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Dog sunglasses and dog goggles have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Protecting your dog's eyes from UV rays or debris is just as important as protecting your own. Good dog sunglasses should not only be effective at protection but also need to stay on the dog without falling off.

Over time, too much sun exposure for dogs can lead to eye damage and cataracts. Dog sunglasses are especially beneficial for older dogs or pets with certain eye diseases. You should also outfit your pup with sunglasses or doggles if he spends a lot of time outside.

If you hike with your dog on a regular basis, a pair of sunglasses or doggles could benefit the dog's long-term eye health. We'll discuss the benefits of sunglasses for dogs and rank some of the best dog sunglasses and dog goggles in this article.

Dog Sunglasses vs Dog Goggles

No! As mentioned, dog sunglasses protect your pet's eyes from being damaged by the sun's UV rays. The best dog sunglasses are also polarized, which means they are coated with a special chemical film that reduces glare.

On the other hand, dog goggles may have lenses similar to pet sunglasses, or they may have clear lenses. Goggles are used to protect the eyeball from damaging irritants such as water, snow, ice, sand, or other outdoor elements. They are also ideal for dogs whose eyes may be exposed to wind damage while riding in a vehicle, a boat, or on a bicycle.

When you're purchasing dog sunglasses or goggles, finding the right fit is extremely important. It's best to measure your dog before purchasing. Every dog's head is a different size and shape, making it very difficult to size these products correctly. Make sure to read dog sunglasses reviews and pay attention to the measurements.

The Best Dog Sunglasses and Goggles

1QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear Protection

This pair of goggles from QUMY looks extremely fashionable, so you may not expect them to be equally functional. In fact, their unique features are all about functionality.

QUMY Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles for Medium Large...
9,526 Reviews
QUMY Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles for Medium Large...
  • Material: Plastic; For dogs...
  • Head elastic band minimum...
  • Neck around...
  • The doggy glasses can...
  • The doggles goggles with...

QUMY dog goggles protect the eyes against the damaging effects of UV rays and keep the eyes from getting scratched by dirt, dust, debris, water, and the drying effects of wind. The lenses are shatterproof and anti-fog to ensure total protection and optimal vision.

There are four color options, but only one size to choose from. They are perfect for dogs not less than 15 pounds in weight. Elastic bands around the head and the neck keep the glasses in place. Dog owners cannot wait for their next outdoor adventure with their canines donning their new cool pair of look-through eye protection.

Pet owners who have purchased this item say that QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear Protection Waterproof Pet Sunglasses are so well-made and incorporate a wider hinge that goes over the area between the eyes. They are pleased with the deeper lens cup with cushioned rims that make them more comfortable for dogs to wear. The goggles bend at the hinge to conform to the dog’s face, and dog owners are amazed at how they fit different dogs so well.

These goggles were definitely made for dogs. Sturdy plastic frames make them an all-weather waterproof accessory for romping around. The straps prevent them from being tossed off, which can be quite annoying. Plus, they look so cool you’d not be able to stop other people from admiring your pooch.

  • Lenses are shatterproof and anti-fog
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Elastic bands around the head and neck keep these best dog sunglasses in place.
  • Only one size option is available.
  • Not satisfied with the size of the lens cups, as they can be much too big to fit some dogs comfortably.


2Doggles ILS Metallic Black Frame and Smoke Lens

If you think that dog sunglasses and goggles are merely fashion accessories with their dazzling lenses, then you’re wrong. They actually have a more practical purpose – to protect your pet’s eyes from insects, wind, debris, and water.

Doggles ILS Shiny Red Frame Smoke Lens Small
287 Reviews
Doggles ILS Shiny Red Frame Smoke Lens Small
  • Recommended by vets for both...
  • Extra wide nose bridge
  • Deep lens cup, padded and...
  • Soft elastic adjustable head...
  • 100-Percent UV protection,...

These dog goggles help deflect harmful UV rays. The Doggles ILS goggles do all of those things with their fog-resistant and shatterproof smoke lenses. These have deep and wide lens cups with cushioned, metallic-black rubber frames that have holes on both sides for added cooling comfort.

Doggles offer an extra-wide nose bridge and soft adjustable head and chin straps for a snug and secure fit. Dogs are generally not thrilled about wearing things on their face or heads, so for these goggles to be tolerated so well, they must feel very comfortable. Pet owners say that they didn’t find it very difficult to have their dogs donning the Doggles ILS eyewear.

Buyers made sure that they ordered the correct size for their pet’s head and chin; otherwise, they knew they’d only get resistance from their pup. Doggles ILS Metallic Black Frame and Smoke Lens are designed for pets weighing 10 pounds or less. These were a necessity for most dogs, especially those that injured their eyes and needed some protection to keep away debris.

They are also ideal for dogs that cannot stay still from too much visual stimulation or dogs that go blind. The goggles remain on the face and don’t get thrown with the dog’s movement. This is a huge plus for active pets. The ILS (interchangeable lens system) feature of these goggles will let you and your pet have more fun experimenting with other lens colors, too.

  • Fog-resistant and shatterproof lenses
  • Deep and wide lens cup with a cushioned, rubber frame that has holes at both sides for added cooling comfort
  • Extra-wide nose bridge
  • Soft adjustable head and chin straps for a secure fit
  • Only designed for dogs weighing less than 10 pounds
  • Won't stay on the head of some dogs
  • Iffy measurement guidelines


3NACOCO Pet Glasses Dog Sunglasses

These goggles from NACOCO come in one size that fits dogs bigger than 26 pounds. There are six cool colors to choose from, and you could actually have a different color for each member of the brood.

