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Part of the agility training equipment, a dog agility jump is among the most fun ways to exercise your pooch, as well as to train him/her for obedience or to just have fun in the backyard. These dog jumps can come in various shapes and sizes, depending on what your dog’s breed is and what his or her needs are.

Same as with dog tunnels, there are certain competitive standards set by various organizations which you’ll have to comply with if you want to train your dog for official competitions. However, if you just want to exercise, train, and have fun with your pup, any type of dog agility jump can do the trick as long as it’s of a high enough quality.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the higher quality dog agility jumps available, some of which correspond to the AKC and NADAC competitive standards, while others are meant just for casual fun, exercise and dog training.

What's a dog agility jump

What are Dog Agility Jumps?

Dog agility jumps are what we call the standard horizontal rods in obstacle courses that dogs and pets are meant to jump over. Such agility jumps are an excellent way to exercise your canine because the whole activity involves a lot of running from one agility jump to the next, as well as the act of jumping itself. They also make for good training tools as they present the dogs with clear-cut challenges to overcome at your command.

Of course, anything that can be jumped over can be called “a dog jump” but actual commercial jumps have the advantage of being carefully designed for the dog’s needs. Standard competitive dog jump sets should correspond to the equipment specifications of the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC). Other agility jump exercise toys and tools can be whatever size and design you prefer, and should be much more focused on durability, ease of assembly, and portability.

A good agility jump should be adjustable in height, should be wide enough to jump through comfortably, it should be lightweight and detachable so your dog doesn’t get hurt upon impact, and it should also be easy to assemble and to move around.

Here are some of the best dog agility jumps currently available:

Why You Might Need a Dog Agility Jump?

There are several basic and pretty straight-forward purposes that dog agility jumps can serve:

  • To train your dog for competitive obstacle courses.
  • To help your dog lose weight or maintain his/her physique.
  • For obedience training.
  • Just for fun.

The vast majority of dog breeds can greatly benefit from dog agility jumps. Only breeds that are prone to joint pain should be exercised with some care but even most of them can train on agility jumps, as long as the height isn’t too extreme and they are generally healthy.

How to Use These Dog Jumps Effectively?

Depending on what you need the pet agility jumps for, there are different things you should do. If you intend to train your pooch for competitions, you will need to follow the official instructions and specifications that said competitions have established.

If, however, you simply intend to use your dog’s agility jumps for exercise, training, and playtime, all you’ll need to do is keep the basic safety guidelines in mind:

  • The horizontal jump rods should be lightweight and detachable so your dog doesn’t hurt him-/herself.
  • The jumps should be wide enough for your dog to jump through comfortably.
  • The height should be set accordingly so that it’s challenging but not too challenging.
  • Be mindful that if your dog is prone to joint pain, high jumps can be problematic. Instead, focus on low jumps for general exercise only.
  • If you’ve bought several jumps you can arrange them in complex agility courses with different routes and heights.
  • If you’re using the agility jumps for obedience training remember not to push your dog too hard and to reward him/her frequently.
  • Keep in mind that agility jumps can be quite intensive so your dog will need to drink a lot of water in order to stay hydrated.

How to Use These Dog Jumps Effectively

How to Choose a Good Dog Agility Jump Equipment?

The first question to ask yourself before you buy a canine agility jump is whether you need it for competitive training or just for regular exercise purposes. After that comes the turn of quality control. Whatever you buy needs to be made out of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting but also lightweight enough to be safe for the dog and easy to move around.

The bases of the jumps need to be suitable for wherever you want to place them – if you’re going to mostly use them indoors then they need to be stable enough on the floor without damaging it. If you’re going to use them outside then they should either be stable enough on uneven ground or be able to get spiked in it.

Price is of course also a factor, especially if you intend to buy multiple jumps for more complex exercises. Whatever the budget, however, keep in mind that quality and longevity can save you money in the long run.

The 5 Best Dog Agility Jumps

Below is some of our favorite best dog agility jumps currently available on the market. Some of them correspond to the AKC and NADAC competitive standards while others are intended for casual use only.

1. Affordable Agility Practice Adjustable Jump

Another option from Affordable Agility, this is their practice dog jump for competitive use. These jumps are sold in sets of one, giving you the freedom to buy as many as you need. The jumps are 48” wide and the bar is displaceable upon impact to remove the risk of injury for your dog. The height of the jump is easily adjustable thanks to the two jump cups that can be moved up and down the side bars. The minimum height of the bar is 4” while the maximum height reaches 36”.

Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set (4 Jumps and...
52 Reviews
Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set (4 Jumps and...
  • Features 4 Portable,...
  • Practice Jumps are 36" wide...
  • Fixed, freestanding bases...
  • Includes a premium zippered...
  • This is the Original Travel...

The jumps are made out of 3/4″ (ID) furniture-grade PVC and are very easy to assemble. The bases of these jumps are the same as the basse for the previous Affordable Agility set, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor terrain provided that the ground is always level.


  • This practice dog jump corresponds to the AKC standards.
  • The height is adjustable to anywhere between 4” and 36” while the width is at the impressive 48”.
  • The set can be used both indoor and outdoor.


  • The jumps’ bases are horizontal and can’t be placed on rough terrain.


