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Top 15 Best Travel Dog Bed Options for Your Next Trip


The 15 Best Travel Dog Bed Options for Your Next Trip

If you plan to go on a trip with your pooch, you'll be concerned with your dog’s comfort. Whether you are going on a long road trip or just a short camping adventure, your pups will appreciate having their own bed. Some of these best travel dog bed options are especially important to senior, arthritic, injured dogs or those recovering from surgery.

Why and When You Need a Dog Travel Bed

You may wonder whether your pet really needs a travel dog bed. After all, you can simply bring a blanket or your dog’s existing bed with you if it is lightweight enough. However, there are a few important reasons when a best travel dog bed may be essential.

Functionality. While your dog’s regular bed may not seem bulky in your home, it is often too big and heavy for travel. Designer travel beds for dogs are meant to be lightweight, portable and easy to store in a car or elsewhere. In addition, travel dog beds often come with features that are important when you are on the road, like being waterproof, easy to clean and having straps or buckles for attachment.

Comfort. Your dog deserves a comfortable place to rest on the road and travel dog beds are made with this in mind. They also provide a barrier between your dog and floor, which can help your pooch stay warm and clean when he sleeps outdoors in colder months, and stay cooler in warmer months.

Familiarity. Some dogs may feel stressed when traveling and if you travel with your furry friend often, bringing familiar things with you can alleviate some of his anxiety. Using the exact same travel dog bed when you go on the road can provide your pet with additional comfort and security, and make him feel safe.

Below, we'll reviewed fifteen of the best travel dog beds currently available, with their different features, including these top five rated travel beds for dogs that are most popular among pet owners today:

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How to Choose the Best Travel Dog Bed

Picking and buying the best travel dog bed will depend on several factors. You'll need to consider your dog's size, age, health, personality as well as trip you're taking and the type of travel you need the bed for. For example, if you plan to go backpacking, you need a pet bed that is easy to carry, which may not be as comfortable for your pooch as plusher and thicker beds that are not as portable and lightweight. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features to account for that make the best travel dog bed for you both.

1. Type of Bed

The type of bed is important, especially when you think about the type of travel you want to take with your dog. For example, there are backpacking beds that are small and lightweight. They usually come with straps or buckles so you can attach them to your backpack.

Type of Bed

Other types of beds you should consider include elevated beds, stuffed beds and inflatable beds. Each of these options comes with specific features and benefits. However, they also have specific downsides and you need to take all this into account before you make your decision.

2. Size and Support

When you choose a travel bed for your dog, its size should be one of the most important factors. For example, if you have a very large dog, you should look at larger beds that can offer better support. This is especially important for the largest breeds since they often suffer from hip and joint issues.

Elevated beds are usually a good choice for large breeds since they offer great support but they are also extremely portable and more affordable than large stuffed travel beds for dogs.

3. Durability

Travel beds for dogs usually don’t last long. After all, they have to put up with external factors like weather and terrain but also with your dog’s behavior.

That’s why it is important to choose durable dog beds made out of strong and reliable materials, especially if your dog likes to chew on the bed or use his paws on it.


4. Portability

Another important factor is portability. This is especially significant if you like to take your dog everywhere and you travel with him often. If you enjoy backpacking or camping, portability is probably the most important factor you need to consider.

5. Other Travel Dog Bed Features

Dog travel beds have other features you need to consider, like being waterproof or having a non-slip bottom.

You should also take into account how easy the bed is to clean, especially since it is bound to get dirty if you spend a lot of time in nature.

6. Price

While you shouldn’t look at the price as the most important factor, it is still something you need to consider, especially if you are on a budget. Luckily, there is a great variety of travel dog beds you can find online, with a wide range of prices. So, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something affordable that still has high quality.

Top 15 Best Travel Dog Bed Choices

1. RUFFWEAR Highlands Bed

The first choice on our best travel dog bed list is from one of the most respected brands in the dog supplies market – Ruffwear. This is a backpacking dog bed, which means it is a great choice for camping, hiking or, well, backpacking. This pet bed is made out of foam core and water-resistant polyester fabric. This bed is extremely lightweight since it only weights 12.7 oz. It is also as portable as it can be since you can pack it to a mere 12 x 4 inches, although its regular size is 35 x 26 inches.

