Don't you love the feeling of snuggling up under a warm blanket when you're cold? Your dog enjoys that feeling too. Most pet owners just give their pet any old blanket that they have lying around, but investing in good dog blankets will make your pooch much happier.

Many dogs use the blankets that have been discarded by the human members of their family. They have holes in them and they are no longer fluffy or soft. Instead of giving your dog the castaway blankets that have been used on your bed for many years, make him feel special with his very own pet blanket.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best blankets for dogs and different types of them, made from different materials and serving different purposes for our pets. We'll also take a look at dog blanket reviews from other pet owners and overview these top five best dog blankets currently available.

A blanket for a dog is not a common type of supplies pet owners buy, but it's a cheap way to provide your dog with that little bit of extra comfort and warmth. Blankets for dogs also help with anxiety, the same way dog anxiety vests work to calm them down.

It may not seem like much, but dogs like to have their own possessions too. If he's got a dog blanket that is all his, it will give your Fido comfort and allow him to feel like he's part of your family. The best dog blankets are also easy to take along when you're away from home so your pup always has a familiar place to sleep.

The Best Dog Blankets

1FurryBaby Sherpa Pet Blanket, Pewter

This dark brown ultra-soft blanket is lined with white Sherpa material on its reverse side. Dogs will love its fleecy and warm texture. This pet blanket by furrybaby will work great as cozy bedding for your dog at home or as a comfort blanket while traveling in the car.

furrybaby Premium Soft Dog Blanket for Small Dogs...
26,105 Reviews
furrybaby Premium Soft Dog Blanket for Small Dogs...
  • [Perfect Blanket for Small...
  • [Warm and Cozy Blanket]: Made...
  • [Multi Use]: This is an...
  • [Easy to Clean]: Not heavy,...
  • [Easy to Carry]: You can...

Pet owners will also find it versatile as a furniture cover to keep their dog’s fur off their belongings. The animal blanket is machine washable, and measures about 48 inches by 40 inches. This is a good size for a medium-build dog. Both sides are soft, but dogs seemed to love the white fleecy side much more. According to buyers, the blanket has easily become their dogs’ favorite item in the house.

While it is made of light material, the threads don’t shed and it keeps its shape and softness beautifully even after several washings. Many pet parents say that the blanket has actually put up with constant toying around by dogs. Some customers observed that it will work best for smaller breeds, but certainly not for extra-large dogs or incessant chewers.

It won’t take a chewer long to find the fleecy side a good material to start gnawing at. Buyers, who expected it to be thick and heavy, were quite disappointed to find it rather thin. It must be noted, too, that this is the same quality that other buyers liked about the blanket. Washing and drying are much easier and quicker. It’s very handy to bring along during trips, too.


  • Fleecy texture
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for small and medium breeds

  • Won't hold up to aggressive chewers
  • Looks thick in photos, but is actually fairly thin


2Bone Dry Warm, Soft, Plush, Microfiber Dog Blanket

This blanket is thick and fluffy – ideal for keeping pets warm and comfortable. Bare floors can be too harsh during cold weather, and this blanket will make a soft mat for pets.

Bone Dry Embossed Bone Print Pet Blanket, 36x48',...
1,945 Reviews
Bone Dry Embossed Bone Print Pet Blanket, 36x48",...
  • MATERIAL AND CARE: 100%...

This blanket from Bone Dry is great for covering sofas or car seats. This is one of the best dog blankets as it gives your pooch a cozy spot while protecting upholstery at the same time.

It is light enough to bring along wherever the dog goes, so it’s a great piece to have in the house, in the car, or when camping and hiking. The blanket is made of highly-absorbent polyester material and embroidered with bone designs. It is quite large at 36”x48” and available in several colors.

Customers were very happy with their purchase. They noticed that while the fiber is very soft, the threads didn’t pull easily. This is a very important quality considering that the users of the blanket are pawed. Since the DII Bone Dry Pet Blanket is machine-washable, pet owners find it easy to maintain. Furs don’t attach to it like they do on other fiber; a little wipe down or shaking off tidies it right up. The blanket easily doubles up as a towel, too, because of its high absorbing quality.

The softness of the material gave the impression of being flimsy to some customers, and they don’t recommend this to big dogs. Buyers from the warmer regions of the country also didn’t find the fleecy material much to their liking. They’d prefer a better ventilated blanket in their future purchases. Overall, customers found the blanket ultra-comfortable, easy to maintain, and very durable.


  • Thick and fluffy
  • Machine washable
  • Made of highly-absorbent polyester material
  • Doubles as a towel

  • Not recommended for large dogs
  • Material doesn't breath well


3SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket for Pets

This snuggly pet blanket is made of a light and fleecy material. It has a cute zebra-print design that will look great on your dog’s favorite seat in the house or car. The material attracts shed hairs so that they’re not all over the place.

SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket for Pets, 48' x 30',...
2,033 Reviews
SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket for Pets, 48" x 30",...
  • Protects: Furniture, Car Seats...
  • Provides Extra warmth and...
  • Furniture throw that catches...
  • Machine Washable
  • Extra-Soft blanket you and...

This blanket from SmartPetLove is made of a warm, soft and protective fabric and can be used as a blanket or bedding. It’s machine-washable, too, and washes nicely. Many buyers of this product have been using it for more than a year and have reported that their blanket is holding up well to constant use and regular washing. They also say it's still looking great after all that use. Most customers initially bought this for its adorable design, but were happily surprised when they found it to be durable too!

Sadly, many buyers mentioned that the product came out of the box with a strong chemical smell, which was very disturbing. Some needed to wash the blanket twice before their pet could use it. Some consumers stated that washing caused the SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket to be covered with lint. This wasn't mentioned often, and is likely related to a washing-machine setting factor.

The manufacturer does advise it to be machine-washed in cold water, dried using the gentle cycle, and not washing it together with heavy fabric. Handled correctly, this blanket would stay beautiful and functional for a long time. These best dog blankets will give your pet a warm and comfortable place to sleep anywhere in your home and can also be taken along while traveling.


  • Light, fleecy material
  • Material attracts shed hair to keep it off furniture
  • Machine washable
  • Long lasting

  • Strong chemical smell when taken out of box
  • Specific washing instructions


4 PAWZ Road Pet Blanket Fleece Fabric Soft

The fabric used for these best dog blankets is coral fleece. PAWZ has definitely created one of the best dog blankets available. Unlike traditional fleece, this is a breathable material and ideal for pets that need to be well-ventilated even when covered with a blanket.

PAWZ Road Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Pet Blanket...
15,515 Reviews
PAWZ Road Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Pet Blanket...
  • SMALL SIZE: 61*81cm(24*31.8...
  • Premium Fuzzy Fleece Material:...
  • Multiple Purposes for Using:...
  • Easy to Clean and Care: The...
  • Professional Service: Your...

The small size is 30”x20”, while the large size is 40”x32” with a very slight difference in price. This product comes in three attractive colors with paw designs and black edging. The buyers loved the design and the softness of the blanket. They even used it on their pet right out of the box. It didn’t have any odor, and they found it really luxuriously soft – a great combination for excited little pets that loved to burrow with their new blanket.

Expecting a really thick blanket as described, some buyers were quite disappointed to find a not-so-thick material. The PAWZ Road Pet Blanket Fleece Fabric Soft also didn’t do very well after the first washing for these customers. Those who ordered small found the size skimpy for their needs.

There’s a large size, though, that’s significantly bigger. Those who ordered the large size had no complaints in that area, except that it caused so much lint after washing. Generally, buyers found this to be one of the best dog blankets and a satisfactory purchase that served the purpose of making pets comfortable and keeping shed hair off surfaces.


  • Made of coral fleece – a very breathable material
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Can be used right out of the box

  • Described as thick, but some buyers thought the material was too thin
  • Many found the small size to be too small
  • Some consumers said it did not wash well


5 Bogo Brands Large Fleece Dog Blanket with Paws

This is a fluffy blanket that comes in a printed paw design. It is available in grey, tan, and black colors. The fleece can be used various ways – as a blanket to keep your pet snuggled warm, bedding to make sleeping areas more comfortable or as a covering material for upholstery and sofas frequented by your pet.

Dog owners with large breeds will be happy with this product from bogo Brands because it is larger than most similar blankets at 60 inches by 39 inches. This is one of the best dog blankets for many reasons. It is machine-washable and is covered by a 90-day warranty. Pet owners and pets alike love this large fleece. They all agree that this is a very soft blanket with a size that they consider to be decent. It makes pets’ sleeping areas much cozier, and covers large pets fairly well.

It also does a great job at catching the hairs and keeping them away from clothing and furniture. Since it is lightweight, it is, therefore, very convenient to bring along wherever the pet goes. You could easily fold the bogo Brands Large Fleece Pet Blanket up and take it along while traveling, hiking or camping.

The common observation by those who now own these best dog blankets is that it is not as thick as expected. Because of this, they expressed concern that it would get frayed after several washings. The hem was folded and sewn around, with no additional material to make it stronger in the edges. On the other hand, many liked this lightweight quality because it added to portability and ease of maintenance.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Larger size than similar products
  • Machine washable
  • 90-day warranty

  • Not as thick as expected
  • Consumers who purchased this blanket were concerned with its quality

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