Dog beds come in many different styles made of a variety of materials. Although some types are better than others, all dog beds serve the purpose of getting Fido up off the cold, hard floor and provide him with his own place to relax and rest. The best dog pillows are a type of dog bed and come in several varieties too. It's up to you to decide if this type of bed is right for your pooch.

When you're looking for the right bed for your dog, you need to take a few things into consideration. For starters, think about the following:

  • your dog's sleeping style;
  • your dog's overall health condition;
  • your dog's activity level;
  • your homes décor;
  • your budget.

Some beds will work better for your pooch than others, and some best dog pillow beds are also more appropriate for certain breeds and dog sizes. More on this below, and we've also rounded up five of the best dog pillows available right now, and listed the pros and cons of each model:

Best Dog Pillow Price Value Rating
Majestic Pet Bagel Bed $$ A- 4.5/5
Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Bed $$$ A+ 4.6/5
Dogbed4less Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Bed $$$ B- 4.5/5
K&H Cuddle Cube Bed $$ B 4.3/5
Majestic Pet Bed $ C+ 3.9/5

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Why and When Your Pet Needs a Dog Pillow Bed

What Are the Best Dog Pillows and Dog Pillow BedDog pillows aren't for every dog. As the name suggests, they have contoured edges like a pillow, not defined edges like traditional dog beds. The best dog pillows come in a wide variety of sizes, so they're suitable for virtually every breed, small or large dog.

When it comes to comparing dog pillows vs regular dog beds, the main reason pet owners choose a dog pillow bed is the cost (they're cheap) and style (they fit with the decor). The disadvantage of dog pillow beds compared to actual dog beds is that majority of them are not orthopedic, they may not last as long, and they're more difficult to clean, particularly pet hair.

Dog pillows usually have a plush, soft fabric on top for added comfort. These types of pet beds are also very versatile. They're lightweight, which makes them easy to bring along while traveling. They can be used in vehicles, kennels, or just around your home. And, this type of dog bed is usually affordable on any budget.

Dogs spend about half of their day sleeping and another 30% just resting (inactive but not actually sleeping). We know that adult dogs sleep for 12-14 hours per day. Senior dogs may need to sleep even more than that. Likewise, puppies are very active and their bodies are growing at an alarming rate, so they may need 18-20 hours of sleep per day.

Since so much of your Fido's time is spent sleeping, you need to be sure to provide your dog with comfortable, supportive bedding. If you sleep on a hard or unsupported surface, you will likely wake up in pain. Similarly, it may cause your dog pain to sleep on a surface that doesn't appropriately support his body (like the hard floor).

A dog bed also provides your canine with a space that is all his own. It gives him a place to rest when he wants some time to himself. The best dog pillows, or any other type of canine bedding, will act as your dog's oasis in a busy home.

What are the Best Dog Pillows?
top 5 most comfortable dog pillow beds

1Majestic Pet Bagel Bed

Majestic Pet Bagel Dog BedPet beds need to be comfortable and appealing to your dog; otherwise, you’d need to bribe Fido just to get in. Then they have to be easy to clean and move around, durable and have at least some sort of waterproofing to protect the floor or carpet underneath. The Majestic Pet Bagel Dog Bed is all those things and more. Its outer material is made of polycotton twill. It is filled with premium high loft polyester fiberfill. The base of the bed is made of waterproof 300/600 denier fabric. You’d also get to choose from four sizes and six solid colors.

The 40-inch long and 29-inch wide bed has an 8-inch thick cushion and 9-inch high bolster. This is ideal for dogs weighing up to 70 lb. The inner section is spacious enough for a large dog and the bolster provides spine and head support. A common observation from pet owners is how easily the Majestic Pet Bagel Dog Bed becomes the most crowded pet bed in the housepets simply like it and gravitate towards it.

best dog pillowsTheir owners like it too because it’s machine washable and easy to maintain. Some were concerned that these best dog pillows would not be as machine washable as what the manufacturer claims them to be. After trying it, they concluded that the issues raised were failures of the washing machine, not of the bed. The largest one would wash quite easily in the oversized washers in most laundry mats. This product is made in the USA and really trusted by its buyers and repeat buyers.


