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Grooming your dog yourself instead of going to a salon can save you a lot of money. Bathing is one grooming task that many dog owners won't mind tackling on their own, and with a cheap dog grooming tub for home this will be even easier and quicker.

You may choose to bathe your pet in your bathtub but it often creates a mess. You can choose to wash a dog outside with a garden hose, but it can be tough to do on your own. Dogs can be fussy and don't typically like to stand and let you spray them with water without putting up a fight.

A dog grooming tub for home will confine your pup and allow you to wash them properly without having to fight the dog to stay still. It will also lift your dog up off the ground, saving you a back ache later. These inexpensive dog tub options offer the same benefit that professional groomers have, but for much cheaper.

Top 5 Cheap Dog Grooming Tubs for Home

1Flying Pig Pet Dog Grooming Portable Bath Tub

Pets and pet owners alike will surely love this new product from Flying Pig Grooming. This plastic tub makes for stress-free bathing and grooming activities for pets. It is a compact and standalone tub measuring 37.25-inches long, 19.25-inches wide and 35.25-inches deep. It stands on four strong legs equipped with adjustable levelers for irregular floors, and is directly attached to a drain hose for easy draining.

Flying Pig™ Pet Dog Cat Portable Bath Tub...
1,855 Reviews
Flying Pig™ Pet Dog Cat Portable Bath Tub...
  • Flying Pig Grooming perfect...
  • Whole unit size: 37.5"L x...
  • Basin is made of heavy duty...
  • 360 degree access and leveler...
  • Light weight and Portable....

The tub’s perfect height keeps groomers from bending and is a lot of help to prevent back pains. The 360-degree access allows bathing pets from any angle. Customers like that this grooming tub is lightweight and highly portable. It can be easily stashed away in storage. On the other hand, it can be placed in a corner in plain view because it looks good in its white and clean appearance.

Pet owners found the Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub to be extremely well-made and of superior quality. They particularly took notice of the depth and huge grooming space that the tub provides. Grooming pets has never been easier, and this best cheap dog grooming tub for home will help you get the job done.

Some buyers of this product, however, had difficulty assembling the legs and installing the drain to fit the drain hole. The product manual could definitely benefit from a little rewriting, especially the directions for assembling. Overall, the tub was admired for its design and materials, which is ideal for small- to medium-sized pets weighing up to 150 pounds.


  • Standalone tub allowing 360-degree access
  • Equipped with adjustable levelers for irregular floors
  • Equipped with drain hose
  • Lightweight and easily portable

  • This cheap dog grooming tub for home was a little difficult to assemble


2Booster Bath New Booster Bath Kit for Dogs, Mini

This Booster Bath product is designed for dogs such as Scottish terriers, cocker spaniels, pomeranians, beagles and other small dog breeds. This tub has a weight capacity of 75 pounds and provides a space 33 inches long, 16 and ¾ inches wide and 10 inches deep. Sturdy, thick legs are planted on the floor on an area of 42 inches by 27 inches, creating a wider base for stability. The tub is 23 inches off the floor when assembled.

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Medium
1,221 Reviews
Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Medium
  • 360 degrees access for easy...
  • Drain hose allows you to...
  • Single Piece Construction
  • Made in the USA
  • One Year Warranty.

An innovative two-piece quick-snap feature makes for fast and easy assembly. Attached harnesses hold overly active pets in place while they are being bathed. The tub and legs are made of ¼-inch thick, 100% virgin UV-stabilized polypropylene. The product carries a limited 5-year warranty.

Pet owners who once hated what used to be messy grooming sessions with their pets now simply love the task. With this tub, bathing dogs has become a lot easier and includes a lot less mess. The drain hose directs waste water instead of just splashing it around the tub. This tub is undoubtedly one of the best cheap dog grooming tub for home if you want to have a systematic way of giving your dog a good scrubbing on a  regular basis.

Users noted that the Booster Bath New Booster Bath Kit for Dogs, Mini is appropriate for home-use only, and for pet sizes within the range specified. For bigger sized dogs, the tub’s sides should be higher. The harnesses, too, must be a bit shorter to prevent dogs from going backwards. In general, this is an awesome tub that looks nice, too. At the price this tub is being offered, it certainly qualifies for a spot on our list as the best cheap dog grooming tub for home that offers both convenience and functionality.


  • Standalone tub allowing 360-degree access
  • Equipped with drain hose
  • Quick-snap feature makes for easy and fast assembly
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

  • Must stick to recommended size specified as the sides and harness will not secure a larger dog


3Mustee 28CF Big Tub Utilatub Combo Utility Tub

This is one huge and sturdy utility tub molded into a single piece and made of impact-resistant polypropylene. The material is resistant to rust, molds and stains. This 28-cubic foot and 24” x 40” unit by Mustee is supported by heavy-gauge steel legs with adjustable levelers. It has an integrated leak-proof drain, a swivel faucet with a 24-inch long pull-out nozzle and lever handles, and a back shelf.

