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Top 12 Best Christmas Dog Bandanas

The Best Christmas Dog Bandanas

Christmas will be here before we know it, and many pet owners are thinking about ways to include their dog in the holiday fun. While dog clothes and sweaters are adorable, they can also be difficult to put on and uncomfortable for you pup to wear. On the other hand, the best Christmas dog bandanas are easy to put on and comfortable for Fido to wear. He may not even realize he's wearing it!

best Christmas dog bandanasFinding a bandana for dogs is mostly about your personal preferences. What color or pattern would you like to see your dog wearing? Do you want a dog bandana that ties around your pet's neck or one that is equipped with a clip or buckle? Are you interested in a strictly Christmas-themed bandana or one that your dog will be able to wear year round?

I said that it was mostly about your personal preferences, but you also need to think about Fido's comfort. While virtually all of the best Christmas dog bandanas are made of a soft material, some are made from synthetic materials that could chafe your pet's skin or give him a rash. The best Christmas dog bandanas will be easy to put on and take off, comfortable for your pet to wear and durable.

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The Best Christmas Dog Bandanas

1Stonehouse Collection 6-pc Holiday Dog Bandana

Stonehouse Collection 6-pc Holiday Dog BandanaIf you didn’t get this set last Thanksgiving, it’s not too late to get it now. It’s a 6-piece pack from Stonehouse Collection, containing 1 bandana for each of the following holidays – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Patriotic Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. The Christmas-themed one has red-and-green background with drawings and printed names of Santa’s eight reindeer.

These Christmas dog bandanas are made of polyester material 33” along the longest side and 22” along the two equal sides. Each Stonehouse Collection 6-pc Holiday Dog Bandana has a printed holiday greeting and the prints are very legible. With this set, you never have to rush again for that last minute buy.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “Very cute addition to my dogs monthly grooming appointment. I can't say she keeps it on long but long enough for me to snap a quick photo and share with friends. She is a 42 pound Black Collie and…”


2BINGPET Paw Print Christmas Holiday Dog Bandanas

BINGPET Paw Print Christmas Holiday Dog BandanasBINGPET's hood-shaped bandana is made of plush, crimson red material with white faux fur trimming and hanging jingly bell on the tip. Embroidered on the front is a white paw print. It fastens at the back of the neck with a Velcro strip.

There are two sizes available in the BINGPET Paw Print Christmas Holiday Dog Bandana and size guide which indicates the recommended size for a given neck circumference range. These Christmas dog bandanas are clearly made for smaller dogs. The quality of the materials and workmanship make this a great buy.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “Even the puppies can look forward to Christmas with this adorable Bandanna. The first thing I noticed about this product, is the quality, it isn't made out of cheap material, it is very thick, soft and will…”


3Bandit's Bandanas Set of 3 Holiday Dog Bandanas

Bandit's Bandanas Set of 3 Holiday Dog BandanasBandit’s Bandanas is a 3-piece set consisting of one bandana each for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. These 100% cotton bandanas are worn collar-style, which means that you have to slip your dog’s collar through the top seam of the bandana. You may then fasten the collar with the bandana hanging at the front.

There are three sizes available in the Bandit's Bandanas Set of 3 Holiday Dog Bandanas, but there’s no size chart provided. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about the fit since it won’t be a problem with this style. Just don’t order the large for a short dog since the front will be too long and reach the floor.


4Tail Trends Christmas Dog Bandana

Tail Trends Christmas Dog BandanasYou’ll never get enough of these designs since Tail Trends offers a wide range of Christmas-themed bandanas in this collection. The main bandana material is made of 100% cotton fabric with either dotted or checkered background.

Centerpiece applique choices include a reindeer, Christmas stocking, snowman, elf, gingerbread man, wreath, mittens, penguin with Santa’s hat, and pine trees. The Tail Trends Christmas Dog Bandana fastens by tying. To guide you, the large size is 25” along the diameter or longer side and 9” along the shorter sides. A medium size is also available.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Sooo cute, and really nice quality. Really like how it arrived, it was packaged nicely. We have a small/medium dog, about 22 lbs and the bandana is plenty big and its really long so if your dog had a…”


5Plus Size Pups’ Christmas Over the Collar Dog Bandana – Merry Christmas Snowman

Plus Size Pups’ Christmas Over the Collar Dog Bandana - Merry Christmas SnowmanThis is another of the collar-style or over-the-collar Christmas dog bandanas. This option from Plus Size Pups depicts a tender scene of a quiet moonlit snowy Christmas night with Mr. Snowman waving at the silhouette of Santa in his reindeer-drawn sleigh. This bandana has really nice quality. It has a top seam where the collar goes through.

It is washable, too. The Plus Size Pups' Christmas Over the Collar Dog Bandana – Merry Christmas Snowman comes in four size choices ranging from XS through large. Owners of toy breeds would be glad that this is also made in a really small size, since the print often gets drowned after folding many times just to get a nice fit.