  • The outer material is made of polycotton twill
  • Filled with premium high loft polyester fiberfill
  • The base of the bed is made of waterproof 300/600 denier fabric
  • Available in 4 sizes and 6 colors

  • No removable cover so you need to wash the whole bed, which is difficult with the larger sizes
  • Some dogs did not like this bed due to the fact that the stuffing tends to bunch up in places causing lumps

best dog pillowsMost helpful review about these best dog pillows: “I decided paying a few more bucks and buy the 52 inch long bed and it was so worth it. All of the dogs in our house have gravitated to it. It has to be the squishiest bed out there. I could sleep in…”


2Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Bed

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Dog BedNot all dog beds are created equal – some are just way above the rest, such as this second bed on our list. These best dog pillows from Dogbed4less are ideal for dogs suffering from back pain, arthritis, and other disorders that require orthopedic support. The memory foam used in this bed is gel-infused which helps to regulate the temperature of the bed surface. This feature results in a bed that’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The XXL size measures 55″ x 37″ x 4″ which is a perfect size for large breed dogs.

The whole foam used in this bed (not just the topper) is memory foam, and this impressed most pet owners. It’s very dense and pretty high-end, based on their observations. Judging by the soundness of their dogs’ sleep, it would be fair to say that the Dogbed4less Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed is firm, comfortable, and everything that the manufacturer says it is. This has been pet-tested and paw-approved, and pet owners could only agree. Some actually bought additional beds of varying sizes for their other pets.

best dog pillowsThe bed measures exactly as advertised. The foam comes with two zipped bed covers – the inner liner is waterproof taffeta, while the outer cover is made of thick and durable nylon. The outer cover is machine washable. The inner cover keeps the foam dry. There are nine colors and styles available for the outer cover including fashionable and stylish denim, canvas, and microsuede. The style options make the bed easier to blend in with the house theme and décor.


  • Memory foam is gel-infused to help regulate the temperature of the bed's surface
  • Available in 4 sizes and 9 colors
  • The removable outer cover is made of ballistic nylon and is machine washable
  • The inner cover is 100% waterproof

  • Made for big dogs – smallest size measures 35″ long and 20″ wide
  • Unsatisfied reviewers say the inner cover is not completely waterproof

best dog pillowsMost helpful review about these best dog pillows: “We LOVE these beds!! They are true memory foam that conforms to your body. We bought both of these in the brown microsuede, one in 47″x29″for our Shepard and another in 35″x20″ for our dachshund. In the picture…”


3Dogbed4less Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Bed

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog BedThis is definitely not your average polyester fiberfill dog bed. These best dog pillows from Dogbed4less look like one oversized pillow at 55”x47” and are overstuffed with 10” thick combined polyester fiberfill and shredded polyurethane memory foam. It provides orthopedic support and comfort for dogs up to 160 lb in weight. The foam filling used is five times denser than the usual polyester fillings used in most dog beds. This is the biggest size, and it could easily accommodate two large dogs cuddled together.

The shredded foam mix is wrapped in an internal zipped cover that’s made of two kinds of materials. The topside of the internal cover is fully waterproof, while the bottom of the internal cover is made of breathable water-resistant material. The washable outer cover of the Dogbed4less Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed is made of thick 13 oz/yard denim material that’s both durable and pleasing to the eye. Pet owners like the array of colors and sizes available for them to choose from.

best dog pillowsPets don’t want to leave their Dogbed4less foam-filled bed, and their owners interpret that as a clear indication of how comfortable, luxurious, and restful the bed is. It’s so thick, so dogs won’t feel the hard and cold floor underneath. Some dog owners tried the bed and saw for themselves how soft and cozy it is. The inner cover protects the foam stuffing inside but some pet owners cover it with another layer of the waterproof mat just to be doubly sure.


