Mellow Dog Breeds

Having a dog is one of the healthiest relationships you could ever have.

If you've ever had a dog, you know how amazing they are. People have dogs as pets for a variety of reasons.

You may want a dog that is active or for the security of your home and property. Or perhaps a mellow dog breed will make your family complete.

For whatever reason, dog breeds come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments.

This article is about a special breed of dog referred to as the mellow dog breeds.

There are numerous dog species in this category; we will highlight 10.

They may not be dogs you would have for security or an active lifestyle but play the role of a pet better than others.

We will explore everything you should know about the mellow dog breeds and if one is just right for you.   

What are Mellow Dog Breeds?

This dog breed defines one thing: calmness.

This makes them just the perfect dog breed to keep the company of kids and the elderly. These dogs are just as the name of the breed implies; they are mellow.

These dogs are just down for whatever life throws their way. They are unusually calm and chill, for what you would expect from a dog. 

Below are 10 mellow dog breeds, some of which you know and may not expect to find here.

You should know that the dogs in this breed category aren’t necessarily small just because they are said to be mellow. Dogs can be large and mellow.

They are just as good a companion as the smaller breeds, just more to love. 

10 Mellow Dog Breeds

There are numerous mellow dog breeds of different sizes, colors, and personalities. Here are the most common breeds with a mellow personality. 

mellow dog breeds shih tzu

1. Shih Tzu

These dogs are known for their long but shaggy hair.

The Shih Tzu are small in size, and one thing that makes them stand out is their amazing ability to adapt to whatever form of life you want to give them.

If you need them to have the apartment life, they can just as easily blend into an office life. 

It is believed that this mellow dog breed originated in Tibet and China.

These dogs are bred to be loyal and loving; however, sometimes, they can be very clingy.

They are always up and looking for cuddles. You should be ready to give it to them. 

mellow dog breeds Labrador retriever

2. Labrador Retriever

Forget about the appearance; this is one of the kindest dogs out there. That’s why it has found itself in several households.

They are affectionate, calm, and comfortable around adults and their children.

One other advantage of having this dog species is that they are very easy to train.

When they are young, you can easily train them to understand and act as you want. However, you should be ready to take them on regular walks or runs around the house.

You should be aware of weight gain if they become too lazy. 

mellow dog breeds pug

3. Pug

This mellow dog breed is a very friendly dog and is more suited for families.

They are very sociable and lively and, in most cases, stick closely to their owners. They get calmer with age and make great companions. 

mellow dog breeds Newfoundland

4. Newfoundland

These dogs are always of a very large size, but they are mellow dogs. They are also very intelligent, caring, and loyal.

Thanks to their subtle nature, they easily get along with other pets and children in the home. 

mellow dog breeds great dane

5. Great Dane

These dogs are very protective of their owners. They are intelligent, over-protective, and patient, especially with children.

Unlike some other dogs with scary expressions, these are gentle-faced, which offers a calming effect to even strangers. Due to their large size, they need some exercise. 

mellow dog breeds Golden Retriever

6. Golden Retriever

This is another loving species of dog with a specialization in engaging in fun activities with kids and their owners. Interestingly, they are also very appreciative of TV.

If you are also looking for a downtime companion after a long work day, this is the companion to have. 

Mellow dog breeds English Bulldog

7. English Bulldog

You wouldn’t think of a bulldog to be classified as a mellow dog breed. However, this particular species is just perfect for your sweet and loving home.

They need frequent walks, and while at home, you need to ensure they are active as much as possible.

They are very loyal and loving. So, as the owner, you can be sure of them guarding you to the best of their ability. They are also good with children. 

Mellow dog breeds Cavalier King Charles

8. Cavalier King Charles

This species of dog frequently gets mixed up with the King Charles spaniel. This is because it originates from the King Charles spaniel, and they are almost identical.

However, the face of the cavalier makes the difference. It is an amazing species of dog that’s astounding when it comes to playing with children. They are also very kind, which makes them very popular. 

mellow dog breeds greyhound

9. Greyhound

This is another large dog that has an amazing, gentle character. These dogs are known to be very independent and reserved, which makes them likened to cats.

They always want to be in quiet and calm environments. They also need you to help them stretch their legs a few times per week through long walks and jogs. 

mellow dog breeds Shar-Pei

10. Shar-Pei

This is another loyal, protective, yet mellow dog breed. They show great respect to their owner, especially when they are properly trained.

