What is the Best Dog Bike Leash for Biking Reviews

Running and cycling with dogs is becoming very popular. Now as the weather improves, more dog parents are leaving houses on their bicycles and love taking their dogs with them. Opting for the best dog bike leash for biking with your pet is the most effective way to exercise outdoors together.

Staying fit is important, but as most of us know, it's not always easy to do. Fortunately, dogs can help us with that. Studies show how dogs help their owners keep in shape, mostly through running and biking with us. Some owners are fans of running with dogs and using hands free leashes to optimize the run. Others are more into cycling, and love biking with dog as a way to stay in shape.

In this article, we'll briefly discuss the benefits of cycling with dogs, how to pick the best bike leash for dogs and what matters, and review some of the best dog bike leashes that are most ergonomic and dog-friendly:

Top Rated Brands Price Quality Rating
Bike Tow Leash $$$$ A+ 4.6/5
Springer Dog Exerciser $$$ A 4.3/5
Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Exerciser Leash $$ A- 4.5/5
Petego Cycleash Universal Bike Leash $ B 4.4/5
Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit $$ C 4.0/5


Safety of bike riding with dogs and how to do it

Bike riding with dogs safety
Do NOT hold onto the dog's leash when riding.

More and more dog owners are buying bicycles, get their dogs onto the leash and go for rides, thinking it's good for everybody. But many do it wrong, risking everyone's safety. Never hold your dog on a leash in one hand, like you see in the photo on the right.

Using a dog bike leash for cycling is the easiest way to ride with dogs that are medium to large size. However, if your dog is a toy breed, it's not recommended.

For small dogs, you can try using one of the best dog baskets for bicycles to have your dog placed in front of your, or in the back. Another way to take your dog on bike rides is using doggy bike trailers – these are great for any sized dog, but they don't get the exercise.

Safety and training are key to successful bike rides with dogs. Keep this in mind:

  • Introduce your dog to a standing bike before you begin riding;
  • Start riding slow, and let your dog walk beside the bike to get used to it;
  • Train your dog basic commands: “slow,” “turn,” “stop,” and “attention”;
  • Increase the length and intensity of your bike rides gradually;
  • Pay attention to your dog's exhaustion levels.

Many dogs will run alongside the bike for hours, even if their heart is about to give out. How long the dog can run depends on many factors, including the dog's breed, size, age, fitness level, weather conditions, surface and more. Pay close attention to the details.

Inspect your dog's paws, before and after the bike ride. The longer you two ride, the more wear and tear the paws of your dog will go through. You can protect paws in several ways, depending on the surface: dog booties, doggy socks or paw wax protectors.

How to pick the best dog bike leash for cycling?

How to pick the best dog bike leash for cyclingWhat makes the best dog lead for biking will depend on many individual factors. Some bike leads for dogs are more or less all-around, like the first one on our list, while others are designed for more specific terrains, environment and types of bike rides.

Never ride a bicycle while holding a regular dog leash in one hand; this is dangerous for both you and your dog, because your canine can easily pull you off the bike, get under the bike's wheels, or worse.

When trying to pick the best dog bike leash that fits your canine and your bicycle, take into consideration how each device works (some of them are different). The most important thing to consider is how what the dog bike leash allows your canine to move from you and the bike. It cannot be too short and it cannot be too long.

Every dog bike lead will come with instructions, telling you specifically where the lead must be attached. It's important to follow those instructions, because dog bike leashes can be a safety hazard if not installed properly. It's best to use a no-pull dog harness with these bike leashes, although some of them already come with a dog harness.

Below, I'm taking a look at some of the best dog bike leashes and what features each one of them has. I recommend you read reviews from other pet owners before deciding.

What is the Best Dog Bike Leash for Biking?
top 5 most ergonomic and dog-friendly bike leads

1Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment
by Bike Tow Leash

First one on the list as the number one best dog bike leash for fans of bicycles and dogs comes from a the aptly named company Bike Tow Leash. These manufacturers have finally engineered a bicycle attachment that helps to address the need of highly-energetic dogs in using up their energies through vigorous activities.

This is by far the most safe dog bike leash for both you and your dog when cycling. While other dog bike leads can work for most cyclists, this is the only one that provides plenty of space between you and the dog. It can even allow the dog to safely and effectively propel the bike.

Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment is a rigid dog leash that attaches to a bicycle and allows the dog to run alongside you at a safe distance. A unique feature of this bike dog leash is that the canine can actually help propel the bike with this contraption, burn more calories and have the perfect exercise that the dog needs.

There is a mechanism to communicate to the dog about changes in direction. This best dog bike leash is easy to install and detach. It's made in the USA and was designed by an inventor who raised and understood dogs.

It seems this best bike dog leash impressed not only us, but majority of pet owners as well. After going through multiple bike dog leash reviews, a common apprehension from buyers of Bike Tow leash dog bicycle attachment was the potential harm to the rider when a leashed pet suddenly stops running.

They were happy to note that their apprehension was proven wrong. When that situation actually happened to them, the sudden stop to the bicycle’s momentum only caused a very slight pull on the bike’s rear wheel. The rigid tow also prevented the dogs from running in front of the wheels; hence, this was a safe solution for most customers.

What is the Best Dog Bike Leash for Biking ReviewsWith proper training, hyper-active dogs have adapted to this dog bike leash in a short time, and the buyers’ initial worries were dispelled. Pet owners of this bike dog leash finally found a way to provide the exercise their dog needed without taxing them too much. They also gladly observed that their bike required no adjustments or fixing to attach the tow. Apparently, the bike tow leash doesn't fit all bikes; however, adapters are available.


  • Most reliable bike tow leash
  • Highest quality build
  • Trains dogs heel position
  • Best for safety and control

  • Doesn't fit all bikes


2Springer Dog Exerciser
by Springer

Second best dog bike leash on our list is manufactured by Springer, a well rated company. The Springer bike leash attachment is a combination of the following: a clamp that attaches securely to the bike, a rigid arm that keeps the dog at a safe distance from the bike, and a steel spring that absorbs sudden pulls from the dog.

Springer Dog Exerciser's mechanism allows the bicycle rider to control the bike with both hands, while providing a safe and convenient way to run the dog nearby regularly. A pull pin attaches the Springer arm to the clamp. There’s a release mechanism on this bike dog leash that allows the rider to quickly release the canine if there’s a need to. It works on most standard bicycles, but adaptors are available for bikes that require different methods of attachment.

According to tons of bike dog leash reviews, majority of pets and pet owners alike were thrilled by this Springer dog exerciser because there was no other way some overly energetic dogs could be given adequate exercise.

Some pet owners who purchased this second best dog bike leash with two equally-built dogs even bought a pair of this Springer leash and attached them on both sides of the bicycle. This allowed them to run two dogs together chariot-style.

What is the Best Dog Bike Leash for Biking ReviewsA few pet owners observed that this buddy system would work best on a dog that wears a wide-strapped dog harness for bicycling, not a collar; otherwise, there’s a risk of causing injury to the pet’s neck or throat when using this bike dog leash. They even suggest using some padding between the dog harness and the dog to prevent scraping or bruising the dog’s skin. The bike tow leash is sold for a reasonable price, which is a definite plus for all of us wanting to get into this.


  • High quality design
  • Heavy duty steel spring
  • Can use to attachments for 2 dogs
  • For either side of the bike
  • Adapters available for different bikes

  • Doesn't fit all bikes


3Hands-Free Bicycle Exerciser Leash
by Walky Dog

Third best dog bike leash on the list is designed and manufactured by a rapidly growing, very popular dog supplies company called Walky Dog. The upgraded model of Walky Dog Plus is made of high-carbon stainless steel and now features more durable 550-pound Paracord pull strength.

Walky Dog Plus Hands-Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash is resistant to UV fading and rot or mildew. This second best dog bike leash has a quick-release feature that works with a push-and-lock mechanism. The bike tow leash can be extended by 6.5 inches with some adjustment in the spring inside the wand to ease the process of dog riding a bike alongside owners. An internal shock absorber softens the effects of sudden tugs from the dog.

After researching many bike tow leash reviews online, we found that dog owners and walkers see this dog bike leash suitable for various breeds of dogs. For canines that were easily distracted, they recommend the addition of a regular dog leash in conjunction with Walky Dog for added control.