  • Interior is a mix of premium poly-fill and shredded polyurethane foam
  • Available in 6 sizes and 6 colors for dogs weighing up to 160 pounds
  • Inner cover has a fully waterproof topside and a breathable, water-resistant bottom
  • The outer cover is denim and is machine washable

  • Some dogs were able to rip through the covers and make a giant mess with the shredded foam filling
  • A few reviewers noted they would rather have a bed made of a single piece of foam as the shredded foam did not seem comfortable for their dog

best dog pillowsMost helpful review about these best dog pillows: “I have bought so many dog beds, but with a 165 pound Great Dane and a 80 pound German Short Haired Pointer, they never last too long. They are always going flat (despite claims that they won't) or they are…”


4K&H Cuddle Cube Bed

K&H Cuddle Cube Pet BedThis Cuddle Cube pet bed is made in the same 40-year K&H Pet Products tradition of producing top-of-the-line pet supplies. Your dog won’t hesitate to burrow into this bed. It looks so inviting with its fleecy Berber fabric cover in mocha, gray, or green. This luxurious cover is removable and machine washable. The bottom of the bed is nonslip and safe for both dogs and humans. There are 12 inches of fluffy filling for a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Surprisingly, this bed is not expensive. Pet owners were actually quite amazed about how it turned out to be every pet’s favorite. The K&H Cuddle Cube Pet Bed is just the right size of bed for a cozy huddle. There are three sizes available, and the smallest is pretty spacious with a 24” x 24” sleeping area. This pet cube tends to be warm and cozy, so it’s perfect for cold weather.

best dog pillowsThe bedding material is very soft and pet owners find that curious considering that the filling is made from recycled plastic bottles. They’re not complaining, of course. In fact, they’re very happy to somehow become part of a socially-responsible invention. This fluffy bed holds up so well to prolonged use and keeps its shape over time.


  • The fleecy Berber fabric cover is machine washable
  • Stuffed with 12 inches of fluffy filling
  • The bottom of the cover is non-slip for safety
  • 3 sizes and 3 color options available

  • The fleecy cover sheds small pieces of the fabric all over your floor
  • Some unsatisfied consumers say the bed flattens quickly and needed to be replaced just a few short months after buying

best dog pillowsMost helpful review about these best dog pillows: “I was still in-process of unboxing and throwing it on the floor when she was already trying to jump on it. My dog is a 50 pound pit and the large is just the right size for her to curl up in or stretch…”


5Majestic Pet Bed

Majestic Pet Dog BedGet the best value for your money by choosing these best dog pillows from Majestic Pet Products. They're like a bean bag or a large pillow with high-loft polyester fiberfill stuffing. This leads to a fluffier bed with higher insulating properties. There are two sizes available – medium and large. The medium size measures 35”x28”, while the large size has an area of 46”x35”. The stuffing fills about 7” of height from the floor. There are seven striking colors available – blue, black, burgundy, green, gray, khaki, and red.

The cover does not have a zipper and is not removable, but the whole bed is machine washable as indicated in its description. The Majestic Pet Dog Bed washes beautifully and returns to its shape after a little shaking and fluffing up. Many pet owners suggest using a waterproof sheet to cover it and lessen the frequency of washing the whole thing.

best dog pillowsThis must be a very soft bed because dog owners keep describing its stuffing as fluffy and that it feels like a plush toy. Dogs like the way they sink into it, enveloped in downy softness. The covering material does not easily accumulate debris, hair, and dirt, but must be washed when it eventually gets soiled or stinky. For the bed’s price and functionality, this is one real deal.


  • Filled with high-loft polyester fiberfill stuffing that is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Available in 2 sizes and 7 colors
  • Designed and assembled in the USA

  • No removable cover so you need to wash the whole bed, which can be difficult with its large size
  • The cover is not waterproof, so you may need to use a waterproof sheet if your dog has accidents

best dog pillowsMost helpful review about these best dog pillows: “This dog bed is perfect. My 50lb Black Lab mix loves his new bed! The material is nice yet durable. He even prefers it over the couch! Which is actually why we got it, to keep him off the couch. Over all…”

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