Mustee 17F Utilatub Laundry Tub Floor Mount,...
92 Reviews
Mustee 17F Utilatub Laundry Tub Floor Mount,...
  • Produced with Durastone -...
  • Built-in scrub board, angled...
  • 19 Gallon capacity, extra deep...
  • Leakproof, integrally...
  • Includes heavy gauge steel...

Customers were very happy to find that this worked for their dog grooming needs and an assortment of other washing requirements, as well. The high-utility tub soon served as their all-around outdoor sink. Because of the no-nonsense design and significant size, the tub proved to be both versatile and convenient to use.

Dog owners who purchased this tub highly recommend it to anyone looking for spacious and efficient utility tubs. Though happy with their purchase, a few buyers recommend buying the Mustee 28CF Big Tub Utilatub Combo Utility Tub without the faucet assembly which they found to be flimsy and weak. In sum, buyers find the tub to be a must-have for any dog owner with larger size pets.

The main plus points are the sink’s sturdiness and durability, its strong heavy-gauge steel legs which don’t bend or flex and its multipurpose utility. This unit may cost you a bit more than most average or small-sized tubs, but that is easily outweighed by its size and quality. This is truly worth the investment.


  • Made of impact-resistant polypropylene, which is resistant to rust, molds and stains
  • Equipped with heavy-gauge steel legs with adjustable levelers
  • Many consumers were pleased with its multi-purpose use

  • We recommend buying without the facility assembly, as they find it flimsy and weak


4Master Equipment Bathe & Go Dog Groomer’s Tub

Here’s another one of those larger-than-usual tubs that are economical for home or professional pet grooming use. Built for durability, this dog tub from Master Equipment is constructed of heavy 16- and 19-gauge zinc- and powder-reinforced steel, with a rust-free stainless steel bottom panel that can withstand everyday use. The basin has a dimension of 48″ x 24½” x 56″. It is available in colors of blue, silver, and purple.

Master Equipment Bathe & Go Dog Groomer’s Tub,...
32 Reviews
Master Equipment Bathe & Go Dog Groomer’s Tub,...
  • Simplifies Bathing –...
  • Made for Quality –...
  • Convenient Design – Makes...
  • Includes Extras – Master...
  • Great for Small and Medium...

The tub features the following: three 1-inch diameter holes for plumbing hookups, four U-shaped restraining bolts to hold a grooming loop, 3¼ -inch pre-drilled drain, high-quality sealant and free shampoo holder and tub rack. The faucet and other plumbing equipment are sold separately.

Buyers who bought this from Amazon agree that this is the best cheap dog grooming tub for home for the price. Their orders were also promptly delivered. Assembly was rather easy, and they were pleased with the Master Equipment Everyday Pro Tub For Pets's sturdiness and awesome features, which includes some freebies, such as the caulk and caulking gun. These bonus features are what earned this product a spot on our list of the best cheap dog grooming tub for home use.

They could only wish that the bottom panel had a bit of a slope toward the drain hole to drain off water completely after each use. Some customers who have bought and used this product for almost a year were disappointed that the bottom of the sink started to leak and rust. They don’t deny though that they enjoyed the tub’s usefulness during the whole time. A slight slope towards the drain could be introduced in future versions. This will not only make draining quicker, it will also reduce premature rusting.


  • Equipped with a rust-free stainless steel bottom panel
  • Available in silver, blue or purple
  • Purchase includes free high-quality sealant, shampoo holder and tub rack

  • The bottom panel is not sloped toward the drain, which results in a bit of standing water left in the tub after use
  • Because of this standing water we noticed that the bottom panel of the tub began to rust


5SHELANDY 40″ Pet Bathtub – Dog Cat Grooming Bathing and Shower

This tub bottom is fully solid with a flat base, and your woofer will be safe and secure as you wash him. The tub wall is constructed from durable PVC Polymer, which is scratch-proof and slip-resistant.

SHELANDY 40" Pet Bathtub | Dog Cat Grooming...
  • ✔Give a bath or shower to...
  • ✔Stable bathing tub with...
  • ✔Made by PVC Polymer...
  • ✔Comes with long drain hose;...
  • ✔Whole item size: L 40" * W...

The built-in grooming arm and leashes hold your dog securely in place, enabling you to position him and keep both hands free of washing, rinsing, and grooming him.

Its drain hose is 6 feet in length, so it's the best choice if you'd prefer to wash Fido in the garden or wherever you feel comfortable washing him, in whichever room of your home is most practical for you. The tub comes complete with a long drain hose, so it's easy for you to empty it out once you've finished washing.


  • Stable bathing tub with solid bottom
  • Made of PVC Polymer material, scratch-resistant, waterproof and anti-skid
  • Comes with a long drain hose
  • Fits all small and medium breeds

  • Item is not easy to fold; requires you to remove several screws before allowing you to fold

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5 Top Rated Cheap Dog Grooming Tubs for Home

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