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Review: Bark Memory Foam Dog Bed

Poor quality bedding can actually do more harm to your dog than good. Substandard bedding will cause more wear and tear to your pup's joints over time. Higher quality dog beds, like the Bark Memory Foam Dog Bed, are designed to support your dog's bones and joints while he sleeps comfortably.

Memory foam contours to your dog's body to relieve pressure from his bones and joints. Think about what happens to your body when you lie on a hard floor. You can feel pressure on certain areas of your body. After a while, these areas will become sore. You'll have to readjust to get comfortable again.

This is the same thing that happens to your dog when he tries to sleep on any type of substandard bedding material. Like you, your dog needs a good night's sleep to stay healthy. Just because it's soft or thick does not mean that dog bedding will properly support your pet's joints.

Bark! BedMemory foam bedding like Bark Bed prevents this and other related problems. Bedding made with poly-fill or a pile of old blankets is certainly better than nothing, but it's still not going to provide the comfort your dog needs.

Bark is best known for the BarkBox, one of the first dog subscription boxes on the market. Now, they're selling a lot of their products separately. They're also releasing some new products, like this memory foam dog bed, that are designed to make your pooch's life better.

Bark Memory Foam Dog Bed Review

Bark! Memory Foam Dog Bed ReviewMemory foam dog beds can prevent potential canine arthritis problems, or alleviate the pain if your dog already has arthritis. Studies have also shown that dogs quickly take a liking to comfortable beds and prefer their own bed for sleeping over dog crates, mats or other products.

The Bark Memory Foam Dog Bed is made with a combination of gel foam and ergonomic memory foam. The gel foam helps to keep your dog cool while he's sleeping, while the high density pressure relieving memory foam conforms to your dog's body to provide much needed support.

I like the step-on design. Some dogs prefer bolster sides or a much fluffier bed, but this style is ideal for older dogs, puppies and pets with mobility issues. The design is simple, and it's easy for a dog to step on and off the bed without having to climb over high sides.

This bed would make a great bed for crates or kennels. It's thin enough and should fit in most large crates/kennels. I use this bed as a crate pad when we travel with our dogs, and it's perfect!

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grips on the bottom of dog bed

The bed is available in 3 sizes:

  • Small – 16″W x 24″L x 3″H (recommended for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds)
  • Medium – 18″W x 29″L x 3″H (recommended for dogs weighing less than 45 pounds)
  • Large – 22″W x 35″L x 3″H (recommended for dogs weighing less than 65 pounds)
  • Extra Large – 29″W x 41″L x 4″H (for dogs weighing more than 65 pounds)

I only purchase dog beds with a removable cover. It's difficult to wash a dog bed if it's too big for the washing machine. This bed from Bark has a removable cover that is machine washable. It's made of waterproof fleece, which is great if your pup has occasional accidents.

In the photo above you can see the small rubber grips on the bottom of the bed. They prevent it from sliding around under your pet as he's stepping on and off. The grips work well on carpeting and linoleum, but it slides a little bit on hardwood floors.

You can purchase this bed on Amazon for $26.95-$$69.99, depending on the size you need. This is comparable in price to other similar beds made with similar quality materials. The bed also comes with a 1-year warranty, if you register it on the company's website.

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bark-memory-foam-dog-bed-reviewHigher quality dog beds, like the Bark! Memory Foam Dog Bed, are designed to support your dog's bones and joints while he sleeps comfortably.