Pet owners will opt for flea powders to treat their dogs because they are much less expensive than topical flea treatments, bombs, and other methods of killing fleas on a dog.

The best dog flea powder can also serve many other purposes, as it can be used on furniture, carpeting and many different types of pets.

Unfortunately, dog flea powders are much more effective around your home and in your yard than they are on your pet.

While it does kill off fleas on a dog, the powder for fleas itself doesn't stay on the dog for too long, so you have to consistently reapply it if you want it to work (but there are better ways).

Flea powders for dogs are best for use around your home.

For applying powder on dogs, while there are better methods, the best dog flea powder is most effective when used in conjunction with other preventative flea products.

If your pet has brought fleas into your home, one of these best dog flea powder brands may be just what you need.

Using Flea Powder on Dogs

Flea powders for dogs are most often used for furniture and carpeting around the house.

To deal with fleas on your dog, there are a few more effective options, like flea collars, flea pills, and other flea treatments.

However, you can still use the flea powder on your dog as long as you remember to reapply it regularly.

All of the flea powders on this list are safe for pets.

If you choose a dog flea powder that isn't on this list, be sure that it contains mostly natural ingredients and is safe for every member of your family (two- and four-legged dogs and kids).

An alternative to flea powders is usually carpet flea sprays, which work slightly differently.

One thing to note is that if the instructions on the flea powder recommend children and pets be removed from the area when the powder is on, that's not a safe choice. 

There is no guarantee that you'll be able to vacuum 100% of the powder from rugs and furniture.

The powder that remains will be harmful to all the pets and people that enter your home.

The Best Dog Flea Powder Brands

1Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder for Dogs
by Zodiac

This product is effective in controlling fleas, ticks, and lice in pets. Its active ingredient is 1% Piperonyl butoxide, an organic compound for eliminating parasites.

Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder acts fast and stays longer on the skin to prevent fleas and ticks from coming back.

It comes in a 6-oz cylindrical canister with an easy-to-use top shaker for dispensing.

Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder for Dogs, Puppies, Cats...
4,789 Reviews
Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder for Dogs, Puppies, Cats...
  • Controls fleas ticks and lice
  • Kills fast
  • Long lasting control
  • Shaker top for easy...

Pet owners who have tried Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder for Dogs on their pets say that it’s so simple and convenient to use and smells good on pets.

A couple of shakes of powder on the pet’s fur, followed by a good rubbing on the skin, will suffice.

There’s no need to use a lot of this; a light dusting usually does it. After several hours, fleas and ticks will fall off to the floor dead.

A follow-through with a flea comb always does the trick.

Users recommend this powder as part of a flea control regimen instead of a standalone solution.

They say that it works splendidly with other products and for in-between treatments.

They have used the powder on rugs or placed it inside vacuum bags to kill fleas, eggs, ticks, and lice that could be lurking in there. This prevents the insects from spreading in the entire house.


  • Active ingredient is 1% Piperonyl butoxide
  • Kills fleas, ticks and lice
  • Convenient shaker top for easy application

  • The warning labels (like keep away from children and do not inhale warnings) will make some pet owners concerned over safety


2Earth Animal Flea and Tick Internal Dog Powder
by Earth Animal

Most flea and tick powder products are applied on pets’ skin. Well, the Earth Animal Flea & Tick Program daily internal powder takes another route – and that’s through the mouth.

The powder is added to the pet’s regular diet. It discharges a smell that’s highly repulsive to fleas and ticks, (including mosquitoes and dark flies) but which is undetectable by humans.

It serves to prevent flea and tick infestation rather than kill them instantly. It’s formulated with a variety of food-grade natural ingredients with no chemical additives.

Earth Animal Flea and Tick Daily Internal Powder proved to be a great choice for finicky pets that hated to be rubbed on with topical remedies.

Pet owners who opted not to use products containing chemical compounds, salt, and sugar were glad that they had a natural and healthy alternative for managing their pet’s well-being.

Long-time users of this product have had no problems with flea infestation because pets love this stuff, whether it’s mixed in their wet raw meat food or made into a paste with little water and added to dry food.

The dosage goes from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons depending on the pet’s weight, and double dosage is recommended for peak flea and tick season.

With that daily dose, pet owners say that it’s not inexpensive. But considering that it’s a long-term and safe solution, they’re sticking to it.


