If your dog travels with you often and spends a lot of time in the car, it is imperative to ensure his safety during car rides. Even if this is a rare occurrence, like going to the vet occasionally, one of the best ways to keep your pooch safe in a vehicle is with car ziplines for dogs.

What are Car Ziplines for Dogs, and Why Do You Need Them?

A car zipline for dogs is similar (but different) to car seat belts because it has the same purpose of keeping your pooch out of the front seat and strapped safely during the ride.

The difference between a dog car zipline and a dog car seatbelt lies in the fact that the zipline goes above the car seat and across the car, from one side to the other.

This allows your pooch to have a bit more freedom of movement while still being strapped.

In addition to the zipline itself, you will need a leash to attach it to the zipline. One end of the tether gets attached to the zipline, and the other end to your dog’s harness (avoid using a collar).

This way, your dog can move along the zipline in the back seat all across, but he still won’t be able to reach the front seat.

How do you choose good car ziplines for dogs?

When you're looking for a safe, secure car zipline for your pooch, you need to take a few factors into account:


Your dog’s safety is the primary reason for purchasing the zipline in the first place, so make sure that the zipline you choose is actually capable of restraining your dog’s movement and securing your pooch during the car ride.

At the same time, ensure that the zipline itself doesn't become a hazard – it must easily attach to the harness (not just the collar), and it needs to be short so as not to allow the dog to tangle himself in it.

Ease of Use

Ease of UseThink about the system that the zipline has for attaching it to your car or car's backseat. For example, some zip lines can be attached between two seatbelts, while other tethers require side ceiling handles or cargo tie-down brackets for an SUV or truck.

Some dog car ziplines can adjust to fit any vehicle size and attach to any two fixed points.

In addition to this, consider what is included in the offer. Some products include the zipline and the harness and tether straps that attach to the zip line.


Kurgo Auto Zipline for Dogs, Adjustable Dog Safety Belt Leash, Pet Seat Belt Tether, Reduce Distracted Driving, Includes Zip Line, Leash and Carabiner Clips, 6 feet

Durability is important in auto ziplines for two reasons. First, your dog's safety relies on the zipline being strong and durable. Second, the durability of the zipline you buy will also determine its longevity, obviously.

The auto zip line for dogs you choose must be strong enough to keep your pooch securely in place in case of an accident.

It should also be durable enough to withstand chewing and regular wear and tear.


Price should not be the most important factor in your decision since we're talking about your and your pet's safety here.

However, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore those price tags. Keep in mind that the cost of a dog car zipline may vary depending on the elements involved in the offer.

Prices are much higher, with a harness and leash included in the package.

Top 5 Best Car Ziplines for DogsThe 5 Best Car Ziplines for Dogs

1. Kurgo Automobile Zip-Line

Kurgo Dog Car Zipline is one of the most popular and best products you can find online. It is a zip line you can attach between any two fixed points in a vehicle, which means it is highly adjustable and fits cars of all sizes, SUVs, and trucks.

Kurgo Auto Zipline for Dogs, Adjustable Dog Safety...
1,091 Reviews
Kurgo Auto Zipline for Dogs, Adjustable Dog Safety...
  • Reduces Distracted Driving:...
  • Easy Installation – Dog...
  • What's Included - PackAge...
  • Recommended Use – Zipline...

This package includes a zipline, an adjustable tether or leash, and two carabiners for attaching the leash to the harness on one side and the zipline on the other.

The zipline is durable and suitable for dogs of almost any size.

This offer doesn’t include a leash, and if you don’t have one, it is best to combine it with Kurgo’s Tru-Fit Smart Harness.

PROS: Durable, Adjustable, Easy to Install, Tether Included

CONS: A Bit Expensive, Harness Not Included, Some Users Not Happy with Carabiners


2. PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline

This zip line comes with a straightforward design that ensures easy and quick installation in your car.

With this product, your dog will have enough room to move in the back seat without distracting you while you drive.

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline - Back Seat Leash,...
1,677 Reviews
PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline - Back Seat Leash,...
  • SIMPLICITY: The simple design...
  • SAFETY: The zipline keeps your...
  • SIZING: The zipline works with...
  • COMPATIBILITY: The zipline is...

