Pet memorial stones are one of the topmost items evaded by pet owners. For who would ever want to shop for a beloved pet’s tombstone or anything that would even suggest a dog's death? When the inevitable does happen, your treasured pet deserves the best dog memorial stone that expresses the love and emptiness left behind in their owner's heart.

From the moment they are adopted, dogs become our furry family members. Losing them is just as devastating as losing a human loved one. No matter what the situation, it's never easy to say goodbye to our canine companions when they cross the rainbow bridge.

Even though this can be a very overwhelming time, you'll need to find time to make the preparations. Whether you're cremating your dog, or going to bury them, you may want to set aside some funds for a memorial stone. Below we review eight best dog memorial stone choices that are customizable, affordable and will commemorate your pooch.

In the beginning, it will feel impossible to cope with the loss of a pet. As with the loss of a human family member, you will go through many stages of grief before things start to feel ‘normal' again. Sometimes during these times of heartache, it can help to give your pet a final resting place that is marked with the best dog memorial stone.

Having a marked grave gives you and your family somewhere to go and “visit” with your lost pet. It can be quite comforting to spend time at a grave site reminiscing about the memories you have with your furry friend. Marking the grave properly is the only way to be sure that you will always remember where your beloved dog is buried.

Some owners choose not to have their dogs buried. Perhaps you have your dog's ashes in an urn or you choose not to bring the animal's body home after euthanasia. Placing pet memorial stones in a garden or outside on your dog's favorite spot to rest in the yard is a beautiful way to keep your pet's memory alive for your family.

The Best Dog Memorial Stone Choices

1Grandparent Gift Pawprints Memorial Pet Frame

This may not be the most elaborate of pet memorial stones, but it's certainly a beautiful way to remember to your fallen friend. The picture frame makes a beautiful dog memorial for you to display anywhere in your home.

Pawprints Pet Memorial Frame with Pawprints Left...
2,933 Reviews
Pawprints Pet Memorial Frame with Pawprints Left...
  • Beautiful dog memorial frame...
  • 1" metal tag included can be...
  • Remember your beloved pet with...
  • The heartfelt "Pawprints Left...
  • A special sympathy offering...

Whether you're looking for something to share with guests by displaying it on your mantel or you want something to keep in the privacy of your bedroom, the Pawprints Memorial Pet Tag Frame is an excellent choice.

This memorial speaks about remembering the paw prints left by a loyal pet and companion. It consists of a 10”x7” wooden tabletop frame that folds in the middle and a pet tag with an etched dog paw design. The frame’s left space holds an artistically-printed poem entitled “Pawprints Left by You”, while the right space of the The Grandparent Gift Co. Pawprints Memorial Pet Tag Frame is reserved for a 5”x7” vertical photo of your dog.

In their time of loss, dog owners said that the poem spoke of their pain in a way that they could only feel but could not adequately express. Reading it in a poem makes the tears come rushing in again but somehow it also makes the pain more bearable. A worthy tribute, indeed, to a member of the family that will always be fondly remembered.


  • 10”x7” wooden tabletop frame that folds in the middle
  • Comes with a pet tag with an etched dog paw design
  • Artistically-printed poem, “Pawprints Left by You,” on one side and space for a 5″x7″ photo of your dog on the other

  • Some risk that the frame will arrive broken and needs to be returned


2Evergreen Paw in Hand Dog Memorial Stone

Evergreen’s Paw in Hand pet memorial stones show a dog’s forelimb and paw reaching out to a human hand. It is etched in polystone resin, which has the texture of real stone without being as heavy.

Evergreen Garden Dog Paw in Hand Devotion Painted...
615 Reviews
Evergreen Garden Dog Paw in Hand Devotion Painted...
  • Makes a touching remembrance...
  • Engraving states: “Our pets...
  • Put the piece alongside a...
  • Indoor/outdoor-safe - Treated...
  • Measures approximately 12”W...

The memorial is about 12”x7.5”x0.5” in size, and on it is written in cursive, “Our pets lead us from patience to love and then to loss… but it is always a journey worth taking.”

Dog owners laid this in the garden or set on a stand on the shelf. There’s a tiny hole in the back of the Evergreen Enterprises Paw in Hand Devotion Garden Stone too which can be attached to a string for hanging on the wall. The beautifully worded line tugs at one’s heartstrings and resonates with pet owners who lost a dog.

It’s not surprising that there’s a demand for this. When most memorials look like the usual tombstone, this catches the eye and stands out as something uniquely sad yet comforting. Many pet owners who bought this after losing their dog also bought extras for their friends whose dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge earlier. To them, it meant being one in sadness and sharing in the knowledge that the journey has all been worth it.