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The polyester shell will keep your pooch insulated and warm. However, this backpacking dog bed may not be as comfortable as some other travel beds but it comes with an integrated sleeve that allows you to add Ruffwear Highlands Pad for additional comfort. The bed also comes with a stuff sack that allows for easier transportation.

You will also receive stake-out loops which can keep the bed firmly in its place. The Ruffwear Highlands Bed is easy to clean since it is machine washable and quick drying. However, for a backpacking bed this product does have a bit steeper price than most (as most Ruffwear products do, because of their high quality).

PROS: Highly Portable, Lightweight, Can Add a Pad for Additional Comfort, Water Resistant, Machine Washable, Stuff Sack Included

CONS: Too Thin and Not Very Comfortable, A Bit Expensive, Only Available in One Size and Color


2. Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

This second best travel dog bed is one of the best-selling items on our list. It is a very popular option that comes with two layers of soft, double-stitched polyester to make your pooch feel as comfortable as possible on your travels.

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Of course, one of the reasons why this pet bed is so popular is the very affordable price it has, which combined with a solid quality makes Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed one of the best value buys on the market. The bed also comes with a rip-stop nylon liner on the bottom, which is durable, dirt-resistant and water-resistant. You can machine wash this bed in a gentle cycle and then air-dry it afterward.

This travel bed for dogs also has a built-in loop so you can easily hang it but you can also easily store it for transportation in a nylon stuff sack which is included. That means that this bed is still quite portable despite having 39″ x 30″ dimensions and weighing 1.4 pounds.

Unfortunately, this dog travel bed only comes in one size and color. Also, many dog owners complained that the bed is not durable enough, especially if you have a chewer. Some users also reported that the bed is too large and not really as portable as they expected.

PROS: Affordable, Double-Stitched, Dirt and Water Resistant Bottom, Stuff Sack Included, Machine Washable

CONS: Available in Only One Size and Color, Not Suitable for Chewers, Not as Portable as Others


3. GigaTent Steel Frame Elevated Pet Cot

This elevated bed for dogs is very durable since it can support pets that weigh up to 100 pounds. This is possible thanks to the strong polyester material, as well as the tubular steel constructions which can take some abuse from your pooch. The bed has U-shaped legs that distribute weight evenly, which allows this sturdy bed to support even the largest dogs.

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You can get this third best travel dog bed in two different sizes – small to medium and large. You can also choose one of four different colors. This bed is easy to fold and carry, especially since it comes with a heavy-duty storage bag for easier transportation.

While this pet bed is a good choice for your next trip, it can also be used indoors if you like. However, it is a bit expensive compared to some other best travel dog beds, and doesn’t come with a locking mechanism so you need to be careful because it can open or close inadvertently when you move it. Also, there are some reports from users about the bed being weak at the seams and getting ripped after a short period of use.

PROS: Available in Different Sizes and Colors, Foldable, Portable, Keeps Dogs Cool, Comfortable, Durable

CONS: A Bit Expensive, No Locking Mechanism, Might Be Weak at Seams


4. Gen7Pets Trailblazer Pet Travel Cot

This another elevated cot bed for dogs is made from meshed polyester but it also has a powder-coated steel frame to make it more sturdy and able to support dogs up to 90 lbs. of weight. There is also a medium-sized cot you can get but it is not suitable for large breeds, although it is 3 lbs. lighter than its large-sized counterpart.

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Unlike other elevated options of best travel dog beds, this travel cot is made specifically for dogs that enjoy cuddling-up when they sleep. That is why this bed has a unique design with raised back and elevated sides. This design also serves an important purpose of providing ample ventilation in order to keep your dog cool on hot summer days.

The mesh fabric is double-stitched and the tubular steel frame is resistant to rust, so this bed should last long enough. However, some users complained that this pet bed is weak at the seams which may cause it to rip easily. The bed also requires assembly, although you can do this without any tools.

