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Top 10 Best Dog Strollers and Carriages for Pets


There are times when dog owners prefer to use pet strollers for dogs when going to a park, or for a jog, or to the beach, or anywhere else. Nobody needs an excuse to have a stroller for dogs, but now the question is, what are the best dog strollers or carriages that work well with pets?

Best Pet Strollers and Carriages for DogsOne of the main reasons pet owners buy best dog strollers for their furry friends is when their canines get older and might need a little help with moving around, or when senior dogs are post-surgery and wouldn't otherwise be able to accompany you on a walk to the park.

Other reasons to purchase best dog strollers or carriages is for dogs that easily fatigue, get injured (or are injured) or show signs of serious illnesses. In the below article, we've also outlined a few reasons for pet parents who feel embarrassed about having a pet stroller for their dogs. You shouldn't be! In fact, we must be proud for taking care of our dogs.

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Remember that majority of best dog strollers listed here are also weatherproof and waterproof, meaning that it's also not a bad idea to get one if you don't mind going for a walk or a jog in the rain, and would love some company without the consequence of a dirty, wet dog.

 Top 10 Best Dog Strollers and Carriages

1 Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Pros: Finally, the top option of best dog strollers! It's more expensive than those mentioned on this list, but there's also no need to spend $400 on a stroller. Trust me, this price is the ceiling if you need a very good pet stroller, and possibly the best one you can buy.

Why? It has air tires – not plastic, but real tires – which means this is the smoothest ride your dog and yourself will experience together. The are for looking around is amazingly wide, yet it's not too open. The no-zip entry is fantastic as well, and saves a lot of trouble. No need to mention build quality as you'll quickly notice a combination of high-grade plastic, metal and other materials used.

Cons: Delivery. If you go through the reviews, you'll see others complaining about this dog stroller coming with bent parts on occasion. Yup, that happens. Simply return it right away and there's very little chance that you'll receive another one with any issues. It's not common, but everybody make mistakes, we need to accept that. Otherwise, it's the best investment you can make for your dog and it will last a lifetime. Happy strolling!


Alternative: Ibiyaya Pet Stroller Elegant Retro I

Ibiyaya pet strollers are a great alternative to the above first option, however, they come at a price. Currently, they have one of the largest line of best dog strollers out there, with sizes for small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. Most of their pet strollers for dogs also have a variety of interesting features. See our pet stroller review below for more details:


2 Promenade Pet Stroller, Black Onyx

Pros: Now this is a subjective view so try and read through customer's reviews on Amazon to get a better idea whether you should go for this one, or the best dog strollers above or below this one. So far, it seems like this could easily be even the best one out there, especially considering the price.

Most dog strollers that are of this type of quality will go for around $200-400, but it's really unnecessary to spend that much money on a dog stroller. This one's easy to put together, fits exactly the size of dogs as advertised, and the ride is smooth. Build to last for sure – you'll notice as soon as you open the box.

Cons: This is based off what other people have found wrong with the stroller, and the potential issue seems to be the poor plastic used on the zipper. If it brakes, then you won't be able to use the zipper any longer. However, keep in mind that no other customer has found this issue to be the case, so might just be an accident. Research well before making a final decision!


3 Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller for cats and dogs

Pros: First of all, I would suggest you to study this product's Amazon page – they have a lot of helpful information on how to measure, choose and use your best dog strollers. That being said, you won't regret trying this one out. It's been the best seller among pet strollers for dogs for a few years now, and for a good reason.

The build is sturdy and made out of quality materials with the most simple design, and it works, because it was built with one purpose – to last (see customer review updates after 2-4 years of using this stroller!) Design is welcoming, nice and cute, but I wouldn't say “stylish.”

Cons: The “new smell” odor lasts for a while, but considering that it's a stroller to be used outside, it should not be an issue. However, if you're storing this dog stroller somewhere at home, you'll have to find a way to live with it for 2-4 weeks. Just keep using it often and it will go away. Other than that it's a great dog product!