  • Made of polystone resin, which has the texture of real stone
  • 12” x 7.5” x 0.5” in size
  • Small hole in the back can be used to hang this stone
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use

  • Heavier on one side, so it doesn't hang straight


3MMP Living Pet Urn Memorial

If you choose to cremate your dog, then pet urns are loving memorials – they house a cherished pet’s ashes and make a perfect reminder of how strongly loved the dear departed friend was.

MMP Living Pet Urn Memorial Keepsake (If Love...
860 Reviews
MMP Living Pet Urn Memorial Keepsake (If Love...
  • "If Love Could Have Saved You,...
  • Personalize with your favorite...
  • Top Opening
  • 85 cubic inches, 5.2” x...
  • Polyresin

This best dog memorial stone from MMP Living is made of ceramic material and has a capacity of 85 cubic inches. This is box-shaped and measures 6.2”x4.8”x5”.  The top has paw prints; the front has a 2”x3” space for the pet’s photo and a space with an inscription fondly remembering the pet; at the bottom is an opening that’s secured by screws; and the edges are adorned with beautifully detailed trimming.

It’s not very easy for pet owners to give a five-star rating for a purchase that reminds them of their departed pet. They agree, however, that the MMP Living Pet Urn Memorial indeed is perfect as their dog’s final resting place. It articulates how much they love their pet and would have done everything to keep it alive.

They also like so much the space for the picture as it keeps their dog’s image alive in their mind and heart. The thought that their dog is just around them also seems to provide comfort especially to those very attached to their dog. To those looking for urns, this should be first in their choices.


  • Made of ceramic material
  • Capacity of 85 cubic inches
  • Measures 6.2” x 4.8” x 5”
  • The front has a 2” x 3” space for your dog's photo

  • Will not hold ashes of a very large dog


4Pearhead Dog Paw Print Keepsake Photo Frame

As the name suggests, the Pearhead Dog Paw Print Pet Keepsake Photo Frame is more of a display item or memento of your live pet rather than a memorial to a dead pet. It can be used for that purpose though when the time comes.

Pearhead Dog or Cat Pawprint Pet Keepsake Photo...
6,340 Reviews
Pearhead Dog or Cat Pawprint Pet Keepsake Photo...
  • Create and frame an impression...
  • No mixing and no mess. Air dry...
  • Includes no mess impression...
  • Solid wood shadowbox frame...
  • Hinged frame sits perfectly on...

This can be a good conversation piece on the side table, study, office, or library.  It’s the foldable type of frame hinged in the middle. One portion is dedicated to a 4” x 6” photo, while the other portion holds a clay impression of your pet’s paw. The width, height, and depth of this espresso-stained shadowbox frame are 11.6”, 7.5”, and 1.3”, respectively.

One of the things that pet owners love about the Pearhead Dog Paw Print Pet Keepsake Photo Frame is the authenticity of the paw – it’s not just any pet’s paw or a pre-etched paw, it’s their pet’s actual paw print. Making the paw impression has been most difficult for many dog owners because it required the dog’s cooperation, which most dogs didn’t give too easily.

For those who bought this to use as a memorial, the paw print was not as easy to obtain. Others used prints from the vet’s file, while others found other creative ways. Overall, this makes a great reminder of your pet to place on the tabletop or shelf.


  • Allows you to create and frame a clay impression of your dog's paw
  • The opposite side holds a 4″ x 6″ photo of your dog
  • Measures 11.6”W x 7.5”H x 1.3”D

  • We had a hard time getting the imprint of a dog's paw
  • The clay ‘bounced back' before hardening


5Collections Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone

Very few pet headstones have a feature that includes a photo frame, so pet owners looking for a more personalized one would be readily attracted to this paw-shaped memorial from Collections Etc.

Collections Etc ETC Paw Print Pet Outdoor Memorial...
479 Reviews
Collections Etc ETC Paw Print Pet Outdoor Memorial...
  • Honor a faithful and loving...
  • Beautifully crafted stone-like...
  • Weatherproof polyresin
  • 8 3/4"L x 8 3/4"W

It is made of polyresin and measures approximately 8.75” x 8.75”. Two lines are engraved expressing sadness over a great loss and below those lines is a 2” x 3” slot for a photo. The stone texture goes well for garden, lawn, or other natural settings, but could also be placed elsewhere.

There were those who placed the Collections Etc Paw Print Pet Outdoor Memorial Stone in their garden and said that it lasted for over five years. The pictures had to be sealed, laminated, or kept inside a watertight bag to endure variations in weather.

Creative dog owners used this as memorial plaques for all their dogs that passed away. Set on outdoor walls, walkways, or patios, these actually served as décor and made for great conversation pieces. This is a thoughtful way of memorializing a beloved friend that had always been there.


