Protect Your Dog With This Weather Shield

Dogs, especially small breeds and those with short hair, require protection from the weather just like we do. They get cold easily, and being wet or damp will cause them to become cold even faster. There are many dog jackets on the market that will protect your pet from inclement weather, but many of them are only made for one purpose. There are doggy jackets to protect your pet from wind, rain, cold and snow. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to purchase one jacket that will protect him from all weather? Now you can!

The Shield from Northmate will protect your dog from all the elements. It is made in seven sizes to fit any breed from the smallest Yorkshire terrier to the largest St. Bernard. These doggy jackets are equipped with Northmate’s patented belly and chest covering that makes each size very flexible. You can pull to tighten each of the four straps that go around the belly of the dog and the two straps around the neck area to make a custom fit for any dog, no matter what his breed or size.

This jacket also has an attached collar with two strong stainless steel D-rings that you can easily attach your pet’s leash to. This prevents the rubbing of the jacket on a traditional collar, which may cause pain or irritation for your dog. There are two pockets on the top of the vest that can store small items like treats or car keys, and there are reflective bands down both sides so your Fido will be easily seen in the dark.

Unlike other dog jackets that slip over your pet’s head, Shield has a zipper that runs the length of the jacket (along your dogs’ back). This way he can easily step into the vest, you can pull it snuggly around him, and then you can zip it up and he’s ready to go. The Shield comes in three models; two of which are water and dirt repellent.

What caught my eye about this product was the belly protection. Most of the doggy jackets that I see leave the belly exposed or partially exposed. This has always baffled me, because this is where the dog has the least amount of hair. It’s the first area that cold when it’s chilly outside and the area that gets the wettest when the dog is walking in the rain or snow. Of course it should be protected!

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