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8 Most Dog Friendly Airlines


Traveling with your dog can be nerve wracking for you and your pet. The key to making the experience of flying with your dog run smoothly is preparation. The more prepared you are the easier the whole process will be. And of course, you need to travel with dog friendly airlines.

The first thing that dog owners have to decide is whether to fly their dog as cargo or keep their dog in the cabin with them. Many airlines let pets ride in the cargo hold, but they don't all allow dogs in the cabin. The size of the dog factors heavily into this decision as well. Some airlines require that dogs over a certain weight fly as cargo instead of flying in the cabin.

The Most Dog Friendly AirlinesAlso, some breeds are banned from flying in the cabin unless the animals are service dogs. So be sure to double check with the airline to see if your breed of dog is even allowed to fly in the cabin.

Flying in the cabin is much safer for dogs. It’s also a lot less scary and emotional for them because they get to stay with you. Taking your dog in the cabin with you should be your first choice, and all of the dog friendly airlines on this list allow pets in the cabin if they meet the stipulations.

Keep in mind that most airlines won’t allow pets to fly as cargo during certain months of the year when the temperatures make it dangerous for them to be in the hold of the plane. There may be restrictions based on the country that you are traveling to as well.

To make a long story short, never assume your pet can fly with you just because the airline allows dogs. Call first and explain the situation. Make sure you tell the representative your dog's breed, how much he weighs and which part of the plane you'd like him to ride in.

Now, let's discuss more about the supplies you'll need to have to fly with a dog. We'll also provide a list of the most dog friendly airlines and the advantages and disadvantages of flying with each of them.

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Flying With Dog Friendly Airlines

Dog Friendly Airlines

Supplies You’ll Need

Before we get into the list of best dog friendly airlines, there are several things that you will have to have in order to fly with your dog with those airlines. Aside from your pet’s food, water bowls, a sturdy leash, harness and toys, you will also need:

1. Dog travel carrier

No matter how big or small your dog is, in order to fly they will have to be in a carrier. Many airlines require that the dog stay in the carrier through the entire flight so make sure the carrier is roomy enough that your dog can lie down and stretch out in it.

There are plenty of travel dog crates out there that will make your dog comfortable and make the trip easy for you. Furthermore, some carriers have gone to the airlines to get them approved, so there also airline pro-approved dog carriers you can consider.

2. Health certificate and proof of vaccinations

You will need to get a current health certificate no sooner than 14 days before you travel. A vet has to give you the health certificate. You will also need a copy of your dog’s vaccination records to prove that your dog is current on vaccinations.

It’s a smart idea to keep a travel folder with multiple copies of all the paperwork that you will need for your dog. That way you can keep the paperwork organized and have it ready to hand to gate agents, ticket agents, TSA agents or anyone else that needs to see it at the airport.

Booking A Flight With Your Dog

When you’re traveling with a pet you should always book your tickets by phone and not online. Traveling with a pet requires special accommodations and it’s much easier to get those when you’re talking to an agent.

No matter which of the dog friendly airlines you choose to book with, you will be required to either pay a pet travel fee or buy an extra seat for your pet. If you can afford it buying a second seat for your pet is a great way to ensure that you and your pet aren’t bothering anyone else and that you have plenty of room.

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Dog Friendly Airlines

The 8 Most Dog Friendly Airlines

If you’re flying internationally you need to check out the requirements for traveling with pets in the country that you are traveling to. Many international airlines allow passengers to fly with pets as long as they abide by certain regulations.

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If you are traveling domestically with your dog, here are the ten most dog friendly airlines and their requirements to fly with dogs (or cats). However, remember the main thing that applies to booking flights with all these pet friendly airlines – book your tickets well in advance. Most of them have very limited space for pets.

1. American Airlines

Pet fee: $125 per carrier
Max weight: 20 lbs
American Airlines dog policySee the terms here

American Airlines Dog PolicyAmerican Airlines will allow pets to travel in the cabin only. They don’t accept pets as cargo. There is a fee of $125 per carrier each way, with a maximum of two pets per ticketed passenger. The combined weight of the pet and the carrier cannot be more than 20 pounds.

Passengers that are traveling with pets must check in with an agent and the pet fee is collected before boarding the plane. If you are going to fly on American with your pet you must book through an agent and let the agent know that you will be traveling with pets. American only allows 7 pets on any given flight, so you should book your ticket early and tell the booking agent you are traveling with your dog.

2. United Airlines

Pet fee: $125 per carrier
Max weight: no maximum
United Airlines dog policySee the terms here

United Airlines Dog PolicyUnited Airlines will accept pets traveling as cargo or in the cabin, so if you have a large breed of dog that cannot fly in the cabin United is a good choice for you. They have a Pet Desk that is staffed 24 hours a day to answer questions and help with any problems that arise during travel. If you are going to be flying your pet as cargo talk to a United agent about the specific requirements for that type of flight.

