The spring season is one of the favorite parts of the year for most dogs – after several months of forced confinement during the winter, most dogs love to run, play and have fun outside again. Late spring is arguably the best time of the year when it's just warm enough but not too hot, and could be a great time to try new things and adventures with your dog.

The time is now – why settle for just the regular doggy walks outside when you can give your pooch and yourself a number of amazing experiences? It will mentally stimulate your dog, provide your pets with the essential exercise and playtime, and strengthen your bond together. Here are 18 suggestions for some fun late spring adventures:

1. Run, doggie, run!

Cuddling with your warm dog all winter was probably pleasant for your pooch too, but the late spring is the time to start using those legs again. Go to the biggest enclosed and off-leash dog park you can find and let your dog run as much as he likes.

2. Go hiking.

Dogs love exploring new places and hiking is a great adventure during the late spring months in particular. You will have fun and get plenty of exercise while your Fido is ecstatically smelling every new flower and exploring every new side path. New some ideas on how to do it properly? Listen to Samantha's podcast episode on hiking.

3. Take your dog to the beach.

Take your dog to the beachEven if your dog isn’t too fond of swimming, going to the beach is likely to still be a ton of fun for the pet – you can play a number of games in the open area, with or without the water, and the sand can be much more interesting to play in than the tired grass in the park you've been going to for years.

4. The time for fetch is now.

After several months of being kept indoors, spring is the perfect time to go in the park and play some fetch with a tennis ball, a Frisbee or any other suitable dog toy. Small sized sticks are typically not advisable for fetch as they can be ingested, but a cool toy can give your dog a ton of fun.

5. Find the biggest stick!

While small sticks are dangerous, large ones can be fine for dogs and extra fun. There are few better ways to celebrate the ending of spring than to find the biggest possible stick your Fido can carry and play fetch with. Balls and Frisbees are fun, but big sticks are just in a category of their own.

6. Devise a DIY obstacle course in the yard.

Devise a DIY obstacle course in the yardObstacle courses are one of the best combinations of exercise and fun, but commercial dog agility kits can be quite expensive. Why not fashion one in your back yard DIY style and save some money? Some chairs, cardboard boxes, pipes and old sheets can be enough for a very cool and fun obstacle course for your dog.

7. Post-spring cleaning tug-toy from old shirts.

Spring cleaning is a great occasion for getting rid of old clothes, but there’s no need to throw them away. Get some old shirts, roll them into a tug toy, and go have some fun outside. For more ideas, check out this list of DIY projects for a frugal pet owner.

8. Meet a few other dogs.

Most dogs love making friends and interacting with other canines, so why limit your pooch to the dogs you meet in the dog park when you can find some new doggie friends in other areas, and organize play dates in your yard or the park together?

9. Teach your pup how to skateboard.

Teach your pup how to skateboardA dog on a skateboard is one of the most adorable things out there and it’s also great fun for the dog too. Grab a skateboard, go out and make good use of the snow-free streets! However, it has to be done carefully and must be well-planned to avoid any injuries.

10. Go to an outdoors event together.

The late spring season is the start of tons of outdoor festivals and group activities that can be a lot of fun. You can often bring your dog to such outdoor events, as long as they are dog-friendly – if your pooch is social and loves being around people and having fun, then such outdoor events are your next destination. For example, here's Kurgo's list of 2017's summer events to attend with a dog (some are going on this year, too).

11. Turn on the sprinkler or the garden hose.

There are few dogs that don’t love playing with water even if they are not the biggest fans of swimming. So, why not celebrate the oncoming hot late spring weather by turning on the sprinkler or the misting cooling system for your pooch?

Some water fight fun with the sprinkler or the garden hose can be a great experience for both you and your pooch, plus it’s a great way to wash your dog after a walk in the park. Just remember to be careful – turn the sprinkler/hose on a safe power level and make sure you don’t hurt one of your dog’s sensitive areas like his ears.

12. Organize a doggy Easter “egg” hunt.

Easter egg hunts are often great fun for the whole family, but dogs are not recommended to take part because they can’t eat chocolate. Why not organize an additional Easter “egg” hunt for your dog with a dog-friendly treat?

13. Play hide and seek with a toy in the park.

Play hide and seek with a toy in the parkOne of the unusual ways to exercise your dog during the winter months is playing hide and seek at home with toys or treats. So why not upgrade the game for the late spring season by playing hide and seek in the park with some of your dog’s favorite toys?

14. Go jogging together.

Walking is usually too slow of a pace for many active dogs, so why not combine your dog’s daily walks with some jogging? It’s an effective way to exercise your pooch, tire him out and is also more fun for the pet.

15. Go on a vacation together.

If your dog loves traveling and riding in the car, you can go on a quick spring vacation together. It can be a day-long car ride to an interesting place or several days to a dog-friendly resort, but either way it can be a cool adventure for both you and your pooch.

16. Outdoors professional dog training.

If your dog can benefit from some professional obedience training, the spring is the perfect time for that. Some professionally led outdoor fitness can be a great idea as well, particularly for dogs that have put on several extra pounds during the winter months.

17. Go camping.

Camping is a Camping with dogsgreat activity once the weather outside allows it and your dog will love it as well. Out in nature, exploring new places together with you and sleeping in a tent – that’s most dogs’ dream come true.

18. Go swimming.

There are a lot of dog breeds that really love swimming. If your dog is from one of these breeds he will most probably love to go for some doggy paddle, especially if the weather is great for it. Alternatively, if you have a dog pool at home, now's the time to get your Fido into there.

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