The Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor

The two most common tools for trimming or clipping a dog’s nails are scissor-style clippers and nail grinders.

Guillotine-style clippers are rarely used since they're not the most comfortable tool and aren't strong for most dogs' nails.

For owners with less experience and anxious about trimming a dog's nails, we recommend getting dog nail clippers with sensors.

They will help you avoid overdoing it and cutting into the quick accidentally.

Also, if you're not exactly sure how to do it, just ask your friendly neighborhood veterinarian to show you!

And that didn't just come from us.

That's suggested by American Kennel Club's Chief Vet himself, Dr. Jerry Klein:

If you’ve never clipped a dog’s nails before, you may want to have your veterinarian or vet tech give you a lesson on how to do it. (Source)

So in this article, we'll share with you 5 of our favorite nail clippers with sensors.

We'll also discuss:

  • what is a quick sensor
  • grinders and clippers
  • how to choose the best clipper for your dog

Ready? Let's go!

Quick Look at the Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor We Reviewed:

What Is a Nail Sensor or Quick Sensor?

Some brands of scissor clippers utilize a nail or quick sensor that prevents over-cutting nails and helps you avoid hurting your dog.

The nail sensor will stop you from cutting the nail if you get too close to the quick.

What is a sensor on dog nail clippers

However, the nail sensor doesn’t work as well for small dogs with short nails because it works at a fixed distance.

Some dog nail clippers with sensors allow you to remove the sensor whenever needed to make it possible to cut shorter nails.

A dog clipper with sensor is perfect for owners that don’t have experience trimming nails.

However, keep in mind that the sensor is not a foolproof way to prevent over-cutting.

When you cut a dog’s nails, you still have to be cautious and cut them into smaller pieces.

How sensor prevents cutting in dog nail quick

This is especially true if your pet has very long nails that haven’t been cut in a long time because they will usually have a long quick as well.

In this particular case, you should cut the dog’s nails a little bit at a time (once or twice a week) to allow the quick to retreat.

Bit if you accidentally cut the quick, don’t panic just yet!

Your dog's nail may start bleeding, but there are easy ways to stop the bleeding quickly.

Simply use some styptic powder, which will stop the bleeding.

Then give your pooch some treats to calm them down.

Pro Tip: Always have styptic powder on hand before trimming your dog's nails.

How to Choose the Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor?

How to Choose the Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor?In addition to this “nail quick sensor” safety feature, there are a few other things to consider when you're shopping for a good set of dog nail clippers.


It is very important to use dog nail clippers that are just the right size for your pet.

Even dog clippers with a nail sensor come in different sizes: small clippers are better suited for small or medium dogs and nails, while large clippers have the extra force needed to cut thicker nails of bigger dogs.

Quality of the Blade

The blade is probably the most important part of a nail clipper.

Those that have a high-quality blade will cut the nails better, faster, easier, and will last longer.

A dull blade can make nail clipping a painful experience for your dog where you'll bend the nail, causing pain.

The best choice is clippers with stainless steel blades since they are rust-free and they can stay sharp for a longer time.

We recommend you to seek out products made in the U.S. with proper manufacturing quality control.

Quality of the Handles

The clippers you choose should have a comfortable handle so you can get a good grip when you cut a dog’s nails.

This includes handles that are either anti-slip or rubberized.

The handles should also allow you to squeeze them effortlessly and not be too stiff to require a lot of strength and stamina to use them.

The Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor

1Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer
by BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by BOSHEL

Find it on Amazon ($14.99)

The Boshel dog nail clippers with sensors are our first top choice for several reasons.

This clipper has an ergonomic design that allowed us to handle them with ease.

This user-friendly design includes comfortable, anti-slip handles that lock in place to prevent accidental cuts.

Boshel clippers came with 3.5 mm stainless-steel blades.

They felt very much like a razor-sharp blade that helped with a clear cut every time we used them.

Plus, they stay sharp after every cut!

The nail sensor provides protection against accidental over-cutting and keeps a dog's nail quick safe(er).

