The best dog trailer for bike and bicycles

Riding a bicycle with your dog can be one of the most fun activities the two of you can have. The most popular way of doing this is to get a best dog bicycle trailer, which attaches to the tail end of your bike, and keeps your dog safe and secure as you travel.

How to Buy the Best Dog Trailer for Bike?

Riding outdoors with a dog bike trailerThere are a few criteria to assess before you pick your next dog bicycle trailer.

The first and most important is the safety of these dog trailers for bikes. Ideally, you want an aluminum alloy frame which ensures stability and strength without adding any extra weight for you to pull. A great additional feature is a safety tether inside the cabin to attach to your pet

Second, comfort of your pet is no less important too. Suspension is going to be a crucial factor here, keeping your dog stable and preventing ride sickness. Size and design of the cabin is important as well, and will mostly depend on your accurate measurements of the dog. Padded front headrest is a great comfort feature, too.

Third, it's how well the dog bike trailer allows you to maneuver with your bicycle, and how well the trailer adjusts to the trajectory of the bicycle (some trailers are too stiff and result in movement problems).

Some additional features you may want to consider include stainless steel hubs and spokes, quick release wheels, reflective stripping for better visibility of the trailer, weather protection to keep the dog warm and dry during rain or snow, added pockets for your dog's supplies including water, weather resistant screen that allows the dog to see through but prevents rain going inside, easy-fold mechanism and design, and a simple but reliable trailer hitch to easily connect the trailer to your bicycle.

When you're shopping online for the best dog trailer for a bike, then you don't get a chance to test them. On the other hand, after looking at all the prices, it was clear to us that online sold dog bike trailers are much cheaper than those found in brick and mortar stores.

Alternative Options to Bike Trailers for Dogs

Cycling around with a dog bike trailer at the back is not for everybody. While it may be the best way to explore the nature on the bicycle with your pet, if you're riding more often in regular parks or other safe areas, some other alternatives may be a better and, maybe more importantly, cheaper option.

Here are two alternatives to using a dog bike trailer:

1. Get a hands-free bike dog leash and keep your dog by your side as you ride the bike and the dog runs alongside you. The problem with this method is that you can only do this in parks and other areas where it's safe for your dog to run alongside of you (you cannot do this when cycling on the road).

2. You can also try using a dog basket for bicycles. With this, you simply attach a dog-specific bicycle (like dog car booster seat) onto the front or back of your bike. The problem with this method is two-fold: it's less safe unless you attach your dog, and it also only works for very small dog breeds.

When comparing dog bike trailers with the two above mentioned methods, it's clear that using one of the best dog trailer for bike options is much safer, comfortable and easier to do. The disadvantage of this option is that dog bike trailers will always be more expensive than a dog bike leash or a dog bicycle basket.

The Best Dog Trailer for Bike

1Comfort Wagon with Bike Connection (with suspension)
by Petego

The first one on the list of best dog trailer for bike is the Comfort Wagon with Bike Connection from the famous dog company, Petego. This is truly a premium dog bike trailer that will cost you a pretty penny, but the one you will never regret investing in.

PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer WITH...
73 Reviews
PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer WITH...
  • Comfortable bicycle trailer...
  • Aluminum frame provides...
  • Suspension provides luxurious...
  • Italian design from Emanuele...
  • Cabin Measures 35"L x 26"W x...

Petego hired Italian designers from Emanuele Bianchi to think this dog bike trailer through, and create the best experience for your dog and yourself. Aluminum frame of this dog bike carrier will ensure a very sturdy and strong support while not adding almost any extra weight.

The main selling point of this ultra-comfortable dog bike trailer is its suspension, which has been designed with the thought of providing comfort and smooth ride for the pet inside. This is the only best dog bike carrier to offer suspension, which is what makes it the most expensive option on this list.

The size of their medium dog bike trailer is approx. 92.5 inches by 83 inches by 28 inches, while their medium sized carrier measures at 92.5 inches by 64.5 inches by 24.5 and costs a lot more than the large size at the time of this writing. This is by far the best dog bike trailer one can purchase if the high price isn't an obstacle.

The biggest con of this dog bike wagon is its bigger pro – the size. While your dog will enjoy a roomy trailer (110 lbs Labrador has no problem riding in this trailer), you will find it difficult to fold for a very compact storage. This is the perfect, most comfortable, smoothest ride you can get today. If you have an aging dog or simply want a smoother ride for your pooch who's suffering from arthritis or other joint problems, this is your dog bike trailer.


2Dutch Dog Design Novel Trailer
by DoggyRide

Another option from DoggyRide sold by Dutch Dog on Amazon, their Novel Trailer is what you would consider a premium, luxury dog trailer for bike. At a much higher price than other dog bike trailers, this one also stands out in terms of its quality and size. You can purchase these carriers in two colors, with a very lightweight aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel spokes and hubs.

