A death of a dog is heartbreaking and will feel like a loss of a family member. Whether your dog has recently passed away, or you know that the inevitable time is close, during the last days of your dying dog you'll need to make a decision on what happens next. One option is to bury your pet in a dog casket.

While cremation is also an option, many pet owners choose burials and dog funerals. This way allows for a better sense of closure and a dog funeral makes for a symbolic send off an old friend into doggy heaven (or wherever you think dogs go after death).

No pet funeral will go without proper preparation. Other than accounting for costs of the ceremony, you'll also need to purchase a casket for the dog. Depending on your budget, below are some of the best dog caskets for burials to consider.

History and Rituals of Pet Burials in Dog Coffins
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History and Rituals of Pet Burials in Dog Coffins

Dog burial goes back as far as 10,000 years ago when canines were just becoming domesticated by humans. Most dogs were commonly buried with their favorite toys of the time, and laid in a sleeping position. Often, humans chose to be buried alongside their dogs. Sometimes, dogs were given pendants of deer’s teeth to honor their legacy as hunters. They were buried in those pendants.

In the Eastern world, or among Aztects, burials of dogs were carried out with the same acumen as time progressed. As another example, Turkey had a temple called Gobekli-Tepe which was a burial place for dogs even since 12,000 BCE.

With the passing of time, burials and commemoration of loyal companions was becoming more intricate (and expensive). Many believe that it's important to honor dogs the way we would if any relative or fellow person we cared about died. It’s part of getting closure.

Memorial stone for a buried dog
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Today, some funerals of dogs and their burial sites have almost no difference to human ones. Dogs aren't simply thrown into a hole in the ground with a small message on top of the grave. Instead, as can be seen in the above picture, memorial stones, graves and symbols used for buried dogs look no different (and cost no less) than those for people.

How to Pick the Best Dog Caskets for Pets?

The logistics of the dog's funeral will need to be considered. To choose the best dog coffin, make sure you have your dog’s measurements (width, height, length and weight). That way you can choose a pet casket that will fit your dog best and will be efficient.

Once you have the measurements, use the product's sizing chart to pick the right type. Size charts can be found on most casket sale online pages. Other than the size, select a coffin that has the most meaningful appearance to you. Some may want the casket to be somber, and others might want it to be more ornamental. Consider your dog's personality.

The ancient humans buried their dogs with toys and other things that they felt their pets would want in dog heaven. You can do the same, but then remember that the size of the casket will need to be reconsidered.

The Best Dog Caskets for Remembrance

1Parazoo Pet Casket

This casket is made of bamboo fiber which is sturdy, safe, watertight, and Eco-friendly. A dignified way to preserve the memory of a beloved pet. Gone but never forgotten with a beautiful pet casket that doesn't harm the environment.

Parazoo Pet Casket – Bamboo Pet Memorial Box,...
  • 🐾【Unique appearance...
  • 🐾 【Internal...

The sturdy, waterproof, and moisture-proof bamboo material used to create this pet coffin is environmentally friendly and natural. With a premium pet coffin, you can show your unending love for your pet and allow him to reintegrate with nature.

It has an attractive appearance thanks to the way that it perfectly mixes natural beauty with a smooth surface. The dog's paw print on the box symbolizes the paths your pet and you have taken together and is a treasured memento for you.

Small to medium-sized pets can fit comfortably within the casket because it has a roomy enough interior for them. Extra-strong ribs support the product, preventing the box from breaking.

2Economy Burial Dog Casket by Pet Memory Shop

This most popular dog casket in America comes in several different colors and types. You can buy it in black and gold, black and silver, white and pink, or white and blue (the first colors, white and black, being the outer wood).

Pet Memory Shop Caring Series Pet Casket| Pet...
516 Reviews
Pet Memory Shop Caring Series Pet Casket| Pet...
  • Available in three sizes:...

Pet owners who've buried their dogs or cats before know this company well. The Pet Memory Shop is a compassionate brand dedicated to helping you memorialize and remember your beloved friend as you lay them to rest. The casket is composed of polystyrene, a material that is resilient and high-impact.

It is coated in a protective covering to prevent dirt or debris from negatively affecting the exterior of the dog casket. The inside contains a lace coverlet, pillow, and a plush mattress, all of which are made of satin. The casket also contains double-sided sealing tape that ensures the pet casket stays shut and is resilient against any damage. This casket runs at $210 list price. The interior dimensions are 32” by 16” by 11” for a large, 24″ by 12” by 8” for a medium, and 18” by 10” by 8” for a small. The large size can accommodate a maximum of 110 pounds, the medium 65, and the small 40.

We chose to put Pet Memory Shop Casket second one of the best dog caskets because although it was certainly beautiful and resilient, some people would prefer the casket to be made of a wood material, not polystyrene. For customers that chose this dog casket and had no wood preference, the polystyrene was a benefit to them.

The material is extremely durable and you can sleep soundly knowing that your pet is well-protected from the elements. It is not biodegradable and is air-tight and water-tight. The adhesive roll is included in the purchase, so you can use it to achieve the level of sealing you desire for the casket. This casket is one of 1,500 ways of remembrance that the Pet Memory Shop provides.

Customers were pleased with how beautiful this pet casket was. The colors are soft and pearly and are both respectful and fitting for the pet’s burial. One customer summed it up when she said, “I am completely satisfied with my purchase.” It brings a peace of mind to pet parents knowing that their beloved animal is being paid to rest in a casket as beautiful as they are. Though the price may seem a little high, it’s what you pay for good-quality, which is what this casket is.


3Classic Burial Casket for Dogs

Another different option from Pet Memory Shop, this animal casket is a little less formal in appearance, a little cheaper and it also comes in the same color combinations as the above mentioned dog casket.

