Best Automatic Dog Door Reviews for Pets

Many of us dog owners have an “open door policy” in our homes.

Other pet owners choose to “screen” which four-legged pals come in and out of the house.

Having a reliable set of automatic dog doors installed in your house can help with security, safety, convenience and this type of “screening of pets.”

Electronic pet doors are becoming more popular as their technology improves.

There's still plenty of room for adjusting certain brands to be much better at what they do.

However, some expensive automatic dog doors have already done it, which is why they come at a much higher price. Below are five of our favorite best automatic dog door brands.

The 5 Best Electronic Dog Door Choices

1Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door by Solo Pet Door

First one on our list of best automatic dog door is made by a lesser-known yet still a popular company, Solo Pet Doors.

If you’re looking for an electronic dog door made in the USA, this one is a great find.

Solo Pet Door is fully automatic and made of durable materials.

Pets will enjoy their freedom in getting in and out of the door while you control the program through the settings.

Magnetized pet tags activate the door to open it, while gravity closes it down slowly.

When this electric dog door is closed, it locks securely.

There are ten sizes available and two installation options to choose from – either wall or door install.

Purchase is covered by a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, which has given this electronic pet door a boost in our ranking system and put it as the absolute best automatic dog door on the list.

Based on multiple electric dog door reviews above, many dog owners have used this doggy door for 7 years; others have bought another one for a new house.

These are testaments to the reliability of the Solo Pet Door.

The features that made loyal users and repeat buyers of this product are the simplicity and dependability of the door.

The material could withstand the elements, even in hot climates. There is no security issue since it locks as soon as it shuts completely.

Installing this electric dog door is easy, and parts last long before replacement becomes necessary.

Fixing the tags only requires magnets.

An important note on Solo Pet Door Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door that has been left out in the description and dog door installation instructions for this electronic pet door is that electromagnetic signals in a room could affect its performance.

Some pet parents found that out the hard way – the electric dog door is sensitive to other appliances or equipment emitting electromagnetic signals, which makes it perform erratically.


  • USA made
  • Very high quality, durable
  • Secure and pet-safe lock
  • Free pet tag sensor
  • 10 different sizes

  • Expensive
  • Sensitive to other signals

2Power Pet Electronic Dog Door
by High Tech Pet

collar activated dog door

The second item on our list of best automatic dog doors comes from an established electronic dog door manufacturer, High Tech Pet.

This automatic dog door is made of military-grade resin engineered to resist gunshots or force and to withstand heat, cold, or wind.

The stylishly designed panel door opens by sliding vertically with the use of a high-tech motorized opening-and-locking mechanism.

The system of this collar-activated dog door allows access to be set in four modes. It is activated by a coded signal from the transmitter collar worn by the pet.

The door measures 12 ¼ inches by 16 inches and operates on 110V AC power.

An AC adapter is provided, and there are options for battery backup or full battery operation.

If you look at the above automatic dog door reviews, according to most dog owners who purchased this product, the electric dog door has been very efficient in keeping other animals out of the house.

It proved to be a nifty solution for letting pets out when they need to go without dragging sleepy pet owners out of bed, which is why it's the best automatic dog door on the list.

Dogs and cats had no issues getting used to the pet door, either.

However, the collar adapter of High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door was often too big, and pet parents wished that a micro version could be produced in the future.

Most customers were not impressed with the construction and quality of materials and parts.

Within the first year, the door required replacement parts, such as the motor, sensor, and the circuit board.

These additional replacement and repair costs add up to the purchase price of this large dog door, and customers now think that it may not be a cost-effective solution after all.


  • Directional Sensing System
  • Plenty of modern, automatic features
  • Popular electronic dog door on Amazon
  • Wind- and weather-proof

  • Not very cost-effective
  • Requires maintenance
  • Part quality issues

3SureFlap Microchip Automatic Dog Door
by SureFlap

SureFlap Automatic Dog Door

Third item for those looking for the best automatic dog door that's affordable is made by SureFlap, and yes – it's an automatic dog flap door!

This 7-inch x 6.69-inch flap-size electronic pet door will perfectly fit dogs and cats with a shoulder width of 6.5 inches and a waistline of 20.25 inches maximum.

Pets access entry by their existing microchip ID or a collar tag with RFID.

The well-known SureFlap Pet Door can store 32 pet IDs, so this is ideal for households with multiple pets where owners need both dog and cat doors.

This third-best automatic dog door mechanism runs on 4 C-cell batteries, which can last up to approximately one year before replacement is needed.

Purchase of this door includes 1 RFID tag.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect Without Hub -...
424 Reviews
SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect Without Hub -...
  • Smart app-controlled microchip...
  • SureFlap Hub required (sold...
  • Lock/unlock the pet door...
  • Monitor your pet's long-term...
  • Door opening 6 11/16" W x 7"...

Reading the automatic dog door reviews from the above link, it's clear that pet parents were delighted to finally find an electric pet door that could be smart about choosing which dog or cat gets into their homes – with 32-ID memory storage, multiple pets shouldn’t be a problem.

Special ID tags were not a problem anymore, since the sensor recognizes the existing microchips of the pets and their formats.

