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The Best Dog Fence Jumping Prevention

For some dog owners with backyards, a strong, tall fence is necessary to keep your pooch inside the backyard and keep other animals out of there. However, dogs often and escape artist breeds feel challenged by fences and some dogs just can’t get contained by them.

5 Best Dog Fence Jumping PreventionThese dogs often find new ways to get past a fence, whether they dig under it, climb over it or go through it. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to prevent your dog from jumping over the fence and review some of the best dog fence jumping prevention options that may help you to keep your pooch inside the yard.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Jumping Over Fence?

If your dog can jump over your fence or climb it, there are a few things you can do to try and stop this.

Choose Your Fence Carefully – Before you even install your fence, you should consider your dog’s jumping and climbing abilities. Installing a tall fence can prevent your dog from jumping over it; usually, 6-8 feet is enough to stop even the best jumpers. You should also opt for a smooth surface so your dog can’t climb over the fence.

Build a Second Fence – Some dogs can jump over high fences because they have enough room to get a running start. You can make a smaller fence 3-4 feet in front of your main fence so your dog can’t jump over it because he won’t have enough space to get a running start.

Remove Aids to Escape – Dogs can use almost anything they find in the yard to help them jump over the fence. For example, your dog may use a garbage can if you store it next to the fence as a climbing aid. Try to remove from the yard anything that may help your pooch get over the fence.

Make the Yard Fun – Your dog may be trying to get out of the yard because he thinks it is more fun outside. If you make the yard more enticing, he may not have a desire to see what’s out there. Make sure that your pooch has some toys, treat dispensers and other engaging stuff in the yard to make him entertained.

Tire Him Out – If you plan to leave your dog unattended in the yard, you should make him exercise first to tire him out. If he is tired, he is more likely to take a nap than jump over your fence.

In addition to the tips of dog fence jumping prevention above, there are a few products that might help you out and prevent your pooch from jumping over the fence. So, let’s take a closer look at these products and how they work.

The Best Dog Fence Jumping Prevention

Kitty Corral Cat Fence Conversion System

This fence conversion system is primarily meant for keeping cats in the yard but it can work for most dogs as well, as long as your fence is high enough so your dog can’t reach the mesh simply by standing on his feet and tear it down.

Easy PETFENCE Kitty Corral Cat Fence Conversion...
90 Reviews
Easy PETFENCE Kitty Corral Cat Fence Conversion...
  • 4' x 100' Heavy Duty DF 80...
  • Tie - 8" Self Locking 120 lb...
  • Cat Fence Extender With...
  • Truss Head Screws QTY: 48

This particular extender can cover 100 feet of fence and it comes with everything you need to convert your fence into a large outdoor play area for your pooch. You simply have to attach the overhang extenders to your fence. If you have a fence that extends over 100 feet, you can get the same product to cover up to 200 feet.

PROS: Sturdy, Durable, Prevents Climbing and Jumping, Easy to Install

CONS: Expensive, Not Suitable for Chain Link Fences, Not Suitable for Fences Under 5 Feet


EXTEND-A-FENCE Fence Extender

This is a similar product to the one we mentioned before but instead of attaching to the fence at an angle to prevent climbing, this product extends the fence in height. This fence extender comes with four 1-5/8″ line post extensions and 8 self-drilling screws.

EXTEND-A-FENCE Fence Extender - 1-5/8'
20 Reviews
EXTEND-A-FENCE Fence Extender - 1-5/8"
  • FOUR 1-5/8" LINE POST...

These posts that you get are enough to extend your fence up to 2 feet without having to replace your existing posts. Keep in mind that this product only works on chain link fences and you will have to buy the additional chain link fence fabric to attach to the posts you are getting with this item. You will also need to get fence ties and any other necessary hardware separately.

PROS: Prevents Jumping Over, Easy to Install, Durable, Sturdy

CONS: Expensive, Additional Hardware Sold Separately, Suitable for Chain Link Fences Only


Coyote Roller

As the name implies, these rollers are made to keep the coyotes out of your yard. However, they can also serve the other purpose – keeping your pooch inside the yard. These rollers go on top of your fence and when your dog tries to climb over the fence, the roller will spin and not allow him to get a grip.

Coyote Roller (Roller only, mounting Brackets are...
2 Reviews
Coyote Roller (Roller only, mounting Brackets are...
  • This price includes one roller...
  • We recommend buying 1.5...
  • Coyote rollers top fences and...
  • Coyote rollers require less...

While this product can be very useful if your dog climbs over the fence, it may not be helpful at all if your dog can jump over your fence. These rollers are made from aluminum and they are durable enough to last for years. However, you still have to get the mounting bracket separately since they are not included in the offer.

PROS: Prevents Climbing, Keeps Coyotes Out of the Yard, Durable, Easy to Install

CONS: Mounting Brackets Not Included, Not Effective for Jumpers


SUREswivel 360-Degree Swiveling Pet Tie-Out

If your dog seems to overcome every obstacle put in front of him and still jumps over your fence, then it is time to consider limiting his freedom range, at least when you leave him in the yard unattended. This tie-out does exactly that and it is one of the best products for this purpose on the market.

SUREswivel 360 degree Swiveling Pet Tie-Out, Made...
1,238 Reviews
SUREswivel 360 degree Swiveling Pet Tie-Out, Made...
  • Safe and Effective Tangle Free...
  • Full 360 Degree Dual-Swivel...
  • Secure Anchoring System
  • Durable Construction
  • Great for Camping

The tie-out is safe and effective in preventing tangling, it allows your furry friend to have a full 360-degree dual-swivel motion and it can be installed in a matter of minutes. In fact, this item can just as easily be de-installed and used at camping or for some other purpose.

The tie-out has a durable construction and comes with a secure anchoring system. Keep in mind that you only get the tie-out tether when you order this product – you have to get the leash separately. This item is tested to hold down 1000 lbs. of pull force and while this may be true for the ball and socket part of the tie-out, some users reported that stakes were made from lightweight plastic and break easily.

PROS: Durable, Limits Range of Movement, Prevents Tangling, Suitable for the Biggest Breeds

CONS: Expensive, Some Reports of Stakes Breaking Easily


Scott Pet Jump Restraint

This is a bit of a controversial product and we weren’t sure whether to include it on our list. However, this no-jump harness might be the last resort for some people and while some users complained about the product being inhumane to the dog, others were pleased that it helped them with jumping.

Scott Pet Jump Restraint
308 Reviews
Scott Pet Jump Restraint
  • Jump Restraint Harness for...
  • Prevents jumping over fences
  • Prevents jumping on children...
  • Prevents jumping on furniture
  • Turn a troublesome dog into a...

The harness works by restricting the movement of your dog’s hind legs, preventing him from jumping at all. This product is not good for permanent use; it is rather a thing that should help you train your dog and stop him from jumping over fences, as well as jumping on people and furniture.

And while many users found the harness helpful, some users reported that it just didn’t work or that it was too confusing to put it on their dog.

PROS: Affordable, Prevents Jumping, Helps with Training

CONS: Hard to Put On, Some Users Found It Inhumane, Some Reports of Not Working, Not for Long-Term Use

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