Best Cooling Vests for Dogs

When the weather gets hot, pet owners must seek ways to keep their dogs cool. If your pet is lucky enough to spend days lounging in an air conditioned home, you may think they have no need for the best cooling vest for dogs. However, even these pampered pooches will be out in the brutal sun from time to time.

The Importance of Cooling Down Dogs

It may be surprising to some, but even though dogs can handle summer's heat, it doesn't mean that they should, nor is it good for them. Heat strokes, exhaustion, dehydration and general overheating can become serious health problems. It is one of the most common issues (PDF) seen by veterinarians in the summer months, and it's also one of the most easily preventable problems for pet owners.

Heatstroke and heat exhaustion is not only uncomfortable for dogs, but can even be deadly. Studies show how dangerous heat strokes are for dogs, and veterinarians further confirm the importance for pet parents to take certain precautions during summers, using best cooling vets for dogs, sun protection, hosing down dogs with water, and providing shade.

Dogs don’t sweat like we do, so it’s harder for them to cool off while in a car parked in the hot sun. They pant excessively when they are exposed to hot climates and being in an enclosed space (even with the windows rolled down) can launch them into a nasty heat stroke in a matter of minutes.” – Carrington College

There are several ways to cool down a dog when the temperature gets too hot, but unfortunately when out and about walking with your companion, or especially taking longer trips to hike or camp, those stationary options like pools or hoses are unavailable. Using the best cooling vest for dogs may be the one and only way. Below we've picked the most effective dog cooling vests that last the longest:

Other Ways to Cool Down a Dog in Summer

Getting your dog into a doggy pool, showering him with water, installing a misting system, getting some type of shade or cooling mat for those outdoors, or providing your pooch with one of the best cooling vest for dogs are just some of the options to cool down your pet and prevent potentially serious health issues.

The importance of best cooling vest for dogsCooling bandannas for dogs such as this, or dog cooling collars like this one are a great way to start and prevent your pooch from heatstroke or other hot summer dangers. However, they do not compare to the cooling effects of the best cooling vest for dogs that cools the whole body of the dog for a prolonged period.

Homeowners with backyards who'd like to give their dogs relief from summer heat may look into backyard misting cooling systems that are safe for pets – much better and more fun than a simple hose. And if you're traveling in a car with your dog in summer, you may also want to consider installing a dog-friendly car cooling fan for an extra level of ventilation and protection against heatstroke for your dog in the vehicle.

The below list of best dog cooling vest reviews has top five picks for owners looking to purchase the most cost-effective option. Our top pick of the best cooling vest for dogs should fit most pet parents and their canines. However, if this doesn't fall within your price range or requirements, I recommend scrolling down for more alternative options of best cooling vest for dogs and clicking on the product for further details.

The Best Cooling Vest for Dogs Choices

1Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest

This light colored vest keeps dogs cool through both evaporation (due to its wicking outer layer) and heat reflection. It has an absorbent middle layer that stores water, and an inner layer that transfers a cooling effect to the dog. Because of the side buckles on this best cooling vest for dogs from Ruffwear, it is easy to put on and remove.

Ruffwear, Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest, Compatible with Harnesses, Graphite Gray, Medium

To use this vest, the pet owner simply soaks it in cold water, wrings it out, and fastens it around his dog. If the dog starts to get overheated, simply add more water to “recharge” the cooling action. We love that we can now walk our dog in the hottest months of the year without worrying about them becoming overheated.

Dogs that constantly needed breaks to regulate their body temperatures before are now able to stay active for longer periods of time. Those who have tried other cooling vests say that the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest for Dogs stays wet and cold longer than any other.

We had a few small negative comments about this product. We wish the vest was a darker color, so it would show less stains; however, darker fabric may actually make a dog hotter. The vest dried out a little too quickly as well, but mostly we were extremely happy with the performance of this vest and wish we had found it years ago.


  • Cools dogs through evaporation and heat reflection
  • Side buckles allow it to be easily put on and removed
  • Simply add more water to “recharge” cooling effect

  • This vest dries out much faster than they expected


2BINGPET Swamp Cooler Vest

This vest from BINGPET is made from high quality PVA and air mesh panels. It is lightweight, breathable and soft. It has reflectors for added safety when walking at night, and it uses evaporation and reflection to keep dogs cool in the hottest months of the year.