The clippers came with a nail file in the box, too, which you can use to keep a dog’s nails smooth after you cut them.

These first rated best dog nail clippers with sensors are made for most medium and large dogs.

Technically, you can use them with small dogs if you're careful (you will also have to remove the sensor) but it's better to choose a different brand instead.

One issue we found was that the safety guard occasionally gets in the way and with some dogs/nails, it may prevent you from seeing the nail during use.

Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel - with...
53,500 Reviews
Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel - with...
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» PROS: Ergonomic Design, Anti-Slip Handles, Stainless-Steel Blades, Includes Nail File

« CONS: Only One Size and Color, Not Suitable for Small Dogs, Sensor May Obstruct the View of a Dog’s Nails


2Dog Nail Trimming Clippers
by DakPets Dog Nail Trimming Clippers by DakPets

Find it on Amazon ($12.89)

DakPets nail trimming clippers with sensors are also made primarily for medium and large dogs.

Similar to Boshel, they have a very comfortable, user-friendly, ergonomic design and soft non-slip handles which provided us with a comfortable grip during two trimming sessions.

Overall, they are very similar to Boshel in design and price.

Again, these clippers have similarly high-quality, stainless steel blades that allowed us to do clean cuts and to be as swift and accurate as possible.

Thanks to the quick sensor, you can be confident when you cut your dog’s nails and not stress about over-cutting.

They also came with a built-in nail file fitted inside the handles that you can use to finish the job and smooth the freshly-cut nails.

Despite all the positives, there was one issue: the cuts with these clippers are a little too small and it takes longer to cut a dog's nails.

Additionally, while we didn't have this problem, looking through other dog nail clipper reviews, some owners reported a faulty locking mechanism (likely an isolated issue).

DakPets Dog Nail Clippers | Professional Dog Nail...
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DakPets Dog Nail Clippers | Professional Dog Nail...
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» PROS: Affordable, Ergonomic Design, Anti-Slip Handles, Stainless-Steel Blades, Has a Locking Mechanism, Includes a Nail File

« CONS: Only One Size and Color, Not Suitable for Small Dogs, Overprotective Sensor, Some Reports of a Faulty Locking Mechanism

3Nail Clippers for Dogs
by GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs by GoPets

Find it on Amazon ($29.99)

GoPets is a popular brand and these clippers can be bought in both small and large sizes, meaning you can use them with most breeds.

The small clippers are made with 2 mm stainless steel blades, while the large ones come with 3.5 mm stainless steel blades.

Whatever size you choose, we thought both had sharp enough blades, allowing for easy cuts.

In addition to the quick sensor safety guard, these clippers also have non-slip handles for safe usage, just like Boshel and DakPets.

There are no unique features with GoPets.

But they also have locking blades to ensure safe storage and, like the others, they came with a nail file that allowed to fine-tune a dog’s nails after clipping.

While they're extremely similar to the first two choices of best dog nail clippers with sensors on this list, GoPets is almost twice as expensive.

And because they're not much different from others, the price high is likely a marketing trick.

Also, while the blade felt sharp on the first cuts, looking at it after, it seems like it may get dull much quicker than some other brands.

Finally, there was a small issue with the locking mechanism, which was solved after some fiddling around.

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» PROS: Available In Two Sizes, Ergonomic Design, Anti-Slip Handles, Stainless-Steel Blades, Includes Nail File, Has a Locking Mechanism

« CONS: Only One Color, Expensive, Locking Mechanism Issues

4Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor
by Simply Pets Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor by Simply Pets

Find it on Amazon ($17.85)

Once again, similar to other dog nail clippers with sensors, the Simply Pets product also has an ergonomic design and non-slip handles that felt good in the hand, and is there to ensure a safe clipping experience.

The handles are also rubber-coated to make the grip comfortable and give you confidence when clipping, preventing any potential accidents.

According to the company, Simply Pets dog nail clippers were made by two veterinarians, and a lot of thought was put into the design.

