Most dog owners think their pooch is the cutest thing on the planet. But, sometimes we still like to dress them up or outfit them with accessories to make them look even cuter. These best dog bandanas can add a little extra flare to your pup's look.

The best dog bandanasFinding a bandana for dogs is really all about your personal preference. What color or pattern are you looking for? Do you want a bandana that ties around your pet's neck or one that is equipped with a clip or buckle?

Don't forget about your dog's comfort. While pretty much every bandana for dogs is made of a soft material, some are made from synthetic materials that could chafe your dog's skin or give him a rash. The best dog bandanas will be easy to put on and take off, comfortable for your pet, and durable (here's video guide on how to measure your dog for clothing).

We've done the research for you and culled through hundreds of pet owner reviews to find five of the best dog bandannas available. These bandanas have proven to be durable and long lasting, while also being easy to clean. They stay put when you secure them around Fido's neck, and all of these options are affordable on any budget. Here's a look at the bandanas we'll be detailing in this article:

Dog Bandanas Price Quality Rating
Funpet 4-Pack Bandana $ A 4.6/5
Territory Pet Bandanas $ B+ 4.5/5
Pet Show Pet Dog Cat Puppy Bandana $ B 4.0/5
Bandanas Unlimited Tie, Triangle Male Bandanas $ B- 4.1/5
WZPB Dog Bandana $ A 4.7/5

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What Are the Best Dog Bandanas?
top 5 stylish bandanas for dogs of every size

1 Funpet 4-Pack Dog Bandanas


The best dog bandanas are a versatile item that can be used for everyday wear. The Funpet Dog Bandanas are made of soft polyester fabric. Each triangle-shaped piece measures 16.1” x 16.1” along the sides and 23.6” along the diagonal.

Pet owners are charmed by these attractive bandanas. They use it not only on dogs, but on their cats as well, since each scarf is quite thick yet soft enough to be comfortably worn. The edges are durably sewn to keep them from fraying. Funpet 4-Pack Dog Bandanas make a perfect accessory for small to medium size pets. Each pack contains four reversible bandanas. Two bandanas have blue and yellow patterns on them, and the other two have pink and blue patterns.

Pet owners are proud to see their dogs prancing about in public looking smart in these bandanas, whether it’s a special occasions or everyday routine. They love that it doesn’t hamper their dog’s movement or activity at all, in spite of the fabric’s expensive feel. The combination of colors and patterns match so well with different dog types and moods. These bandanas are definitely worth the money.


  • Made of soft polyester fabric
  • Fits dogs with neck size less than 16.9″
  • Convenient 4-pack of bandanas with double-printed design, so you it's like getting 8 bandanas for the price of 4

  • There are 4 separate bandanas, but it's actually doubles of the same two bandanas, which was upsetting to many buyers
  • Some pet owners who purchased these best dog bandanas were disappointed that the designs they received were different than the designs pictured in the online description

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “When I saw the four pieces advertised like this, I assumed they were four different bandanas. They are actually 2 different, reversible bandannas, and you get two copies of each. If I had known this, I would have preferred to…”


2 Territory Pet Bandanas

Territory Adventure Collection Reversible Pet Bandana, Large, Tan Plaid/Brown Print With Territory Pet Bandanas, your pooch will project an exploratory feel as he romps around in great style. The package contains a 25-inch large reversible bandana with an adjustable Velcro strap to fit most dog breeds. A small size is also available separately. It comes in earth hues and patterns of blue and brown for an adventurous and rugged look. You can also choose from an array of other colors and themes, such as black/green prints, blue/orange plaid, and orange/green arrows. All are guaranteed machine washable for easy cleaning.

Pet owners are happy with their purchase, saying that the scarf fits their dog to a tee, and the Velcro holds it together so well and doesn’t snag the dog’s hair. The fabric is of superb quality and they see Territory Pet Bandanas holding out for a long while. These best dog bandanas clean easily and come off the washer nicely.

Territory Adventure Collection Reversible Pet Bandana, Large, Tan Plaid/Brown Print They find the bandanas so perfect that dog owners did more than just recommend them. They purchased and gave them to their friends so that their friends’ dogs could also enjoy going outdoors in style. Care must be taken in picking the size. The small size is really small; so when in doubt, pick the only other size – the large size.


  • Measures 25 inches with an adjustable strap to fit most neck sizes
  • Reversible
  •  Available in multiple colors and patterns

  • Buyers say that these are some of the best dog bandanas, but the sizing runs much bigger than anticipated
  • A couple of buyers noted that the material was not soft and the Velcro was not of good quality and didn't last long

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I love this product so much that I bough multiple. Love the nice sewn Velcro. I use it to cover the ecollar and it's much better than one that slides on the collar. The fabric is thick reinforced cotton. My dog is very active. He plays in…”


3 PET SHOW Pet Dog Cat Puppy Bandana

PET SHOW 10pcs Girls Small Dog Bandanas Female Cat Puppies Bibs Washable Cotton Triangle Head Scarfs Medium Dogs Bandana Photo Prop Grooming Accessories Here’s a set of bandanas for dogs, and you may choose from a packet of 5 or 10 pieces. Each piece from PET SHOW has a different color and design to match your dog’s gender and style. These bandanas are made from durable cotton, each measuring about 45cm x 45cm x 65cm. Each bandana fits most dogs and can also be used as a headscarf, bib, or as a handy accessory to keep your dog looking chic and comfortable at the same time. All of the best dog bandanas in this packet are guaranteed new, well-designed, with attractive prints and durably stitched.

