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Review: PetSafe Audible Bark Collar


Pet parents have being trying to deal with excessive barking since dogs were first domesticated. Sometimes training and consistent discipline just do not fix the problem. Professional pet trainers often recommend bark collars to help stop nuisance barking. The PetSafe Audible Bark Collar is a humane option that I prefer using over electronic collar options.

Dog bark collars remain a controversial subject and a focal point of many debates among dog experts. Studies have shown that shock collars cause many negative effects to dogs when used improperly. If you're looking for a safer option that is just as effective, spray collars or an audible bark collar may be the right choice.

One of the newest dog correction collar designs is the little-known audible collar, which which emits a sound that distracts your pet from barking. The sound distracts your dog and redirects his behavior. Over time, your dog learns that the audible correction happens when he barks, and the nuisance barking will become drastically reduced.

Review: PetSafe Audible Bark Collar

PetSafe Audible Bark Collar ReviewAudible collars, like this option from PetSafe, condition your dog to stop barking by making a distracting sound whenever your pet barks. Since the sound startles your pet, it will distract him from his barking. Then, you'll be able to redirect your pup quickly and easily.

The PetSafe Audible Bark Collar uses unique bark-sensing technology that requires both sound and vibration to engage the audible sound. This prevents the sound of another dog’s bark causing a correction by mistake.

The collar is lightweight and waterproof. As you can see in my photo above, the collar fits our 35-pound Beagle very well. It's not too bulky around her neck. It also fits our 75-pound Labrador. There is only one size available, and the company states that it's suitable for all dogs and puppies weighing over 8 pounds.

When the bark-sensing technology is triggered, the collar emits a sound that is similar to the spray of an aerosol can. This sound will startle most dogs. It is uniquely engineered to be a sound that most dogs do not care for. It trains your pooch to quit the nuisance barking without the use of an electronic shock.

Depending on how often your dog barks, the collar should last about 40 hours between charges. When fully drained, the collar will take about 3 hours to charge completely.

I was worried that our other dog may set off the collar with her barking or that loud noises around our home would set it off. We've been using the collar for about 6 weeks now, and it has never corrected when it shouldn't have. It has also always made an audible tone when she's barked.

Consistency is key when training a dog, and the PetSafe Audible Bark Collar is a very consistent tool. Also, as you can see in my video, our dog has no aversion to the collar whatsoever. While it does distract her from barking, it doesn't harm her in any way. She has absolutely no fear of the collar.

You can purchase this audible bark collar for $69.99 on Amazon right now. You can find other similar products for a cheaper price, but in my experience they are not as consistent. I believe that this training aid is a great value for the money.

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