DoggyRide Novel Dog Bike Trailer, Urban Red
33 Reviews
DoggyRide Novel Dog Bike Trailer, Urban Red
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy...
  • Stainless steel spokes and...
  • Quick release wheels
  • Padded front headrest and...
  • Large rear pouch with water...

Quick release wheels will be very convenient for constantly transporting this dog bike trailer, and if you want to fold it, you can do that in a matter of minutes and a few click-releases as well.

DoggyRide's dog trailer for bike has a great front headrest for your pooch, and an additional front reflective striping. For everybody's convenience, you also get a very big rear pouch for storing stuff, and a water bottle pocket for an extra bottle of liquid for those long bicycle journeys with your adventurous Fido.

The item is highly rated and well reviewed on Amazon, and most dog owners are very ecstatic about its size. DoggyRide dog bike trailer is also designed very well and won't be an embarrassment to ride with. Its well thought out aerodynamic design will ensure a smooth ride and safety for your canine.

One of the examples of a smart design are this dog bike trailer's mesh windows that can be easily closed up with included plastic covers in case it starts raining, and one reviewer also noted how there is a soft headrest in front of the trailer for your pooch to rest their head on.


3Mini Dog Bike Trailer
by DoggyRide

Rated third best dog trailer for bike option, this is a much cheaper dog bike trailer than the previously mentioned one! A definite winner on most accounts among these three, DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer is what every pet owner who wants a decent yet not the most expensive dog bike carrier for their long cycling journeys together should look into.

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer, Rebel Red/Black
82 Reviews
DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer, Rebel Red/Black
  • Easily folds down with the...
  • Includes interior leash and...
  • Front panel includes a...
  • Includes wheel holder for...
  • Easy access rear entry door...

According to the manufacturer, the cabin is suitable as car seat or even a training crate, and the trailer itself is very compact, mobile and easy to put together. You can fold this dog bike trailer simply by releasing a single pin and using quick release on wheels, and you're done. Your pooch is protected from wind, nasty weather and UV rays thanks to the mesh screen protector, as with most best trailers for bike.

DoggyRide's bike trailer for dogs also has a sunroof, which is popular among canines – they love it! A sunroof, as well as the construction and fabric patterns of this carrier will provide constant air circulation for your pet and ensure that they don't bake inside while both of you are enjoying the ride.

There's a dust and wind for this trailer, and the whole thing measures at about 44 inches in length, 25 inches in width, and 27 inches in height. What's more impressive is that this best dog trailer for bike can be easily converted into a pet stroller, car seat or even a dog crate, which is its unique feature that most dog owners will love. Very highly praised by other dog owners who purchased and used this dog bike trailer for longer periods of time.


4HoundAbout II Pet Bicycle Trailer
by Solvit

Next on the list of best dog trailer for bike is a much more expensive item, but the one which is worth splurging your money on. Solvit's HoundAbout II Pet Bicycle Trailer for dogs is their new and improved dog bike trailer model with extremely lightweight, rust-proof aluminum frame, which you don't often see in other bike dog carriers.

PetSafe Happy Ride Aluminum Dog Bicycle Trailer -...
1,877 Reviews
PetSafe Happy Ride Aluminum Dog Bicycle Trailer -...
  • A RIDE WITH A VIEW: Let your...
  • SAFE AND SECURE: A safety...
  • EASY TO CONNECT: The trailer...
  • STORAGE POUCHES: 3 pockets on...

It's slightly smaller than the best dog trailer for bike mentioned above, with the maximum load suggested at approximately 50 lbs, which is most small to medium sized dogs. The front door of this dog bike trailer is waterproof and has a mesh screen layer; rear door is similar with another mesh screen layer. What's amazing about this bicycle trailer is that it also has a sunroof! Your dog will definitely enjoy that.

Solvit's HoundAbout II can be put together or disassembled very quickly and without extra hassle, so fold it for easy storage or transportation whenever needed. Similarly to most best dog trailers for bike, this one also has a leash hook for your Fido's safety and security while inside of the trailer; the safety leash is adjustable. This is a fairly popular choice among other pet owners, and its most popular feature according to previous buyers is the sunroof because dogs can easily pop their heads out and continue to observe the journey in fresh air while you're riding.

It's a good option, but it's somewhat expensive for what it is.


5Elite Pet Bike Carrier
by Aosom

Keeping up with the list of best dog trailer for bike, our research has shown this cheaper dog bike trailer to be a very viable and dependable option for the price. Aosom's Elite Pet Bike Carrier is a well designed, great looking dog trailer for bike that can be very easily setup and folded down in minutes.

