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5 Best Dog Oxygen Masks and Inhalers


Top 5 Best Dog Oxygen Masks and Inhalers

Oxygen masks are used in many fields and by many professionals, including divers, astronauts and aviators. Oxygen masks are also a common part of medical practice and therapies. However, you may not know yet that there are special oxygen masks for dogs and times where you may need to have one at home.

Just like humans, dogs may need an oxygen mask during emergencies, especially when they get rescued from a fire. Although professionals like firefighters must carry oxygen masks for dogs because they are expected to deal with such emergencies, there are other situations where your pooch may need the life-saving oxygen provided by you. Let's talk about the reasons why you may need a dog oxygen mask and where to buy it.

Below, I will also review some of the best oxygen masks for dogs and a couple of inhalers for dogs with asthma. After all, they work similarly to dog oxygen masks and provide an easy way for your pooch to get his asthma under control.

Why and When Do You Need an Oxygen Mask for Dogs?

Why and When Do You Need an Oxygen Mask for DogsDogs will need oxygen masks for the same reason humans do. While oxygen masks for humans are an integral piece of equipment for firefighters, airplane crew and emergency medical technicians, dog oxygen masks are not that common yet. In an emergency, oxygen masks for humans can’t be used to help dogs because they need masks made specifically for our furry friends.

At the moment, dog oxygen masks can only be found at a vet’s office. However, some firefighting departments are adding dog oxygen masks to their equipment. This is not a surprise since more than 40.000 pets die every year in residential fires, usually from smoke inhalation. Dog oxygen masks can usually be used for cats as well, and they are helpful for both conscious pets that suffer from smoke inhalation and pets that must be resuscitated.

These statistics show that oxygen masks for dogs are very important and you can help your local fire department by buying and donating a dog oxygen mask. Of course, before you do this, contact your local fire department to see whether they need dog oxygen masks since they might already have them.

Dog oxygen masks are not only needed in emergencies like fires and traffic accidents. Your pooch may require a dog oxygen mask at home if he has certain health problems. Some health conditions a regular oxygen therapy and in these cases, it is easier and cheaper to get a dog oxygen mask for home oxygen therapy than taking your dog to the vet each time he has to receive oxygen.

Another common use of dog oxygen masks is on an airplane. Your dog may start suffocating if he gets too afraid and anxious during the plane ride. While standard oxygen masks on plains can provide help for dogs as well, oxygen masks made specifically for pets are a much better solution in these situations.

How Oxygen Masks Work on Dogs

How Oxygen Masks Work on DogsAs we already mentioned, oxygen masks for humans can’t help your pooch because it won’t fit on his face properly. On the other hand, dog oxygen masks fit snugly around his nose and mouth and provide the needed oxygen as your dog breathes in as he would normally do. Unlike oxygen masks for humans, dog oxygen masks press on the dog’s jowls in order to keep them shut and to allow the dog to take oxygen through his nose.

In addition to this, dog oxygen masks protect the rescuers from being bitten, which can happen in cases where frightened dogs start to revive or are just too scared and don’t want to be handled.

You can also use dog oxygen masks multiple times. You only need to clean them after you use them. In fact, some oxygen mask kits come with a few different masks of different sizes and include the necessary accessories.

The Best Dog Oxygen Masks

McCulloch Medical Dog Oxygen Therapy and Rescue Mask

Unlike the previous entries on our list, this dog oxygen mask includes 6 feet of tubing that you can connect to the oxygen source, like an oxygen tank. In addition to this, you can get this mask in three different sizes or choose a set of three masks if you have multiple pets.

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This mask can be used to easily administer oxygen to pets with respiratory problems, whether they are caused by medical conditions like asthma, congestive heart failure or by external factors and emergencies like the inhalation of smoke.

The mask has ventilated sides where CO2 can escape. The reviews for this dog oxygen mask are stellar and it is hard to find any faults with it, other than it being a bit expensive.

PROS: Available in Three Different Sizes, Includes 6 Feet of Tubing, Has Ventilated Sides

CONS: Expensive

Jorvet Oxygen Mask & Muzzle

This mask is basically a muzzle used to deliver oxygen to dogs. That means that it will fit perfectly on your dog’s nose, especially since you can get this mask in different sizes. In addition to the large, there is also a small size oxygen mask you can find on the market.

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This mask is made out of lightweight nylon and it is also water-resistant. It comes with an easy-release snap buck on the side and ensures your dog’s safety when you use it because it can fit securely on your dog’s face thanks to the adjusting straps it has.

The mask has reinforced stitching to make it more durable. However, some users complained that the sizing is not really appropriate since the small mask was too big for some dog owners. In addition to this, it would probably be better if the mask was made out of transparent materials because it would be less scary for anxious dogs.

PROS: Durable, Lightweight, Adjustable Straps, Easy-Release Snap, Comes in Multiple Sizes, Waterproof

CONS: Some Complaints of Size Inaccuracies, Could Be Transparent

After Surgery Wear Oxygen Mask for Dogs

This oxygen mask is quite different than the previous one because it has a different design with a hood. It comes in three sizes but the smallest size is actually large. This mask goes over the dog’s head, after which you can adjust it by pulling the string along the hood to ensure a secure fit and to prevent the oxygen from escaping.

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The mask comes with two outlets – one for oxygen intake and the other for letting the CO2 escape. It also has a zipper on the hood that allows you to control temperature and make sure that your dog is as comfortable as possible.

Of course, you still need an oxygen tank and tubing which is not a part of the package. With that in mind, this product is a bit on the expensive side.

PROS: Available in Multiple Sizes, Adjustable, Temperature Control

CONS: Expensive, Smallest Size Is Large

Analog Canine Inhaler

As we already mentioned earlier, we will also include a couple of inhalers here. The first on our list comes from Analog and can fit both dogs and cats. This aerosol chamber comes with three silicone masks of different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right size for your pooch.

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This product is meant specifically for pets that suffer from allergies, asthma, bronchitis and other similar breathing problems. This inhaler comes with two valves that allow your dog to inhale and exhale comfortably and easily. You will also receive an instruction manual, so all you have to do is follow instructions.

This inhaler allows you to easily administer medicine to your dog and most of the reviews confirm that this is a high-quality product. However, some users noted that even the largest mask is not large enough for some of the bigger breeds.

PROS: Comes with Three Different Masks, Includes Instruction Manual, Made of High-Quality Materials

CONS: The Largest Mask May Not Fit Bigger Breeds

BRITE AISLE Aerosol Inhaler

This product is quite similar to the previous on our list. It is an aerosol inhaler that distributes medicine to both dogs and cats. This inhaler also comes with three different masks that fit dogs of most sizes, although they may not be large enough to fit some of the largest breeds.

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The inhaler and masks are made from high-quality silicone and it can be used for various medical problems. You can control the amount of medication administered to your pooch easily thanks to this metered-dose inhaler, which also features a low-resistance and sensitive valve.

If you purchase this inhaler, you will also receive a classy and compact storage bag so you can take the kit with you when you go on vacation with your pooch.

PROS: Comes with Three Different Masks, Includes Instruction Manual, Includes a Storage Bag, Made of High-Quality Materials

CONS: The Largest Mask May Not Fit Bigger Breeds

In Summary

Having a dog oxygen mask readily at your disposal can save your dog’s life in many situations, especially after a fire or a car accident. While some fire departments and first responders have dog oxygen masks, others don’t and having one yourself can mean the difference between life and death.

In addition to this, some dogs need oxygen therapy or medicine for different medical conditions. In this case, having a dog oxygen mask or aerosol inhaler at home can make things much easier for you and your pooch.

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