PROS: Available in Two Sizes, Comfortable, Durable Steel Frame, Keeps Dogs Cool, Easy to Clean

CONS: Expensive, Requires Assembly, Only One Color Available, May Be Weak at Seams


5. Lightspeed Outdoors Self-Inflating Dog Travel Bed

Lightspeed's dog travel bed comes in only one size but it is large enough to support even the largest dogs. The dimensions of this bed are 42″ X 32″ X 2″ when it is fully inflated. However, when you deflate and roll it up the bed measurements come to 32″ x 6″ so you can easily carry it around since it is also lightweight and comes with built-in buckle straps for easier storage and transportation.

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This is a 1.5-inches thick mattress with inner foam which self-inflates when necessary – all you have to do is twist a nozzle – which makes it a more unique option on our best travel dog bed list. The top is covered with fleece for additional comfort. The bed also has a water-resistant shell and side linings so it can be used outdoors even in difficult weather conditions.

This pet bed is also machine washable, which means that it is easy to clean and maintain. While this bed mostly comes with great reviews, some users found it not durable enough. There were also some reports of it getting deflated on its own, especially after a longer period of time.

PROS: Self-Inflatable, Suitable for Biggest Breeds, Portable, Comfortable, Water Resistant, Machine Washable

CONS: Only Available in One Size and Color, Expensive, Thin, Not Very Durable, May Get Deflated


6. Carlson Elevated Folding Pet Bed

This is one of the best elevated dog beds for travel. It is very comfortable and able to support dogs up to 95 pounds. Elevated dog beds are good for your dog’s joints but they are also very convenient for traveling because they can keep your pooch off the ground so he doesn’t get dirty or wet.

No products found.

Carlson's travel bed for dogs is seven inches tall but it can also be folded easily to make it more portable. In addition to this, you will also receive a carrying case so you don’t have to worry about transportation. Of course, even folded, this dog bed is not as portable as backpacking or smaller travel beds.

Keep in mind that this sixth best travel dog bed may not be the top choice for cold weather since it is not as warm as stuffed beds. However, it is a great choice for summer camping or travels because it can keep your pooch cool thanks to the way it allows air to flow.

While this bed is advertised as sturdy enough to sustain the weight of larger dogs, some users complained that it is not durable enough for larger breeds. Some owners also found it to be a bit noisy for their liking.

PROS: Comfortable, Good for Joints, Keeps Dogs Cool, Portable, Comes with a Carrying Case

CONS: Available in Just One Size and Color, Some Reports of Being Noisy, Some Reports of Not Being Durable and Suitable for the Largest Breeds


7. Kurgo Travel Dog Bed

This is a very compact travel bed for dogs that you can roll and carry wherever you go. It comes in two different colors and two sizes – medium and large. The medium size comes with measurements of 27” x 36” x 2”, although it comes down to 12.5” x 8” when you roll it up. The large bed has measurements of 36” x 48” x 3” when it is open and 17” x 9.5” when it is rolled up.

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Kurgo's best travel dog bed has a waterproof coating and a non-slip bottom, so your dog won’t have any trouble getting on the bed. The outer layer is made out of microtomic rip-stop material, while the bed itself is filled with polytech fill to make it 4-inches thick and thus more comfortable.

Kurgo Travel Dog Bed also has a soft handle included on the side that allows for easy carrying or attaching to the backpack. Keep in mind that this bed is a bit expensive, and that it is not the best choice if you are looking for a travel bed for your dog to snuggle in. Some users complained that the bed is not durable enough to sustain chewers.

PROS: Available in Different Sizes and Colors, Comfortable, Compact, Portable, Waterproof, Non-Slip Bottom

CONS: Expensive, Not Very Durable


8. DogHelios Trail-Barker Multi-Surface Travel Dog Bed

First travel dog bed from DogHelios is a backpacking type of bed that is perfect for all types of weather because it features the “Black Shark” Helios technology which makes the bed extremely durable. This technology also makes the bed waterproof and windproof and able to retain heat in order to keep your pooch warm and comfortable but also keep him cool in hot weather.

No products found.

You can unzip this pet bed to make it longer and use it as a sleeping pad but you can also use it as a dog sleeping bag. There is also an option to connect multiple beds together to cover a larger surface and provide a sleeping area for multiple dogs. This bed also features a nylon strap that ensures easy roll-up and allows you to take the bed backpacking, hiking or camping.

