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The Latest Invisible Fence Technology is Available Throughout Canada

The Latest Invisible Fence Technology is Available Throughout Canada
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Trying to contain certain dogs can be a struggle. They jump over and dig under fences, slip collars to escape dog runs, and some can even escape your house. Underground fencing systems are excellent, but some dog owners have larger areas to cover or other hazards in their yards that they need to keep their dogs away from. Now, a new underground fencing system available in Canada will solve those issues and create the ultimate wire-free pet fence.

The Latest Invisible Fence Technology is Available Throughout Canada

Invisible Fence Brand announced earlier this month that their GPS 2.0 Wire-Free Pet Fence Solution, which claims to be the most advanced containment solution in the pet industry, will now be available throughout Canada.

The system uses 32 GPS satellites to set containment boundaries for your dog in any shape with no maximum size limitations.

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It is Invisible Fence Brand’s exclusive “Different Rules for Different Pets” Technology that makes this containment system possible.

It allows dog owners to customize different boundaries for their pets without the use of wires, and it doesn’t require any digging.

The company has over 30 locations in Canada and is hoping to spread to other countries soon.

The Latest Invisible Fence Technology is Available Throughout Canada
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The most unique feature of the GPS 2.0 technology is that it allows dog owners to create smaller boundaries inside of the perimeter boundary to keep pets away from hazardous or unwanted areas.

For example, pet owners can create their desired perimeter around their yard and then also create a small barrier around a pool, garden, shed, or other areas that they do not want their dog to have access to.

In order to help prevent dogs from running through established boundaries, GPS 2.0 Technology extends those boundaries indefinitely.

It also identifies the speed and direction of the animal and adjusts with any corrections necessary to fit the situation.

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This technology is ideal for dog owners with large amounts of property that don’t want to dig and bury thousands of feet of underground wire. Another appealing aspect of this system is that it eliminates the possibility of wire breaks in the future. Since there are no wires to worry about, pet owners can also fence in varied terrain, including water, which gives them more options for their perimeter.

The system comes with a collar that emits an audible tone as your pet gets close to the boundary and will also give them a customized static correction if they try to cross the perimeter that you’ve set. The company says that the light shock may startle your dog, but it will not harm them. They call their containment system safe and humane.


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