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Top 5 Best Dog Grooming Mitts to Calm Dogs


Brushing your dog is not a choice; it's a necessity. Regular dog grooming will keep your pet's coat clean and tangle free. Not to mention that brushing helps to spread the natural oils produced in his skin to give his fur a healthy shine and growth. Using the best dog grooming mitts may be easier than using a traditional dog grooming brush, but it's up to every individual dog owner.

Top Best Dog Grooming Mitts to Calm Dogs When BrushingDog grooming gloves have never been popular, until very recently. But more pet owners today realize the benefits of grooming dogs with mitts, in particular the ease of use of the best dog grooming gloves, and the calmness effect that they provide to dogs.

While dog grooming brushes are still important to have in your arsenal, because some dog hair types or specific grooming occasions still call for them, a single dog grooming glove will likely turn you into a more avid DIY pet groomer, which ultimately benefits your dog.

In this article, we'll discuss the use of best dog grooming gloves or mitts, why it's a good idea to have one or a pair of them among your other dog grooming tools, and we'll do a roundup review of these best dog grooming gloves:

Dog Grooming Gloves Price Quality Rating
HandsOn Bathing Grooming Shedding Gloves $$$ A++ 5 stars
2-in-1 Pet Glove $$ A 4 half stars
Better Petter Dog Brush Glove $ A 4 half stars
Breed Glove Brush $$ B 4 stars
New Improved Right Hand Cochop $ B 4 stars

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Why use dog grooming gloves over brushes

Grooming anxiety in dogsSome dog owners prefer dog brushes for grooming their dogs, while others – after having discovered them – find it easier to groom dogs with grooming mitts or so-called grooming gloves. But are any of them significantly superior to the other? Not really.

Your choice of whether to groom a dog with a glove or a dog brush mostly comes down to personal preference. As long as you're using good quality pet grooming mitts or gloves for taking caring of your pet that really dig into his coat, then that's all that matters. In some specific cases, you can use a deshedding tool for grooming a dog.

There is a small benefit to using either one, however. Dog grooming mitts look like gloves that have rubber tips covering the palm. They slide easily on your hand and are usually quite comfortable to wear. As you pet your dog, you're also brushing through his fur. These are the main two reasons to choose a dog grooming glove over brushes.

There's no scientific evidence to this, but anecdotal evidence from pet owners reports and dog grooming gloves reviews suggests that dog mitts can also help ease a pet's anxiety about grooming, as Samantha has demonstrated in her video.

Dog brushes can sometimes be intimidating to some pets. They don't know what they are, and the bristles may scratch your dog's skin if you choose an inappropriate brush. On the other hand, grooming gloves for dogs are gentler and make it seem as if you're just giving your Fido some petting love and affection. In the end, it's up to you what to use.

What're the Best Dog Grooming Gloves or Mitts?
top 5 ways to calm dogs while also grooming them

What are the Best Dog Grooming Mitts & Grooming Gloves for Dogs

1HandsOn Bathing Grooming Shedding Gloves

HandsOn Bathing Grooming Shedding GlovesWhether it's for simple and quick daily dog grooming or heavy grooming session, the HandsOn Dog Grooming Glove Mitt is the perfect solution for de-shedding, bathing or just brushing your dog due to its flexible and ergonomic design. It's the most unique best dog grooming glove on this list, and easily the top choice pet owners can purchase. It's also the most expensive product.

HandsOn dog grooming glove has long and soft pin-style rubber-tipped ends, and the rest of the design is called revolutionary according to the manufacturer. This is confirmed by the fact that some pet owners choose to use these grooming mitts not only for cats and dogs but even for grooming horses. It glides through the topcoat and easily removes and traps loose hair so it does not fill the house with fur. Plus it fits most hand sizes and is very lightweight, so it makes de-shedding more like petting.

It is made from fine fabric with top-quality rubber to sustain whether dry or wet grooming of dogs, stainless-steel tips and an adjustable Velcro strap. The back of the glove serves to clean hair off furniture, fabrics, carpets, and clothes. Its main advantage is that this pet grooming glove is the best one for massaging a dog, unlike others that are lightweight.

What're the Best Dog Grooming Gloves or Mitts?Pet owners now know that they can have both pets and a clean house at the same time. Buyers of the HandsOn Dog Grooming Glove Mitt now find it unimaginable to maintain a fur-free house and happy well-groomed pets without this hard-working mitt. Their reviews indicate how their dogs have come to love and look forward to being groomed daily, and how the humans in the house now feel assured that they will not endure the usual dog fur on surfaces around the house or fur suspended in the air.

