider whether you’re willing to take the time to dig a trench to get such a pet containment system set.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what your dog will be comfortable with and what will be effective while also humane and safe for the dog. So make sure to read all the articles, studies and references to educate yourself on the impact of electric dog fences and shock collars and understand well how this system works. Good luck!

We want to make sure that our readers are aware that we are NOT sponsored by any of the manufacturers and dog companies mentioned in this article. Please note that we do our best to provide accurate information, but we highly encourage dog owners to always double-check other sources for additional tips on best in-ground dog fences so that you can make a more accurate decision of what’s best for you, and your canine.

The above overview of best wireless fences for dogs should give pet owners a good idea of best rated dog supplies, but please also make sure that you read the more about top electric dog fence reviews from multiple customers before you purchase any dog products. Sometimes, those reviews from pet parents can provide more information than any dog supplies website ever could. Finally, I hope this list was helpful, and if you tried any of these dog products, please let us know of your experience in the comments below.

Video list overview of best in-ground dog fences

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