Dog owners who thought that they were just getting some cut fabric were in for a big surprise. Aside from the fabric’s good quality and adorable patterns, each PET SHOW Pet Dog Cat Puppy Bandana they received was solidly hemmed. The edges held well after several machine washes; there was no fraying on the hem which has always been the problem with previous bandanas they’ve bought.

With a bit of creativeness, they were able to easily improvise the bandanas as bibs, head wrap, tie, or a wrap-around embellishment. To some, though, the scarves were a bit big for their babies but they’re not complaining. They reckon these will fit their pups in no time. They’re pleased with its material and workmanship, plus it’s easy to wash and dry.


  • Available in packages of 5 or 10
  •  Made of cotton
  • Each of these best dog bandanas measures 45cm x 45cm x 65cm

  • Reviewers preferred other best dog bandanas that come in multiple sizes, noting that these are much too big for small dogs
  • A couple of buyers claim that these do not hold up well in the washing machine, even though the company says they are machine washable

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wow! I thought the scarves were going to be cut fabric with nothing extra- instead they are all professionally hemmed and were perfect for my goldendoodle. I love the…”


4 BANDANAS UNLIMITED Tie, Triangle Male Dog Bandanas for Large Dogs

Bandanas Unlimited Tie, Triangle Male Dog Bandanas for Large DogsThese durably-made bandanas from BANDANAS UNLIMITED are proudly manufactured in the USA with eye-catching colors and patterns printed on high-quality cotton material. They’re a perfect fit for large dogs, with each V-neck piece measuring a good 29 inches along the neck length. Edges are securely stitched with a matching thread which adds to the bandana’s durability and style. These tie-on triangle male dog bandanas come in a pack of three different designs.

A pit bull owner describes how BANDANAS UNLIMITED Tie, Triangle Male Dog Bandanas for Large Dogs are a godsend to him and his pet especially. Pit bulls are often judged by people for their tough look that’s unfairly associated with being fierce and dangerous. These best dog bandanas have actually helped improved their pets’ outer appearance, softened the features that suggested ferocity, and dispelled misconceptions about them.

best dog bandanasPet owners have used these colorful fabrics to spruce up their dogs for shows, and how they love seeing their pets strut smartly in them! Bandanas mostly carry feminine designs, so owners of male dogs were really glad to find this particular brand and style. They found no issues washing the bandanas in the machine, no fraying or color-fading whatsoever. In fact, they soon found out that it’s even easier and quicker to hand wash and air-dry.


  • Made in the USA
  • Made of cotton
  • Neck line measures 29 inches from tip to tip
  • Unique V-Neck shape for a perfect fit on larger dogs

  • Some buyers were disappointed with the size of these best dog bandanas, saying they are too small for their large breeds
  • Multiple reviewers referred to the fabric used in making these bandanas as “cheap” quality

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I was hesitant to because of the previous review saying they were cheap, however I'm writing to disprove this comment. These are the same quality they give you when you get your dog groomed. They are hemmed in…”


5 WZPB Dog Bandana


Meticulously handmade, this 16.9” x 16.9” reversible WZPB dog bandana is designed with versatility and fashion in mind. It can be donned on your pet as a fashionable headscarf, around the neck as a tie or scarf, or around the belly or legs. There are only two bandanas in a pack, but you actually get four designs in all because both are reversible with different dazzling prints and patterns on each side. This dog bandana is made of quality linen material that’s totally porous and breathable.

Since this bandana is shaped as a square, you actually get a bigger material. Folding it diagonally gives you a triangular bandana that’s double the thickness. Pet owners find WZPB Dog Bandana conveniently adjustable to fit their small or big dogs so that it doesn’t fall off. The colorful designs work for both male and female pets, and are really quite versatile for daily walks, pet shows, or parties.

With their elegant prints, the bandanas also have practical uses. They’re so porous and absorbent that after the day’s events, they work great for wiping drool off furry faces and drying or cleaning up the little rascals. That’s not all. This stuff is covered with the manufacturer’s unconditional satisfaction guaranty. Thus far, however, pet owners could only express their satisfaction over the product.


  • These best dog bandanas come in 16.9″ squares
  • Reversible
  • Made of 100% linen cloth
  • Come in a package of 2

  • A few reviewers noted that these bandanas are darker in real life than in the pictures online
  • As with all of the best dog bandanas, these do not fit every dog. They're too big for small breeds

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “I have two medium-ish sized dogs, one is a husky with an extra thick neck and fur but these beautiful bandannas fit them both perfectly and this matching set is completely adorable on…”

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