Dog Cooling Jacket Evaporative Swamp Cooler Vest...
54 Reviews
Dog Cooling Jacket Evaporative Swamp Cooler Vest...
  • Size:XXL fits a girth size...
  • Material:shell,100%...
  • Safe: Reflective strap and the...
  • Comfortable: The buckle help...
  • Technology:Keeps your pet cool...

The company suggests taking a bottle of water to spray on the vest when going on long walks for added coolness. This cooling jacket is available in multiple sizes and colors, so be sure to follow sizing guidelines closely when ordering. We are very happy with the quality of this product and the fact that it seems to keep our dog cool and happy, no matter how high the temperature rises.

Thanks to this second top rated dog cooling vest, dogs that normally overheat after a short amount of time in the sun are able to run around comfortably and without frequent breaks. The bright color of the BINGPET Swamp Cooler Vest makes dogs easy to spot, which many pet owners are grateful for when hunting or on large areas of land.

There are currently no negative reviews on this product, but some customers do say it tends to run large. One customer mentioned that the chest straps tend to loosen over time, so pet owners may want to check and tighten them periodically to ensure the vest is secure.


  • Made from high quality PVA and air mesh panels
  • Cools dogs through evaporation and heat reflection
  • Lightweight, breathable and soft
  • Has reflectors for added safety when walking at night

  • Size runs large
  • The chest strap loosens by itself over time


3Hurtta Motivation Cooler Vest

The Hurtta Motivation Cooling Vest is a great way to keep your dog cool and comfortable in the heat. Simply dip this best cooling vest for dogs in cold water, wring it out and zip it on your dog! It is available in a nice blue or lilac color, as well as multiple size.

Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest, Blue, M
387 Reviews
Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest, Blue, M
  • Provides dog with a feeling of...
  • Protects and cools the heart...
  • Ideal for walks, training...
  • Twice the absorption capacity...
  • Sizes XXS to S have attachment...

Some variations of this best dog cooling vest are equipped with a fastener for a leash. All options are lightweight, even when damp. As the vest dries, the color changes, which makes it easy to tell when to add more water.

Most customers are happy with the quality of the Hurtta Motivation Cooling Vest and claim it keeps their dog(s) cool, looks nice and fits great. Once the vest dries out, pet owners can simply run water over it (either iced water from a bottle or water from a hose) for additional cooling time. Customers say it is easy to put on by sliding the arms through and zipping the back. The smaller sizes work double duty as a harness, which comes in handy for walks.

Some say that it does not last as long as they would hope, but the same customers also mention that their dog tends to overheat easily. For the most part, customers are extremely happy with this product. Be careful to use the detailed sizing chart to ensure you are ordering the right size!


  • Easy to put on your dog thanks to zip up design
  • Available in two colors and many different sizes
  • As it dries the color changes, making it easy to see when more water needs to be added

  • Must use detailed sizing chart to ensure proper fit, as we received the wrong size
  • The vest dried out more quickly than they anticipated


4Frontpet Cooling Vest

Providing 3-4 hours of cooling at a time and the ability to refresh with nothing more than a cool bottle of water, this best cooling vest for dogs proves to be a great option for long days in the summer heat. This vest from Frontpet is said to be comfortable and allow for full range of motion when wet. It is lightweight to keep from weighing your dog down.

Once the vest starts to dry, pet owners should be sure to re-soak it immediately to keep their pets cool and comfortable. As the vest dries, it feels similar to stiff cardboard. Dogs seem to be comfortable in this lightweight vest, and they are able to run around without feeling constricted due to its flexibility.

Pet owners feel at ease taking their dog(s) out in the summer heat thanks to the cooling effect the Frontpet Dog Cooling Vest offers. One “dog mom” even mentioned her dogs won’t go outside without this vest on anymore! Although some dogs take time to get used to the vest, they tend to love it once they realize how much better they feel when wearing it!

The only negative reviews of this product to date are due to sizing issues and not the effectiveness of the product. Overall, customers were very satisfied with their purchase and claim that the product works as advertised.


  • Provides 3-4 hours of cooling at a time
  • Comfortable and allows for full range of motion
  • Lightweight

  • When dry it feels similar to stiff cardboard
  • Be sure to measure correctly, as numerous pet owners received the wrong size due to improper measuring


5HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Coat

This vest has one of the longest cooling times of any of the best dog cooling vest products currently available. At anywhere between five and 10 hours without rewetting, this vest from HyperKewl is unbeatable! It is available in multiple sizes and in two different colors (blue or silver).

HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat, Medium,...
121 Reviews
HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat, Medium,...
  • Quality and performance driven...
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Provide a better quality of...