  • Made of waterproof polyresin
  • Measures approximately 8.75” x 8.75”
  • Includes a 2″ x 3″ slot for your dog's photo
  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • The photo you include must be sealed, laminated or placed in a watertight bag if you'll be putting this outside


6The Grandparent Gift Dog Memorial Wind Chime

Another good dog memorial item from the popular Grandparent Gift Co. company. The poem “Pawprints Left by You” is so exceptionally poignant that it has become a favorite feature in pet memorial pieces.

Pet Memorial Ornament - 3' Metal Casted Paw Print...
207 Reviews
Pet Memorial Ornament - 3" Metal Casted Paw Print...
  • Metal casted paw print design...
  • A sentimental remembrance gift...
  • The paw print ornament comes...
  • Pet memorial ornaments are an...
  • Perfect for inside or outside...

This 12-inch metal-casted wind chime from The Grandparent Gift Co. consists of a paw-shaped pendant and four musical tubes. Etched on the front face of the paw is an excerpt of the poem, particularly the second stanza. The back of the paw shows the third stanza of the poem. The whole poem is printed on a card that also comes with the chime. Indeed a very good gift idea for someone who grieves over a pet.

This memorial chime can sound melancholic, especially for someone who recently lost a pet. But, even sadness can be therapeutic, so it must not be suppressed in whatever way. Pet owners said that after a while, the chimes started to mean happier times with their dog. Thus, remembering their pet has gradually become easier for them with The Grandparent Gift Co. Pet Memorial Wind Chime.

Pet owners agree that this is a lovely memorial to honor a loyal buddy. They wished it were heavier and bigger, but it’s a really lovely and sentimental metallic piece. It puts their feelings into words and lessens the hurt with each faint sound. It’s also very reasonably priced and really more than worth it.


  • 12” metal cast wind chime with 4 musical pipes
  • Engraved with “Pawprints Left by You” poem
  • For indoor or outdoor use

  • It was smaller than we expected


7Banberry Designs Pet Bereavement Photo Frame

Poems have a way of expressing the deepest of emotions, and that includes feelings of grief when a dog dies. This “Rainbow Bridge” poem talks about how a pet crosses the rainbow bridge and how that pet misses someone left behind – you.

BANBERRY DESIGNS Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Photo...
22 Reviews
BANBERRY DESIGNS Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Photo...

For a change, this one talks about death from the perspective of the pet that died, and of reuniting with you when your time too comes to cross the rainbow bridge. This best dog memorial stone from Banberry Designs is made of a 10” x 6” porcelain frame with space for your dog’s 5” x 4” picture.

This is nice to place on top of a desk, on a shelf, or on the dresser. Pet owners said that the Banberry Designs Pet Bereavement Photo Frame was just the right size they wanted, and that it even looked more beautiful than its picture. It was easier to deal with their loss when they could see their pet in its best photo, as if reassuring them that everything is well.

The rainbow frame has often been chosen as a gift for a grieving friend for the reason that though it spoke of sadness, it also spoke of the pet becoming whole, strong, and happy. In a way, that defied death, and somehow, that eased the pain.


  • Made of porcelain
  • Measures 10″W x 6″H
  • Holds a 5″W x 4″H photo of your dog
  • Engraved with “Rainbow Bridge” poem

  • Thin plastic film that covers the photo, not glass


8Keepsake Deluxe Pawprint Dog Loss Kit

Wouldn’t a tailor-made pet keepsake be more memorable than any store-bought pet memorial stones or remembrances of your passed dog? For some, this would be a hundredfold more precious.

Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit (Makes 2) - Paw...
5,080 Reviews
Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit (Makes 2) - Paw...
  • Everything You Need - includes...
  • Premium Personalization Tool -...
  • Makes 2 Keepsakes - enough...
  • Safe and Easy - No mixing. No...
  • Lifetime Guarantee - includes...

This pet loss kit from Baby Mushroom includes clay and other materials needed to make a paw print keepsake. It can be used as a home décor, holiday ornament, or pet kennel marker. It may eventually be used as a memorial piece. Preparation involves baking, etching the pet’s name and other details. It’s actually very simple that it looks like child’s play.

Customizing memorials is often limited to placing the dog’s photo and that’s it, so many found the Baby Mushroom Keepsake Deluxe Pawprint Kit pretty impressive. Pet owners appreciate that they could write important details about their pet, such as name, birthday, date of death, and other pieces of information.

Though this entails some work, it has also proven to be very rewarding. The process is very easy to follow and many have taken to preparing this and turning creative whenever a pet of a friend dies. Those who have made this for their fur babies much earlier found use of the memento many years later when their dog eventually succumbed to death.


  • Allows you to create a keepsake ornament with the imprint of your dog's paw
  • Includes a detail tool to inscribe details about your pet like his name or important dates
  • Easy to use for adults or older children

  • The clay turned a brownish color after baking

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