Review: HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

Regular grooming is necessary to keep your dog's coat healthy. Pet grooming gloves, like these from HandsOn, make it easier to brush your pet and can be more comfortable for both of you.

There are grooming gloves for short hair as well as long fur. Be sure to choose a pair that is specifically designed for your dog's coat type.

These gloves from HandsOn are suitable for pets of any size, from cats to horses. However, the bristles are best suited for shorter coats. They would be ideal for shorthaired cats, dogs with short, thin coats or horses.

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves Review

Pet Grooming GlovesThese gloves are a versatile grooming tool that I would recommend most pet owners keep in their grooming tool kit. They're just great for brushing loose hair from your dog, they make a great bath tool as well.

You could use pet grooming gloves to give Fido a massage or to scrub shampoo down through his coat during a bath. Of course, they can also be used to for de-shedding sessions and regular brushing.

The HandsOn dog grooming gloves are made of a lightweight, flexible nylon fabric. They also feature adjustable wrist straps and come in sizes ranging from Junior to Extra-Large.

I like grooming my dogs for a number of reasons. Not only does it keep them healthy and looking good, it's a great bonding experience. Grooming gloves make this chore a lot more special than using a traditional brush.

While you're brushing your dog, you're also petting and massaging him. It fosters the bond between the two of you and also makes your dog incredible happy. I also recommend pet grooming gloves for any owner with a timid dog.

Gloves aren't as intimidating as brushes, and they are much more gentle on the skin and coat. If your dog is afraid of being brushed or just doesn't seem to like it, try using grooming gloves in place of a traditional brush.

These gloves from HandsOn are available in black, green, gray or purple. They are hypoallergenic, mildew resistant and chemical-free.

They retail for $24.99 on Amazon, which is comparable in price to other similar gloves on the market. I would definitely recommend these as a good value for the money. If your dog has a short coat, these gloves will be a great option.

However, they aren't available with longer bristles that are spaced further apart, which would be ideal for dogs with long hair.

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