Longer bicycle dog leash, bungee cords and carabineers may also be needed for taller dogs. Dog harnesses help the dog pull with their chest too when used with Walky Dog Plus exerciser leash which is so much better than pulling with the neck.

What is the Best Dog Bike Leash for Biking ReviewsPet parents made a few adaptations to make this bike tow leash work on different types of bikes, but none that required too much work or cost. These minor fixes, such as mounting the dog bicycle leash an inch farther than recommended or using improvised fittings under the clamp to make it hold tighter, improved their biking experience with the Walky Dog Plus. Some even intend to repeat their purchase because the price is a steal.


  • #1 Best seller on Amazon
  • Unique, sturdy, stylish design
  • High carbon stainless steel build
  • Military grade pull strength
  • Best price-to-quality ratio

  • Needs some adjustment


4Cycleash Universal Dog Bike Leash
by Petego

Fourth best dog bike leash for owners wanting to get out there with their bicycles and dogs running close is made by a known dog brand, Petego (known for their dog bike trailers). This bike dog leash is made of lightweight alloy, aid its light construction does not hamper the performance of bicycles or add to the weight.

PetEgo Cycleash Universal Dog Bike Leash is designed to fit round bicycle seat posts. The double-connection zinc alloy clamp can hold two leash poles at a time; it’s also convenient for switching sides without disturbing the installed clamp. Using TPR technology, this bike tow leash absorbs shock efficiently and guarantees a smooth bike ride. EVA grips and clip holder allow for secure control when walking or guiding the dog.

After browsing through this dog bike leash reviews, it seems that this fourth best dog bike leash was offered at such a bargain that many bike-riding pet owners couldn’t resist it. Installing it was easy, according to majority of dog owners, and the parts were exactly how they were advertised.

Customers found that they could attach PetEgo Cycleash universal leash and remove the bike tow leash bar without difficulty and liked the idea of portability. The leash provided just the right strength and elasticity to control the dog and absorb shocks at the same time.

One of the best dog bike leashesAfter several months of regular use, most buyers observed that the clamp was the first to give – it needed tightening at first, then some more tightening, until it finally snapped. The sadder part was unresponsive manufacturer that did not even bother to reply to emails. This bike dog leash performs as intended and has a great design concept.

In fact, it has initially delighted most customers. This bicycle dog leash is simply not built for longer or more rigorous use. A stronger metal, instead of the brittle alloy that it’s made of, would make this a very functional product.


  • Affordable
  • Very easy to install
  • Ultra light construction
  • Double clamp for two dogs
  • Safety with TPR soft ride

  • Lower quality build
  • Not for long trips
  • Requires regular tightening


5Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit
by Bike Balance

Last one on the list, our fifth best dog bike leash for cycling with dogs is made by Bike Balance, a lesser known company for pet owners. The aluminum and stainless construction of this bike tow leash inspires confidence on its strength and longevity.

Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit is designed for rear-wheel installation, and fits bikes of various sizes. Purchase of this product includes both standard and heavy duty doggy leashes for small or large dogs, making this suitable for most breeds and sizes of dogs. This is not applicable for bikes with disk brakes or rear suspension because the buddy system mounts in the rear of the bike.

After browsing through bike dog leash reviews to see what others have thought of this product, it seems that the features that obviously took the safety of both pet and cyclist into consideration, Bike Balance dog jogger kit has been rated positively by pet owners.

They noted the flexible attachments of this fifth best dog bike leash which allowed sideways movements by the dog running behind, compared to rigid attachments that could hurt dogs. The dogs are safer because they can’t get ahead of the bike. The bungee also provides the right balance of slack and tension, and this is helpful especially when dogs get excited and sprint after critters and squirrels.

What is the Best Dog Bike Leash for Biking ReviewsFor the most part, instructions and assembly really had the customers gasping for air when trying to install this dog bike leash. It appears that directions and diagrams were very confusing. Once they got it figured out, though, they realized how secure the bike leash system for dogs they had on their bike was. It didn’t take long for the dogs to get used to this bike tow leash; in fact, they love the fast-paced exercise they get with this bike, and most owners can’t be happier.


  • Aircraft strength build
  • Very secure and safe for dogs
  • Fits most dogs, small and large
  • Comes with two leashes

  • Difficult to install
  • Not strong enough
  • Can't be used on many bikes


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