4 Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller

Pros: Now if you like the previous two best dog strollers, then you're going to love this one! Not only is it slightly better in terms of features, but it's also CHEAPER! Easily the best out of more affordable pet strollers, it has a cool locking latch and no zippers.

Don't fear, it closes very securely and you shouldn't have any issues. Sturdy and stylish design of this best dog stroller is also something that has to be mentioned. It definitely looks great, feels amazing to push, and rides very smoothly.

Cons: But it's not without a few minor issues, if you consider them to be. Nylon can be a little thin, depending on your dog, climate, area, activities, etc. Usually, the only problem will be the wrinkles, but then again, not everybody is as concerned. Also, while the build of these best dog strollers themselves are good and very sturdy, wheels seem slightly off sometimes. I believe it's the cheaper plastic that makes them feel as if they were made out of foam.


5 Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller

Pros: I love the color choices! Unlike the previously mentioned pink design, these come in three different looks, all of which are very stylish. The description on Amazon is actually very accurate and fits dogs of exactly that size. Folding is also a piece of cake, and if you want to store it – no problem, it's ultra-flat.

Zipper-thingy works just as you would expect on most best dog strollers, but you will rarely use it anyway – dogs dislike them. However, this one has awesome windows that might still accommodate your pooch whenever zipping up necessary.

Cons: Two minor issues with this stroller. First, cup-holders are a bit shallow and aren't the “standard” size, I guess? Although most people report that they fit their water bottles without any problems, so maybe it's a personal thing. Another thing is that very rarely, somehow, this stroller will lift one of the front wheels while riding for a second. It's noticeable but not really an issue, and I'm sure anybody will get used to that after 2-3 strollers around the park. No biggie.


6 Pet Gear Sportster Pet Stroller

Pros: Another one of the best dog strollers but slightly more expensive (although it does look better and more luxurious than those above). It's easy to stir, smooth riding, and can be put up or down pretty quickly.

Also, underneath there's a lot of room for all kinds of things you want to carry with you. It's primarily for medium-sized dogs, not small and not large. You can easily zip the stroller when needed but most dogs love to look around and hate being inside.

Cons: It works when riding on grass, but you will get tired of pushing it on such terrain because of all the bumps that can be easily felt (and your dog will especially get annoyed). If you do buy it, make sure to also check the front wheel, which some customers found to be damaged or something. Normally, it's all good and shouldn't brake, but things happen. Return it if there's anything suspicious with the front wheels.


7 Outward Hound Kyjen Walk N Roll Pet Stroller

Pros: This is one of the best dog strollers in terms of average price for best quality build, hands down. The minute you'll see and touch this product, you'll notice its sturdy build, quality materials and obvious durability.

Most customers report having the stroller for years and it's almost as new. The ride is very smooth, and if I could explain and review this pet stroller for dogs in one word, it would be: “works.” It's very simple, straightforward, and hardly will need to be replaced.

Cons: Beware of the size. It's fitting for most small dogs; however, even though the stroller description says 20 lbs dogs, I wouldn't count on anything above 15 lbs. A 20 pound dog would definitely fit in there, but it would be a very tight fit and extremely uncomfortable for the dog. Consider your pooch's need as well and make sure the size will fit before purchasing. A good place to start is look at the Questions and Answers section on the product's Amazon page – some customers might have answered your question already.


8 Confidence Deluxe Folding Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Pros: This one's a jackpot, in my opinion! The price-for-value on these best dog strollers are amazing; at around $50 plus shipping, they are a great purchase indeed, which is why I decided to place it 7th (mostly because of the low price!) Dog stroller rolls without any issues – a smooth and pleasant ride for both. And of course cup holders are always popular. For toy breeds or small dogs, you can fit two of them easily.

Cons: Color! Oh God the color. What's with the bright pink? I would've chose something more neutral. It might also not be AS sturdy as the two best dog strollers mentioned above, or those below; however, it's still pretty sturdy and doesn't feel flimsy at all. For the price, I don't think you can find anything better.