You can adjust the zipline to fit most cars, SUVs, and trucks since it can be attached to any two fixed points in the car.

The zipline is made out of durable materials, mostly nylon, which should keep it safe from wear and tear for a long time.

Keep in mind that this product should be used with a harness, not a collar, to ensure your dog’s safety. However, it may take you a little while to tweak its length to make it fit the size of your car.

PROS: Affordable, Durable, Adjustable, Tether Included, Easy to Install

CONS: Takes a While to Adjust Length, Harness Not Included


3. Paws n Claws Truck Bed Dog Cross Tether

If you are looking strictly for a zipline for your truck, this is one of the best choices for you.

It is easy to attach to every truck bed's cargo tie-down brackets, and it can be slightly adjusted to fit various truck models.

Bushwhacker - Truck Bed Dog Cross Tether SUV UTV...
626 Reviews
Bushwhacker - Truck Bed Dog Cross Tether SUV UTV...
  • Attaches in seconds to the...
  • Fully adjustable insures...
  • Center tether strap is...
  • Heavy duty tubular webbing and...
  • When installed properly your...

You can also detach the center tether strap and use the tether as a short dog leash. The entire zipline is made from heavy-duty webbing and metal hardware, which means that it can easily restrain even the biggest dogs, up to 200 lbs.

You can even get a version with two leashes to restrain a couple of dogs at the same time.

Keep in mind that some customers complained that their dogs chew through the zipline, so this may not be the best choice for chewers.

PROS: Affordable, Easy to Install, Durable, Tether Included

CONS: Harness Not Included, Only Fits on Trucks, Not for Chewers


4. Brand – Good2Go Easy-Clip Seatbelt Extension for Dogs

The Good2Go Easy-Clip Seatbelt Extension for Dogs keeps your pup secured to their seatbelt. Attach to their harness to keep them comfortably in place.

No products found.

Easy-Clip Seatbelt Extension from Good2Go. This has a strong, durable, easy-release carabineer clasp.  It can also double as a short leash. 

Easy-clip offers two easy installation options for your pet's comfort.

PROS: Durable, Fits with any Harness, Fits in any car, Affordable

CONS:  Attaches to your car's seatbelts; doesn't allow the dog to move around much.  Does not come with a harness


5. Solvit PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Car Harness for Dogs

Keep your dog safe and secure on the go with the PetSafe Happy Ride Safety Harness. The safety harness is fully padded with a breathable mesh liner to keep your pet comfortable during travel.

The harness comes with one PetSafe Happy Ride Seat Belt Tether.

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Safety Harness for Cars -...
1,939 Reviews
PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Safety Harness for Cars -...
  • SAFELY SECURE: Proper fit is...

The certified crash-tested* safety harness easily attaches to your car’s seat belt with the tether with multiple attachment points.

Purchase additional seat belt tethers to keep in multiple cars to make it convenient no matter what vehicle you travel.

The harness also has a separate leash attachment to make it easy for you to walk your best friend.

PROS: Durable, Adjustable, Tether Included, Easy to Install

CONS:  Attaches to your car's seatbelts; Does not come with a zipline


Summary of Car Ziplines for Dogs

Auto ziplines for dogs are probably NOT the best choice when it comes to your dog’s car safety.

They provide better mobility for your pooch than ordinary dog seat belts, dog booster seats, and headrest restraint systems while keeping your dog away from the front seat.

They haven't been crash-tested and are conceptually flawed.

Alternatively, if there's no specific reason for you to buy a dog car zipline, you may instead choose a crash-tested dog harness that has been proven in tests to provide safety and security for the dog inside the vehicle, especially in case of an accident.

Other, still better, alternatives would be doggy car seats. Some of these have also been tested and proven to work.

The disadvantage of the alternative options is that they do not provide as much freedom to the dog in the backseat as zip lines do.

It's up to you to decide which is a better and more necessary option to go with.

Either way, when you purchase a car zipline for dogs, pay attention to the zipline's length, how adjustable it is, and the materials it is made from that indicate how durable it is.

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