They can be calm and docile in the home. These dogs are better suited to life in the inner cities and suburban life. 

mellow dog breeds

Why should you buy Mellow Dog Breeds?

In the world of today, owning a pet is more of a responsibility. Pets cost you money and require a great deal of maintenance.

It’s having an extra human in the home that you need to care for. So, is owning a pet worth it? Taking into account your investment and time training, also be aware of their life expectancy.

Smaller dogs can live up to 15 or 16 years. Medium-sized dogs have a life expectancy between 10 and 13 years, while large dogs live between 7 and 8 years.

All this being said, here are a few reasons why owning a mellow dog breed can make your investment worth it.


It’s easy to get lonely when there is no one around. Especially if you don’t live with your family, this is where the mellow dog breeds come in.

Though the dog may not engage in a conversation with you, you can always talk to them as part of the family. They understand.

They can take action when you ask. You can engage with them in fun activities or take them out with you on errands. Dogs are always there, by your side, whenever you need them.

With the mellow dog breeds, you won't have to worry about them causing unnecessary havoc in your home. Freeing you from the extra work that you may get with other breeds.

Avoid depression

Being alone can lead to depression faster. However, research has shown that dog owners seem to have better mental health.

They are less likely to be depressed. Caring for your dog helps you deal with the symptoms of depression better than others who don’t have a dog with them.

The presence of mellow dogs in your home will also help you get more positive. There is just that atmosphere the presence of the dogs creates in the home. 

Improve your social life

It’s very important to have companionship, especially in the elderly. As you grow older, it can become difficult to have people around or socialize as much.

If you are single, you may have the same experience. However, if owning a mellow dog breed, you can find happiness and grow, and may become more social.

Research found that dog owners tend to be more extroverted than non-dog owners. Mellow dog breeds help any person open up more and blossom socially. 

Stress Reduction

When you have a mellow dog breed, you have an automatic stress reliever. Just spending a few minutes with the pet can considerably lower your anxiety and blood pressure.

It also increases the secretion of serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

These neurochemicals play a big role in helping you become calm and settled.

Also, if you are performing really stressful tasks, you tend to do better when there is a dog around. Mellow dog breeds, as well as the other breeds, can help reduce tension in offices and between married couples. 

A sense of purpose

While this can’t be measured like other health factors like blood pressure and hormone levels, researchers have claimed that it is just as important to your health.

Owning dogs gives you a sense of purpose in life. And research has it that those that live with purpose are less likely to die, not just from heart disease but from all kinds of causes of bad health and living practices.

A sense of purpose can arise from simply taking care of your mellow dog breed.

mellow dog breeds

Caring for Mellow Dogs

Once you decide on a mellow dog breed that fits your lifestyle, the next most important thing you need to know is how to care for them. Caring for a mellow dog breed the right way can make life easier and healthier.


This is important. As much as the mellow dog breeds are calm and gentle, they need the right diet to stay in good health conditions.

The mellow dog breeds mentioned in this article have different food preferences. When choosing the right dog for you, take time to research the diet that is suitable. 


Mellow dog breeds are calm and gentle.

Their personality is reserved, and they may not be as active as other dog breeds. Therefore, they have a tendency to just stay in a place for long periods of time.

You need to get them active and engage in frequent exercises to keep them healthy. Take them for a walk in the park or a brief run & play in the yard or park.

Visit the Vet Frequently

This is another important step you should take as a dog owner.

By visiting a veterinary doctor, you monitor the health of your dog better, take the necessary precautions as soon as possible, and be vaccinated against diseases.

In Conclusion

Owning a mellow dog breed brings many benefits; you should savor these benefits as much as possible.

We've highlighted 10 of the most popular breeds; however, more than just picking a dog, we suggest you keep learning how you can make your pet’s life better.

Nothing beats the experience of having a mellow dog breed in your corner to make life more beautiful. 

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Mellow Dog Breeds


Katherine is certified in Domestic Animal Sciences and Animal Grooming with primary focus on dogs. She has had her pet canine, Anastasia, for two years now, who is also her ESA service dog. Katherine has written multiple articles about pets and their grooming, and has knowledge on multiple specialty pet grooming products for dogs.