This eight best travel dog bed is not as comfortable as some other options on the market, although it is 4-inches thick. This makes the bed unsuitable for large breeds over 50 pounds, especially if you want to use it as a sleeping bag. This bed is available in four different colors but only one size.

PROS: Available in Different Colors, Windproof, Waterproof, Durable, Keeps Dog Warm or Cool, Can Be Used as a Sleeping Bag, Includes Carrying Strap

CONS: Expensive, Only One Size, Not Suitable for Larger Breeds, Reports of Zippers Not Being Durable


9. Mountainsmith K-9 Bed

This travel bed for dogs is probably one of the most comfortable on our list. In addition to this, it also has a truly unique, hexagon design that separates it from other items we reviewed. This design gives your dog enough room and it is more inviting than thin backpacking beds or elevated beds.

No products found.

This ninth best travel dog bed is suited for medium to large dogs between 20 and 65 pounds. However, the bed is also very compact and highly portable, especially since stuff sack for easier transportation is included in the offer.

The top of the pet bed is made out of brushed twill, while the bottom is made from durable and weather-resistant materials. However, the bottom is not skid-proof, which is why this bed is not really stable on hardwood, tiles or other smooth surfaces.

Mountainsmith's travel bed for dogs is only available in one size and color, which is a shame since it has a nice design. It is machine washable and easy to clean but it is a bit expensive and may not be the best choice for chewers.

PROS: Comfortable, Compact, Portable, Weather Proof Bottom, Machine Washable, Stuff Sack Included

CONS: Expensive, Only Available in One Size and Color, Not Suitable for Chewers


10. RUFFWEAR – Mt. Bachelor Pad

Another travel pet bed option from Ruffwear, this is – again – one of the most expensive options on our list but it is also an extremely comfortable and portable travel dog bed. You can get this bed in two colors and two sizes, the large size being suitable for most dog breeds.

No products found.

This tenth best travel dog bed from Ruffwear isn't as great as the number one listed above, but the bed is filled with polyfill to ensure that your pooch is comfortable and warm wherever you are at the moment, even though the bed itself is only 1-inch thick. The bottom of this bed is made out of waterproof polyester fabric, while the top is covered with microsuede to make the bed softer and easy to clean.

Ruffwear's second travel bed for dogs is extremely portable because it can be rolled up easily and because it comes with integrated loop straps and hooks for transportation. Keep in mind that while this bed can be quite durable, it is not the best choice if your pooch tends to chew or destroy beds since there are tougher and cheaper options available.

PROS: Available in Two Sizes and Colors, Comfortable, Portable, Waterproof Bottom, Soft Microsuede Top

CONS: Very Expensive, A Bit Thin, Not Suitable for Chewers


11. Coleman Roll-Up Waterproof Travel Bed

This is a compact dog travel bed that uses a “roll-up” design to make it even more portable. In addition to this, it also includes sewn-in handles and stras to make it easier to transport and carry. The bed is made out of durable rip-stop nylon, which is also waterproof. The bottom is skid-proof as well, so you don’t have to worry about bed sliding across the floor when your pooch gets on it.

No products found.

Coleman's best travel dog bed is filled with polyester filling to make it comfortable for your dog. It is also machine washable and easy to clean. However, many users reported that the bed is not as durable as they expected and that the bed is smaller than advertised and not suitable for larger dog breeds.

PROS: Affordable, Comfortable, Portable, Non-Skid Bottom, Waterproof, Machine Washable

CONS: Only Available in One Size and Color, Not Very Durable, Smaller Than Advertised, A Bit Thin


12. Paws & Pals Elevated Pet Bed

This is one of the affordable and cost-effective options we have on our best travel dog bed list, especially when you consider how versatile and durable it is. This elevated bed can support dogs that weigh up to 90 pounds since it is sturdy and large enough for big dogs to rest comfortably on it. Unfortunately, the bed only comes in one size and color.

No products found.

