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Review: PetSafe Spray Bark Collar for Dogs


Dog owners have being trying to deal with excessive barking since canines were first domesticated. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, training just cannot fix this problem. Experts often recommend bark collars to help stop nuisance barking. The PetSafe Spray Bark Collar is a humane option that I prefer to use over electronic bark collars.

Dog bark collars remain a controversial subject and a focal point of many debates among dog experts. Studies have shown that shock collars cause many negative effects to dogs when used improperly. If you're looking for a safer option that is just as effective, spray collars may be the right choice.

PetSafe Spray Bark CollarOne of the newest dog correction collar designs is the little-known spray collar, which sprays a liquid mixture in the direction of your dog’s nose and mouth. Dogs don’t particularly enjoy the spray, so it’s a great way to enforce a non-painful form of training.

PetSafe is one of the most well-known pet product company's, and they recently released this Spray Bark Collar. I've used many of their products in the past, and have always found them to be good quality and affordable. Can I say the same for this spray collar? Let's find out.

PetSafe Spray Bark Collar for Dogs Review

PetSafe Spray Bark CollarSpray collars condition your dog to stop barking by spritzing them with a gentle mist. There is a microphone that picks up your dog's barking and triggers the spray. Since the spray startles your pet, it will distract him from his barking. Then, you'll be able to redirect your pooch.

The PetSafe Spray Bark Collar comes with 2 spray cartridges. As you will see in my video review above, one cartridge has a citronella scent and the other is unscented. Both scents are hypoallergenic and stain-free.

The cartridges contain enough solution for about 35 sprays.

These bark collars are safe for all dogs, including puppies and dogs of all sizes. However, the collar itself is designed for dogs weighing more than 8 pounds with a neck size of up to 27 inches.

PetSafe Spray Bark CollarThe collar unit is water resistant, which means you don't have to worry if it's raining outside or your dog rolls in wet grass. I also like the fact that the collar unit is lightweight, so it's suitable for all size dogs.

The PetSafe Spray Bark Collar comes with 1 collar and spray unit, 1 USB charging cable (no adapter included), an easy-to-follow owner's manual, and 2 spray cartridges (1 citronella and 1 unscented). The collar is rechargeable, which saves money on replacement batteries.

PetSafe says that a full charge should last about 40 hours. During the first couple of weeks of training, your dog will likely bark a lot, which will reduce the battery life. The collar also has on/off button, and if you turn it off when not in use it will extend the battery life.

In my video review I show you the LED light on the front of the collar. It turns green when the collar is powered on and red when the collar is shut off. It also flashes red when the battery is low and flashes yellow when the spray is low.

PetSafe Spray Bark CollarI've used a few different spray collars for dogs in the past, and this is the most consistent collar that I've tried. I was worried that our other dog may set off the collar with her barking or loud noises around our home may set it off.

As I demonstrate in my video review, I can raise my voice right next to the spray unit and it does not mistake my voice for barking. We've been using the collar for about 6 weeks now, and it has never sprayed when it shouldn't have. It has also always sprayed when she's barked.

Consistency is key when training a dog, and the PetSafe Spray Bark Collar is a very consistent tool. Also, as you can see in my video, our dog has no aversion to the collar whatsoever. While it does distract her from barking, it doesn't harm her in any way. She has no fear of the collar at all.

You can purchase the PetSafe Spray Bark Collar for $79.99 on Amazon right now. You can find other similar products for a cheaper price, but in my experience they are not as consistent. I believe that this training aid is a great value for the money.

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