Even though the cooling effects of the vest require a soak in water, dogs stay dry while wearing it. Pet owners and their dogs are both very satisfied with the effectiveness of this product. Long walks and spending time outdoors in the middle of summer is no longer an issue for dogs who tend to get overheated in the hot summer sun.

Customers attest to the longer cooling time of the HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat and feel confident that their dogs are able to stay cooler for longer. Some customers complain that this best cooling vest for dogs does not stay in place when worn by active dogs, although many people did not have this issue.

Those who don't have a dog cooling coat and who do have a problem with the placement claim that the vest tends to turn to the side and not stay properly on their dog’s back. This vest also may feel heavy when wet, so if your dog is old or weak, you may want to look for other options!


  • Provides between 5-10 hours of cooling at a time
  • Available in two colors and multiple sizes
  • Although the vest must be wet to be effective, your dog will stay dry while wearing it

  • The vest doesn't stay in place properly
  • Feels heavy when wet, making it a poor choice for weak or older dogs


The above list was researched to pick the best cooling vest for dogs for pet parents worried about summer's heat. Having your dog wear one of the best dog cooling vests can prevent heatstroke and heat exhaustion. However, not everybody will find what they're looking for among those top five picks. With that in mind, I have found a few alternative options to my pick of best cooling vest for dogs. They aren't as good of a quality, but some of them may be cheaper yet still do the job.

6. TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Coat

TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat, Medium/Large, Blue

This is one of the most expensive dog cooling vests out there, but it's been designed primarily for large dogs (though you can find smaller sizes now). It's manually activated to provide 2 to 3 periods of cooling for the dog, and it's one of the better options for particularly humid environment.

7. Cool K-9 Evaporative Cooling Vest

Moderately priced, this is one of the more suitable alternatives to the above mentioned top rated best cooling vest for dogs of either brand. It will fit all medium breed dogs of 30lbs to 60lbs and approximately 22″ – 31″ chest size measurement.

8. ZippyPaws Adventure Cooling Vest

Adventure Cooling Vest - Teal - S

One of the cheapest dog cooling vests out there, it's best used in extra warm environments rather than very hot temperatures (anything below 90 degrees). It's not as effective as other mentioned best dog cooling vests above, but for the price it's a good option for specific scenarios, and it's also made with high visibility material, making it a good option for hunters or hiking.

9. PupPal Pet Cooling Vest

A very popular dog cooling vest from PupPal, this one has been relatively well-rated by pet owners who've tested it over the last few years in summer heat and had positive experience. With a moderate price tag, several hours of cooling and easy use, it's a great alternative to the above mentioned top rated best cooling vest for dogs from brands like Ruffwear.

10. Canine Equipment Ultimate Cooling Coat

This is a new design of cooling vest inspired by a few of the above top rated brands, but more affordable. It's extra lightweight which means it won't weigh down your dog but also won't provide as much cooling as some heavier coats. It's great for short walks or moderately hot weather.

11. Hugs Pet Products Chilly Cooling Vest

An average type of cooling vest for dogs, it's a decent alternative if none of the above cooling coats are a good fit for your pooch. The company only has one size for medium dogs, and while it does provide a good amount of cooling, the fit isn't very snug but rather loose.

12. Kong License Cooling Coat

A decent alternative to the best cooling vest for dogs mentioned above, this one comes from one of the most popular dog supplies companies, KONG. It's moderately priced, lightweight and a good option for weather that's not extremely hot. Unfortunately, it's often unavailable for purchase and there's only a very limited size options.

13. Kumfy Tailz Cooling Harness

The last of the alternative options to the best cooling vest for dogs mentioned above is this affordable harness that's been very popular among pet owners over the last two summers. It offers average cooling effect which is good for moderate heat, the company has several size options and most pet owners reported a good fit.

14. Guardian Gear Cool Pup Cooling Harness

Designed more as a dog harness rather than a dog cooling vest, it's made of material to provide some relief from heat and keep dogs cool-er in hot weather. It's a proper dog cooling vest per se and should not be used in extremely hot weather.

15. The Cooling Harness

Another cooling harness for dogs, a much cheaper option but the quality clearly suffers. Many have reported faults with the size as well as the cooling effect of this cooling harness. It's not a very good alternative to any of the above mentioned best cooling vest for dogs brand unless you can't find a proper fit among any of those.

Now it's your turn to pitch in! Have you and your Fido tried any of these dog cooling vests? How did your dog react to it, and were you able to cool off your pet with this product? Please share your observations in the comments below!

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