9 Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller

Pros: Pretty close in price-for-value category, this one of the best dog strollers would be a good choice as well, although slightly more expensive, and rightfully so. First, the paw-bar is amazing on this pet stroller because it raises the dog.

Also, the storage basket is pretty big and will hold all the necessary dog supplies you want to carry as well as some of your groceries. It's compact, easy to move around, and simply works extremely well with no issues whatsoever.

Cons: One of the problems with it is that it has to be folded. If you're going to try and accomplish that, you'll need to hold the stroller by its front part of the seat, keep holding it, and push a button while also trying to twist the handle forward, and you'll need to be able to do this with one hand while holding the actual stroller. Not very comfortable, but again, it's possible get used to that.


10 Go Pet Club Pet Stroller

Pros: Overall, this is a pretty good price for value. The build quality is very decent, sturdy, and the cost considering the fact that it will last for years is excellent. Everybody's favorite part about this dog stroller is going to be the storage, and the cup holders, which is extremely convenient.

Cons: Disadvantages of these best dog strollers are that their bellybars have to be moved into the raised position before you attempt to pack and fold the pet stroller, and this will require you to “unspan” it from stroller's mesh part. Even though they advertise this as a “fold in 10 seconds” dog stroller, it's not really true – it takes a bit longer for sure, but not a big deal.


10 Best Strollers for Dogs as Alternatives

The above list of ten best dog strollers and carriages for dogs provides plenty of options for most dog owners to choose from. These are some of the most popular pet strollers and according to pet owners' reviews, are the top options in terms of price for value and cost-effectiveness. However, if you're unable to pick a stroller for your dog from the above list, we have ten more alternatives down below.

  1. VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller
  2. Oxgord 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller
  3. New Pink Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage
  4. Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller
  5. Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller
  6. New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage Stroller
  7. Pet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs
  8. New Black Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage
  9. Best Choice Products® 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer
  10. Outward Hound Kyjen Walk N Roll Pet Stroller

Have you tried any of these dog strollers with your pooch? How did you find these pet strollers work with your pet and you? Please share your opinion in the comments below!

What you need to consider before buying best dog strollers?

Best Dog Strollers and Carriages for PetsThe most obvious is the size of your pooch. You need to be certain that your pet stroller will be able to fit your Fido, and that the dog will be comfortable in there. If you buy a dog stroller that is way too big for your companion, then they will most likely be very uncomfortable sliding back and forth in the seat.

If you buy a pet stroller that is way too small, then your dog will be uncomfortable yet again and there will also be a bigger potential for injuries. Similarly to picking out best dog doors, aside from the size, you would also want to weigh your dog – not every stroller will take any weight, so make sure to check the maximum load for each best dog stroller before purchasing.

Number of dogs (or cats) that you own. If your pet family is large, that is at least two, you can find strollers for dogs that will fit more than one pet into the stroller. These are designed to have ample room inside, and will usually have the exact amount of leash attachments that is necessary.

Also, similarly to choosing best dog beds or finding the best dog clippers, the multi-pet strollers for dogs will be designed with higher grade materials that are durable and last longer, as well as sustain the “double damage” that can be caused by the force of two pets.

The reason you're buying a dog stroller in the first place. Have you already decided on why, when, how often you're going to use your best dog stroller? If not, consider that for regular, short walks around the block, a cheaper stroller option with the most basic design will do just fine – no need to spend too much cash.

But if you're an active individual that loves jogging with your dog, and what to provide them with some fresh air regardless, then try to pick one of these best dog strollers that have more extra features which will come to be very helpful in the future.

With that out of the way, let's see our top 10 list of best dog strollers and carriages that you might want to consider. For a more detailed description, visit the product's Amazon page.

Disclosure: We may earn affiliate commissions at no cost to you from the links on this page. This did not affect our assessment of products. Read more here and find full disclosure here.


  1. Thanks so much, the days when dog stroller meant a very basic stroller are gone. Nowadays, the market is full of strollers which not only look exceptionally decent, but also offer plenty of features to keep dogs, as well as owners, satisfied.


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