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Review: eXtreme Dog Fence PRO Grade Electric Fence

Dogs are naturally curious, adventurous creatures. Their strength, endurance, and agility also make them perfect escape artists. If you're reading this review, chances are you are already shopping for an electronic containment system. The eXtreme Dog Fence is top of the line in this category, with many features setting it apart from other similar products.

Traditional dog fences (regular fences that you put up to contain your pet) are very expensive and take days to install. Dogs are also able to dig under these fences or climb over them in some instances. Not to mention, these fences can be an eyesore in your yard and may even be frowned upon by your homeowner's association.

eXtreme Dog FenceTo put it simply, traditional fences aren't for everyone. Electronic containment systems like the very popular option eXtreme Dog Fence I'm reviewing today are an easier, less expensive option. While these aren't suitable for every dog either, they offer a lot of advantages over a traditional fence.

First of all, electronic containment systems are easier to install, move and make adjustments to. Also, instead of just installing a fence around the perimeter of your property, products like the eXtreme Dog Fence can be used to enclose areas you don't want your dog to have access to, like gardens or ponds. I have previously demonstrated this in my Top 10 Best Wireless Dog Fence round-up, but I wanted to go into more detail with regards to this specific fence because of how popular it is.

In-ground electronic fences like this one are also more reliable than their wireless counterparts and can cover very large parcels of land. It certainly depends on what you're looking for and your dog's needs. If you think an in-ground electronic fence system is right for you, the eXtreme Dog Fence system is one of the most highly recommended in the industry.

eXtreme Dog Fence Review
PRO Grade Electric Dog Fence

eXtreme Dog Fence Review - PRO Grade Electric Dog FenceThe fence you will see in my review above is a 1 dog system with 500 feet of fencing. There are also options for up to 5 dogs and up to 2500 feet of fencing. As long as you keep buying collars, you can add an unlimited number of dogs to the eXtreme Dog Fence system. You can find details about all of the available options on the company's website.

The system that I have includes:

  • 500 feet of 14 gauge wire
  • 50 feet of 16 gauge twisted wire
  • surge protection module
  • advanced digital transmitter
  • 1 waterproof collar receiver
  • long and short receiver contact points
  • long and short comfort contact point covers
  • 10 dog fence staples
  • 2 waterproof splice kits
  • 50 boundary flags

The wire included is heavy-duty, polyethylene plastic coated. The heavy-duty surge protection module keeps the fence and your dog safe from lightning strikes and electrical surges.

eXtreme Dog Fence Review - PRO Grade Electric Dog Fence

Collar Features

As soon as I pulled this collar out of the box I realized how much lighter it is than similar products, particularly the other options reviewed for our best invisible fence round-up. It only weighs 1.1 ounces, making it one of the smallest and most lightweight receiver collars on the market. It is suitable for dogs weighing 8-120 pounds.

The collar of the eXtreme Dog Fence system has 8 settings:

  • 1 tone only setting
  • 5 static correction level settings
  • 2 progressive settings that automatically increase the correction level as your dog gets closer to the boundary line

The tone and static corrections are the same as with similar products, but I was pleased to learn about the progressive settings. Most dogs will stop moving forward once they hear the tone correction. However, some dogs push the limits and need progressive correction as they inch toward their boundary line.

eXtreme Dog FenceIf you have multiple dogs, each collar will have its own correction level. The levels are set on the transmitter, which I'll discuss below), not on the collar itself.

In my opinion, the best feature of this collar is the Digital Frequency Encoding. Digital Frequency Encoding eliminates any stray signal interference from neighboring electronic fences or other signal-generating devices.

This feature is what ensures that the eXtreme Dog Fence is reliable and consistent.

As you can see in the photo above, this collar also comes with rubber contact point covers for added comfort. Some pet parents worry that the metal contact points will scratch or irritate their dog's skin. The conductive rubber covers make it more comfortable for Fido, while also still allowing the corrective stimulation to pass through when necessary.

eXtreme Dog Fence Review - PRO Grade Electric Dog FenceThe only drawback to the eXtreme Dog Fence collar that I can see is that the battery is NOT rechargeable. The battery included has a 2-4 month lifespan, but I would recommend always having an extra on hand in case the battery in your dog's collar dies.

Some pet owners do prefer this type of battery because they don't need to remember to charge the collar every few days. Personally, I prefer a rechargeable collar, but that's just my opinion.

Because there is no charging port on the collar receiver or buttons on the receiver to change the collar settings, the receiver is 100% waterproof! That makes the eXtreme Dog Fence ideal for rainy climates, waterfront homes, or yards with ponds or pools. The collar is even completely submersible up to 10 feet!

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eXtreme Dog FenceTransmitter Features

Like the Digital Frequency Encoding feature on the collar, the transmitter is equipped with Multiple Frequency Selection. This ensures your fence works consistently even if your neighbors have an electronic containment system or there are other signal admitting devices in the area.

You can adjust the boundary zone digitally with this transmitter. That allows for very precise adjustments, and the system can remember past settings as well.

I also really like the patented temperature and wire check diagnostic feature that this transmitter is equipped with. It allows the eXtreme Dog Fence system to sense and adjust for electrical and temperature changes that could negatively affect the boundary wire.

Unfortunately, the transmitter has no battery backup. So, if the power goes out, your electronic containment system goes down. If you live off the grid or in an area where power outages are common, this will be a HUGE drawback for you.

eXtreme Dog Fence Review - PRO Grade Electric Dog FenceThe Bottom Line

The eXtreme Dog Fence system is backed by a 10-year warranty. That's 10 times as long as most competing electronic dog containment systems! It's also made in the USA, which is a rare claim in the electronics industry.

With all of these great features that make the eXtreme Dog Fence rise above its competitors, I wasn't surprised at the price. The 1 dog system with 500 feet of fence is available on Amazon for $339.95. As you add more dogs and a longer fence, the prices obviously increase. A 5-dog system with 2500 feet of fence retails for more than $1,000.

I know that seems like a lot of money, but it's much cheaper than comparable products. Most comparable products are either made with lower quality materials (rendering them less reliable) or are available through companies that come to your home and install the system.

Hiring a company to install the system for you will cost upwards of $1,000 for a small fence and just one collar. For a reliable system of this size, the price of the eXtreme Dog Fence is a good value for the money you'll spend.

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extreme-dog-fence-reviewElectronic dog fences are a controversial training tool in the pet industry, but when used properly they are humane, safe and effective. The eXtreme Dog Fence PRO Grade Electric Dog Fence is a top of the line product in this category, and it has many features that help set it apart from other similar pet containment systems. With all that said, it also comes with one of the largest price tags of any underground electronic fence system.