2. Dog Agility Travel Jump Set

This dog agility travel jump set from the Dog Agility Shop comes with 4 identical jumps in it. Each of them is 36” wide and can be adjusted in height anywhere between 4” and 32”. The free-standing bases are similar to the ones of the Affordable Agility jumps and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Dog Agility Travel Jump Set | 4 Bar Jumps Total
9 Reviews
Dog Agility Travel Jump Set | 4 Bar Jumps Total
  • Durable, Easy to assemble and...
  • Set of 4 Fully Adjustable Dog...
  • Jumps are 36" wide and feature...
  • Each jump contains 2...
  • Freestanding bases allow for...

The horizontal jump rods are made to displace upon impact to protect your dog from injury. The pipes have a standard width of ¾” and are made out of furniture-grade PVC.


  • The set includes 4 jumps.
  • The jumps have adjustable heights that can be set anywhere between 4” and 32”.
  • The bases of the jumps are made to remain stable and to be placed both indoor and outdoor.


  • The jumps’ bases are horizontal and can’t be placed on rough terrain.


3. Lord Anson Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set

Designed and tested by experienced dog owners and trainers, the Lord Anson dog agility set includes 8 agility cones and 4 agility rods. The cones are about 21” tall but they have multiple holes through which the rods can be put through – at 17”, 13”, 9”, and 5” from the ground. This gives you the flexibility to set the rods at whatever height is necessary for the type of exercise you are doing and the size of your dog.

Lord Anson™ Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set - Canine...
249 Reviews
Lord Anson™ Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set - Canine...

The rods themselves are around 5 feet long (1.5 meters) when they are put together but they are actually made out of 2 halves (2.5 feet each) that need to be screwed together when in use. This seems to be done so that they can fit on the shipping box but it becomes a problem when training larger and heavier dogs as they can often snap the rods in half by hitting them. This can be alleviated by securing the connection between the two halves of the rods with anything from duct tape to more permanent solutions. Still, it’s an inconvenience but at least smaller dog breeds aren’t heavy enough to break the rods.


  • The cones have robust molded bases for extra stability.
  • The cones have multiple holes to help adjust the height of the rods.
  • The cones stack up perfectly for easier transportation.


  • The poles are made out of two halves that need to be screwed together when used which lowers their response to impact.


4. ZOIC Outdoor Games Agility Exercise Training Equipment

For a good, casual jumping rod, this ZOIC agility rod with two stakes is a great choice. It is lightweight and very easy to assemble, plus it comes with its own carrying bag for the rod and the two stakes it attaches to. All three of the pieces are made out of heavy-duty plastic and are sturdy enough to survive multiple collisions. The horizontal orange rod can be placed at whatever height you want on the stakes as it’s adjusted by two simple snap buttons on the sides.

ZOIC Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility Exercise...
25 Reviews
ZOIC Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility Exercise...
  • Light-weight, easy to assemble...
  • Comes with heavy-duty plastic...
  • Height changes are super easy...
  • Comes with convenient carrying...

The rod itself is 37.79 inches long (96 cm) which is enough for most dog breeds. The two stakes it attaches to are 39.66 inches high (101.5 cm) but keep in mind that for stability’s sake you shouldn’t place the horizontal rod above the halfway line (half a meter).


  • The jumping rod can be adjusted at any height provided that you can keep the stakes stable enough.
  • Both the rod and the stakes are made out of durable, high-quality plastic.
  • This agility jump comes with a carrying bag.


  • The stakes are not stable enough for competition jumping but are good enough for home training.


5. Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set

This non-competitive travel jump set from Affordable Agility is meant for casual exercise only as it’s purposefully not made to the exact AKC parameters. Instead, it focuses on the ease of assembly, customization, and portability. The set includes 4 identical jumps, all 36” wide. Their height is adjustable and can be set to anywhere between 4” and 24”, depending on your dog’s breed and needs.

Affordable Agility Practice Adjustable Jump
31 Reviews
Affordable Agility Practice Adjustable Jump
  • Practice 48" wide jump with...
  • Includes one Pair of jump...
  • Base Bar attaches the two...
  • Free standing base for indoor...
  • Constructed of ¾" (ID)...

The jumps are set on free-standing bases that don’t need to be spiked in to the ground. This makes them easy to use anywhere, including indoors. This is both a positive and a negative as the bases’ simplistic nature makes them unsuitable for rougher terrain.

The set is made out of furniture-grade UV-resistant PVC and it also comes with a custom carrying bag. There is no instructions manual included for the assembly but the process is very simple and straight-forward.


  • The 4 jumps in the set have a good width of 36” which is enough for most dogs, as well as adjustable height that ranges from 4” to 24”.
  • The set comes with its own carrying bag.
  • The set can be used both indoor and outdoor.


  • The jumps’ bases are horizontal and can’t be placed on rough terrain.


Dog agility jumps can either be made according to the AKC and NADAC competitive standards, or can be made for casual practice in varying sizes and designs. Whichever you choose for your dog, it’s important that the jumps are of high enough quality.

These canine jumps should be sturdy and durable enough to last you for years but they should also be lightweight and detachable so that they don’t harm your dog. Their height should either be adjustable or match your dog’s breed and the width is also important as the dog should have enough room to jump through it without effort.

If you choose the right agility jumps for your dog you can help him/her maintain excellent physical fitness, as well as have a lot of daily fun of exercise and games.

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