Durable Dog Toys That Will Outlast Your Puppy's Jaws
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Let’s talk about an issue that all dog owners understand. I’d like you to think for a moment about how many toys your dog has destroyed.

Maybe she’s just a playful puppy who has only started to cut her teeth into her favorite puppy toys.

Maybe she’s a seasoned veteran when it comes to dog toy destruction. Whatever age or stage your dog is in, whatever size she may be, one thing is certain: Your dog will destroy her toys. It’s in her nature.

Constantly replacing puppy toys can get expensive, especially if your dog is going through multiple toys a week.

She doesn’t think about the money you shell out for them, and she shouldn’t have to. Canine play should be fun and unrestrictive.

Like children, dogs need to play. It stimulates their brains and gives them the exercise that they need. Not to mention, it entertains them.

Think about all the things that you do throughout the day for entertainment: watching television, reading, listening to the radio, etc.

Your dog doesn't enjoy any of those endeavors. Her favorite form of entertainment is playing with her dog toys and with you.

Durable Dog Toys That Will Outlast Your Puppy's Jaws
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Unfortunately, most puppy toys won't last forever. Buying high-quality, durable best dog toys is the only way to ensure that you're not running to the store three times a week to purchase another one.

There are some really great dog chew toys available online right now that are made specifically for dogs that are aggressive or destructive chewers.

Spending a little extra on these toys now will actually end up saving you money in the long run because you won't be replacing them nearly as often.

Durable Dog Toys infographics

Durable Dog Toys That Will Outlast Your Puppy's Jaws

Having fun helps eliminate stress, anxiety, and unhappiness from your life – and the same can be said for your dog.

Incorporating various different of play into your dog's routine helps to keep her active and entertained and is beneficial to her overall health and well-being.

The best way to give your dog opportunities for different types of play is to provide her with different types of dog toys.

The Benefits of Play

Play is an important part of every dog’s life for many different reasons. First, play is a source of exercise for dogs. They run after balls and pounce on faux animals.

You can’t tell me that you’ve never had a fun-loving keep-away session with your dog.

Play keeps dogs moving, exercising their joints, and helping them to maintain a healthy weight.

Durable Dog Toys That Will Outlast Your Puppy JawsPlay also satisfies your dog’s instinctive drive. When they chase after a toy you’ve thrown, it gives them the thrill of the hunt.

Nothing satisfies a dog more than catching something that’s in flight. It’s also no wonder that many dog toys are modeled after animals.

These furry toys are meant to simulate real prey, hence why many dog toys have squeakers. So, while your dog may truly only be eating kibble, the toys help her to feel the excitement of the hunt.

I’ve seen my dog, Ellie, slowly walk across a room and pounce on an unsuspecting plush rabbit.

It’s important to make sure your dog has an outlet like this to use her instincts. It will keep her alert and attentive, all while releasing any pent-up aggression she may have.

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Finally, play is a bonding experience for you and your dog. Whether you’re throwing a ball across the yard or playing tug of war with her, it’s an opportunity for you to interact with your dog in an active manner.

If you wanted to have an animal that just lounged around all the time, you wouldn’t have chosen a dog. Play can be just as much for you as it is for your canine companion.

For all of these reasons, it is essential that you supply your dog with a variety of great puppy chew toys.

You need to make wise choices when you purchase these toys, or you'll end up having to replace them all the time.

If you buy durable dog toys that are well-made, your dog won't be able to destroy them as quickly. They'll also hold up much better to games of tug or fetch.

Examples of Durable Dog Toys

If your dog is anything like mine, she's not only cute but comes with power-packed jaws. Normal toys don’t stand a chance.

I’ve spent my fair share to make sure Ellie has fresh dog toys. Not to say that’s a problem, because I love my dog.

However, there are toys out there that will stand the test of time, keeping your dog and your wallet happy. Here are some toys that work for Ellie and me.

Hartz DuraPlay Bacon Scented Dog Toys, Small (Assorted Color) First is the Hartz Dura Play Ball. Ellie enjoys two of these little green balls and has had them for a couple of years now. I remember the old days of tennis balls. Sure, they can be fun and serviceable, but the Hartz balls offer so much more. Not only do they squeak, but these little guys are also virtually indestructible.

Ellie has spent quite a bit of time chomping down on these Dura Play Balls, and they simply don’t quit.

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While my dog is small (she’s a miniature long-haired dachshund), I’ve taken these durable dog toys to our local dog park.

Not only are they a hit amongst all dogs, but even large dogs can’t seem to do any damage to them. I love that they're durable, but they’re also cheap.

Hovering around a $5 price point, these green rollers cannot be beaten. Above, you can see a picture of Ellie thoroughly enjoying her Hartz Dura Play Ball.

Multipet's 11.5-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globken Chicken Dog Toy The second and undeniably loudest toy is the Multipet Rubber Chicken. I have mixed feelings about this toy. While certainly durable, this little chicken produces enough noise to split your eardrums.

I don’t have any idea what kind of squeaker is in this thing, but it is excellent at its job.

If you can get past the sound, this is a great little dog toy. It comes in a couple of different sizes (we have the smallest one for Ellie).

The outer shell is a super durable rubber mold that, after a few months of usage, doesn’t show any signs of weakness whatsoever.

The chicken is also multicolored and features an odd smile. You can grab this boisterously loud chicken for just over $5.

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Outward Hound Durablez Tough Plush Squeaky Dog Toy, Snake, Orange, XL The toys that have become a staple in our household are the Invincibles Plush Snake Stuffingless Dog Toy and Toy Shoppe Invincible Dragon Squeaker Toy (discontinued). I have to say, the latter definitely lives up to its name. It caught my attention because the package said that it was “puncture-proof.” This is certainly the case.

In fact, I will be looking for more toys that have this same puncture-proof designation because these squeakers hold up. Housed with five (yes, five) indestructible squeakers, this red dragon certainly is magic.

Durable Dog Toys That Will Outlast Your Puppy JawsI’ve seen Ellie bear down on this with all her might countless times, yet the squeakers don’t give out.

I will say that one of the squeakers appears to be depressed but still has no problem making any noise.

The outside of the dragon toy is coated in a durable plush that gives the feel of a real animal yet somehow doesn’t lead to you having to vacuum up red fuzz every other day.

He also has little arms and a tail, which offers a couple of other grip points for your dog, as well as good chewing objectives. However, these appendages have not even started to rip after months of use.

The Toy Shoppe Invincible Dragon Squeaker Toy is also long, giving Ellie plenty of opportunities to pick it up and sling it around (one of her favorite things to do).

The Invincible Dragon seems to be doing its job, and it looks like it will continue to please for a very long time. You can find this toy at most pet stores and online for around $10-15.

Durable Dog Toys That Will Outlast Your Puppy Jaws

Have Fun Playing with Your Dog!

I stand by these toys. Nothing needs to get in the way of your dog and playtime.

These squeaker toys are all extremely durable and quite affordable as well. After months of use, they don’t show any signs of breakage.

So, if you’re looking to update your dog’s toy collection with something that will outlast their jaws, give these a try. They will have your dog chewing until her heart is content.

All of these toys are excellent for interactive play as well. They'll be just as much fun for you as they are for your dog.

Playing with your dog not only fosters the bond that the two of you have but it adds a level of excitement to the game!

Don't be afraid to get down on the floor and play tug with your pet or take her outside for an exciting game of fetch with one of her new durable dog toys.


Durable Dog Toys

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