6Outward Hound Santa Dog Bandana

Outward Hound Santa Dog BandanaThis Santa’s Hat dog bandana from Outward Hound is unbelievably inexpensive and you can’t tell that from its material and solid stitching. The Velcro makes it easy to take off and on and has a good hold, too, with a generous length. Instead of the pompom tip on Santa’s cap, this has a jingly bell.

Well, the bell can be a bane or a boon, depending on your dog’s temperament. Some dogs walk proudly with the ting-a-ling sound, while others go nuts about it. For the photo ops the Outward Hound Santa Dog Bandana provides, it’s all paws up.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Cute and not bad quality…”


7DogLemi’s Pet Dog Bandana with Jingle Bells

DogLemi’s Pet Dog Bandana with Jingle BellsThis isn’t your typical triangular bandana. This option from DogLemi looks more like a jester’s collar in deep red fleecy material. It’s a collar with scalloped hem and four dangling 12-mm golden bells. This isn’t a disposable type of accessory as it’s made of durable materials and great craftsmanship.

These Christmas dog bandanas are also very versatile and can be worn not only for Christmas, but also for other festivities. The DogLemi Pet Dog Bandana with Jingle Bells is available in three sizes and comes with a size chart to help you out. It can also be worn by a cat since it has nothing in its design that indicates that it’s pet-specific.


8Realeaf 2-Pc Christmas Dog Bandanas

Realeaf 2-Pc Christmas Dog BandanasThis Christmas dog bandana from Realeaf is made of double-layer durable fabric. It comes with 2 red and green bandanas with white Christmas patterns printed on it.

The Realeaf 2-Pc Christmas Dog Bandanas fits small to large dogs with neck measurements from 12 to 21 inches. This is a simple and lightweight accessory that your dog will barely notice, and thus, it will be a good option for dogs that don’t like to wear anything frilly.


9Plus Size Pups’ Christmas Over the Collar Dog Bandana – Snowman

Plus Size Pups’ Christmas Over the Collar Dog Bandana – SnowmanThese snowman-inspired Christmas dog bandanas from Plus Size Pups is another new idea from Plus Size Pups. It’s an over-the-collar type of bandana and made of washable fabric. Its print is suggestive of a snowman’s scarf and buttons on the chest.

We can see this being worn by white-coated dogs. It would be like imitating Mr. Snowman for photo shoots and costume parties. The Plus Size Pups Christmas Over the Collar Dog Bandana – Snowman is made in four sizes but does not come with measurements. You may still buy making your best guess of the closest size for your dog. Your dog’s collar will be inserted through the top seam, so fitting won’t be very difficult.


10Designer Duds for Dogs X-Mas Puppies Bandana

Designer Duds for Dogs X-Mas Puppies BandanaThis Christmas bandana from Designer Duds for Dogs is incredibly inexpensive for its quality. Though these are simple triangular Christmas dog bandanas, they are made of 100% cotton with an interesting picture depicting dogs of several breeds, all having fun at Christmas. And that’s not all – the bandana reverses to show another print. This time it’s a pattern of gifts.

Your dog practically has two bandanas to wear with the Designer Duds for Dogs X-Mas Puppies Bandana. It’s made in the USA and looks like it will last several Christmases. It is machine washable and it’s so easy to hand wash, too.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “It was a little larger than I needed and should have purchased a size smaller. This is the second Designer Duds bandana I have purchase and I love the quality. They are made so much better than…”


11ZippyPaws Holiday Paw Bandana

ZippyPaws Holiday Paw BandanaAt first glance, this looks like the Santa-inspired bandanas that we’ve already included in this list. This ZippyPaws holiday bandana, though, is different. First, it’s not fastened by Velcro, because it is worn over-the-collar. It is made of red velveteen material, with a white embroidered paw on the center of the triangle.

Next, it doesn’t have a bell that some dogs may not like. The ZippyPaws Holiday Paw Bandana has a white faux fur trimming along the topline which also adds to the comfort of the collar around the neck. These Christmas dog bandanas are made in small, medium and large, but do take note that they run small.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I bought this bandana for my parents' dog. While it seemed like a great idea at the time, you run your collar through an opening in the bandana. It looks real cute, the only problem was that…”


12PetFavorites Dog Tuxedo Bandana

PetFavorites Dog Tuxedo BandanaThis isn’t a strictly Christmas-themed bandana, but it will make a nice accent to wear for Christmas dinner. Your dog’s “formal” wear will definitely elicit good-natured giggles from family and friends. The materials used to make this bandana from PetFavorites are satin fabric for the upper part, nylon fabric for the backside, and wedding bowtie. You may choose from red, purple, and blue bow ties.

Your dog would look handsome wearing this tuxedo-style bandana for Christmas dinner, costume party, or other events during the holiday season. An added bonus is its applicability for other holidays, too, adding more value for money. The neck size of the PetFavorites Dog Tuxedo Bandana adjusts for a range of 22.5”-26” neck circumference.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Loved it. So cute!…”

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