Aosom Dog Bike Trailer Pet Cart Bicycle Wagon...
619 Reviews
Aosom Dog Bike Trailer Pet Cart Bicycle Wagon...
  • Pet Bike Trailer: This dog...
  • Weather Protect: The Oxford...
  • Easy Entry& Ventilation: With...
  • Smooth Rolling: Two 20" rear...
  • Easy Storage: The wheels on...

Its best feature is how ergonomic this dog bike trailer is because you can take it with you anywhere with the ease of storage and transportation. Your dog will be protected from nasty weather and wind when you're cycling with this dog bike carrier thanks to a removable plastic cover on the front door which is transparent for your pooch to be able to observe the journey.

With this bike trailer for dogs you also get mesh-zippered front and back door that will allow dog owners to quickly and easily load and unload this dog trailer for bikes. You'll also get a leash hook inside the dog bike trailer for the safety and security of your pooch.

Maximum loading of this dog bike trailer is approximately 66 lbs, and dog bike carrier's weight itself is 32 lbs, which is not bad at all for attaching to a bicycle. This best dog trailer for bike is rated fairly positively on Amazon by other dog owners, and the spaciousness of this item is what gets the most praise.

Best Dog Trailer for Bike
#1 Best dog trailer for bike

Why Should You Buy a Dog Trailer for Bike?

Best Dog Trailer for BikeOftentimes, when people go out for a picnic or a ride, very few of us think to bring along our dogs. Whether it is because our canine is just too excited or simply too old to join his owners on the journey, a truly good way to take your family's Fido for an adventurous ride is to simply use a dog trailer for bike.

Dogs are our best pals no matter what, where or why. And if we want to be best pals to them, we'll have to make some effort, such as taking our pets with us on trips. No matter what option of travel you take, your dog would love to accompany you on the journey. If you're big on riding bicycles and staying active and healthy, then picking the best dog trailer for bike is something you should consider.

Riding in cars with dogs is much easier than on bicycles, because you don't have any problems with fitting your pooch them. For a bicycle, you want a dog bike trailer, and what you also want is to ensure that this bike carrier for dogs will be safe, secure and comfortable for your pet. In reality, dogs love bike rides, especially if the owner can provide those dogs with means to travel and truly enjoy an adventurous bicycle ride.

Bicycle trailers for dogs is an amazing way to have your dog experience something new, and it will also keep you in shape and staying healthy. All you have to do after purchasing best dog trailer for bike is to attach it to your bicycle and allow your Fido inside the trailer; you'll be surprised how quickly and willingly your dog will get in there and prepare for the adventure to come.

Best Dog Trailer for BikeNow, finding the best dog trailer for a bike might prove to be a challenge. There's a huge bunch of options available today, especially on Amazon. We've done our in-depth research on all available pet items and scanned literally though everything available.

Below is the result of this hard work and thorough research of finding best dog trailer for bike: a list of Amazon items for your convenience, because we know how much dog owners of today love and trust this merchant. Enjoy.

What to Look for in the Best Dog Trailer for Bike?

Best Dog Trailer for BikeThere are two things that you should focus on when searching for a great dog bike trailer: safety and comfort for your pet. You must be sure that your dog will be safe inside of the dog bike carrier when you're at the wheel, and that can usually be accomplished with a leash hook for pet's safety.

Comfort is of course no secondary, because why would your pet ever be excited about going on a ridealong with you if all the dog gets is uncomfortable, bumpy ride? Pet carrier for your bicycle must ensure a smooth ride, and some cheap trailers out there can quickly turn your pet into a hater of this item.

Don't forget to consider capacity of a dog trailer for bike and the size of your pet. Check and double check measurements of the trailer, and be 100% certain that you know your dog's true size. Picking the right trailer in terms of capacity will ensure that same comfort and safety, plus you'll prevent your dog from ruining the bike trailer very quickly.

A few other things to consider is this dog bike carriers' ease of entry for the pooch, kickstand, divider, protective cover, and the ease of cleaning. All these can determine how good, or rather how appropriate a certain dog bike trailer is for your particular dog. Some dog trailers might not necessarily be bad, they just simply do not fit the requirements for your pooch, and you should absolutely avoid buying a good/cheap dog trailer simply because other dog owners are praising it. Consider every item on your own (and your canine's) terms.

After deciding on the best dog trailer for the bike based on the most important factors, know that there are other additional features that you can consider as additional bonus points to your chosen dog bike carrier. For example, some bicycle pet trailers can be turned into a dog stroller and a dog crate.

This is a very appealing feature for anybody looking not just for a dog bicycle carrier but something more, in particular, because many dog owners will get a kick out of driving to the park, leaving the bicycle strapped to the bicycle rack, and then turning their dog bike trailer into a dog stroller for a nice walk in the park together with the dog. There are a few other, smaller features that some dog trailers for bikes come with, all mentioned separately next to each dog trailer on this list.

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