Dog owners who have used other electronic dog doors before think that this is more convenient than collar ID tags or chips that could get lost or damaged, which easily puts this as the third best automatic dog door that also works for cats.

This electronic pet door keeps intruders out and makes things simple.

The door has a limitation, though. Pet owners who needed to restrict the goings-out of their pets found out that SureFlap Microchip Pet Door can’t do that.

It was designed to keep unauthorized pets from coming in, but all pets and critters can get out as they wish.

The different modes provided for curfew modes and locking preferences, but none could control the manner of pets getting out of the door.

This feature doesn’t bother most pet parents, though, as it has been the perfect fit for their requirements.


  • Smart, convenient chip technology
  • Compatible with all microchips
  • Works with RFID collar tags
  • Locking timing and presets

  • Restrictions with going-outs

4PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor for Dogs
by PetSafe

PetSafe Electronic Dog Door

The fourth one of the best automatic dog door we've taken a look at is made by the most well-known company on this list, PetSafe.

Quite large at flap opening of approximately 13.06 inches by15.75 inches, this electronic pet door is designed for large dogs and cats weighing up to 100 pounds.

The flap is made of high-quality and insulated material – hard plastic, not flexible.

The RF-technology mechanism in fourth best automatic dog door runs on 4 D-cell batteries, and it works in three modes.

It is activated by a battery-powered Smartkey worn by the dog or cat – a maximum of 5 pet IDs can be programmed.

An automatic access-and-lock feature secures homes while making life more convenient for pets.

PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door - Automatic...
4,286 Reviews
PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door - Automatic...
  • PEACE OF MIND: The Electronic...
  • MULTIPLE PETS: Great for...
  • DOOR INSTALLATION: Designed...

The improvement in the new version was immediately noticed by dog owners who bought both versions, and they were quick to commend the revisions – frosted flap over the clear one, and flush dial for adjusting range over a knob.

This can be read from multiple electronic dog door reviews above.

Pet parents observed that this electric door for pets works much better at the opening and locking the flap than its predecessor, which had jamming issues.

Pets found it easy to adjust to the door, and it is quiet and nice-looking.

During repairs or the waiting period for replacement parts to arrive, the normally automatic door for dogs and cats could still be used as a non-electronic door – but without the security offered by automatic locks.

Installing an automatic pet door was generally easy, especially for avid DIYers, but fixing and rewiring took a few stars away from this product.

Customers who took the initiative of disassembling the PetSafe SmartDoor and studying its mechanism found that a few tweaks could make the thing work flawlessly.

A product that could be more forgiving to customers who are not as mechanically-minded must be the goal of any revision or redesigning of this door.


  • Affordable
  • SmartKey Technology
  • Strong, durable and insulated
  • Great customer service

  • Requires a few tweaks
  • Issues with installing

5Flap Plastic Medium Electric Pet Door
by Ideal Pet Products

Finally, the last one of the best automatic dog doors is coming from another Amazon famous company, Ideal Pet Products.

Made of sturdy frame and weatherproof lexan flap, this electronic pet door is perfect for puppies, cats and other small pets weighing up to 25 pounds.

The opening of 7 inches by 9 inches is too small to cause security concerns, such as intruders getting in the house through pet doors.

Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Plastic Medium...
72 Reviews
Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Plastic Medium...
  • Selective entry keeps unwanted...
  • Transparent, unbreakable LEXAN...
  • Weatherproof design for...
  • Perfect for cats (and small...
  • Need Assistance? E-mail Ideal...

The electronic mechanism of this fifth best automatic dog door offers added control for selective entry of pets. There are four modes or settings for operating the electronic pet door, and a 9-V battery is included in the purchase.

According to some pet owners from the above electric dog door reviews, this e-door for pets proved to be the solution to keeping stray cats off their homes.

It is well-designed and solidly made, too. The prompt action by the manufacturer to address concerns and replacement issues was appreciated by customers.

The 9-V battery that came with the package of Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Plastic Medium Electric Pet Door seemed very economical.

In an array of electronic pet doors, this product also comes out as one of the cheaper types.

It could be a major weakness in the design, or some cats and raccoons are simply smarter than others of their kind, but there were reported break-ins through this automatic pet door.

Raccoons and cats could lift the flap and claw their way through the door and into the house.

The magnet that bears the ID of the cat also picks up small metal pieces, even nails, which may hurt tiny pets.

Customers find this annoying and suggest improvements in this area for future revisions.


  • Cheap
  • Transparent and strong flap
  • Weatherproof and sturdy
  • Perfect for puppies, cats, small pets

  • Not very secure
  • Low quality parts
  • Unreliable magnet

The Best Electronic Dog Doors Summary

Now that we've laid out some options for you, you'll be able to buy whichever electronic dog door fits your needs.

The old days of dog door flaps are over.

I do not live on a plot of fenced-in land, so an automatic dog door does not work for me.

That's where Samantha came in. Samantha Randall is our YouTuber and vets these products herself if you want to check her out on our channel here.

Disclosure: We may earn affiliate commissions at no cost to you from the links on this page. This did not affect our assessment of products. Read more here and find full disclosure here.

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