  • Ingestable powder that can be sprinkled on your dog's food
  • PREVENTS flea and tick infestation instead of just getting rid of them
  • Formulated with a variety of food-grade natural ingredients

  • This dog flea powder will not work for every dog's flea infestation


3 PETARMOR Flea + Tick Defense
by Vetri-Science

PETARMOR offers Flea + Tick Defense, which isn't actually one of the best dog flea powder products.

However, it does eliminate ticks and fleas at all stages and should be used in conjunction with one of the powders on this list.

This tick and flea repellent contains 9.7% Fipronil, which provides quick-acting and long-lasting control over these parasites.

Fipronil stays in the oils on the skin and continues to work to prevent flea re-infestation for a long while.

PETARMOR Home Carpet Powder for Fleas and Ticks,...
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PETARMOR Home Carpet Powder for Fleas and Ticks,...
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With this product’s ingeniously designed applicator, pet owners say that applying it on their dogs is always easy.

The topical formula stays on even after swimming or long exposure to sunlight.

PETARMOR Home Carpet Powder for Fleas and Ticks also works on dogs with a thick coat, which came as a surprise to a dog owner who was told that the product was only effective for short-coated breeds.

There are places where the flea situation turns really bad at certain times of the year, and dog owners in those areas found this to be really valuable.

It’s not very expensive, so it’s easy on the budget. It kills ticks and fleas quickly, so there’s no time for skin irritations or the secondary effects of parasites to set in.


  • Contains 9.7% Fipronil
  • Kills fleas, ticks and chewing lice
  • Kills adult fleas before they lay eggs
  • Waterproof

  • Talking to other owners, some say that this product was not effective on their dog's flea infestation
  • Other dog flea powder reviews say the chemicals in this treatment made their dog sick


4Bio-D Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs
by Genisis

Diatomaceous Earth (DE), which is fossilized hard-shelled algae, is natural, non-toxic, and 100% safe for human and animal consumption. It can be used both externally and internally.

Bio-D DE has been clinically proven effective not only in getting rid of fleas, body and head lice but also in treating scabies and getting rid of intestinal parasites in animals and humans.

It also boasts multiple uses around the home, in the backyard, and in organic farming.

No products found.

This best dog flea powder comes in a 4-lb pail and includes a large measuring scoop for convenience.

This is extremely effective for fleas, ticks, lice, and even bed bugs, according to pet owners.

For clearing the house, furniture, kennels, rugs, and carpets from insects and bugs, Bio-D Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth may be sprinkled thinly and then vacuumed well the next day.

Users of this product happily reported that since it is food-grade and safe for pets and humans, they confidently used it for various maladies, including body lice, scabies, and intestinal parasites.

This has become a regular pet supply in their household and one that they can’t do without.

With a pail full of natural DE powder per purchase, they feel that they’ve found a cheap, safe, and long-term solution to the crawling pests on their pet’s skin and coat.


  • Natural, non-toxic, and 100% safe for human and animal consumption
  • Can be used internally or externally
  • Effective on fleas, ticks, lice, and even bed bugs

  • This top-rated dog flea powder didn't work for every dog's flea infestation


5Diatomaceous Earth Dog Flea Powder
by DiatomaceousEarth

This is another DE product, but this one is produced by eLifeNaturals and comes in a 1-lb pack. Diatomaceous Earth is effective in controlling bug infestations in pets and humans.

It also works for bugs that have inhabited the house or those bugs on plants and within the vicinity.

Its effect on pets is very remarkable because it gets rid of all kinds of fleas and bugs and cleanses their digestive tract of parasites.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb
25,749 Reviews
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb
  • 10 Lbs de - meets U.S. Food...

The product comes neatly packed in a re-closable zip-lock bag for easy storage and includes a long-handle scoop for added convenience. This powder works whether used dry or wet.

Pet owners are pleased to finally find a product that they’re not afraid to use or come in contact with.

It has always been difficult applying pesticide-based powder on pets, especially for pet owners who have children, because of potential toxicity and other health hazards.

With LifeNaturals Diatomaceous Earth, however, they feel safe because of its natural and non-toxic nature.

Users found this best dog flea powder to be a very versatile and useful powder to have around the house.

They use it dry directly on the pet’s affected skin. It can also be used on rugs, carpets, and other areas infested by ticks and fleas.

It works mechanically to dry out and kill bugs and pests by absorbing their fats and oils.

Added to food or water, it eliminates intestinal parasites and adds silica to your pet’s diet.


  • Natural, non-toxic, and 100% safe for human and animal consumption
  • Can be used internally or externally
  • Effective on fleas, ticks, lice and even bed bugs

  • This flea powder for dogs didn't work for every dog's flea infestation

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