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Review: BARK Dog Toys, Chews and Treats


Have you heard about the Bark Box subscription box for dogs? It's one of the most popular canine subscription boxes on the market. Now, BARK dog toys, chews and treats are available to purchase without a subscription.

Not only can you buy dog supplies, you can also get human stuff from BARK too! Most of the most popular products included monthly Bark Boxes are available to purchase separately on the company's website. You can find tote bags, backpacks, shoes, socks, paw wax, poop bags, supplements and much more!

The Bark Box has gotten reviews from pet owners, and you can read my review of the subscription service here. Now, I've taken a closer look at some of the most popular BARK dog toys and chews to see if they are a good value for the price.

BARK Dog Toys, Chews and Treats Review

BARK Dog ToysYou can buy all sorts of different BARK dog toys depending on your pup's preferences. In fact, they have over 180 dog toy options. Their toy line includes plush and tug toys as well as durable toys made for super chewers. Many of the toys come in multiple sizes as well.

BARK also offers more than 25 all-natural dog treat options and 17 different chews for purchase. As you'll see in my video review above, our dogs loved the treats and chews we tested. They aren't very picky, so I wasn't surprised to see how happy they were to try these snacks.

However, our dogs are picky about the toys that they play with. Our Labrador is the only member of our pack that likes hard nylon toys, but she's not our only aggressive chewer. Our dogs love plush toys, but they ruin them so quickly.

BARK Dog ToysI was pleased to see that the BARK dog toys we received were plush on the outside with a durable interior. The Liberty Ball that our Boxer is chewing in the photo on the right has a rubber ball underneath the plush exterior. The cactus toy featured in my video is the same style, and the manatee toy has a plastic bottle inside.

I like that these toys appeal to our dogs' love of plush toys and they offer other stimulation too. The toys with the rubber inside make squeaking noises, and the bottle toy makes a fun crinkling sound that entices our pups to play.

We also tested out a Pupsicle toy, which you can see in the photo below. Our Lab really likes this toy. It features a soft (but durable) rubber popsicle with a hard nylon popsicle stick. This is a great toy for power chewers! Our Lab has been gnawing on it for weeks and it only shows a few teeth marks.

BARK Dog ToysOf course, you always have the option of subscribing to the Bark Box if you would like to get random toys, treats and chews delivered to your door every month. However, if you like the products that BARK offers but don't want to lock into a subscription, you can pick and choose the products you order from the BARK Shop.

The options in the BARK Shop change all the time, but at the time of this review there were 17 dog chews to choose from ranging in price from $3-$16. There were also 26 dog treat options priced between $5-$10, and more than 180 dog toys options selling for $6-$36. I should also mention that the higher priced dog toys were actually bundles, not single toys.

I think the prices are quite reasonable, considering the quality of the products. You can buy cheap dog toys for a couple of dollars, but they won't stand up to dogs that like to chew, tug and play rough. These toys are still affordable on every budget, and I believe they are a good value for the money.

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Review of BARK Dog Toys, Chews and Treats