You can buy this one in white and pink, black and gold, white and blue, and black and silver, with the outer part being either white or black and the inner being the different colors. The interior contains a lace pillow and a mattress. The mattress is plush and the pillow and mattress covering are both satin.

This pet casket is made in the USA and comes in the sizes small, medium, and large. The large dimensions are 32″ x 16″ x 11″, the medium 24″ x 12″ x 8″, and the small 18″ x 10″ x 8″, with maximum weights of 110, 65, and 40 pounds respectively. The casket is non-biodegradable, air-tight, water-tight, and comes with an adhesive sealant so you can ensure that your pet is well-protected from the elements. The exterior is shaped very simply. The appearance of this casket is a simple one, and the external material is durable polystyrene.

Pet Memory Shop Classic Burial Casket is third on our list of best dog caskets for pets because it is less formal than the other two, though it is still quite nice. The list price is $180. Customers were very happy with this casket’s appearance (as happy as they could be, anyway, considering the circumstances).

The silk gives this casket a formal look and it is a dignified and respectful piece of equipment that owners can appreciate. Although this was a sad time, purchasers found that their sadness was eased with the knowledge that they were protecting their dog’s welfare and dignity in death. The casket also was easy to carry, so funeral arrangements would be carried out with as little stress as possible.

Customers also found that this company treated them and their beloved pets with as much respect as possible. One customer, whose purchase was held up in customs, was impressed at the level of professionalism the company showed in dealing with the issue.

With this casket, you’ll be confident that the sealant and the quality are durable and built to last through any conditions. It’s much less stressful when you don’t have to worry about logistics and the preservative qualities of the casket. All you need to do is focus on your grief and the memory of your beloved dog.


4Simple Pet Burial Pet Casket

This simple yet elegant casket sells for just over $100 at sticker price, though on Amazon you can purchase it for less. The pet burial casket from America's #1 company is composed of solid hardwood with a light finish.

It also has a biodegradable composite board, making it good for the environment when you place it in the ground. Though that is biodegradable, it is still secure and won’t deteriorate in the ground. The outer board is biodegradable, but the hard wood will stay sturdy.

The environmental protection aspect is an attractive one to pet owners that want to provide their pet with a resting place that will be environmentally expedient and non-damaging. The dog casket is made with a special waterproof treatment and is resistant to deformation.

It is light weight and easy to carry. The dimensions are 25” by 11.25” by 8” and it only comes in one size. The lining on the interior is light blue silk and it comes with a pillow. The clasps on the outside are ornamental and the casket comes with free shipping as well, which is convenient.

We chose to rank this as fourth product and not higher because of the size constraints. The pet coffin only comes in one size and that can be inconvenient for people with dogs that are longer than the two feet in length that the casket gives you. The lack of variability was what placed this casket at fourth, not for any reason relating to quality.

Customers who purchased this dog coffin for their smaller-sized dogs were impressed at the quality and were pleased with the environmentalism of the casket. Also, the free shipping was a plus. People initially expressed reservations about the “biodegradability” feature of the casket, especially since no one wants to picture their casket decaying in the ground. But that fear was unfounded, as the casket was very durable and water-resistant.

The dog casket’s clasps were also reviewed as being beautiful, yet sturdy. The light blue silk was a beautiful touch, modest and respectful, yet pretty. Another thing customers were pleased with was the way the company conducted itself, with one reviewer claiming that, “The owner is top-notch.” The company is respectful and appropriately solemn in such a time of grieving and loss and they work to resolve any product issues in a timely, prompt fashion.


5Pet Wood Dog Coffin Casket

This Pinnacle Woodcraft pet casket is not one for flair or flash, which makes sense considering that it was created by Amish craftsmen. For those unacquainted with Amish work, it is some of the best in the world.

Pet Casket For Dogs– Wooden Burial Coffin for...
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Pet Casket For Dogs– Wooden Burial Coffin for...
  • SIZES AVAILABLE: We have many...

The Pinnacle Woodcraft are excellent woodworkers that also sell tons of other handmade wood items on Etsy, and this casket for dogs is proof of their superb craftsmanship. Pinnacle Woodcraft dog casket is made of oak wood with a clear finish. It costs $159.00, which is a bargain for such fine work. The stain is furniture grade and high-quality and the coating is also durable as well.

There is no silk lining or any ornamentation on this casket. The closest thing to ornamentation might be the brass handles on the sides. The dimensions are 24” by 15” by 9” and it is therefore best for smaller-size dogs. The maker does customize caskets, but he charges $25 extra. The bottom is constructed of oak plywood as well and it will hold up in many different conditions.

The reason we chose to put Pinnacle Woodcraft Pet Casket last on the list of best dog caskets for pets does not have anything to do with quality of the wood. We put this last because there isn’t much that comes with it.

It really is just a plain box. But actually, that’s not a bad thing if you’re the type of owner that would get creative with this. The lack of lining or pillow gives you more room to bury your dog with his or her favorite blanket or stuffed animal. You can place toys and remembrances in the box, capitalizing on the space that’s provided there. Consider the exterior a way to show off your dog’s life and memorialize him or her that way.

A craft idea for this box pertains to the interior of it. On the inside, you can decorate it with paint or other art materials, almost as a mural to send off your dog in. This box is for someone who doesn’t prefer much flair or wants to customize the product themselves, which is also an understandable approach. Customers overall were quite satisfied with this company and the way it conducted itself.

The manager was respectful of grieving owners and worked tirelessly to get the orders in. The customization fee isn’t bad, either. Amish craftsmanship is on display in this casket. It is a high-quality, durable dog casket that will protect your pet and keep him or her buried with dignity.

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