Pet Glasses Dog Sunglasses Dog Glasses Golden...
649 Reviews
Pet Glasses Dog Sunglasses Dog Glasses Golden...
  • Suitable for use in more than...
  • Glasses 6.3 inches length,...
  • Each pair of glasses is head...
  • The belt can be adjusted.
  • Quality assured.

Elastic straps secure the glasses around the head and under the jaw. The dark-colored lenses measure 1.4”x2.2”, with each frame measuring 3”x3”. The frames of these dog goggles are joined together by a hinge that helps adjust the goggles to the contour of your dog’s face over the nose bridge.

Each pair of goggles measures 6.3” across the face. Pet owners say their dogs easily got used to their new pair of glasses – they say these are the best dog sunglasses as they are so light and fit so well, so they don’t bother the dog or hamper his movement.

Dog owners found NACOCO Pet Glasses Dog Sunglasses to be a very useful accessory for their pets when riding around or spending time outdoors. These fully covered the eyes around the outer corners, keeping them safe from debris or any foreign object that could cause injury. Buyers say these are one of the best dog sunglasses as they do not obstruct the view, including the dog’s peripheral vision, which is all the more important when exploring new grounds.

If your dogs need eye protection or simply need something to shield them from too much sunlight or exposure to air that dries up the eyes too quickly, then check out this item. It’s a great purchase, even just for sprucing up your dog’s wardrobe.

  • 6 colors to choose from
  • Elastic straps secure the glasses around the head and under the jaw
  • Lenses measure 1.4”x2.2” with each frame measuring 3”x3”, which is larger than most offered by the best dog sunglasses
  • Frames are joined by a hinge that helps to adjust the goggles to the contour of the dog's face
  • Only available in 1 size for dogs over 26 pounds
  • These doggles are not ideal for active dogs as they do not stay on the face when the dog is doing strenuous activities like running or swimming


4Petleso Dog Goggles Sunglasses

Protect your dog’s eyes while you both have fun outdoors with this new set of doggy glasses from Pet Leso. This set is tight and stable enough to allow your pooch to wear the goggles as you drive around town in the car, explore the beaches, go on a safari, or trek the hills with strong winds.

Petleso Dog Goggles Medium Breed, Dog Sunglasses for Medium Dogs Eye Protection Windproof, Black

Don’t forget that dogs can also look dapper with these black and sleek protective shades when they're out for a walk around town or while playing at the dog park. They feature an interchangeable lens system and a sturdy yet flexible frame.

These are some of the best dog goggles because they have foam-lined lens cups and comfortably snug adjustable bands around the head and under the chin. The anti-fog lenses provide 100% UV protection and are shatterproof. The interchangeable lens feature allows for alternating lenses, and pet owners like that they can opt for the smoky or clear lens depending on their activity or surroundings.

These became indispensable items for dogs with eye injuries or those recovering from eye treatment, especially when your pooch spends time in strong winds. Otherwise, goggles are great as protective gear against UV rays and any foreign element getting into the eyes. With careful measurements made, dog owners get the perfect size for their pooches.

It may take a while to settle the glasses on the faces of hairy dogs – long hairs must be swiped to the side or trimmed to avoid obstructing the view. But once done, everything stays put, and your dog will barely notice it being there. And these are exactly the reasons why we have included this item in our top 5 best dog sunglasses and goggles – it does its functions by being there but keeps a low profile about it.

  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Sturdy yet flexible flame
  • Feature foam-lined lens cups and comfortable straps that secure the goggles under the chin and around the head
  • Anti-fog lenses that are shatterproof
  • These goggles for dogs are difficult to adjust on long-haired dogs, as the hair on the face will need to be trimmed or carefully moved aside.
  • Won't stay on some dogs


5Enjoying Dog Goggles Small Dog Sunglasses

Add more flair to your dog’s gear by getting any one of the stylish color dog goggles for small dogs made by this new dog supplies company called Enjoying. There's only one set of colors, but for a very affordable price.

Enjoying Dog Goggles/Sunglasses Small Breed...
9,818 Reviews
Enjoying Dog Goggles/Sunglasses Small Breed...
  • Enjoying dog sunglasses small...
  • Our doggy goggles made by ABS...
  • Foam padding around inside the...
  • Need to adjust two straps to a...
  • Small dog uv sunglasses great...

They work as effective protective eyewear for dogs against UV rays, wind, and debris. Their anti-fog property keeps the view clear and unobstructed.

The lenses are lined with foam along the rim to secure the fit around the eyes without losing the comfort. Double straps go around the head and under the chin. Like humans, dogs’ faces vary in shape, too. The wider hinge over the nose bridge allows for adjustment of the fit on the contour of your dog’s face.

It may take a little coaxing on your pet to try on these small dog sunglasses, according to dog owners who’ve bought them. Once the dogs get the hang of wearing these, though, they’ll think of them as an essential part of outdoor activities and will look forward to wearing their goggles.

Your dogs can now say goodbye to squinting from the sun, eyes drying from the wind, or dust irritating the eye. Don’t let these nuisances take away the fun from your bonding time with your pet. Get him the protection his eyes need, and tell him it won’t hurt to look awesome at the same time with these charming glasses.

  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Lenses are lined with foam along the rim
  • Double straps fit around the head and under the chin
  • Wider hinge over the nose bridge allows for adjustment of the fit on the contour of your dog’s face
  • Lack of instructions for fitting these goggles on pets
  • Cheap dog sunglasses, so you get what you pay for as the quality is low

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