However, a customer bemoans this glove did not work on her short-haired dog, although the dog obviously loved the massage and the brushing routine. For cleaning surfaces and removing hair from pets, this worked better when applied with pressure while swiping off or brushing. Overall, buyers said that this was great product for the money, they find it durable, and it’s easy to use and clean.


  • Heavy duty dog grooming glove
  • Equipped with adjustable Velcro strap to fit virtually any hand
  • Stainless steel bristles have rubber-tipped ends so they don't scratch the dog's skin
  • Back of the glove cleans hair off furniture, fabrics, carpets, and clothes

  • One unsatisfied customer said that this was not one of the best dog grooming mitts, as it didn't work on her short-haired dog

best dog grooming mittsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I know the people who created these gloves and I know how much they love animals. So I was very excited when these gloves became available and I wanted to…”


2Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Pet Grooming Glove

Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Pet Grooming GlovePat Your Pet has come out with a 2-in-1 sturdy pet grooming glove for cats and dogs that can achieve multiple tasks. It gets knots out of the pet’s topcoat, removes loose and dead hair from the undercoat, reduces shedding significantly, and the cleans surfaces of hair. It comes with an adjustable Velcro strap and is designed for daily grooming of dogs with short, medium or long coats.

The well-spaced rubber tips on the underside of this glove provide a relaxing rubdown as it untangles and sheds the undercoat of loose and dead hair. On the other hand, the upper glove’s velour cleans and collects hair from carpets, fabrics, and furniture with ease. Customers are one in saying that they found this product to be one of the best dog grooming mitts around.

Buyers say grooming has never been easier and bonding is more enjoyable since using this glove. Issues with tangles and shedding have been dramatically reduced, and collecting hair from all over the house has become a breeze. Pet owners who purchased the Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Pet Grooming Glove were not the only ones happy for finding a mitt that is functional for shedding and keeping surfaces clean.

Best Dog Grooming Mitts and GlovesA remarkable grooming mitt, says one reviewer who loves that it also works to remove fur in furniture, carpets, and fabrics. Her only wish is that its rubber pad was more pliable so that her hand could curve more to the pet’s body contours when brushing. Definitely, this is a stress-free way of keeping dogs well-groomed and happy, and keeping hair off from the bed, sofa or car seats.


  • Can be used on dogs and cats with short, medium or long hair
  • Equipped with adjustable Velcro strap to fit virtually any hand
  • Works to collect dog hair from carpets, fabrics and furniture as well

  • This is one of the best dog grooming mitts, but some users wish it was more pliable so they could contour their hand to their dog's body

best dog grooming mittsMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “I have had the Pet Glove for over 2 weeks and Everyone Loves it! All 3 furbabies and I are loving every brush session. I purchased this for my Golden Retriever Mix, Leo, when he sees his furminator he runs! Now I pull out the Pet Glove and he runs to me. He enjoys that every brushing comes with a massage.…”


3Better Petter Dog & Cat Brush Glove

Better Petter Dog & Cat Brush GloveThis pet brush glove from Pet Thunder cleans and softens the coat by removing excess undercoat hair while cutting off mats and tangles, leaving a shiny luster to the topcoat. At the same time, it delivers a soothing massage that holds the pet down for a more effective brushing – perfect for all coat types.

This is one of the best grooming mitts as it is made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials and designed for both wet and dry grooming sessions. By trapping excess hair in the mitt, it prevents fur from getting all over the house. The adjustable Velcro strap allows this glove to fit any hand size.

Pet owners with finicky pets have found no use for rakes, combs and brushes to solve shedding issues. So they were mostly skeptical at first with the Better Petter Dog & Cat Brush Glove that promised to put an end to such dog hair woes. However, they were happily surprised at what this glove was able to do to their dog and their home. The breathable material was also well-liked by the users, noting that it made the mitt more comfortable to use.

Best Dog Grooming Mitts and GlovesOne reviewer finds the mitt way too large for her. She admits, though, that it is gentle and her pets love this mitt more than the other brushes she has used in the past. Buyers find that this is one of the best dog grooming mitts, noting that it is very well-made and durable. They’re happy that they need not struggle with a squirming dog to while using this product, and they don’t breathe and choke on fur in the air like they used to before.


