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Best Dog Food for Pugs: How & What to Feed Pugs?


Best Dog Food for Pugs and How to Feed

Pugs make wonderful companions and are generally robust little dogs, but they are notorious for eating everything in sight. Since I have a Pug, I know all too well how hard it can be to find the best dog food for pugs that works well for them. Possibly the biggest problem with Pugs is that they want to eat every second that they aren't napping, so it is up to you to keep them from becoming unhealthily overweight.

It's important to remind yourself that no matter how cute your dog looks when he begs, if he's just eaten his own food he is not actually hungry, and you are not a horrible person for telling him no. Feeding Pugs, or most dogs for that matter, is a situation where you have to be a little cruel to be kind.

Giving in and allowing them to eat way more than they need will cause health problems and an unhappy dog in the long run. It's up to you as their caretaker to make sure this doesn't happen. When gauging portion sizes for the best dog food for Pugs, consider his weight and activity level.

Pug Dog Food Brands Price Value Rating
ROYAL CANIN Pug Adult dry dog food $$$$ $3.6/lb 4.4/5
Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food $$ $1.8/lb 4.3/5
Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Dry Dog Food $$ $1.8/lb 4.5/5
AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal $$ $1.3/lb 4.5/5
Nature's Variety Instinct Grain-Free Chicken Mea $$$ $2.3/lb 4.5/5

* Click on the Pug dog food brand for information and prices. Or scroll down below for more details.

There are plenty of charts and calculators available online to help you, and most dog foods have serving recommendations by weight on their nutrition facts as well. Most dogs should be fed twice a day unless otherwise specified by a veterinarian. If you're unsure of what or how much to feed your Pug it is best to discuss it with your veterinarian.

Best Food for Pugs (Commercial Dog Food Options)

Best Food for Pugs Commercial Dog Food

When picking the most optimal and healthy best food for Pugs, you need to keep your dog's breed and size nutritional requirements in mind. Here are the nutrition requirements for Pugs:

  • Puppies: approx 50 kcal per lb of bodyweight
  • Adults: approx 40 kcal per lb of bodyweight

* Other factors may influence precise caloric requirement, such as daily activity levels.

There are several commercial dog food brands that would be considered as best dog food for Pugs, and many vets and dog food review websites agree on this. We've consulted, and researched and picked the five of the best dog foods for Pugs options.

Bear in mind, you don't have to buy an expensive dog food brand for your Pug's diet to follow an AAFCO approval. However, if you want more specific dog food brand recommendations that are tried and true, the above ones are usually the brands that majority of Pug owners and their vets choose as the best options. For more, I recommend reading this thorough review on the top 10 dog food brands by Samantha.

Best Dog Food for Pugs
How to Feed Pugs & What to Feed Pugs

Best Dog Food for Pugs How & What to Feed Pugs

People Food and What Not to Feed Pugs

In addition to portion control, it's also important to consider the nutritional value of what you're feeding your Pug. Like people, dogs have vitamins and dietary needs that often aren't met by the food they eat. Maybe one of the most crucial things to know about the best dog food for Pugs is what they shouldn't eat.

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Many foods that are recommended for people can be dangerous and even fatal to dogs. Some of these foods to avoid are well known and some lurk under the radar a little more. Chocolate, or anything containing caffeine, and grapes are well known foods to avoid.

While cooked salmon is a  healthy choice, raw salmon can contain parasites that can lead to fatal illness in Pugs.

The sneakiest and most dangerous foods are spices and flavorings. Garlic and onion are both fine in very small amounts, but when used in excess they can damage your Pug's red blood cell count. Nutmeg, baking soda, and artificial sweeteners are also toxic to dogs. It is safest to avoid giving your dog any baked goods.

There are many dog-friendly options that do not contain these ingredients if your Pug has a sweet tooth. Because fruits like bananas and berries are safe and healthy for Pugs, these are some of the best dog food for Pugs to use as treats.

It's crucial to recognized that any fruit with a pit can not only be a chocking hazard for dogs, but can also be poisonous if gnawed on or ingested.

Homemade Dog Food for Pugs

Homemade Dog Food for Pugs

It is often recommended that owners make their own dog food, and if you have the time that is a great idea. Much like the food we eat, with store-bought dog food you're often paying more than you should for fillers and additives without even thinking about it.

If you are a person who already operates on the weekly meal prep mentality for yourself, it will be easy to incorporate dog food prep into your schedule. It will require some further research and a little trial and error at first, so patience is a necessity if you are committed to making your own dog food.

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Most dog food recipes consist of about half protein, such as chicken or beef, a quarter of grains like brown rice, and a quarter of vegetables such as carrots or green beans.

Store-Bought Dog Food

Best Commercial Dog Food PugsThe unfortunate reality is that a lot of us don't even have time to cook for ourselves.  Despite the fact that there are many simple how-to's out there for making homemade dog food, it will never be as quick as store-bought dog food will be.

This is by no means a deterrent from making your own dog food.

It can be very healthy for your dog, just like eating clean is for people. This is more to say that if you don't have the time or patience to do so, dogs who eat the best dog food for Pugs can be perfectly healthy and happy as well.

Just check the ingredients in the food you purchase to make sure that it has natural ingredients and doesn't depend on fillers to bulk it up.

When looking for a good pet food, ignore vague promises on the packaging and look for meats and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) certification to ensure that your Pug is getting high quality food. My Pug eats Mighty Dog wet food twice a day; once in the morning and once at dinner time.

She will get a chicken treat or two throughout the day after a walk or particularly good behavior, but it's kept to a minimum much to her disdain. She is fit, playful (between many naps), and maintains a healthy weight even at nine years old.

Take Age into Account

Senior Pugs dog foodAnother thing to remember is that like people, dogs' dietary needs will most likely change with age. Their activity levels will decrease and they may develop food allegories that were not present as puppies.

If your Pug starts getting an upset stomach frequently and you can't figure out why, you may have to take things away one at a time to find out what what the issue is. With my Pug, I found out that it was the red dye in her favorite treats.

I noticed that when she was sick to her stomach, it was often soon after eating a treat. I switched her over to dye-free chicken treats with natural ingredients and the problem is now virtually non-existent. Though these new treats are slightly pricier, it has been more than worth the extra money to see her healthy and happy.

In Short

All in all, be a responsible dog owner and a smart shopper. Keep your Pug's nutritional needs at the forefront of your mind when choosing what type of food they will eat and how much to feed them.

Although it's tempting to give them a bite of whatever you're eating when they beg, he will be much happier as a healthy dog who has the energy to play with his people.

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