If you are going to fly with your pet in the cabin on United airlines there is a $125 fee each way or per leg of the trip. That is a pretty standard fee that you’ll find on almost every airline. United allows one pet per passenger. There is no weight restriction but the pet and carrier must fit under your seat.

3. Delta Airlines

Pet fee: $125 per carrier
Max weight: 20 lbs
Delta Airlines dog policySee the terms here

Delta Airlines Dog PolicyDelta is a great choice for pet owners looking for dog friendly airlines. Delta accepts pets as cargo and in the cabin. If you are flying with a large dog but are nervous about flying your dog as cargo, Delta has a special area for pets that are flying as cargo that is temperature controlled and pressurized to make your dog as comfortable as possible.

Dogs that are flying in the cabin cannot weigh more than 20 pounds each. But, two dogs of less than 20 pounds each can fly in the same carrier together and count as one piece of carryon luggage. There is a $125 fee per carrier, not per pet. So two dogs traveling in one carrier would incur only one $125 fee.

4. Southwest Airlines

Pet fee: $95 per carrier
Max weight: no maximum
Southwest Airlines dog policySee the terms here

Southwest Airlines Dog PolicySouthwest is a budget friendly option for traveling with dogs, which is a huge bonus when you're shopping among the most dog friendly airlines. The pet fee on Southwest is only $95 per carrier. Two small dogs are allowed to travel in the same carrier. But each passenger can only have one carrier.

So if you have two dogs that need to fly and they are not small enough to fit in the same carrier you will need to have another person travel with you and book one pet under that person’s ticket. Southwest doesn’t fly pets as cargo. So if you have a large dog that won’t fit in the cabin another airline would be a better choice.

5. JetBlue Airlines

Pet fee: $100 per pet
Max weight: 20 lbs
JetBlue Airlines dog policySee the terms here

JetBlue Airlines Dog PolicyJetBlue does allow cats and dogs on their flights. However, only four household pets are allowed per flight total (not per person).

So, if you want to fly JetBlue you need to book your ticket well in advance and be sure to let them know you are flying with pets. Because their prices may be cheaper on some flights, they can quickly run out of space for pets.

Only one dog is allowed per passenger. The combined weight of the dog and the carrier cannot be more than 20 pounds, just like with most other airlines' policies. There is a fee of $100 per pet each way.

6. Alaska Airlines

Pet fee: $100 per pet
Max weight: 150 lbs in cargo, no max as carrier
Alaska Airlines dog policySee the terms here

Alaska Airlines Dog PolicyAlaska Air has a less stringent pet policy than some of the other airlines. Pets are allowed to fly both in the cabin and as cargo. Pets who are flying as cargo travel in a temperature controlled and pressurized hold which is much safer and more comfortable for them. There is a weight limit of 150 pounds for pets traveling as cargo.

The pet fee is $100 each way or each leg of the trip, which is comparable to the fees of other dog friendly airlines. Each passenger with a ticket is allowed to have two pets in carriers, but if a passenger is traveling with two carriers that person must buy a second seat that is adjacent to their original seat. The carriers need to fit under the seat.

Alaska Air also requires that each animal traveling have a health certificate from a vet that was issued no more than 10 days before the flight. Most other airlines will accept a health certificate that is issues no more than 14 days before the flight.

7. Frontier Airlines

Pet fee: $75 per pet
Max weight: no maximum
Frontier Airlines dog policySee the terms here

Frontier Airlines Dog PolicyFrontier does allow pets to travel in the cabin but does not accept pets as cargo. The pet fee is only $75 but that is per leg of the trip, so if you have a trip that has multiple stops there is a $75 fee for each one. Frontier strongly encourages people traveling with pets to call a ticketing agent well in advance of the flight.

Frontier also requires that the carrier be big enough to allow the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down in a natural position. But, the dog carrier also has to fit under the seat securely. Be sure to tell the ticket agent the size of your dog so that you can get a seat assignment that will allow the carrier to fit underneath.

According to dog owners that have flown with their dogs on Frontier the customer service agents and flight attendants are very dog friendly and will work with dog owners to make sure their dogs are comfortable and safe.

8. Virgin America Airlines

Pet fee: $100 per pet
Max weight: no maximum
Virgin America Airlines dog policySee the terms here

Virgin America Airlines Dog PolicyVirgin American does not fly pets as cargo. All pets traveling in the cabin must fit into a very specific carrier size. They do not allow carriers bigger than 18” long, 15” wide and 8” high. So probably only very small dogs would be comfortable flying on Virgin American.

There is also a $100 fee per segment per pet. So, if you have multiple stops those pet fees can climb high very quickly. Only one pet is allowed per ticketed passenger.

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