  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Designed to be used on wet or dry fur
  • Equipped with adjustable Velcro strap to fit virtually any hand

  • One reviewer noted this glove was too large for her hand, but that is a likely complaint for every dog grooming mitt on this list

best dog grooming mittsMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review + VIDEO): “Wow- I have to admit I was skeptical about these. I've had poor luck with similar products in the past. Either they don't actually groom your dog, or they're so cheaply made that they fall apart after one or two washings. I can happily say that neither is the case with this grooming glove.…”


4Breed Grooming Mitt Brush

Best of Breed Grooming Mitt BrushThis grooming mitt by Best of Breed will surely make pets a fan of grooming. It is designed for all coat types to provide a gentle and soothing rubdown, while efficiently removing loose and dead hair.

With its gentle and pliant rounded rubber tips, it is also useful for bathing, massaging and brushing. It easily reaches hard-to-groom areas, like the underbelly, legs, and tail.

It comes with a 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee and a free LED Pet Collar Light. Customers rated this product as one of the best dog grooming mitts for these reasons: it gets the job done fast, it is highly durable, and the price is just right. Buyers say this grooming glove has significantly reduced the volume of pet hair around their house, and their dogs were always well-groomed.

Some consumers say they even use the mitt during their pet’s baths, and dogs simply love the extra rubdown. The wet mitt has no problem going right into the washer, and it comes out looking new again. The Best of Breed Grooming Mitt Brush is that durable.

Best Dog Grooming Mitts and GlovesSadly, one recent purchaser wasn’t very happy because the mitt didn’t fit his hand comfortably and the hairs that stuck to it were difficult to remove. Other users agreed that they’d appreciate more sizes to choose from. Once the fit is right, though, what the user gets is a grooming tool that works effectively while it relaxes the dog.


  • Designed for all coat types
  • Can be used for bathing, massaging and brushing
  • Comes with a 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee and a free LED Pet Collar Light

  • Numerous reviewers complained about the size of this mitt and wished their were more options available

best dog grooming mittsMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “I love dogs, both owning and fostering over the years. But dog hair is my my constant enemy. I've tried furminators, wire brushes, bristle brushes, combs – but never a grooming mitt. Here's the low down on the Premier Pet Grooming Mitt.…”


5Cochop Cat, Dog Hair & Fur Remover Mitt

Cochop Cat, Dog Hair & Fur Remover MittCochop’s Pet Hair and Fur Remover Mitt is one of the best dog grooming mitts. It is one of the most multifunctional grooming gloves around. Plus, it comes with a squeaky Pet Toy Ball to make your pet happy during and after grooming sessions.

The mitt is made of durable eco-friendly mesh cloth (breathable) and a highly-pliant pad with rounded rubber tips that works great for pet baths, washing, brushing, petting, or getting rid of unwanted fur around the house. It removes loose hair and cuts down on shedding, leaving the dog’s topcoat flawlessly clean with a show-quality luster.

The Cochop Cat, Dog Hair & Fur Remover Mitt comes in one size, and reviewers agree that it will fit even the biggest hand. It’s quite large, so it won’t be an issue for large-handed pet owners. Those with smaller hands would have wished for a smaller size, although the Velcro strap tightens it so it doesn’t fall off. This is one of the best dog grooming mitts, because it is flexible, made of great material, and comes with a tiny rubber brush on the glove’s thumb – great for stubborn areas that needs a bit more cleaning.

Best Dog Grooming Mitts and GlovesOne particular review stated the obvious drawback on this mitt – it’s far too large for really small hands, so it keeps twisting around the hand. She admits, though, that it works wonders on her dogs and cat. Except for that, buyers consider this as one of the best dog grooming mitts around and they’d really be happy if the manufacturer would find a way to produce smaller-sized variants of this product in the future.


  • Made of durable eco-friendly mesh cloth that is breathable
  • Can be used on wet or dry fur
  • Large size will fit even the biggest hands
  • Comes with a squeaky toy ball

  • Not suitable for pet owners with petite hands, as it only comes in one large size

best dog grooming mittsMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full review + PHOTOS): “My little chiweenie has very short fine hair that makes it very hard to brush her. Either the bristles were to hard and hurt her or they just did not grip her fur well enough to remove all the loose hair. She.…”

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