This pet bed for travel is made from heavy-duty Oxford cloth that is both breathable and waterproof. Thanks to it, your pooch will be able to remain cool in hot weather. The metal frame is sturdy, foldable and includes plastic feet that keep your floors safe from scratches if you use this bed indoors.

You will also receive a carrying bag for more convenient transport. In addition to this, you can detach the fabric from the frame completely and clean the frame and hammock separately and easily. However, some users complained about a chemical smell when they received the bed and noted that it took a few washes to remove the smell.

PROS: Very Affordable, Comfortable, Keeps Dogs Cool, Waterproof Hammock, Portable, Includes Carrying Bag

CONS: Only Available in One Size and Color, May Be Weak at Seams, Strong Chemical Smell


13. PetMaker Roll-Up Portable Dog Bed

This is a very convenient travel bed option for dogs because it is extremely portable and lightweight. It also comes with loop fasteners and handles to ensure easier transportation. Unfortunately, you can only get this bed in one size. This bed has dimensions of 24 x 37 x 2 inches when it is open but 24 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches when it is rolled up.

No products found.

The puppy travel bed is covered with faux fur, which is soft, plushy and inviting for dogs. It also has a canvas surface on the other side to make it a bit more durable. This bed is filled with interlocking memory foam, which means that the bed won’t shift, sag or compress over time. You can get this bed in blue or white color.

While this bed is one of the cheapest you can find on the market, which also means that it is not really the most durable option out there. Some dog owners reported that the bed is easy to tear, especially at the seams. Some other users also complained about the comfort level this bed provides, saying that it doesn’t have almost any padding.

PROS: Available in Two Colors, Extremely Affordable, Features Interlocking Memory Foam, Extremely Portable

CONS: Only available in One Size, Not Very Durable, Doesn’t Have Much Padding


14. Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

When it comes to the number of size and color options that allow you to customize the bed to your liking, Brindle Travel Dog Bed is probably the best travel dog bed available on the market. This pet bed is available in 7 different sizes and 4 different colors, so you are bound to find the perfect combination to suit your dog’s needs.

No products found.

In addition to this, your dog will also find this bed extremely comfortable since it features a 3-inch layer of shredded, orthopedic memory foam. This bed is thus a perfect choice for older dogs that need plenty of support wherever they are.

Although this puppy bed is not strictly advertised as a travel dog bed, it can be used for some travels. Depending on the size you choose, the bed’s weight will change. However, it will still be a very portable and lightweight bed whatever size you go with. The bed comes with a soft microsuede covert that is also machine washable.

While this bed has many great reviews, it is important to note that the suede cover is not waterproof and that the foam may soak up moisture and change the structure of the bed. That’s why this bed may not be the best choice for camping or backpacking.

PROS: Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors, Very Comfortable, Orthopedic, Portable, Machine Washable Cover

CONS: Not Very Durable, Cover Not Waterproof


15. DogHelios Aero-Inflatable Travel Dog Bed

Unlike previous entries on our list, this best travel dog bed is available in two sizes – small and medium. It is also available in three different colors. This dog bed is inflatable, which means that it is both easy to store and carry and comfortable when inflated.

No products found.

This bed is fully waterproof, from top to bottom, which means that you can easily wipe it off when you need to clean it. The bed has reinforced tubing that keeps it steady when your dog moves on it, while its reflective lining allows it to be visible in the dark as well.

Both medium and small versions are 3-inches thick, which is more than enough to keep your dog off the ground and comfortable. However, this puppy bed for travel is not the best choice for chewers or dogs that like to dig at stuff with paws because it can puncture and leak. It is also possible that the bed may start to leak with time.

PROS: Available in Different Sizes and Colors, Portable, Comfortable, Waterproof

CONS: Expensive, Easy to Puncture, Not Durable

In Summary

Traveling with your dog can be a truly engaging experience in which you can make your bond with the furry friend stronger than ever. However, you also need to think about your pet’s comfort and one way to ensure that is by providing your pooch with the best travel dog bed during this trip.

There are several factors that must be considered when choosing a pet travel bed for your dog, but once researched and chosen among the top options, the bed is likely to last you for many years to come. Luckily, there are many great items you can find on the market as a perfect travel bed for dogs of your household.

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