Best Places Single Dog-Owners to Meet a Better Half

Love is unpredictable and while opposites may attract in many ways when it comes to dogs, it’s important to find someone who’s just as crazy about them as you are. Not only will it make things easier, but it will also fill your life with more love, laughter, adventures, and abundance. Besides, dog people are the best people and that’s a fact! So, if you’re a single doggy parent looking to meet your significant other, here are a few places where Cupid may just shoot his arrow.

dogs at a dog park

Dog Park

The most obvious place to meet other dog owners is a dog park of course. Imagine this, you throw your pooch’s favorite tennis ball and as he runs into the distance, you spot your potential soulmate. Sparks fly, you fall in love, and you live happily ever after! We know, that sounds like a rom-com movie but it’s totally plausible.

Find a few dog parks close to you and hit them up with your trusty and adorable wingman. If you do see someone cute, flash a smile, and say hello to their dog. Chances are if their furbaby likes you, they will like you too! Make small talk and try to set up a doggy playdate. If they agree, exchange numbers et voila!

Training Classes

Training is a lifelong learning experience for both your dog and you. Whether you have a pup or an adult dog, group sessions can help in many ways. They teach your dog how to socialize and work with distractions while also learning some fun tricks and making new friends. The best part is that these classes give you an opportunity to socialize as well, come out of your shell, and potentially meet someone special. If you do hit it off with another dog parent, you can always suggest staying back after classes so your dogs can practice some more. Sneaky, sneaky!

dog friendly cafe

Dog-Friendly Cafe

There’s nothing like bonding with a like-minded person over a nice cuppa. With so many pet-friendly restaurants and cafes opening up nationwide, it’s easy to meet someone fun at these places. Find an interesting dog-friendly cafe near you and take your pooch out on a date. Make sure there’s a menu for them as well so they can enjoy a nice treat while you scope out the place. If you do see another single dog parent, be sure to smile. You never know what it might lead to. Even if nothing happens, at least your dog and you had a great outing. Win-win!

Camping Site

If your furbaby is a fan of the great outdoors, why not plan a weekend getaway to a nearby dog-friendly camping site? With a little extra prep work, this could be a great experience for both your pupper and you. Pack enough food, treats, emergency medicines, a first-aid kit, poo bags, wipes, and a water bottle for when you go hiking. This is also the perfect opportunity to meet someone who is just as adventurous as you! Besides, starry nights and a campfire can set quite a romantic mood for new connections.

man training dog at shelter

Dog Shelter

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as helping those in need, especially our four-legged friends. Find your nearest animal shelter and offer to volunteer during your free time. They always need help with walking rescues, playing with them, and helping them gain back their trust in humans. It’s incredibly touching when they finally start to transform and respond positively to you. Other than being emotionally and mentally satisfying, this is also a great way to connect with other kind-hearted people like you. For all you know, you may just bump into your soulmate at one of these places.

Dog Show

Training your dog to compete professionally is a lot of work, no doubt, but the results are just as gratifying. Even if you don’t come close to winning, it’s always fun to teach your baby a few tricks and it’s a great bonding experience, as long as you don’t overwork them. Plus there’s the added advantage that you may bump into someone interesting at these shows. Talk to them under the pretext of asking for training tips and see where it goes from there.

dog birthday party

Birthday Party 

Throw a big birthday bash for your pooch, invite all the single doggy parents you know, and ask them to bring over a few (preferably cute) friends. Too many dogs can get overwhelming to handle though, so don’t go crazy. Add a cake, a dog-friendly menu, a few drinks for the “hoomans” and you’re guaranteed to have a fun party. If all goes well, you may even get on with a charming stranger.

Dog Salon

All pooches deserve a pampering grooming session every now and then. With the right tools and experience, professionals can certainly save you time and energy. The next time you’re at the groomers waiting for your dog to finish their transformation, don’t forget to look out for potential cuties. If someone does catch your eye, strike up a conversation, and see where it goes. Start by asking about their dog – that’s always a hit!

golden retriever running on dog beach

The Beach

Summer calls for beach days with your favorite four-legged buddy.  Find one that is pet-friendly and set off on an aquatic adventure. Do remember to pack plenty of water, treats, a beach umbrella, dog sunscreen (yes, really!), and poop bags. The best thing about beaches is that they are full of cuties – both the canine and human kind!

Dating Sites

If none of the above options work out, there’s always the opportunity to meet someone virtually via dating websites. The good news is that there are now plenty of sites catering specifically to dog lovers. Some well-known ones include Tindog, Wowzer, and Datemypet. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating a profile NOW, and don’t forget to add cute pictures with your furbaby.

As the saying goes, every dog (and human) has his (or her) day. There’s something about dogs that just forces you to be more social and put yourself out there. So, it’s only a matter of time before love comes woofing at your door.

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Best Places Single Dog-Owners to Meet a Better Half

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