For example, the clippers include quick sensor for safety but this protective guard can be removed to allow you to cut nails of small breeds.

The blades on the clippers are made from high-quality stainless steel but it does feel like they may get dull after a round of trimming sessions.

The blades especially didn't feel sharp enough on a large dog's thick nails, so these are likely best for medium breeds.

Finally, researching what other pet owners thought about the product, we found some reports of the clippers getting broken or even shattered after being used for a while.

Dog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard - Superior...
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Dog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard - Superior...
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» PROS: Ergonomic Design, Rubber-Coated Anti-Slip Handles, Stainless-Steel Blades, The Quick Sensor Can Be Removed

« CONS: Only One Size and Color, Not Sharp Enough for Large Thick Nails, Some Reports of Clippers Getting Broken Fast

5Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor
by PetSpy Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor by PetSpy

Find it on Amazon ($8.49)

These dog nail clippers with sensors are pretty much the exact same design as those mentioned above.

In fact, other than the logo, we don't see any difference between them, meaning they're likely made by the same manufacturer.

They have a user-friendly design that includes non-slip handles, and the easy-grip handle fits very comfortably.

The blades on this clipper are made from 3.5mm stainless steel and we were able to trim our dog’s nails in a single cut.

However, just as Simply Pets, they feel like they won't be sharp and strong enough for large dogs' thick nails.

Also, these clippers are not suitable for smaller dogs, meaning you'll be stuck with only being able to cut medium dogs' nails.' If that's what you need them for, they're likely be a good choice.

PetSpy Best Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with...
747 Reviews
PetSpy Best Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with...
  • AVOID OVERCUTTING: Safety Stop...
  • FREE BONUS: get free Nail File...
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» PROS: Affordable, Ergonomic Design, Anti-Slip Handles, Stainless-Steel Blades, Has a Locking Mechanism, Includes a Nail File

« CONS: Only One Size and Color, Not Suitable for Small Dogs, Not Sharp Enough for Large Thick Nails, Some Reports of a Faulty Locking Mechanism

Using Grinders vs. Clippers

If you want to err on the safe side when clipping your dog's nails, you may also want to consider using grinders.

Nail grinders for dogs are a type of nail trimming or filing tool that uses electric power or batteries to work.

The most popular brand is Dremel.

Grinders come with a rotating section with abrasive material (typically sandpaper) that slowly grinds a dog’s nails.

They're the most expensive tool and are better suited for dogs with large, thick nails.

Grinders are generally a safer choice since it is much harder to cut the quick with a grinder than with a clipper, which is why many anxious dog owners choose them as well.

RELATED: Dog Nail Grinder vs. Clipper: Which Is Better for Dogs?

FAQS about Clipping Dog Nails

Can I use human nail clippers to my dogs?

Sure, you can use human nail clippers but only when trimming puppy nails.

They're soft and small, so you can use your personal clipper to trim those tiny toes.

However, it's still best to use dogn ail clippers as they grow to cut the nails at the proper angle, and to prevent them from cracking.

What dog nail clippers do vets use?

It also depends on their personal preference, but in terms of grinder, the most trusted one is the Dremel brand.

However, clippers are still the more popular option among vets and experts.

Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?

Either options are safe and efficient in trimming dog's nails as long as they're done right.

Clippers are cheaper yet need more caution, while grinders are a bit more expensive yet easier to use.

Ultimately, it all boils down to your preference and comfort level.

Best Dog Nail Clippers With Sensors: Before You Go…

We hope this guide helped you choose the best dog nail clippers with sensors to give your dog's nails some love (a.k.a trim.)

The quick sensors that these have will help you avoid accidentally cutting your pooch's quick, therefore, not hurt them.

But if you're still hesitant to use a clipper, you can definitely opt for nail grinders.

Whichever you choose, the most important part is you regularly maintain your dog's nails to avoid any discomfort or injury.

Want to learn more about dog nail maintenance?

Check our our recommended articles below!

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