Keep Your Dog in the Backseat With the Pet Net

Dogs can be a distraction in the car, but sometimes keeping them in the back seat can be a problem. Dog harnesses that attach to the seatbelts of your vehicle are great, but if you’re looking for another alternative, pet barriers will do the job just as well. There are a lot of great pet barriers on the market, but take it from someone that has done a lot of shopping around, most of them are very expensive. Some of them even attach to your vehicle with hardware so you can’t easily move them from one vehicle to another.

The Pet Net is a much easier alternative, and that’s why I am intrigued by it. It looks so much simpler than any other similar product I have seen and it is much less expensive. I love that these are designed to fit virtually any vehicle as well. You won’t have to buy multiple products for all your vehicles or worry about having to buy a new barrier if you buy a new car. The Pet Net will work in almost any car, truck, SUV, or van.

The original Pet Net (shown in this video) is great, but the company also makes a newly redesigned model called the Pet Net Plus that is even simpler to install than the original. You have to have attachment points in just the right place to install the original. Also, in some vehicles the attachment points are low and that leaves a bit of a gap between the pet barrier and the roof of the vehicle. Motivated dogs may be tempted to try and squeeze through that gap.

The Pet Net Plus was specifically designed to address both of these problems. It is equipped with self-supporting framework and only needs headrests to be installed. The original Pet Net comes in just two sizes. The standard size is for cars and smaller SUVs and the large size is for larger SUVs and crossovers, vans and trucks. The Pet Net Plus is available in six sizes so you’d have to measure and see which size would be right for your car, truck, or SUV.

One thing I love is that both sizes of the original Pet Net are only $29.99 and all six sizes of the Pet Net Plus are only $37.99. I have large breed dogs and typically the larger the dog product that you need the higher the price. I understand that it takes more material and time to make larger products, but it is still frustrating to me. It’s nice to see a company that understands that frustration.

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